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8:48 AM
Not same company, but if they want to port Omega Factor... I will be fine even with the original unchanged version.
... still far better than many Megaman games that came afterward...
@Fredy31 Wait.... the "totally not Rayman" Disney Illusion Island... was there another game with that art style... or was it in development for YEARS? I have a vague memory of something similar... AGES ago.
@Fredy31 What we got:
> "Link, I am not sure you can beat him"
What we wanted:
> "Link, I am not sure you can beat him so this time I will also do something and be playable"
3 hours later…
12:06 PM
And now we stalk the amazon page, waiting for the Collector Edition preorder button to be available...
Q: Shouldn't [hogwarts-legacy] be renamed to [harry-potter-hogwarts-legacy] and/or a synonym be created?

MeanGreenAs stated in the title: Shouldn't [hogwarts-legacy] be renamed to [harry-potter-hogwarts-legacy] or do we consider it a separate game in the same universe, but not a "true" Harry Potter game, since the character is not featured in the game?

1:06 PM
Question. Did anyone noticed anything in the Zelda trailer? specifically that weird distorted tune at the end.
I am asking because playing the FIRST trailer in reverse... there was an audio clip very similar to TP.
I once said that BOTW was missing one big important thing.
the Super Ultra Champion Megazord.
... The car... it gives me hope.
Definitely inspired by the flying machines people made in the first one
There's a potential that it's Legend of Zelda: Nuts & Bolts
I can't really tell from that screenshot
1 hour later…
2:25 PM
Discovered Harry Potter: The Gen Z Edition last night
2:55 PM
@Wipqozn Also, knowing Nintendo, I would not be surprised if it was actually the opposite. Them already planning support for the cars physic in the original game was the cause those "glitches" were possible.
@SPArcheon i mean at some point the final showdown with Gannondorf will one day be you fighting a giant version of him so you'll have to summon it from the Sages with a special mantra while holding up the Master Sword
> By the Power of the Temple of Time *summons and enters Megazord* I HAVE THE POWER!
@SPArcheon i'm going to pretend you are only referring to the Zero series
because i will die on the Megaman Battle Network hill
@Memor-X oh, already done, already saw....
@SPArcheon wait, seriously?
link it
Scarandorf, Zeldhida, Paimonavia and Aethelink, with bonus Patamon because reason :P
I guess we will come circle soon, Genshin takes inspiration from Zelda, Zelda will take inspiration from Genshin.
@Memor-X That said, jokes aside... you have Tingle actually going Super Sonic canonically in that game...
3:25 PM
What I get from this trailer
Ganon: You tought you defeated me? How about I JUST BURN THE WHOLE WORLD DOWN BITCH
Also assuming what we hear to be ganon, would it be the first time Ganon be voice acted with actual lines?
how the game SHOULD end and probably won't...
"Oh, btw, you never got to see this other form I once used in another world, right?"
lol, are you brigining Skyward Sword into this
I've read theories of the Twilight from Twilight Princess being a thing
in Tears of the kingdom
@Fredy31 to be fair, that seems the most reasonable conclusion, both from logo and sound effect if you reverse the trailers.
There are some Twili sounding voices in the trailer too
Yeah but people were jumping to the conclusion MIDNA IS BACK BABY
3:32 PM
Well, Midna is the only Twili anyone cares about
...i dont think so; its like thousands and thousands of years later lol
@Ronan Midna is also the only Twili that had any development
Well yeah, the only named Twili are Midna and Zant, and Zant got his neck snapped
And had not much else going on than I AM EVIL
Like he is a bad guy, but he's not even in control of the god damn plan, he just follows whatever ganon wanted
Like a cardboard cutout drawn on with sharpie would do just as much as him
Imho, this IS sounds from TP, seems to much deliberate.
And Nintendo isn't exactly good at hiding stuff.
Yeah, im not sold on it, since the Twili soundscape was pretty much reversed sounds to start with
i would guess most soft piano, reversed, would sound twili in nature
3:38 PM
Tears of the Kingdom -> Tears of the Twilight Kingdom
could very well be that, with the crisis being used as red herring.
but yeah in the end I think that it would be weird that in BotW they were skirting around the issue that the other games were or not canon... like they were old maybe legends.

also is worth notice that Nintendo had a very odd reaction when some journalist asked them if "Playable Zelda" was a thing.
Definitely twilight inspired, and I don't see why they'd invent a new type of spooky otherworld when the twilight is already a thing. Probably not direct connection to characters and events from TP though
@SPArcheon Yeah they always do that though, and then they're like "but if zelda what would link do?"
they tried to laugh that off, but it kinda looked like a "darn, shoot!!" moment similar to when they were asked if "Link turns into a wolf" at the end of the first TP trailer because that was the only scene without Link.
@Ronan Maybe they could wrap that the Twili world and the Dark world that has existed in other zeldas was in fact the same
3:42 PM
@Fredy31 I will consult the book, 1 sec
So, either they were thinking "NOT AGAIN! Curse this journalists spoilering our games" or "RATS! They want her playable and we killed her in the intro leaving her as a ghost the whole game?? whattodo, whattodo, whattodo????"
@Fredy31 The Dark World is what happens when Ganon corrupts the Sacred Realm, the Twilight World is a different thing
At least according to the hyrule historia
@Fredy31 You can do better than that... think again, let your "that was meant... FOR KIDS???" instinct roam unchained.
there is a far worse explanation for the Twilight Realm that could technically be made canon.
Also Lorule is a third different thing
Go figure they end up claiming that the Twilight Real is actually a destroyed Lorule.
@Fredy31 also, I wasn't exactly thinking of SS
3:53 PM
@SPArcheon We already got beast-ganon; only other form (other than human) would be I guess the big monster of SS that I forget the name?
SS has Demise, which is like proto gannon
@Fredy31 I wasn't talking about Ganondorf either. I was saying that it is time Ganon gets the pleasure to know "Angry" Link
@Ronan Demise, thats the name. If I remember right its basically the embodiment of power before it became the ganon part
> Dry-Ganondorf: "I'm going to make this red moon fall on you! Tremble in fear!! I bet you never seen anything like that before!!!!"
Link: "well, actually..."
@SPArcheon Ganondorf is the least dry skeleton
Also would zelda rules make it stal-ganondorf?
4:05 PM
If I had a penny every time the moon was about to fall on me, i'd have 2 pennies. Which isn't a lot but still weird it happend twice
@Fredy31 ^ relevant song.
4:21 PM
@Fredy31 BTW, that is the other main theory right now. Considering they remade SS on switch, the "floating island" theme... this could be the game that actually brings back Demise (and could tap into the fact that there is an implication in some games that Ganondorf was supposed to be the Hero of the Desert had him not being cursed)
@SPArcheon Missed that hero of the desert thing
but that would make sense, and bookend the series: You basically bypass ganon to go take out the entity of demise
opening the door to changes to the Zelda franchise, like Ganon is not ALWAYS the bad guy
@Fredy31 Multiple games, most noticeable one being Four Sword, mentions that the Gerudo had a legend of a "Hero" that should defend their land and free them from the desert (coincidentally, Genshin AGAIN kinda references that with Sumeru... to be fair, ALL Sumeru is Zelda)
But then the "Hero" is corrupted every time.
Reminds me the announcement that GB and GBA games are coming to switch
I have to catchup on a few GB zelda, especially the oracles and minish cap
In Ocarina, is implied that Witch A and Witch B took someone and used dark magic to make him the vessel for Ganondorf (what would that boy have been if the witches weren't there???)
In Four Sword Adventure, you find that a gerudo male was born but felt drawn to a pyramid in the desert where he found Ganon trident.
So, the idea that Ganondorf is maybe cursed isn't that new.
They could really work with that.
Just imagine fan reaction if a) half way thru the game you discover the spirit helping you via the hand is actually Ganondorf and b) at the end of the game he actually dies to save Zelda leaving you with actual Demise in the new games.
A "small" change that would be quite huge for Nintendo standard.
Would be like Bowser retiring and the new games only having Jr Kamek.
Yeah, but the new Zelda team definitely wants to shake things up
I guess there is a decent chance they attack the Link saves Zelda from Ganon triangle that has been the thing for 20 years
like seeing how BotW slapped around the usual structure of a zelda and it was well received, I could imagine they will slap around the story structure
4:41 PM
BTW, there is something suspicious about the collector edition.
Four pins, they only show one.
Even in the video.
It looks like they fear the player would find out something if they saw the other three
To put that in context, imagine one of the pins actually has the eye from Midna mask on it. Showing that would be like saying "Midna is relevant for the game"
Basically.. did they hid the other three on purpose because they are actual spoilers???
2 hours later…
6:50 PM
As predictable, Hogwart Legacy reddit is starting to "fill up" with performance issues posts. For the PC version.
@Memor-X now, what was that thing that the PC version had and console versions didn't ? Can you guess the culprit?
@SPArcheon Only thing I heard is that you needed a pretty bulky beast to run it on PC
2 days ago, by Memor-X
i'm half expecting it's going to be grindy to push the in-app purchases and/or on PC Denuvo will take the performance
and Denuvo did.
@SPArcheon When the fuck will AAA publishers get it
Denuvo always shits on games
6:54 PM
@Fredy31 Never?
And its not like it works, within weeks theres a Denuvo-less version that runs perfect
Hello, peoples.
Hello, people.
@Fredy31 They live in their dream world wher DRM keeps pirates away. While in reality it only hurts legit customers
Hello, person.
6:56 PM
@SPArcheon Yep. Pirates just crack it, as always, in a stupid amount of time, so then you have the legit version that is shit, and the cracked version that works great
God it must suck to all the devs that bust their ass optimize the game, make sure it runs great on PC, only to have an exec come in late and jam that crap on top that kills it all
Its like if I had gordon ramsey do a great dish for me, painstakingly make the best fucking brioche in the world over hours... and just before service I dump a cup of ketchup on top
@Fredy31 did you ever saw that side-by-side comparison of The Witcher - Securom Vs pirated version?
You are… somewhat liberal with language.
@parz Sorry, I do swear like a sailor
7:07 PM
sometimes I miss my quora digest digest
this "week"'s Honorable Mention goes to "Is Belgium a real country?"
in case you're curious, the featured answer is posted by someone whose bio says "lives in The Netherlands"
so I'm obliged to assume the answer boils down to "K O L O N I S E E R D"
whats the worst is that people that crack will crack. You could put the highest wall, they will find a taller ladder.

Just sell your game somewhere where it can be easily found, like steam or GOG and you will get the whole market that would hack because its not accessible
@SPArcheon Yeah, I've heard the performance goes to hell once you actually get into the school part.
7:22 PM
Or, in terms of the Denuvo cases, people that want their game to run good
1 hour later…
8:52 PM
That The Last of Us is getting non-gaming outlet reviews while Arcane didn't despite both being excellent video game adaptations is more evidence of anti-animation bias, imo.
1 hour later…
10:21 PM
Well, shows that if you don't just buy the IP and then do whatever, there is good stories to tell
And if you bring in the people that created that story to help how you adapt it, good chances you'll keep what makes it good in the first place
I still find fucking funny that you ask ANYBODY that plays Assassins Creed what is the meat and potatoes of Assassins Creed, where is the meat on the bone; nobody will tell you the story in the present. Probably will tell you you could just skip it.

The movie: 80% is in the present.
10:54 PM
@Fredy31 huh? I was talking about the amount of critic response disparity between Arcane and The Last of Us, not the difference in quality?
@SPArcheon at least, for now
don't forget that the developers of Denuvo have expressed wanting to put it in Switch to stop games being emulated
They both reviewed well with critics, but while The Last of Us has reviews ranging from the Atlantic to NPR, the coverage on Arcane is almost entirely gaming-oriented media like IGN and Polygon.
@Fredy31 EMPRESS has already proclaimed that they'll have Hogwarts cracked in a week
not that it'll beat the all time record of negative days when the Demo of a game came out with the DRM-less .exe
think it was Resident Evil
@Fredy31 except when they think the optimizations will negate possible performance hit from Denuvo *looks at Atomic Heart *
1) not what DLSS is for
2) people have said it wouldn't not have helped Resident Evil as the issue was on a software level. changing the graphic settings did nothing to fix things
@Yuuki that and also a certain group lost their brains when they found out gays where in it and want The Last of Us changed into a "kill the zombies" action series

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