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12:09 AM
Q: Mincraft qustionn about servers


Spooky ghost game just got an update. We should play that again. Cc @Unionhawk @Yuuki @RedRiderX @Dragonrage
I like how we all stopped playing as soon as @RedRiderX bought it
You can actually choose the difficult now, which is great.
12:23 AM
To be fair I stopped playing it because at the time I was still at home and caused a significant noise disturbance playing it
Now that I merely have neighbors I'm sure it's fine
Hah I did play it with some others, but I'd be up for it again.
Q: Moving at higher speed than normal in geometry dash

schmuglbubI have a level in geometry dash that always ran at a consistent speed when I playtested it. But randomly, it started to be out of sync with the song, and when at 3x or 4x speeds went faster than it should have. This correlates with smooth fix, as when smooth fix was on it would go faster. But tha...

12:54 AM
@Wipqozn sure. I’ve been playing off and on on the beta
Q: What format are the Minecraft .lang files?

klypankWhat format are the .lang files (ex: JSON)? Are they proprietary?

1:28 AM
@Lazers2.0 I didn't even notice they could bloom.
@fredley I've yet to be hooked. Going to give ti another go, though.
1:51 AM
Q: Is crossplay available for Halo 2 in the Master Chief Collection?

Alex LIs it possible to play a multiplayer game of Halo 2 from The Master Chief Collection between an Xbox One and a PC? The top result on Google says it will be possible in 2020. It's 2021 now, so it it possible?

2 hours later…
4:33 AM
@PrivatePansy yeah it is
@fredley in that case happy to help lol
5 hours later…
9:28 AM
Q: How often vibration is used to indicate item locations?

user598527Since Switch Lite doesn't have vibration motors, Nintendo has an alternative for the rumble in a form of visual "screen-shake" in Odyssey. The indicator is subtle, challenging to notice especially when crossing (a) challenge room tile(s) and have this effect to play for a split second. At least i...

10:19 AM
Q: My minecraft world spawn keeps setting underground?

TaliskerI have a Java server set up through Aternos to play with friends, spawn used to be in an empty field area in the middle of the map and I have recently built a building near by to move spawn to. However, when I tried to set spawn there and test it, it tps me and others to the large cavern 70 block...

11:10 AM
Q: I have a PS4 at my dad’s house and at my mum’s house. Can I play FIFA at both houses or do I need to have two different FIFAs?

FredI move between my mum’s house and my dad’s house. I have a PS4 and pS plus at both houses. I’d like to be able to play my FIFA 21 at both houses. I don’t want to have to have two different accounts. Can I switch between the two and play the same game? Thank you

12:01 PM
Q: Why are there several remakes of Final Fantasy VII planned?

Olivier GrégoireFinal Fantasy VII Remake is out since April 2020. At that time, I understood that the original game remake would be split in several games, so I didn't buy it because it seemed to me it'd be incomplete and I hoped for a kind of bundle in the future. March 2021's PS Plus games include that game so...

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2:58 PM
Q: how can you make a armor that have infinity protection armor?

nothingSo with the new attribute command they added an attribute called armor and i actually don't know what does that do but i think it is like protection so i wandered could i make an armor that has infinity protection so i try to make a command and here it is : give @s netherite_helmet{AttributeModif...

2 hours later…
5:08 PM
Defeated the Glass Queen
5:22 PM
Someone really hates loop hero questions. My word.
@fredley I just beat the first expedition.
Still not really hooked.
@Wipqozn It gets better as you figure out how tiles interact with each other
Really don't see why everyone is in love with this one. It's fun enough, but the internet is going nuts for it.
Q: How do I retreat from an expedition with all my resources?

WipqoznI'm confused as to how I'm supposed to retreat from an expedition without losing any resources, and I haven't had much luck tracking down an answer. My assumption was that beating the boss would allow me retreat with all resources, and sure enough, upon beating my first boss I was given the opti...

5:37 PM
Yeah, I tried the demo and decided to pass on the full game; it's stylish but very grindy and very opaque.
And desperately needs acceleration settings above 2x.
5:56 PM
Q: Minecraft local server: World doesn't load

UpdaterI played on a private Minecraft Server downloaded directly from minecraft.net with my friend on local LAN. This worked perfectly. But when I try to join the server over the internet, I see the server in my Server List and I can join, but the world isn't loading at all (seems like I'm falling) and...

Q: Which number on the rear of an original release PS2 is the proper serial number?

Mikey T.K.A PS2 contains two unique identifiers on its rear sticker. A number labeled "SERIAL" to the left, and a barcode sticker offset to the right, with different characters in each. This random PS2 from an internet screenshot has a "serial" of AU43211911, and a "barcode" of PX443219113 If I am catalog...

6:33 PM
@ToxicFrog Supposedly the devs are working on a new speed option
1 hour later…
7:43 PM
Q: I need the command block to give the player an effect if they are anywhere on the surface, but not underground

Illia VuikaSo I am making a map where if you go outside you would die from radiation (in this case poison effect) and I need a command block to detect if the player is anywhere on the surface.

8:10 PM
Q: How do you switch skills quickly without changing your weapon in hand? (Diablo II)

PotatoI'm a Paladin in Diablo II, and I want to know how it's possible to switch skills really quick. I'm using Blessed Hammer in my second set of gear, and that's for attack. The first set is for defending and healing. So, I want to know how to use Defiance and Cleansing whenever I want a certain one,...

Q: What am i doing wrong when trying to set up a server?

Mfga00Ill try to keep it short Setting up a MC server for a few friends and myself. Unfortunately only i can join but when my friends try to join they get this error: io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information Watched and read countless vide...

8:35 PM
Q: How to disable Quick Chat in among us on the nintendo switch?

bigblindIt looks like the Switch version of among us ahd an update that enabled quick chat; a mode that lets you select preset phrases to chat. However, I've attached a usb keyboard to my switch, so I can chat normally fairly quickly. I see an option for "chat mode" in the settings, that's set to "quickn...

9:00 PM
Q: Trying to find the dimensions for the woodland mansion

Grace HaganWhat are the dimensions for the woodland mansion I am trying to find out the dimensions for the woodland mansion build

9:17 PM
> ‘WandaVision’ Failed to Deliver Things That Were Never Promised to Me
9:39 PM
@Yuuki Yes I heard a subset of the internet was complaining about this
@Wipqozn people were just reading hints/symbolism that wasn't there
I haven't watched the show, but naturally it's made its way to subredditdrama
like some design on the toasters that, if you flip it upside down, looked like "666"
it was really dumb
i dunno, maybe after a number of mcu entries that really didn't accomplish much except being vehicles for the next mcu movie (thor 2, ultron, etc), some people possibly didn't expect an actual character-focused drama?
which is not to say that wandavision didn't have its flaws, but not including all these fan theories isn't one of them to me
i really enjoyed it
So were people expecting the whole thing was made by mephisto? Because I thought it was pretty obvious the whole thing was heavily inspired by House of M, aka it was obviously Wanda all along.
yeah, but mephisto was involved in the creation of wanda's two kids in the comics
10:08 PM
@Yuuki Gotcha
it's good though, you should watch it if you can
10:41 PM
Yeah, I watched it. It was enjoyable
Q: What age is appropriate for playing Roblox?

loan_2314I log into Roblox. I see games that are scary, and some clean and fun for kids. I play all these games no matter the role, but it seems impossible that the age ratings around the world are appropriate for Roblox. There are: Basic Games Easy and get-used-to games Kids' Scary and horrifying gam...

The start was a bit rough (talking about episodes 1 and 2) because they're black & white and based on sitcoms that date back to the start of television
One thing I really liked was that the finale was really satisfying
11:32 PM
Q: My Minecraft Launcher won't update

Kiley SI have a problem where my launcher isn't the newest one on my PC... I have the old one and it wasn't really an issue for me until I tried to download a shader pack and couldn't do it. Does anyone know how to get the new launcher? I've been trying to solve this problem for around a year now and I ...


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