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12:01 AM
ordered one of these pendants
12:32 AM
Q: Prevent Villager from restocking in Vanilla game?

JamesTheAwesomeDudeIs it possible to (and, if so, how do you) spawn in a villager which is incapable of restocking? I'm going to make a guided Skyblock-like map, with the villager's trades representing different progression tasks (e.g. get 64 cobblestone); I want to make this in an entirely Vanilla way. I want to d...

Prime 7 started airing the LPL Rocket League Championship (no idea what year) and every time it's came on there's been this tune at the start i wanted to know what it was
took a while to find a youtube video which had the intro i keep hearing on TV, finally went and downloaded it and cut the Intro out and ran it in acrcloud.com/identify-songs-music-recognition-online and the satisfaction to get a result
now going to download that, convert it to mp3 and stick it in my Driving Playlist for when i next sync my driving ipod and phone
12:48 AM
Apparently there's an 8
And 7 might be possible
1:14 AM
@Unionhawk holy shit
1:49 AM
Q: Sound id for lightning bolt

anomanousI am trying to play the sound of a lightning bolt, but nobody seems to have asked this question before. if the version changes anything, the version im in is 1.12.2

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3:58 AM
Q: USB drive corrupt games?

Bizarre Yeets YeetSo I was gonna play on my Xbox and I click a game (which was dying light) it says that it was corrupt, then I uninstalled and tried reinstalling. And it wouldn’t let me install.... so I didn’t know what to do so I try rainbow 6 siege and apex legends doesn’t work either. The next day I went on my...

4:43 AM
(there's also a SA/SO in 00:17)
Popping in from Puzzling to say that this meta question here is probably related to this one from RPG.SE meta, and the same thing happened at Puzzling.... I don't want to make an account but I can help here.
Q: Tag badges got refreshed just for me?

Jeff MercadoI only have two bronze tag badges earned long ago. But a couple of minutes ago, I just received a notification stating that I just earned these badges. zelda-skyward-sword https://gaming.stackexchange.com/help/badges/233/zelda-skyward-sword assassins-creed-revelations https://gaming.stackexchang...

5:40 AM
Q: Why won’t the Magic Launcher let me log in?

VGamerI have a Dell Latitude D630 running Windows 7 Home Premium 32-but, which I will soon upgrade in various ways so I can run a few classic virtual machines. I also have an Acer Nitro that had been running Windows 10 but it isn’t working right now so I have no choice but to use the Dell laptop. So I ...

6:06 AM
Q: How to summon a mob with armor in Bedrock?

Mark GiraffeIf we can summon mobs with armor via commands in Java, can we do the same thing in Bedrock Edition?

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7:56 AM
Happy Birthday, @SaintWacko! 🥳
8:40 AM
Q: Crysis hardcover doesn't work?

Final ReaperI purchased a Crysis+CrysisWars+Crysis Warhead CD/DVD a long time ago (looking at around 10 years here) and now the key isn't working. I contacted the company and they didn't help me. What should I do?

3 hours later…
11:40 AM
Q: What are the best cars for each stage in Hill Climb Racing? (update)

scuI looked at some of the older reviews and saw, that they aren't up to date. Personally I have better scores with a lot of my cars and considering myself not as a pro, I wanted to ask if anyone could give an update on this question. An example on what I mean: My Rooftops best score is with the Tou...

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1:22 PM
Q: Steam / DirectX

MarkoWhile I was playing Counter strike : Global Offensive i got kicked from the game. Reasion i got kicked is that Steam Displayed me VAC ban Warning. They told me to verify CS:GO game files which i did. And every time i verify after around 2 hours i can play game (competitive or wingman) and again s...

1:48 PM
Q: How to better level up with a Spear/Katana build and which equipment special skills to search for?

tsoliaspnI decided to proceed with a defensive (Tank) build, with main weapon Spear and 2nd weapon Katana, with an alternative 2nd weapon the axe. My initial thought was to proceed on leveling all stats until 10 and then every 2 points I add to Strength to add 1 to Stamina and add 1 to Spirit. Is this the...

2:15 PM
Q: Specifics of 'Evolve Eevee into Umbreon at night' - 10KM, 2 candy, at night?

MeanGreenThe details of a guaranteed evolution of Eevee into Umbreon are said to be: Walk at least 10km with Eevee as your buddy Earn at least 2 candy while walking Evolve at night These details leave a lot of room for interpretation and I'd rather not risk wasting the 25 candy. I have the following que...

3:06 PM
Q: Can you get RTX for Minecraft on Xbox?

LeBiscuitIs there anyway I get get the RTX without having a PC?

3:21 PM
The news itself is average: bit of "No PoLiTiCs", bit of cAAApitalism, bit of Net Neutrality. The important part of the video is that Sterling has now officially come out as non-binary on their most important platform.
3:50 PM
@Elise Thanks! :D
4:21 PM
@Nzall P sure last week's one had a reference
The one about pog
Q: Do marketplace creators get money or minecoins?

EmojiMakerI was just wondering, if someone applies to be a marketplace creator, do they get money or minecoins?

Q: How can I host a minecraft server?

GustaI want to host a minecraft server, for me to play with 1 or 2 more people, without having to pay a hosting company, I have the server files set up, and I know how to port forward my router, but idk what to do next

@Ave yeah, but now they're going full in on it, including going dressed as their gender identity for the first time
I really like the hair on thumbnail
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6:07 PM
Q: How to use locator map?

Minecraft HackerHow do you use these locator maps? I've been using them for a while, but I don't get it. Could someone help me?

Q: minecraft world has lost everything in latest bedrock edition

notmeccan someone help me on this issue I am not sure what to do. The world is the exact same as when I started it.

6:58 PM
Q: Collecting new fairies in Hyrule Warriors Legends

user45623I recently started playing Hyrule Warriors Legends for the first time. When I first launched the game, it downloaded a bunch of updates and then bombarded me with a massive list of rewards that went with the updates (e.g. 6 million rupees, 6 fairies, tons of food, etc). The game lets you collect ...

7:50 PM
Q: Hardware calibrate xbox360

TechmagoI am triing to recover an xbox360 wireless controle. It had its L stick in bad shape, so i de-soldered and re-soldered a new part. The issue is, its "zero position" isn't zero. If i move the the axis and let go, it always come back to that place... I think is something with the potentiometer cal...

8:28 PM
I wish Skul wasn't coming to switch, because then I'd buy it
but if I buy it on PC now I know I'll just wish I waited to buy it on switch later
In the meantime, I'll just need to hop back into dead cells.
Been playing a lot of Risk of Rain 2 though. Also Hades.
Q: My horse can't be leashed

Mark GiraffeIn an anarchy world I created on Bedrock Edition, I spawned in a horse and tamed him, gave him blue leather horse armor, gave him resistance and regeneration (both amplified 255) and named him "Beloved Horse". Back then, I can leash him along with my friend to cross a river, but now it seems like...

9:03 PM
Dean Ward on January 25, 2021
We take a detailed look at a hacking incident that gave a user unauthorized access to our code and data.
> They continue to browse Stack Overflow for details on building and running .NET applications under IIS as well as running SQL scripts in an Azure environment.
They looked up how to hack Stack Overflow on Stack Overflow
@PrivatePansy The Reddit thread has a good comment on that
> I used Stack Overflow to attack Stack Overflow
9:58 PM
Q: Play MP4 video in Minecraft

EmojiMakerIs there a way to combine add-ons and scripts to have a block that plays .mp4 videos in Minecraft Bedrock?

10:24 PM
@Wipqozn I need to play this one
You should try Gunfire Reborn and Roboquest
10:49 PM
Q: Summoning projectile with motion

user225445Literally have been trying this for two days and cant get ANYTHING. I just want a trident to MOVE, I used motion tags, direction tags, power tags. And it just spawns and falls down, this is what I have so far and it doesn't work. /summon minecraft:trident ~ ~3 ~ {Motion:[0,5,-10],Direction:[0,5,-...


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