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12:53 AM
Q: Why does Circus Baby not tell me to go to Ballora Gallery?

Noah-the-SpikeI just recently got into playing Five Night's at Freddy's 5, and have had a small issue when playing Night 2. After making Bidybabs "lose interest", Baby is supposed to tell me to crawl slowly through Ballora Gallery, only stopping if I hear Harry Potter music. However, after making Bidybabs go a...

1:44 AM
Q: Minecraft realm wont let me play a world on my realm

astupididdoitI have already created a realm and i am trying to link a world but keeps saying an error occurred i tried replacing it from the realm and the world menus

2:00 AM
rolls That's a 22
2:16 AM
@Elise We're memeing now
2:33 AM
@Wipqozn 🐢🔫👩🏼‍🚀always have been
3:00 AM
Q: I’m trying to play destiny with my brother

user268166I’m trying to play destiny 2 with my brother but he has a different console. I play on Xbox and he plays on PS4. I cant seem to add him as a friend. What should I do.

3:25 AM
Q: Why do my glow squids disappear?

thimothyI've been having fun building in the 1.17 snapshot 21w08b and I'm making an underwater cave house. I'm trying to add glow squids because they look nice and they seem to (they don't actually) produce light so I don't need to use sea lanterns, glowstone, glow lichen, etc. to light up the water. I u...

3:51 AM
Q: What was that isometric RPG that shipped with Windows machines?

Tyler MI remember playing this game on my dad's PC as a kid. I've tried Googling it so much and I can't find it at all -- What was the name of the name of this specific game? I remember these details: It is an isometric RPG, very similar to Path of Exile (or maybe Diablo too) The gameplay uses a lighth...

4:42 AM
Q: Aternos server crashes as soon as it starts

ConfusedPersonalityHello im using cracked minecraft, i wanted to download lucky block mod on 1.16.1 but the server crashes as soon as it starts. There is only 1 mod installed i.e. lucky block but still it crashes. Read the log and this was the error- [06Mar2021 04:24:41.661] [main/ERROR] [net.minecraftforge.fml.loa...

5:32 AM
Q: Check to see if only 1 player on team - Minecraft 1.12

user8340815I was making a game in MC using Command Blocks on my friend's server (which is in 1.12). I was wondering if there was a way to determine if there was only 1 person left on a team. All of the other questions/articles I saw asking this were for 1.13, in which commands were changed quite a bit. Is t...

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7:14 AM
Q: Building a grenade(?) with commands (P1)

Mark GiraffeSo I want to make some battlefield type of game which I would call "Extreme Warfare", and I want to start off by making a so-called grenade that upon hitting a distance, it explodes. I somehow want it instant, but I'm sure it's impossible, so the best option is using /summon to place a TNT on the...

5 hours later…
11:53 AM
Q: PS4 controller only working wired in games on WIN10

Jack AvanteI've been using my PS4 controller wired on Windows 10, but it's not too comfortable. I tried on several occasions to get it running wireless but to no avail. I have successfully connected it to my PC using a Bluetooth adapter, and it shows as connected and it is lit up, but it doesn't work in-gam...

4 hours later…
3:42 PM
Q: How to make a redstone signal last longer

xqckkkI want to create a big facility in my minecraft world for storage purposes etc, and i want to make doors that can be opened with a button. But it usually will close in front of my face or last a short time not enough for my friends and me to go through. Is it possible to make a button that would ...

4:02 PM
@Wipqozn Yeah I also grabbed it and not sure on that description either, sorry
I am really enjoying it though
i like the presentation of the game a lot
was actually just coming here to say I think Loop Hero is dope
Q: How to Show Attack Descriptions in Steven Universe: Unleash the Light for Nintendo Switch?

notovnyI've been playing Steven Universe: Unleash the Light for Nintendo Switch, and am having an issue making the attack descriptions show up consistently when selecting attacks. As a result, there I'm running into a number of costly options I fear to try in game, because I have no idea what they do un...

it's really more like an idle game
2 hours later…
6:39 PM
Q: Value of my knife

TeddybjornenI’ve just opened my first expensive and rare knife in csgo and have no idea at all of the pricing really... It’s a M9 Black Pearl (FN) 0.013 Float and can’t find nothing on the 332 patern which it’s. I need help to determine the Price tag of it! < http://csgo.exchange/item/21004995252 > < https:/...

7:04 PM
Q: i need help with minecraft multiplayer

MinecraftHelp123I just got my account today and I am trying to join a server and it says the authentication servers are down and I checked more than once to see if it's online and I still cannot join please help

7:30 PM
Q: Waarom heb ik geen mods-tab?

Minecraftals ik minecraft heb opgestart kan ik alleen singelplayer, multiplayer en minecraft realms selecteren. Waarom geen mods?

Q: Can I make invisible lights?

thimothyI've been building in the 21w08b 1.17 snapshot. I'm making an underwater cave house and I need to add some lighting but I don't want it to show. I've been placing glow squids but they keep despawning and they dont actually make light, they just appear glowing. I'm wondering if there is a way for ...

2 hours later…
9:11 PM
Q: USB loader gx wont recognize usb when i put games from online in it

Ali Ahmedso i recently just modded my old wii like 2 days ago and everything works fine. however i have an issue with usb loader gx, i am able to install games that i already own to my usb and successfully play them, however when i try to download games from the internet and put it on my usb, usb loader g...

1 hour later…
10:19 PM
So Loop Hero is fun cc: @GnomeSlice @Wipqozn
Yeah it's good
Q: What makes the meadows bloom?

GnomeSliceSometimes when I place meadows, they bloom, the sprite changes to show flowers, and the bonus HP per day steps up from 2 to 3. Other times the meadows just stay flat and provide the standard 2 HP per day only. I at first thought that simply placing the meadows beside other tiles made this happen...

lets downvote all new content over to reddit
site is dead
I might be missing something, but how do I download the Loop Hero demo?
Like, I literally cannot find the option on the steam page
See if it has its own store page
10:31 PM
I think that's the first post I've made on the site in like, a decade?
First one for me in a long time
figured hey lets try to maybe start bringing some more traffic back here before we get shut down
Vampirism is op
Who gives a shit if you can google it, we will show up when somebody ELSE googles it
I don't know if it has its own page. I search for the game, I see options for the game and for the demo, but when I click the demo link, it just redirects me to the store page
@fredley I made like sequential chests on one map and they all give you HP if you have vampirism
@Nzall yeah same
10:33 PM
@GnomeSlice Yeah this
WIth vampirism at 50% or so the Lich is a pushover
I beat the lich but barely
First time I fought him I didn't really know what to expect and I was nearly dead
I lucked out on my win I got an upgrade that gave me a full hand of oblivion cards and also made them heal me 10%
so I deleted all the lich castle sections and every enemy between me and the boss and had max hp for the fight
I only had like 9% vamp
@GnomeSlice Yeah I stockpile oblivion cards for this
regen seems much worse than vampirism
Yes, I think there are powerful buffs tho
Like doubling under 30% health
I beat the lich third try I thikn
Building shit around the campfire also stops lich shit spawning in the first place
Am I missing something? Shouldn't the demo link usually be somewhere around here?
10:38 PM
Yeah i dunno man I can't see it either
maybe it's overloaded
Or region locked
Just refund the game if you don't like it
as if that question immediately got 2 downvotes
is that what always happens now
@fredley 5head
@fredley also can't really tell if the crystals that double daily bonuses of a tile also affect meadows
@GnomeSlice eh?
big brain strat
Lol I got downvoted too wut
10:50 PM
yeah idk this is why the site's dead though
how dare you answer a question that can be answered by a google search like 99% of other questions anyone could have
Q: What causes bosses to appear?

fredleyBosses seem to appear somewhat randomly, not after a certain amount of loops. Is it random, or is there something (number of kills, number of buildings etc.) that causes bosses to appear?

There's a neat trick if you have oblivions left over: nuke your moutain peaks, and the game will recreate them elsewhere if there's another valid way to do so, and give you another dump of resources.
Well I upvoted you again but that is just frustratingly shitty. It's no wonder the site is failing compared to reddit
@fredley oh neat
like if you have another 3x3 grid of rocks/mountains?
oh I didnt even know you could only have one at a time
ive only had the one so far
the lich is a really cool character.. i was kind of hoping he'd last longer in the story
or maybe he comes back
@Lazers2.0 did you actually not know this @fredley
11:04 PM
@GnomeSlice ...no?
Q: Wither skeleton farm bad rates

JikkinikkiI recently built a wither skeleton farm using wither roses on the spawning platforms. My platform have 5x14(70) spawn spaces. The tutorial farm I'm comparing with have 19*19-9(352) spawn spaces. That is about 5 times more spawning spaces. Their farm produces 50 skulls/h on avg. That should mean t...

11:55 PM
@fredley I swear it was mentioned at some point in the tutorial, but maybe not

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