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1:45 AM
Q: Moving a texture

Bersch02I have a texture pack that modifies the shield to a captain America shield, and I have a texture pack that modifies the look of the trident. Is there ANY way that I can make the shield texture pack apply to the trident instead of the shield? I want to make a trident look like the captain america ...

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3:50 AM
Q: (Minecraft) Died in void, my bed was destroyed, I cant find my way back, Help

Scarlet(I'm in creative) I was making a new house with the new mod pack I just got, I finished the structure and flooring and I was working on decorations, my bed was destroyed, that'll be important later. I needed a long water source under my sink, so I started digging, but then I hit bedrock... I brok...

4:02 AM
Heh, Celeste Classic, the PICO-8 original, now has a sequel twitter.com/MaddyThorson/status/1353862386084581376
4:14 AM
Q: Iron golem farm doesnt work

Apache dev So i have this farm it worked quite well now it doesnt idk why the villagers are panicking aswell

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8:44 AM
twitter.com/ripx4nutmeg/status/1354334110408445952 Holy shit, a mother with anxiety thinks her 3 year old is transgender. Like, I'm supportive of trans rights, but isn't 3 years old a bit early for this?
Q: A shorcut involving click

shangq_touIs there a shortcut that help you do the following. Let's say you want put an object in ten different locations. You click on something and now you have an object in the click and you put it somewhere. But you have to do this 10 times. How can I do it faster? I saw somebody who made a sharescree...

9:38 AM
Q: Half-pull trigger on Xbox Elite Controller?

Roger LipscombeCertain games allow you to part-pull the trigger to, e.g., steady your aim or slow time. I'm struggling to do this accurately. I've got an Xbox Elite controller. Is there any way to, say, remap one of the paddles to half-pull the trigger? Note that I'm not asking how to shorten the trigger pull, ...

10:27 AM
Q: What's the fastest kind of tool for breaking blocks without Efficiency?

Mark GiraffeSince there is a certain difference between the speed of breaking blocks in Minecraft from the range of tools, which among them is the fastest kind?

11:17 AM
Q: What are crew levels?

Dirk101After a ship combat victory, the details can list something similar to: The crew earned 1234 experience. (companion experience) The crew earned 4 Sailor Experience. (actual crew experience) CrewMember#1 gained a rank! CrewMember#2 gained a level! CrewMember#3 gained a level! CrewMember#3 gained ...

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2:38 PM
The earliest "hey I'm trans" (although not in those words) I'm aware of from someone I personally know was at age 4½; it seems unlikely that they're the earliest ever.
@ToxicFrog yeah, I just looked it up and it appears that children get their sense of gender identity at age 3
so it would not be unheard of that a child at that point already would know they're in the wrong body
(and basically as soon as they expressed it they were 100% on "I don't want people to call me a boy, I'm not a boy" "ok would you like us to let your teachers/classmates know" "YES PLEASE")
So yeah, 3 is pretty early, but I would not automatically assume that the parents are just randomly transitioning their child rather than enacting said child's clearly-expressed wishes; 3 is old enough to both have opinions about gender and be able to express them.
3:26 PM
Q: Nes legend of zelda fake or real

Ken LindbergI recently sold my nes legend of zelda that I bought around 1989 for my kids. the buyer thinks its a fake because it does not have any batch/quality control stamping on the back. Nothing else about the game looks fake. Can anyone definitively say that of all zelda nes games produced had a stam...

4:15 PM
Q: How to make my trains go throught stations

K00lmanI have a problematic train line that I had built originally for one to two trains, but now must support five, and I can't take it down and rebuild it for all five because of space constraints. Originally I had a part of the main path contain a stop for my plastic factory. With trains stopping the...

5:06 PM
@PrivatePansy Nice. This is dope
5:55 PM
Q: What determines how much Tribute you get from a Ritual encounter?

Pvt. GrichmannIn the Ritual league, you have to fight waves of enemies you previously killed around a special altar to receive tribute. Seems straightforward enough, but the amount of tribute I get from each encounter seems almost random. What affects this amount and can I influence it? I know that the waves a...

6:46 PM
Q: How do I automate power in 2021?

Allen GouldHere's the situation - trying to plan out a base that uses generators to fill in power when the wind and solar (and base/RTG power) are insufficient. Ideally, I'd like to have the generators kick in when there's not enough power to supply needs, but the power sensor seems to be an all-or-nothing ...

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7:52 PM
@ToxicFrog This
plus posting it like that to twitter is just going to give bullets to terfs
Which... the replies is full of
Yes. I rather suspect that was the intention.
8:52 PM
Q: Roblox: The site keeps asking for my birthday and I cant stop it

WindStrykr11So, I keep getting to this screen when I click on anything (picture down below) and I have tried going to settings and change my birthday there, but it's not letting me at all. Please help

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10:15 PM
@Wipqozn you really want this game, huh?
10:31 PM
@Yuuki lol yeah. Steam store was glitching yesterday in browser. I didn't even realize it actually got added.
My buddy and I have been playing Risk of Rain 2, and it's got us itching for my roguelike co-ops... and GUnfire REborn seems like the most likely candidate.
10:49 PM
it's been really fun
what i like about it over risk of rain 2 is the significantly shorter sessions
at least up until the most recent risk of rain 2 update, a single playthrough would last hours
because you would just go until you all died
whereas with gunfire, you have three stages of four or five levels each, they don't yet have an endless mode
11:49 PM
Q: Do I loose out on loot if I let Shell Walkers reattach their Cargo?

Memor-XI know that if I leave Dead Machines about for Scrappers and Glinthawks they will come up and process/destroy the loot. When I fight Shell Walkers what I always do is remain hidden as I destroy the camp that hold their Cargo, wait for them to reattach it by using their arm and then destroy the ar...


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