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12:22 AM
Q: Quick question how do YouTubers stream with Minecraftin 1.16.5?

YusufSo my computer is bad so I cant download OBS or other softwares. So I just went to YouTube and found YouTubers can stream with Minecraft??? So I went to google searched up how I did the steps but nothing. So now I am here wondering if the internet knows. And yes I am on 1.16.5 soon 1.1 so please ...

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1:37 AM
Q: What is the best modifier for the shield of cthulhu?

user267835Recently I discovered that you can reforge the shield of cthulhu and was wondering what the best modifier is. Does anybody have the answer?

2:27 AM
Q: How to get past a locked door in Fort Hagen Command Center?

Wes SayeedI’m playing through Fallout 4 again, and I’ve come across a bug in the game that’s preventing me from proceeding. While playing the quest “Reunions”, I fought my way through Fort Hagen, all the way down to just before the boss fight with Kellogg. Just before I engaged him, I went back to Sanctuar...

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6:33 AM
Q: Minecraft Bedrock Air World?

Ultimate CreeperThere are many Minecraft maps I want to make without the struggle of removing a whole lot of blocks. Is there any .mcworld file that is already cleared out (only air)?

7:23 AM
Q: Spawn Mobs With Specific Items Equipped

DEANHi All, In MCPE 1.16.2, I want to create a way in which when I eat a specific item (call that ‘alpha’), it spawns 4 mobs with a helmet equipped. And also would it be possible to make the mobs work for me, so when a player attacks me, the mobs attack the offender? I’m specifically trying to make t...

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9:51 AM
Q: I cant build any roads up or down

wouterIf I try to build a road up or down, by clicking page up or page down, it just will not do it, even if I change the keymapping to another key. What should I do?

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11:05 AM
Q: How rare is it to get a flat world with floating islands?

elliot727So I was playing the Minecraft java edition and decided to make a super flat world but then realised that a bunch of floating islands had generated as well How rare is this?

11:54 AM
Q: Nametagedit prefix. i csnt change it

jergames onlineI wanna change the prefix using nametagedit, but it was too long so how do I make different rules/lines?

12:43 PM
Q: Summon fallingblock based on the block you're standing on

Wicked GrinnI'm trying to make a camouflage skill and I want to summon two fallingblocks on the player. As if you're just two blocks standing there instead of a player. Now, I know how to summon falling blocks that look like a specific block, but I want to know if it's possible to summon a block equal to the...

1:00 PM
@Yuuki Last night I dreamed that me and two my friends visited you in Texas, which was covered in snow. At some point we saw a large mob off in the distance with torches. You were very nonchalant about the fact this was a mob that would probably kill us if they found us, because apparently roving bands of racist and homophobic mobs is just a thing that happens in texas. My friends and I were VERY concerned.
Luckily we managed to escape Texas.
I mean my friends and I did. We dropped you off at home.
3 hours later…
4:02 PM
Q: It's Time to Back Up the Truck!

JonathanDavidArndtThis question is specifically about Worms Reloaded (2010). There is a weapon named "Armageddon". (You can get a Steam achievement for using this weapon ten times. At the moment, I would be happy to use it one time.) How do you activate this weapon? By now, I do believe I have been through every m...

4:27 PM
Q: How would i use /fill to fill an area with downward-facing dispensers filled with a bucket of lava?

LavaI need a command for my server to fill an area of 516 blocks with downward-facing dispensers each carrying 1 bucket of lava. This is for a prison system. version 1.16.4 Vanilla

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5:34 PM
@Wipqozn That's both terrifying and completely understandable.
Apropos of nothing, I went gun shopping yesterday. Didn't purchase anything, but looked at my options.
I vaguely remember @SaintWacko talking about guns?
@Yuuki Ooh, yes. What are you looking at?
I'm thinking about picking up the CZ P10F.
CZ makes good guns. I don't know as much about semi-automatics as I do about revolvers, though
There was also a Glock 19X that interested me, felt similar to the P10F and it came with night sights, but the store rep mentioned it'd probably sell by the end of the day.
Q: Minecraft Windows 10: Is there a way to enchant armor a player is wearing?

Dark_OfficialI'm setting up a killer gamemode and I would like the killer to have armor with the curse of binding on it. I'm triggering the transformation with a single button attached to multiple command blocks. Any way to do the this?(The enchantment portion.)

5:41 PM
@Yuuki Have you tried going to a range and firing some different guns?
@SaintWacko i have before, but it's been awhile
GDI, EAs subscription thing seems like actually good value, a bunch of games I've been interested in for a while for £20/year
i'm pretty uncomfortable with the idea of owning a gun, but so long as i live in a state both where gun ownership is so loosely restricted and the politics are... less than accommodating to people like me, i think it might be better to have a gun
6:06 PM
Q: Screen flickers while using Minecraft Fabric

krispy_toast The graphics on the terrain, etc. flicker on and off, while the mobs seem to be just fine, as well as my player model and items. I have Fabric installed, and I only face this issue while it's downloaded. Why is this occurring?

6:55 PM
Q: Do I have to buy Harley Quinn’s revenge on Batman Arkham City Xbox 360?

JAYLN HARRISSo, I beat the story mode and go to play Harley Quinn’s revenge but I can’t find it. Then I looked online and it said I have to buy it. Do I really? I just want answers from actual people

Q: How can I detect when I hit a mob in minecraft?

SilentGamerI want to create a game in my server where you have a bunch of mobs, and when you hit one it gets sent to a "bucket", and the more mobs in the bucket, the more points you have. I've gotten most everything working, except I can't figure out how to make it detect when the mob takes damage. I also c...

7:20 PM
Q: get this error when loading fabric mods: java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not execute entrypoint stage 'main' due to errors, provided by 'blackhole'

Mr_Eggwhen I tried to launch after downloading the needed mods for the blackhole mod the launcher closed for a few seconds and re-opened with the error java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not execute entrypoint stage 'main' due to errors, provided by 'blackhole' does anyone know how I would fix this? cra...

7:31 PM
@Yuuki To protect yourself from roaming bands of Texans?
Ugh. Don't buy from Cooler Master
@SaintWacko cooler Master sells guns now?
Two years ago I bought a PSU from them. A year later it quit working, so I got an RMA replacement. A month ago, the replacement quit working, in the same way, so I submitted an RMA request. I just now heard back from them that my request has been denied because there's no receipt uploaded with the RMA request. There's no receipt because it's a warranty replacment -.-
@Wipqozn I imagine a Cooler Master gun would have configurable RGB LED all over it
It would give away your position immediately, but at least you'd look cool
@PrivatePansy Gotta chase that valuable teen market
7:56 PM
apparently a cooler master gun would also suffer frequent jamming failures
@Wipqozn mmmmm
8:29 PM
@Wipqozn "Legit question for progressive Americans - How do I kill the 30-50 feral "stop-the-steal" protesters who run into my office in 3-5 minutes when my employees are counting mail-in ballots?" for those that don't get this: it's a reference to the tweet about needing an assault rifle to defend your kids from invading feral hogs. I don't advocate killing conservatives unless they're threatening your life and/or property and only lethal force will stop them
Had to add a lengthy disclaimer to that message in case someone reads it and thinks I'm serious
2 hours later…
10:38 PM
Q: Play online on wii 2021

Tyler OsierSo,I just got my wii out and I wanna know how to play online on the wii in 2021. I have tried using tutorials for 2020, but they don't work for my wii.

Q: Do Biters get weaker further from your base?

PausePauseI've been playing Factorio for a short time and have just developed a tank. I figured it would be worthwhile to explore the zones around my base and scout out potential mineral sites. I travelled far beyond the range of my base's pollution and was surprised to see that biter nests were becoming m...

11:26 PM
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