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6:16 AM
So that tweet: It's showing how poorly conceived the Apple Macbook notch is
7:23 AM
oh that's the notch i kept reading about
god that is poor design and what does it gain for either party?
2 hours later…
9:22 AM
Because if it was not a mistake, then this over-reaction confirms that my message itself was actually true.
How can I contact the moderator or someone responsible for this?
2 hours later…
11:09 AM
@BadChad You can't contact the specific moderator, but if you want to appeal there's the contact us form at the bottom of mainsite pages.
As for the actual details, 30 mins is the automatic suspension from a RA deletion, but moderators may issue longer suspensions as necessary. Making an attack against an entire community and the hobby they've gathered around is gonna be not acceptable enough to warrant a longer rethink time. You may want to review the Code of Conduct before escalating or continuing.
2 hours later…
12:48 PM
Q: Don't splatter tags all over the house (Rename [splatter-house-3] to [splatterhouse-3])

Robert ColumbiaWe currently have splatterhouse and splatter-house-3 tags, but the original and successor games consistently use the "Splatterhouse" name without a space. splatter-house-3 should be renamed to splatterhouse-3, both to match the name of its name and to harmonize with the tag for the other game in ...

2 hours later…
2:18 PM
Most of the nets I'm on ban low-effort trolls like that on sight, so 24h seems pretty lenient to me.
1 hour later…
3:19 PM
Hi. Anybody know what means Digital VRM solution in motherboards? I know the VRM but not sure why some manufactureres have specially mentioned "Digital" VRM solution on some products on amazon.
4:02 PM
Hello @Vikas, I'm looking around to see if its Arqade would be the right site for this kind of question, or Userfault might be the better place for those.
Screwed up and mixed serverfault and superuser lol
Was meaning superuser superuser.com
Oh I guess so
Okay I'll try there
Super user usually deals with kernels and 'being down on the metal of your computer'
where we usually deal more with questions about stuff that happens in the game
I usually find answers of my basic queries here, so I thought . . .
4:05 PM
but on both sites, with a quick search, i don't find 'computer building' questions
Yeah computer building is a gray zone I have not explored yet Lo
What about Hardware Recommendations? Do they also have a room?
If yes, I think that would be most relevant
Oh I completely forgot about that site hardwarerecs.stackexchange.com
I think the most relevant spot would actually be a different site entirely. If I have questions about PC hardware, I generally go to a Discord server for a major subreddit, like PC master Race or Build a PC
There is a room, but its 55d inactive chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/28945/the-rec-center
Yeah, but I have lots of tiny questions, so first I was trying to clean up my small basic queries and then ask it on hadware SE. I recently asked 2 questions there already
4:07 PM
I would say try your luck with Hardwarerecs
Also you need a lot of efforts in creating a question on main site 😅
Its not because their chat is inactive that it means theres nobody on their site :p
@Fredy31 lol they have a room and it's freezing in there
Its definitely a commitment, but your question seems pretty cut and dry
which question?
4:10 PM
of what I quickly gathered, a VRM is a voltage regulator, and I guess the difference with a digital and a normal one is that a normal one is a physical limit, like its a cable that will only let 60V not more through. Digital is, I guess, that the limit is guided by something on the motherboard, but could be programmed to be higher without modifying hardware
@Vikas This
Hi. Anybody know what means Digital VRM solution in motherboards? I know the VRM but not sure why some manufactureres have specially mentioned "Digital" VRM solution on some products on amazon.
@Fredy31 so I think digital is a newer technology so should be better
otherwise they wouldn't highlight it specifically
maybe, but really, I just did a quick research and applying the logic that if they mention A, then the ones that don't mention it must not be A, and thus use a different way of doing things
But it could also be marketing
Okay. I think it's not a bad thing at least. That's what was important. Thanks
Like I can't remember which brand did that, but they were putting in big, bold letters, on their cracker box NO TRANS FAT! When there wasn't any in the first place
But saying you got none makes people think that your competitors have it
@Fredy31 oh yeah I recently was obsessed with cooking oils 🤣
4:14 PM
Here its the other way around: By saying its digital, then people think the other ones dont have it 'digital'
And finally I ordered refined oil. It still has 1g trans fat
when every single one would be, by definition, digital
@Fredy31 exactly
All encryption on the web is millitary grade, because its pretty much so unbreakable that the millitary uses it
4:16 PM
But for your question, guess we will see. Might be a little slow to get an answer, since its in the middle of a work day
work that i should go back to lol
Q: What is the meaning of a 'Digital' VRM solution?

Fredy31I've been looking around for VRMs, and some of them mention being 'Digital VRMs' What is the major difference? What are the advantages/inconveniences with having a 'Digital VRM' instead of a 'normal VRM'? Or is the 'Digital VRM' thing just a marketing ploy?

@Fredy31 now I understand what you said :D why would you bother? :P
@Fredy31 thanks
@Vikas Because ADHD is one hell of a drug. And my ADHD sends me to Arqade, most times
@Fredy31 you mean you can't focus on work longer so you come here to refresh your mind like others do?
I have yet to make my debut to anime movies. I have a watch list of 4 movies and I'm too lazy to watch them.
Anime, or animated?
Because I can hear the weebs screaming that its not the same
I asked the same from someone who suggested me animated movies. So I guess he said anime is Japanese for animated (iirc).

But what I meant is I haven't watched any animated movies from hollywood or Japan. I might have watch some tv shows/movies in childhood, but not something specifically.
I will start with Spirited Away
Spirited Away and Totoro are pretty good
yeah. Spirited Away, Wall-E, Up and Lion King
4:38 PM
but its definitely old school animation, like watching the old Disney movies (like Bambi or Cinderella)
These 4 I have to watch so I know the basics of animated movies
@Fredy31 Considering I haven't watched them before, I think it would be good experience for me
Also Totoro has some stuff that would be weird for Americans, things like the father taking a bath with his children
but that is just a thing that exists in japan, and not in the US
But yeah I think the point I want to get at is that they are classics, but for sure, if you try to compare them to today's animations, they are far behind in technique and story building
@Fredy31 My Neighbour Totoro?
It's very old. I think it used those old way of making movies with sketches.
because well, the Ghibli films are from the 80s
Yeah My Neighbour Totoro
If you want my review, well, its definitely a movie that is more a mood than something else; there is not much confrontation, its just 2 little girls discovering life outside the city
@Fredy31 I have added it in my watch list. I'll decide its fate once I'm done with my first 4 choices :P
I usually tend to like movies which have 8+ ratings.
4:48 PM
Yeah I'm the other way. I usually get dissapointed by watching classics
like All the hype for.. that?
Like I watched the OG GhostBusters last week... that movie would be PROBLEMATIC if released today
In some other room I would often talk about old and new movies. He would always say old movies are also better. I would say no I don't like old :P
Mostly because Vikmann I think, the university professor, is a CREEP
But he was right, some movies are timeless
@Vikas I'll blame survivor bias
You remember the things that were Fucking Great
@Fredy31 means?
4:50 PM
You will forget all the garbage
The oldest I've seen is Doctor No and A space odyssey
Like everybody remembers Queen. Nobody remembers the small band that had 2-3 songs and then never showed up again
Or, in gaming, Everybody will remember Super Mario World, but everybody will conveniently forget McKids when talking about 'Man, SNES had the BEST GAMES!'
I watched Star Wars movies only 6 months ago. I had heard a lot. Then I asked that same user and he said these are great, especially the old ones. I really enjoyed them irrespective of the fact they are old
There was a load of trash just like today, we just forgot the trash
Yeah the old Star Wars held up pretty good
@Fredy31 yeah, but my point was there are still great movies in past
4:53 PM
@Vikas Yeah survivor bias is mostly a counter argument to the argument that every movie/song/game from 40 years ago was the bomb, and today theres a bunch of trash
there were trash too back then, it just got forgotten to history
Yeah a lot of people in my country say today's generation songs sucks. But in past too, there were bad songs
exactly. You're comparing all of the songs people listen to today, to the songs from 40 years ago that people liked enough to still listen to after 40 years, so it skews the comparison.
yes. also, what we hear/see first, we tend to like them most. I've learned it from personal experience.
i'll always have a soft spot for the movie that got me into anime, the girl who leapt through time
the thing about western animated feature-length films though is that the field is pretty solidly dominated by disney(-pixar) and dreamworks to a lesser degree. it's hard to find recommendations for other films because even those made by another studio are mistaken for the former (re: anastasia)
and western animated serials are almost exclusively targeted towards children
which is not to say there aren't a few western animated serials like avatar that span demographics
eastern animation is a bit more egalitarian in that space
but you still have the major players, though they don't control the market share to the degree that disney-pixar does in the west
1 hour later…
6:19 PM
Man, my boss just scared the crap out of me
He calls me up and says he has good news and bad news, and asks which I want to hear first
I say bad news, and he starts talking about how I've been doing great, but I'm going to need to step it up and focus more, and work harder, and I'm thinking I'm getting a warning, which is a shock because I thought things were going really well
The he goes "Hang on, this doesn't make much sense without the good news, we'll circle back to the bad news"
The good news was a pay bump and my title changing to Senior Software Engineer!
And the bad news was that my responsibilities increase lol
@Unionhawk the new assessment was actually the easiest coding test I've ever done
baby tier problems so we'll see if they can say a big enough number to justify a roughly 100% cost of living increase
@SaintWacko congratulations!
@ToxicFrog Thanks :D
7:29 PM
I very very often type THanks in place of Thanks. Does it have to do with the fact that T and H are very close to each other on keyboard?
In case anyone needed a reason to dislike EA, this is a thing, apparently
8:13 PM
How can I take this forum seriously if you are doing this?
You were suspended by another moderator for insulting all of us in here, I reviewed the action taken and found it appropriate.
And also expired.
Ok, and why is the majority of my chat messages being instantly deleted in what appears to be a random manner?
Because you're in here making a scene arguing about a justified and expired suspension.
Does this forum hold grudges or how am I supposed to understand this?
@Batophobia Oh boy thats a new step. I had heard a few months back of some employees that were selling FIFA lootboxes on the cheap
8:18 PM
I strongly suggest dropping it
like give me a 300$, i'll add 1000 boxes to your account
Yea, that doesn't sound sketchy at all
@BadChad I'd strongly suggest dropping it. If you don't like gaming, there's other chatrooms on this site that speak about other subjects. But coming in and bashing the subject of the room is not the way to make friends. And then bashing the mods that keep things clean is not either.
But yeah to come back to the EA thing... I guess thats a security hole they didn't see coming. An employee stealing the accounts and reselling them is logic that it was bound to happen in hindsight, but its not like EA as a company was pushing that forward and encouraging it
we are talking a rogue employee here.
Hopefully it's a single employee
Thing is how do you prevent that without bugging down the system? Make every customer service action be reviewed by another, random, customer service agent?
EA is already fucking slow enough for customer service
8:33 PM
Add logging to see who is changing things so you can easily track them down?
There should be safeguards in place to prevent almost everyone from having what appears to be direct database access in the first place.
@Batophobia In order for that to work you need to get reports from users that you can check who's done the evil
And I assume they already have logging of that manner
@Nzall True, but at least it only takes 1 instance before support can see that someone did change something instead of dismissing the notion
It should also be possible to have detection of suspicious changes that leads to logs getting investigated
I mean, the post mentions the account email and 2FA settings getting changed without the original account even getting notified. That should be impossible, but if it happens it should at least automatically raise a flag for investigation.
Oof I just read the long version... its not just stole it once, the guy HAD a backdoor in the system.
8:39 PM
It's also technically possible to not even be an employee and their systems are completely compromised
Given the Titanfall 2 hacks from not long ago, it's definitely possible
@Batophobia Yeah just tought about it. There was a break into Apex servers a few months back, where someone replaced the messages by savetitanfall. Guess there might be a juicy backdoor in the system
The general threat model for external hacking threats to companies is an external person getting access to an employee's account and having that employee's access abilities. If you lock things down so that even most employees can't do these things, that cuts off a lot of that threat.
That could be VERY BAD for EA. Because when you log into apex, its not Apex login server that you are connecting to... its EA's/Origin's
which means... well I guess someone got a backdoor into Origin to have full admin access
I just dropped apex, but yeah those servers are really fucking bad.
Hackers not being got by the antihack, or when they do they unban themselves
its a shitshow
My guess is that it's more likely to be a rogue employee than an external hacker. It just seems weird to me that a hostile hacker would be clearly communicating their level of access in a way that EA could find out about and patch, when they could make more money by keeping quiet.
@murgatroid99 Not all criminals are geniuses
8:45 PM
Yea, would rather it be an employee since it's not just an "uninstall X game" but rather remove Origin and never buy EA games again
That was one of the big scares with the savetitanfall hack. If they can edit those messages, can they make your PC run some code straight?
9:02 PM
@Batophobia Really it sucks that Apex is in the middle of this because that game is the best BR on the market right now
but fuck does EA need to eat shit. The business practices that they push forward to no end a annoying everybody

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