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12:49 AM
@MBraedley I didn't get that question, weirdly.
1:14 AM
Q: Does the chanting in Azdaha's phase 2 boss theme have any meaning?

sayu There is somewhat Mandarin Chinese-sounding chanting that occurs in the background of Azdaha when he enrages and is in either Phase 2 - 4. Is this all gibberish or does the chanting actually have any meaning?

1:47 AM
@Ronan I'm still working my way through the story. I've got 3 glowing pokemon stages unlocked. I've been taking my time. I just finished maxing out research on the Florio Nature Park courses tonight.
Also @Ronan is right. The games fantastic. It's honestly way more fun than I expected, and my expectations were fairly high.
I'm definitely blown away by the sheer amount of content.
2:29 AM
Q: Minecraft won't open launcher after updating to java 11

thegamingboysoutMy Minecraft was running fine, but after I updated my java to 11 for my Minecraft server, the Minecraft launcher said I had java missing and it could not open Any help would count

2 hours later…
4:08 AM
Q: Is the redragon m601 good for drag clicking?

RyugaGodSo, I am thinking of getting a better gaming mouse under 20$ which could get me good cps. This is as I would like to learn breezily, and godbridging in minecraft bedwars. I have currently seen only redragon phaser m609 and m601, and I have seen some youtube tutorials on how to drag click on m601,...

5 hours later…
8:44 AM
Q: GBA games to my GBA emulator?

fred_gamer09Does anyone konow a good internet site where I can download GBA games to my GBA emulator? I have found one https://romsplanet.com/roms/gameboy-advance but downloading from there happens slowly and I have a modem in my computer. By the way. Is this topic illegal?!

9:10 AM
Q: How to remove shadows?

xqckkkIm talking about that kind of shadows under a big structure.

5 hours later…
1:46 PM
Q: Is it possible to turn on build symmetry in survival mode?

William Walker IIIPlaying the current version (as of 5/5/21) of Empyrion Galactic Survival in survival mode and I got to tinkering with the aesthetics of the damaged hoverbike that you can repair near where your pod lands. After wrestling with various blocks and the orientation keys, I got to the point where I fo...

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3:02 PM
Q: How would I have more than one enchantment at level 1000 in Minecraft

iamjustarandomguestSo I have the command for one enchantment right here,"/give @p diamond_axe{Enchantments:[{id:unbreaking,lvl:32767}]} 1" But, does anyone know how to do more than one?

3:25 PM
local man forgot where clause in update statement
@Unionhawk i always fear doing that myself
my GOD it looks so adorable
@Unionhawk On live?
i want to pat it's tummy
and it also reminds me of my Pug
3:42 PM
@Unionhawk On a production database?
@Ronan @Nzall Your posts sound like the start of a Dr Seuss Rhyme
@Wipqozn Would you, could you, in production?
@Ronan Brilliant
I picked the worst thing to try and rhyme with
> Would you, could you, on live;
3:49 PM
@Nzall The meter doesn't work for that though
Yeah, I'm gonna stop here, because if I'm not careful, I'm gonna spend the next 3 hours writing a parody to Green Eggs and Ham
For the record: that is not how I want to spend my time this evening
@Ronan it's a DEV at least
so it's a full month away from release
@Unionhawk next time, first write your statement as a SELECT so you don't accidentally do that again
We do have most of it in a branch at least
@Nzall Sure, if you want to be a coward
3:54 PM
It doesn't sound like we have a fully recent backup
@Nzall I wrote a select above and forgot to copy the where to the update lol
@Unionhawk Well, guess it's time for a postmortem after this
One of them is "I probably shouldn't have update permission on this table anyway"
@Unionhawk Oh nooooo
BACKUP LOCATED: TIME 2021-05-05 07:40
4:00 PM
Someone should just break compatibility and add an alternative syntax for updating/deleting every row, and make an update/delete without where an error
@MadScientist I mean, "delete every row" shouldn't even exist in a world with TRUNCATE
there's probably some case where you still need delete, maybe with row-level security and a user that doesn't have access to all rows, not sure truncate works then
TRUNCATE CASCADE is fun though
4:44 PM
Q: Mouse Cursor on my MacBook Won't Work on a Full Screen Application on Google

Silas SavilleI try to play the game but all it does is just sit over the game, I can shoot and stuff but it won't lock into the game. It is visible but just won't work.

@MadScientist remove all the rows!
5:21 PM
@Unionhawk Something I've gotten into the habit of doing is I write the "UPDATE table WHERE clause" first, then I add the "SET".
@MadScientist Brilliant
5:41 PM
@Wipqozn The worst part about this whole thing is doing it the right way (sending one email) took 4 minutes
@Unionhawk why would you need to send an email. what.
There's a tool to create new entries in the table and all other related tables which is actually what I needed, not an update
but only like 3 people use it
but hey, if it works it work!
ASsuming it works
I'll smoke test it after I'm done with lunch but it looks right
In any case crisis averted, 1 favor owed to the team in charge of fixing this
6:26 PM

user271344I need help finding hacks or cheat codes for undertale on the switch without connecting something to the switch help me out here.

1 hour later…
7:27 PM
Looks like they removed a way to heal substantially in Returnal in the patch just now. It did seem unintional to me that you could heal without restriction at your ship, but it was kinda useful, and the game is going to be quite a bit harder in the first biome without this
7:42 PM
Q: i need help fighting sans in phase two

AceOfSpadesI've fought sans 167 times i need help in phase two. I cant beat this skeleton man so i need help i have three snowman pieces the steak face and the butterscotch pie. Google has not really helped me much at all and i keep having problems on the third and fifth attack of phase two. I have tried sa...

Q: Selling my Nintendo 3DS XL

Mr.BergI was going to sell my nintendo 3DS and buy a switch instead. but before I sell I want all my pokemon transferd over to Pokemon bank. I had planned to buy a switch later this year but I had already planned to sell my nintendo 3DS now. therefore I wonder if I can transfer all my pokemon to pokemon...

8:02 PM
Aaand it looks like they introduced a save game corruption bug in the patch, and I had the symptoms of it, though my save didn't get wiped yet. And some people reported that they could restore their save from the cloud, so we'll see how it looks. But I'll better not touch the game for now until I know what exactly happens there
Hmm, I don't have PS plus, so probably no cloud storage
8:33 PM
Q: Is there a way to play a SWF/Flash game that required server login/connection

SoraSo i recently found files (all assets, all swf files and source code) of an old Multiplayer/MMO game (Ninja Saga) i used to play on facebook years and years ago. And my question is is there a way for me to play the game locally since the game used to require an account to play with. I have tried ...

8:59 PM
Q: How Do I make A steel Door Usable by All Players?

RBlong2usI like the look of steel doors, but my other friends cannot open the door. How do I make it so that they can open it? I've heard of making keys, but I'm not sure how that works in Minetest, or if it is even practical. Is there a command privilege perhaps?

@Lazers2.0 This clearly needs a better title (and general cleanup editing), but I'm not sure what the new title should be.
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11:08 PM
Q: Idk how to get a bowl of noodles in here but I used the command but it says error what do I do?

Yohanna I don’t understand how to fix this and I need help could someone please help me out


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