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12:31 AM
Q: What is the record word size for a gaming system?

Robert ColumbiaRelated: What does 8-bit / 16-bit actually refer to? I remember the "bit wars" of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The Genesis/Mega Drive and the Turbografx-16 were heavily marketed as having twice as many "bits" as old-school Famicoms and such. A few years later, Atari returned with its monstrous "...

@Lazers2.0 Obviously the Xbox 360 has 360 bits. The Xbox One though was a failure because it only had one
would that make the Series X Limitless Bits?
it's probably just 64 with current gen right?
Wait no that's not, whatever
Whatever "regular x64 chip" is
since consoles these days are essentially just pcs
Oh I see they did 128 in a time prior to consoles becoming computers
1 hour later…
1:49 AM
My guess would be you dont hear it be thrown around as a selling point because the number would be stupid and/or completely irrelevant if talked about now
Like look at our 2 million bit console!
Oh i just checked and its basically the ram of your cpu. Yeah that number would be pretty stupid high right now, and about the same for everybody
If i understand it right
@Fredy31 "the ram of the CPU" is more like the cache size. the "bitness" is not well defined; it can refer to the address width, native register width, or something else entirely.
The PS2 was described as "128-bit" because it supported 128-bit SIMD instructions, but it uses 64-bit addresses and most of its registers are 32-bit.
2 hours later…
4:32 AM
hows things?
Unfortunately it seems my 5G reception has waned and I need a booster
sounds like my sleep pattern :D
3 hours later…
7:43 AM
wooo, power is back!
had a tornado like storm knock power out while i was working. to too much of an issue on a laptop but is an issue when you have to remote in via a net connection that doesn't have a battery lol
was thinking what to do during the black out. was going to play Etrian Odyssey IV and beat the final boss without playing The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC Final Boss Phase 2 BGM (which i feel is a better fit).....but then i remember what the Switch was designed for and i just got Link's Awakening in the mail
4 hours later…
12:05 PM
Q: How do I encounter the last monster in the CORE/Hotland?

TheBaronI’m doing the genocide route on my PS4, and I’ve cleared both hotland and the CORE, however there is one more monster left and I can’t find them, I’ve backtracked through the entire map (Hotland and CORE) at least 3-4 times, it’s been almost three hours and I still can’t find them. Is this a bug?...

6 hours later…
5:39 PM
@Memor-X and then the battery died on you. Because even if i is designed for mobility, it has Game Gear levels of battery life.
BTW... anyone knows if the EU Switch Repentance dlc is safe now?
Seems they removed the disclaimer "only for digital edition" from the store page.
(if anyone wonders, talking about this mess-up)
> The Physical version of Afterbirth+ for Playstation, Switch and XBOX was published under HEADUP and NOT nicalis. if you are trying to buy the standalone DLC (nicalis) in your consoles online-store it will NOT work with your version, fingers crossed this will get fixed soon.

when scrolling the new tab i've seen a lot of frustrated people with the physical edition by HEADUP that just spent 20 bucks on a DLC they cannot play. i dont want to beg but please upvote to make people aware of this and spare them some frustration.
6:27 PM
@SPArcheon Yeah my day one switch has... maybe an hour of gaming battery? depends on the game but a full 3d game like botw its pretty much an hour. Animal Crossing gets to 1 and a half about
My SO's switch (The AC edition one) can run animal crossing pretty much a full day before needing a plug
4 hours later…
10:36 PM
@SPArcheon actually no. played it for a couple of hours before power came back on and still had power keep going
and it was already on about 66% after i forgot to turn it off on the weekend

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