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12:34 AM
Q: how to give points when someone is standing near an item in minecraft bedrock

Bruhmoment909today Bruhmoment9I need help for a kit pvp that I am making and Im using scoreboard as my point, how do I make it so when a player Is standing near an item it gives them 1 point then the item disappears

7 hours later…
Hello old friends
I am not good
@Memor-X sorry budy, i guess you wont be used as the comparison like your bother was
@GnomeSlice what's up?
7:38 AM
I'm feeling rough
Do you ever lay awake at night with such a sharp and haunting pain and sense of loss
It's unthinkable
Alternate universe me is doing really well
This one not so much
Finding it very hard to care enough about my own life to make any change
I'm 29 now
Everything I thought I had planned is gone
2 hours later…
10:00 AM
Q: What do the round brackets mean on my unit's 'offense' value?

JezI'm about to build an Impact Skimship at one of my bases. It's values are listed as (4)-2-4. Why is the offense value in round brackets?

10:47 AM
Q: How exactly are we supposed to kill K9 dogs in COD MW2?

SandunIn Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, K9 units (dogs) appear in some of the missions and the campaign. I sometimes manage to shoot and kill the K9 before it reaches me, but if that fails, the K9 jumps to me and I fall to the ground. In that scenario, the instruction is to press T (melee attack) to sn...

11:02 AM
Okay, first dose of Moderna has been applied
Booster shot is on May 19th
4 hours later…
3:09 PM
Q: Would I be able to disable parts of 1.17 update?

Big_ChungusI have been seeing a lot of the 1.17 snapshots, and I am a huge fan of the Cliffs parts of the update, but I think the new caves would be very annoying and hard to light up. Would I be able to download the 1.17 update but disable the new cave generations. Ideally, I would disable all cave generat...

Q: minecraft multiplayer suddenly freezes (linux) 1.8.9

Otto CrawfordThe title says most of it. When I play multiplayer minecraft, every once in a while, my client does not connect to the server, I can move but the server does not respond. After around a minute I get kicked as the server has stopped connecting. When I tried this on Windows however, there was no is...

Q: Is the Winter Melon worth it?

BloonchipperDue to having a question about melon pult that has a comment mentioning that the melon pult has a frosty upgrade, I soon figured out the upgrade it the winter melon. The winter melon costs 500 sun and is a melon pult that can slow. However, it seems a little weird that the winter melon costs 200 ...

They changed all the other character's names and the case names too
3:57 PM
@Ronan Is this Ace Attorney?
Yeah The Great Ace Attorney 1 & 2 for switch, ps5, and steam
Finally released in english
I've only ever played the original trilogy
Need to check out the other ones at some point.
These two are great
Maybe they'll remaster the other games at some point too
@Ronan I'd just like them to port all the games to Switch
They're porting the original trilogy to switch as part of this
4:01 PM
I actually thoguht it was already ported.
Oh yeah, this must be porting to ps5 and steam then
It's been on Steam for a while now
I'm going to be honest, I didn't pay attention to that part of the trailer that much
> The Canucks franchise gets their 69th victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs on 4/20
> The game had a total of 69 shots
> Canucks scored 6 of the 9 goals in this game as well.
....and 4 goals in the final 20 minute period
Canadians have always had a good sense of humour.
4:13 PM
@Yuuki What was that Shakespeare verse again? "If this were played upon a stage now, I could condemn it as improbable fiction."
Q: Is there a way to survive past wave 100 without cob cannons?

BloonchipperI've been taking a look at the questions about survival endless on Arqade and it seems that cob cannons are a must to survive in survival endless. Even one of my questions about cob cannons have the mention of survival endless. The reason I think this might be possible is because of this question...

4:53 PM
Q: Would this idea for a challenge series work on either gaming or gaming meta?

Joshua BizleyI'm from the puzzling stack exchange where questions can be either related to puzzles such as "Who invented X type of puzzle?" or (more often) challenges, particularly where the asker knows the answer and is posing it as a challenge. I had an idea today that I thought would be fantastic if there ...

Man, I'm enjoying seasons 11 and 12 of Doctor Who, but wow are the morals heavy-handed
No subtlety whatsoever
5:28 PM
Which seasons are they?
@SaintWacko depends on the story, but sometimes subtlety isn't needed or good
Ah the latest two
Yeah, clearly people weren't getting the morals up until now
@Ronan Right?
That might of sounded like sarcasm, I didn't mean it to be
Q: I need help installing Mass Effect 3 Deluxe edition from Origins due to Visual C++ redistributable error

Kunal SharmaEvery time I try to install the game, I get the same error regarding my Visual C++ redistributable package. My PC is a Windows 10, and I have tried installing the 2010 and 2015 versions of Visual C++ package, with the x86 and x64 versions but this issue still persists. Should I have Microsoft Vis...

5:58 PM
Q: Why am I having trouble finding a legit copy of Pokémon Emerald?

GG001I have been looking all over the internet for a legit cartridge of Pokémon Emerald to gift to my little sister for her GBA SP. However, I am finding a LOT of fakes, through the looks, prices, and customer reviews. How do I find a legit copy when it seems the only ones on the market aren't anyth...

@SaintWacko I had the same issue, and I discussed it with this room as well
and I found that Doctor Who was always this moralizing, BUT
because the bad stuff was mostly done by aliens and robots in the seasons before this, it was obscured by the idea that different species have different morality
However, starting with Season 11, most of the bad stuff was done by humans, and that makes the moral much more obvious
Sorry, this has to be read to believe it
So you know Cellebrite, the company that provides data exfiltration services from physical devices for various governments, most of them dictatorships? Apparently someone working on Signal happened to walk past a truck right as it dropped a full version of their software, along with all the hardware to use it, and they used this found gift to write various exploits that trigger when Signal data is being read
@Nzall That is literally incredible. As in I cannot believe it
@PrivatePansy yeah, I know. I'm half of the thought that the "fell of a truck" was more like someone who saw a package like that and stole it
The idea of reverse-hacking the hackers by exploiting RCEs in their hacking tool is great though
6:14 PM
I especially like the last paragraph where they're saying between the lines that they're going to load random phones with files that will exploit these vulnerabilities in Cellebrite software
Nawww, it's just for aesthetics. Those files look nice, right?
Q: damage of end crystals to players?

ooftreecapsi own an anarchy server, so much people use end crystals to fight. My friend got one shot by one of the crystals recently, so i'm wondering how much damage does a crystal actually do. I've made recipes for prot 10 armor, the full set (should) give 96% damage reduction..? (at least to my understan...

6:46 PM
Q: In pokemon go, which moveset for jellicent in pvp has the highest win rate result?

Harry IguanaJellicent with Hex, Bubble beam + ice beam Hex, Bubble beam + Shadow ball Hex, Shadow ball + ice beam Bubble, Bubble beam + ice beam Bubble, Bubble beam + Shadow ball Bubble, Shadow ball + ice beam

Q: Can users have the ability to delete misused and unhelpful answers when user is removed?

Wabbit.I lost 30 rep for user deletion on an answer of mine, and I want to delete my answer now because it has no use for recent supervision. I think users should have the ability to delete these kinds of mishaps (can rarely happen), and keep their reputation safely without any risk chances. My answer w...

7:22 PM
@Nzall That was something I was actually just thinking about in the car. That the big difference has been how much more human-centric these seasons have been. Although I do feel like this Doctor has more of a habit of laying out exactly what the moral of the episode was, rather than letting the story communicate the moral
@Nzall That is beautiful and I love it so much
@Nzall And yeah, that was the best part of the article
Q: What is the best hero to buy?

Parkerdaboss216I am very close to 5k cash and I was wondering which hero to get. My options are sauda, adora, or etienne. I was thinking sauda because its the new hero and ive seen those round 100+ solos with sauda. adora is very intriguing to me because of its concept of sacrificing your towers to buff your he...

8:13 PM
@SaintWacko River Song?
@Nzall Nope
Wait, Jack harkness?
I haven't yet seen ANYTHING of Season 12. Not a single Belgian streaming service has it yet
Not even Amazon Prime Video
8:15 PM
@Nzall HBO Max
LadyWacko forgot to cancel the free trial so we have it for a month lol
@SaintWacko that's how they getcha
@Yuuki Lol yeah
I love Captain Jack so much
speaking of tv serieses though, marvel has been absolutely killing it with wandavision and falcon and the winter soldier
Yeah, I know it's French, but it just says "noone offers it, go fuck yourself" essentially
@Yuuki Oh yeah
Like, I'll be honest, 90% of the movie and TV show streaming I've done the past 6 months is Disney+: Infinity saga, WandaVision, Falcon, Castle,...
But Falcon and the Winter Soldier is so damn good
Though my biggest issue is that I'm agreeing with the motive of the Flag Smashers more than I am with the good guys
8:19 PM
there's a few missteps here and there that are just kinda emblematic of the superhero genre
Like, I don't really understand why governments around the world are trying to return things back to before the Snap because half the world has come back
Was that ever explained?
well, based on the depiction in the series, this seems to be characterized as a bad thing
but falcon is fighting the flag smashers because of the kinda trite "but violence isn't the answer", which is... kinda eh
i do appreciate that they brought up the underlying issue that superheroism is inherently fascistic to a degree, though i don't really like that they used a bad guy as the mouthpiece. sure, he's kinda morally grey-ish in this series, but zemo was the villain in civil war
so any sort of ideal he espouses is immediately marred by the "well, he's wrong because he's the bad guy" thing
@Yuuki I also liked how they pointed out that Captain America is more than just the shield and uniform. Steve Rogers brought a huge amount of respectability and honor (or worthiness as shown by Mjolnir), and by showing what a less reserved Cap would do through John Walker, especially empowered by the super serum, it really brought home how good Rogers was
Does chat have spoilers?
But yeah, I don't see Steve Rogers do what John Walker did at the end of Episode 4
Especially not so openly
8:29 PM
there's always discord chat
8:46 PM
@Nzall My understanding is that many governments took in refugees from other countries that couldn't handle the depopulation. Now the people who returned need to displace those refugees to return to their lives
based on what i remember of the dialogue in the early episodes, some of the refugees didn't just leave their own countries because of their own dire situations but because other countries needed the help
so they went to other communities to help people in need and now they're being kicked out
Right. Overall, a bunch of people moved around as a part of "the world is one big community coming together to overcome this crisis", and then everyone returned and they want their homes back and stuff.
it's interesting to see the other side of the coin because i remember a throwaway line in spider-man: far from home where peter and his aunt were kicked out of their apartment because someone else had moved in while they were dusted
And I think it's not just that they're getting kicked out, but that the GRC is sticking them in camps with insufficient resources. The early flag smashers stuff was stealing food from the GRC to bring to the camps.
9:16 PM
I have not seen any of the show yet. Guessing I should not read anything in here for a while?
@SaintWacko Most of the major spoilers are in the Discord server
The stuff I was describing is mostly general background of the events in the show
9:34 PM
Q: Why is my healthy going fown for no reason?

Bob WunschI recently purchased a hp pavilion gaming computer as my old computer had pink screen. I installed steam and skyrim. My health bar keeps going down until I die. I have nothing in status effects no poison no disease or vampirism. Tried several earlier saves and then Uninstaller and reinstalled bot...

9:58 PM
Q: Does an MMORPG with these specifications exist?

JoeyCannotI have a "friend" who is looking for an MMORPG for his playstyle. He wants it to have a low skill ceiling (kinda casual, not too hard or hardcore), obviously be actively multi-player (guilds/clans/etc.), have a lot of RNG based content and long grinds, but be not at all P2W (a sub price or base p...

10:46 PM
Q: How do I get inside this locked area inside a crawlspace?

KappeiThe latest DLC, Repentance, includes a new design for crawlspaces. This new room layout contains 2 pedestal items, one on top of the rightmost ladder, the other seemingly unaccessible, locked behind a wall. I've already tried bombing the wall, to no avail. I've used a single bomb, since that's a...

11:10 PM
Q: How to prevent only a single selected game from auto-updating on XBox One

MichaelI read that you can disable auto-updating of your games/apps on the XBox One by going to Settings > System > Updates and unchecking the box labeled "Keep my games & apps up to date. But in my case I have only one game that I want to prevent from updating, basically to prevent issues with a multi-...


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