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2:36 AM
We're playing D&D, and are in a cave fighting an orc leader and his band of orcs, which were between him and us. Until I called to Tyr to bring the cave down on them, and used thaumaturgy to make the ground shake. Rolled a natural 20 on my intimidation roll, causing all the foot soldier orcs to scatter, exposing the leader
10 hours later…
12:27 PM
Q: How do I make special commands run depending on a scoreboard and clock?

321NathangoMy friends and I are making a arena minigame where you fight to the death. I want to make it so that after thirty seconds (600 ticks), you get an ender pearl, and once you use the ender pearl, the timer goes back down to zero and you get another one after another thirty seconds. However, I have g...

4 hours later…
4:09 PM
Wordle 224 4/6*

Think i'll go buy a lottery ticket now
Wordle 224 3/6

really idk
looked at my 2 yellows (were not the same letter) and the word just popped to me
4:52 PM
@SaintWacko man, i used disguise self and managed to fool a guard that i was bringing back prisoners that were actually my party members. it was touch and go for a second there, but i just barely managed to deceive the guard. and then one of my party members decided to threaten the guard for some reason
5:25 PM
Wordle 225 6/6

did horribly today
5:42 PM
Wordle 224 4/6

6:04 PM
Wordle 224 3/6*


I actually laughed when the second row came up
6:16 PM
I'm currently stuck at ⬛🟩🟩🟩⬛
with 10 letters stricken out and 2 guesses left
@Ronan I bet we had the same second to last word lol
@badp Want a tiny hint?
Not so much a hint to the word as a hint to figuring out the word
I mean, I can't imagine there's any other options, knowing the middle 3
Yeah, but I had some trouble figuring it out for what I suspect is the same reason
6:36 PM
Wordle 224 6/6

Guess I was wrong
the first letter could have been M or W
I don't think M's is a word in american...
is wordle specifically American English?
It has been previously
6:39 PM
I was convinced the word had to end in Y
Yeah it picked an American spelling a bit ago I forget what
Even though the site is .co.uk
@Ronan it was an accepted guess for me
Oh it seems one of the meanings is spelled the same in both american and british
2 hours later…
8:59 PM
@Unionhawk Favor
Took me a bit to figure it out. I tend to use British spellings for a lot of those words

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