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1:30 AM
Q: How to make custom recipes without a mod?

Mark Giraffe Related to How to make a crafting recipe for a custom spawn egg in minecraft bedrock edition. So I have heard about knowledge books in Minecraft and it can be used to make custom crafting recipes, and it isn't surprising considering it is shown in the Java inventory GUI. Since I play on Bedrock...

2:20 AM
> Dear Participant,

You are invited to participate in a survey to evaluate the development of capacity in the delivery of safe, gender affirming healthcare to trans and gender diverse people in a multidisciplinary, community health clinic. The information gathered through this survey will be used to evaluate the extent to which the clinics meet community expectations and need, and to guide ongoing quality improvement of your health services but also inform development of similar services across the state of Victoria.
let see, i made a booking like in September, waited a month before i called up about my booking to have a talk the person who runs the program (where i was told the waiting list for Endocologist was like to April). then nothing for a couple of months before i got a phone call asking if i want to have an appointment in Melbourne now or wait until March for a more local appointment
but hey, i might get $100 to spend in coles
2:45 AM
Q: Quisiera cambiar la fuente de data de generación del End

Braulio Alejandro Asencios SalMi pregunta es por el echo de que tengo instalado minecraft con mods y uno de ellos son el Biomes o Planty y el otro en BetterEnd , pero al ir al Final y pasar al mundo abierto del End , no me sale los biomas del BetterEnd , fui a revisar las descripción y me dice que tengo que cambiar algo aquí ===

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4:01 AM
this is the same studio who made Exile / Avernum which the latter did have some decent improvements to it
3 hours later…
6:58 AM
Q: How do I give players an enchanted books in minecraft PE

DestherI tried the java command but the error says *Line 1,Column 2 Missing "}" or member name

7:48 AM
Q: wow account - From Free Edition to Payed

user265691If i played free wow edition and get 20 lvl, i would like to continue playing by my account with same heroes after access-pay for it .It is possible ?

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1:42 PM
Q: How would I make a plugin that creates custom enchants?

Eris the guestI wanted to make a plugin for an MC server I am looking to host soon. I wanted the plugin to have enchants that inflicted poison, wither, and a better mending enchant. However, I am CLUELESS about how to make a plugin. Does anyone know how I would make custom enchants in a plugin? A good example ...

Q: How to fake my laptop GPU?

SsNipeR1I have GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5 in my laptop, but I want to test Minecraft Windows 10 Edition with RTX, but it disallows me to do it. How can I fake my GPU or it's impossible?

2:06 PM
@badp pls
Dark days when @bad is not autocompleting in the Bridge
@fredley wait, it's for sale?
@ToxicFrog I saw the Louis Theroux documentary on trans kids recently, it was quite informative, for me at least
@Nzall yes
2:32 PM
@Memor-X Geneforge 1/2 were amazing, I haven't played the rest yet
Partly because I've been waiting for the remakes!
Maybe GF3 will be available in remade form sometime before 2030...
Q: The Curious badge and timezones

Mark GiraffeLiving around the GMT+8 timezone, I have been certain with asking questions on separate days in this site for a while, and seeing how all my questions progress, it seems like a possibility to get the Curious badge. But this changes everything: 3 days asked? How? Every question I ask is out of 12...

2:58 PM
Q: Can I use a TRUST GXT 560 Nomad on xbox 360?

plks ygesi have found a good controller, it is a controller from trust and it is called trust gxt nomad, i wonder if i can connect it to xbox 360? (it is a wired controller and has xInput), thanks!

3:24 PM
Q: MC Java Villager commands

CanopypalmI want to summon a villager in minecraft Java. I want the villager to sell 5-10 emeralds for each trade. I need him to sell, Mending, Unbreaking 3, Protection 4, Thorns 3, Efficiency 4, Sharpness 4. I also need him to do a trade, 5 paper= 25 emeralds and 3 emeralds= 25 XP bottles. I am on Minecra...

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4:46 PM
wxDateTime& Set(wxDateTime_t day, Month month, int year=Inv_Year, wxDateTime_t hour=0, wxDateTime_t minute=0, wxDateTime_t second=0, wxDateTime_t millisec=0)
Why? WHY!? Day-month-year is stupid for an interface like this.
5:11 PM
Yeah, that seems super silly?
Luckily I got a debug assert when I first tried it, but interface designers, please don't be stupid.
@fredley I haven't seen it (and am unlikely to) but I'm glad you found it informative!
@MBraedley oh no
OOH! Youtube is adding Clips, as a direct copy of Twitch
@ToxicFrog Debug asserts are a good thing. They let developers know they screwed up.
@MBraedley yes, the "oh no" was at the API design on display
5:26 PM
I mean, looking a little closer, the answer for "Why?" is "We wanted year to be an optional parameter."
But why?
5:55 PM
Q: I just got a good laptop and minecraft isn't working properly

Dămean AndreiSo I got a pretty good laptop and I installed minecraft with optifine and some shaders, my minecraft lags at 3 second exactly in game or even in the menu, with or without shaders with any settings, I have a i7-10875H 8 cores a GTX 1650 Ți on a win 10 with latest drivers and java minecraft has 6 G...

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7:59 PM
darn it, are they gone?
Yeah they haven't been around in a while
this is important, I need to find a specific blog post they linked me many many many years ago
where Prince's song When Doves Cry was discussed as though it were an academic paper presentation
what the heck do I do
what the heck do I do
Q: Is there a way to download the default Minecraft 1.17 textures?

Sebastian HerbI want to make a Minecraft texture pack in 1.17 by editing the default Minecraft 1.17 textures but I don't have Minecraft. I can't download Minecraft because I am 12 and don't have money to pay for it so I searched it on Google and only found alternatives. Is there any way to download the default...

thank gosh history never expires
@Nzall hey one of my buddies is the tech lead for that feature! neat.
8:30 PM
8:55 PM
@Batophobia yeah bought it when I noticed. I probably won't even play for a while, but it's only going to go up in price.
oh hey it's that @Mana fellow. I remember them.
9:17 PM
Q: Chunks randomly resetting underground?

JayI play on the latest edition of Bedrock Edition Minecraft (1.16), and I have been playing on a Hard Mode Survival world in Singleplayer for about a month now. Recently, I had made a tunnel that was approximately one thousand blocks with numerous pickaxes. I didn't go back down into the tunnel for...

Q: What path for the heli pilot is best?

BloonchipperI've been intrested in the heli pilot tower lately and it's tier 5 upgrade the Apache Prime, Special Poperations, and the Commache Commander. I can't decide which path is best. Does anyone have an idea?

9:32 PM
Our favorite homestuck is here
@Nzall I've had this as a streamer for a while
IDK if users had it tho? Is that the new part?
@Ave yeah, that's the new part
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11:24 PM
Q: How to quickly restart a game after a crash/freeze on Wine(Linux)?

Aquarius PowerSome games takes a long time merely to reach the Main menu. After a crash, in the middle of a fight, what you least want is to wait a huge reload time. So, after the crash, we would have to wait for the game initialization + the savegame loading times... How to overcome this boredom?

Q: Bad battery PS3 fat?

GuzziBertI haven't used my PS3 fat for a couple of years. Now to start it I have to try five or six times to enter safe mode, then select any option and it will start. I can play blue ray movies and some simple games. if I turn it off then turn back on in less than about 30 min it starts. If I try to play...


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