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12:02 AM
Q: Terraria, goblin tinker

TraneticWhile i was reforging my item at night the destroyer spawned out if no where and killed the goblin tinker with the item inside the reforge spot and i didnt get the item back, is there solution?

1 hour later…
1:05 AM
So bridge
Anyone here played Hitman 3 yet?
I finished it an hour ago and idk, it felt so much shorter than 1 and 2
Hm actually hltb agrees with me
Tho hitman 3 is obv with a smaller sample size
1:20 AM
don't they gradually release more content over time with it? or did Hitman 2 feel bigger because it had Hitman 1's content aswell
@Memor-X Hitman 3 also has 1 and 2
But I am looking at base and base+extra stuff
Hitman 2 says 11hrs for base, Hitman 3 says 7.5hrs.
@Ave Yeah I wouldn't trust HLTB for another week or two..
BEcause it'll always trend lower at first.
Still felt short ig
That said, the Hitman "Trilogy" is a really bad one to judge based on time to do every level once IMO. Those games are all about replaying the levels over and over.
I think I spent something goofy like 15 hours on Miami before I ever moved onto the second level
IF you're just going through each level once, then I don't think they're worth the full price at all
I tend to do the story mission thingies before moving on with story
then return for competionist bs
IG hitman 3 having less levels with story missions kinda may have affected my judgement
1:27 AM
@Ave That's what I did in Hitman 1, and then I never realy revisited anything. In Hitman 2, I decided to spend more time with each level before moving on, and I enjoyed it way better.
12 hours on hitman 1 vs 70 hours on 2
@Ave yeah, see this
I finish the story by doing all story missions, then return after I'm done with story for the rest
I should try and find out how I can see my playtime on xbox
12h37m on hitman 3 so far, and 25h24m on hitman 2
Though I did also play Hitman 1 stuff in Hitman 2
So I guess my perception is just twisted as I only played 3 content in 3?
1:43 AM
Q: How do I get some other entity to rotate as me?

SuninDarknesI tried /execute at @p run tp @e[tag=entity] ~ ~ ~ ~ 0 That rotates entity but it teleports it to me. Is there any way how to just rotate entity to look in the same direction.

2:33 AM
Q: Playstation network signed me out?

user265403So I recently turned on my PS4 & my PSN account was signed out, unfortunately I don't know my password nor do I have access to the email address associated with the account. I've never experienced this before though so I'm curious as to why my account was signed out? My account has remained logge...

3:23 AM
Q: How can I play League of Legends at Korean server?

ShuvoI am from Bangladesh. I want to play LOL with best ping but not at garena because that server is not up to the mark. The Korean server ping would be best option for me but it seems there is a need of verification. Can anyone help me about the information that how can I open an account on that se...

@Ave oh, i thought that was on hold until they got it to pick up any Hitman 1 and 2 because people were pissed that they would have to rebuy them from Epic
@Memor-X I'm playing on console
4:23 AM
@Ave Probably
But also yeah, I'd probably buy it on ps5 but I've already got 1+2 on steam
4:39 AM
Q: As A Kid, Can I Download Hitman 3?

nishantc1527So I want to download Hitman 3, but I'm don't know anything about the franchise so I'm worried if it is not appropriate for me, a 14-year-old. Here's a little background on what I can see: I don't mind blood and action and stuff. My parents let me watch all 3 John Wick movies without having to co...

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6:19 AM
Q: Asking a Question about Hoppers and the /testforblock command and /summons command

Blacksteal007In The World I am creating I want a command that uses the /testforblock command to locate a hopper with a display Custom Name and Also Show the items durabillity above the named in Minecraft 1.12.2 Java. I also want to use a used a /summons command to Load a custom named structure from a structur...

7:10 AM
Q: Will I lose my on-hand coins or elixir?

NeftiWhat if someone were to attack my base, and let's say I have 80,000 coins on me, if the enemy manages to take out all my coins collector and storage, will the 50% and 20% they take, will result in me losing my coins, when they have the 70% of the coins, will I only have 30% of my coins left for me?

2 hours later…
8:41 AM
@Elise "No, I've been nervous lots of times"
4 hours later…
12:24 PM
@Elise You've got refined tastes in ships
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1:27 PM
Q: I want to summon a mob that has an item as passenger

Hmmm...I've seen the same question, with an example that said /summon zombie ~ ~1 ~ {Passengers:[{id:"Item",Item:{id:"minecraft:stone",Count:1b}}]}. But this doesn't work. Probably because commands have changed, but is there a new way of doing it?

Q: How do I swap a crafted Item for another one (in bedrock edition)?

JarwinWinjarI am making an adventure map and am making it so that you craft a piece of tnt that should be placed on an observer. Though, when it is crafted it can't be placed on anything. I have tried several times with different commands but none seem to work. /replaceitem entity @p [name=tnt]slot.weapon.ma...

2:18 PM
Q: Can't find the flash game with lasers and mines

user814412Like 10 years ago I was playing a flash game on the internet where we control a simple drawn man (something like a stickman but not sure if it was an actual stickman or something similar to it) all through the levels and there were enemies such as lasers, dark red star-shaped mines and some movin...

4 hours later…
6:01 PM
@Wipqozn I have been meaning to try that for a while
@GnomeSlice I just beat risk of rain 2 for the first time. Just on easy though. Was trying to unlock stuff.
Nice. I think I've beaten it once
The final mission is pretty cool
@GnomeSlice so I just need to beat once more to Devil Daggers you?
I haven't played it in a while either but sure
You should try Roboquest
it's real fun
6:59 PM
@GnomeSlice when are you gonna beat my Devil Daggers score? :D
I'm not
7:17 PM
I reached out to my ex and that was a bad thing
she heard about my job loss and believes all the gossip stuff
pretty sure she is like disgusted by me now
and theres nothing i can do to change that
I dont feel too good
Q: I have a problem with running minecraft

EuskeraSVWhen I run it, O cannot play in a window, but it just works in fullscreen. When I am on the MOJANG loading screen, is automatically turned into fullscreen. In game, I can switch it back, but if I try to play it in windowed mode, I can see anything, i can hear the music, and everything else but it...

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8:41 PM
Q: How to change region for competitive tournaments?

k0pernikusIn Rocket League, when I play Tournaments it says I am playing in the region "NORTH AMERICA". I am from Europe though and playing with 120ms ping is no fun. I cannot find the setting to change the region. Where do I change this? When playing in normal mode, I can change settings from a dropdown r...

2 hours later…
10:24 PM
Q: Can I make a dynamic collection in Steam based on playtime?

David YellI know that you can create a dynamic collection filtered by 'Unplayed' but I would like to create a collection along the lines of 'Favourites' and filter games I've played for say greater than or equal to 100 hours. Is this possible in Steam? Or would I need a third party tool?

10:37 PM
@Wipqozn FWIW I ended up playing a lot more today, completing all challenges in Dubai (except for classics) and some others elsewhere, and yeah, it definitely feels a lot less short now :p
1 hour later…
11:50 PM
California, Trinidad and Tobago is my new favorite linguistic ambiguity
@Ave Yes

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