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3:46 AM
Q: What game was Henry Spencer addicted to in Psych?

PausePauseI was watching Psych and in one of the episodes ex-cop Henry Spencer becomes addicted to a shooter game because it makes him feel like he’s back on the police force. I couldn’t recognize the game, but I was told the characters referred to it as Grand Theft Auto. The game doesn’t look like it has ...

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7:00 AM
pcgamer.com/uk/… Someone made a Twitter bot you can use to play DOOM
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8:10 AM
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10:40 AM
Well I officially have 4 hours in Chicago now instead of just 1 lol
God damn it
I was looking forward to getting to Durham at 2pm but my first flight got delayed past my original connecting flight
11:43 AM
@Unionhawk F
@Nzall I was actually talking to a buddy of mine about this months ago, actually. I figured we'd see movie theatres basically die. Except he pointed out that there's still a LOT of people who just really love going to the movies, and would just go every week pre-covid, no matter what garbage was playing. It's their "Night Out" for a lot of folks.
I never really loved going to the movies and would only see 2 or 3 movies a year, max, in theatres.... but plenty of folks would go weekly to see all the garbage hollywood shits out.
12:02 PM
Q: What does the grey portion of the experience bar denote?

Timmy JimThe experience bar sometimes has a grey portion after the already gained experience (circled): As stated, this grey portion isn't always present. What does the grey portion indicate?

12:17 PM
and they couldn't get it to run on the switch (without a complete re-write)!
1:05 PM
@Wipqozn yeah, that's what I mean. For the people who enjoy that sort of experience, the theaters should lean in on that: more expensive events that are marketed as an evening event that include everything: light dinner beforehand, snacks during, moment to buy merchandise afterward,... Make it more than just sitting in a dark room for 2-3 hours with a hundred strangers
6 hours ago, by Nzall
https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/forget-the-potatoes-and-pregnancy-test-doom-runs-on-twitter-now/ Someone made a Twitter bot you can use to play DOOM
sorry about that
quoted the wrong message
@Nzall Upon reflection, I'm pretty sure your message is how I discovered it.
@Wipqozn stop stealing my stars damnit
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2:27 PM
@Nzall pay more for the opportunity to spend more money?
@Yuuki Isn't this what many conventions boil down to?
2:54 PM
Is it time to get back into Animal Crossing...?
@Wipqozn It's fine I have seats on both flights now at least
@Ronan OH did the direct happen?
12C on this first flight which might sound good
@Nzall conventions are also typically annual events
@Wipqozn Yeah, there's a whole bunch there
3:00 PM
Until you hear how many seats this airplane has (50 in a 2-2 single class configuration)
can't just choose to go to a convention because i want to right now
@Ronan kapp'n's back!
I also need to decide if I want to convince everyone in my family plan to get the online expansion pass, it's only an extra £3.50/y each, so it'll probably be an easy sell
3:33 PM
@Yuuki maybe in one location, but many people go to multiple conventions over the course of a year
3:44 PM
i just don't think that concept of movie theatres is a good one-to-one comparison with conventions
while plenty of conventions use the same space every year, they don't own and maintain those spaces
and that's something you can't do with movies
that's already going to be a big difference in cost as renting for a week to a month is going to be much cheaper than maintaining a location year-round
3:58 PM
woo another qpc requirement completed, that's 70 farming on the ironman
(farming contracts and trees is how)
I think I still have a few yew seeds in the bank too, I think it's about 73 banked
$50 USD for the new swich online is a tad higher than I was expecting.
4:25 PM
It's actually really funny how in one of the Mass Effect 3 DLCs from 2013, there is an eerily prescient joke about how Joker has created his own undrinkable cocktail to win drinking contests out of "3 parts horse choker and 1 part antiseptic mouthwash". Again, eerily prescient considering this game was released in a year where people are voluntarily consuming horse dewormer in an attempt to survive
4:47 PM
update: I'm now ticketed and confirmed for 1:45pm out of Dayton and also Standby for the flight that's currently delayed to at least 1pm but we'll see which one goes first lol
3 hours later…
7:32 PM
oh FFS Dave Chapelle... Because of you it's really hard for me morally to finish watching Lucifer and the other shows on Netflix
8:15 PM
To be fair
At this point it's Netflix's fault
@Unionhawk definitely true
in fact, that's the reason why it's so bothersome for me
I stopped playing ABK games because of how they bungled their response to the lawsuit. now Netflix is going down the same path with their response to the DC backlash

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