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12:12 AM
Q: Is the Starcraft 2 Collector's Edition Ultralisk skin the same as the Leviathan skin?

Michael RichardsonI'm considering purchasing some skins for my StarCraft 2 account. I will likely go for one of the packs to get a full set for ~$20, but I noticed that I could get the digital edition for about the same price, which would give me an Ultralisk skin (among all the other goodies) for about the same p...

12:57 AM
> slay the spire except your deck is the spire
looks neat
Probably playing some tabletop simulator games tonight, Tiny Epic Galaxies is on the menu if any of you are interested discord.gg/CTQGT4k
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3:11 AM
Q: How can I make a crafting recipe that yields a named item?

papayasaurstoastI am trying to make a datapack where you can combine a turtle shell and a netherite ingot in a smithing table to get a turtle shell with knockback resistance and armor toughness. I have figured out the whole smithing table situation, but I cannot get it to yield an item with attributes. Here is a...

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4:27 AM
Q: How would I make something happen whenever I get a kill in CS:GO

Andre AthariI want to be able to have my LED lights flash green for a few seconds whenever I get a kill and flash red whenever I die. I am able to make my lights flash I just don't know how I'm going to be able to transfer a signal whenever I die/get a kill in the game. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

4:53 AM
Q: How to detect a player's left-click

RobertHuntI'm writing a command for a customised enchantment that tp a player holding a certain item to the direction that it's facing. However, according to my knowledge, there's no statistic in "/scoreboard" that could simply detect a player's left-click The scores that I've though about include "damage-...

Q: Development tool questions

kyleIs there anyway to use the development tools to get things free on a website? Or for instance using a dating site free. I think removing headers that contain the price is start.

Q: How to do the /ride command in mine craft?

GoldCraftYTI wanna put a baby polar bear on a panda :D Also wanna know how /ride works

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6:28 AM
whats with arkansas and 100 mph + pit maneuvers?
5 hours later…
11:00 AM
> Recently one of my books was translated into Portuguese and it got it's first local review.

"What a complete waste of time, this book fails to mention Portugal even once. One star"

The book is about the Winter War between Finland and Russia.
lol, it's in my language so it has to mention my country
imagine if it was english
11:40 AM
NISA is releasing NIS Classics Vol 1 which contains a remaster of Phantom Brave and i assume a port of Soul Nomad
the former you can get on Steam so no idea if it's going to get a remaster update (though if it was it'll probably be a new game) but the latter was only ever on PS2 so finally a way to play it on current consoles without using emulation
interesting thing about Soul Nomad from what i read is that you can beat the game at any point because the character is OPed but it's always a bad end so unlike Disgaea where there's only certain points where you can start a new cycle, Soul Nomad assumingly lets you decide when to start a new cycle
also if it's Vol 1 they may release more, maybe a non censored version of La Pucelle: Tactics or the updated version of Makai Kingdom where you can play as Petta
@GnomeSlice I picked this up up and it's nothing like slay the spire. So not a good representation of what to expect.
I'm currently undecided if I like it. The game hasn't hooked me yet. I suspect it won't... But we'll see!
1 hour later…
1:00 PM
Q: Has anyone else noticed the new review queue?

Eris the guestRecently, I was doing my question sweep and noted late posts was overdue for a review. When I opened it, it looked much different! Has a change been made on SE, or is this an opt-in the arqade SE opted into?

1 hour later…
2:15 PM
Q: Got a problem with the last encounter in Undertale

Edlir I think i might have done something wrong. I went into mettaton's room with having 1 encounter left and so i thought that was the last encounter. I did the 3 encounters that are in the bridge in the area and also 20 encounters in hotlands. My friend knew about it but they forgot so now i accident...

2:26 PM
20 hours ago, by Sterno
I'd say it's nothing like Slay the Spire
I'd have said "try the demo" but apparently they removed it when the game fully released, which is a really weird decision
Balan Wonderland release getting close and no sign of Square doing something for all the criticism the demo got.
Was hoping for a Little Nemo spiritual successor. And now I will probably skip it.
2:40 PM
Q: Can walls in Sims 4 be placed closer than one grid cell?

simfanI know of the bb.moveobjects cheat (with holding alt) to place objects without them snapping to the grid but is there any way to place walls off the solid line grid?

3:06 PM
Q: For what functionality a Nintendo online account is required on the Switch?

user598527I don't necessarily find the process of signing in (to online accounts) on gaming consoles as convenient — it takes a while to create the account, type in your secure ≥16-character password and multi-factor authentication passphrase, and I'd rather to go without a public profile where my gaming a...

3:24 PM
Q: Witcher 2 backstab damage calculation

Michael MuntaDoes anyone know how the backstab damage is calculated in the Witcher 2? I have tried testing it in the arena by having a raw character with value of the attribute "Backstab damage multiplier" being 1. The damage specified on the character screen is 9-13. So if the multiplier is 1 I suppose that ...

4:22 PM
Q: I've just happened to come across some biomes, and I want to know how rare it is

ooftreecapsI've found a Lukewarm Ocean where the closest shore is Ice Spikes. Shattered Savanna Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau Desert Lakes Gravelly Mountains Snowy Tundra Hills Snowy Taiga Hills Since my friend always bully me for my survival world being so "plain" I'd like to have some rarer biomes so I...

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6:01 PM
@Sterno I mean it's only $15 so I wasn't worried. I knew going into it that it was nothing like Spire.
4 hours later…
10:19 PM
Q: In minecraft, How do i set a spawnpoint using command blocks

The Gnat QueenI'm trying to make a parkour course and I want to have the player respawn at every new checkpoint they reach when they die


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