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12:00 AM
the Celeste ones are the same lol
Spongebob and Carl sound really good
Morning all
There's a minecraft 1.16 breeding question and I think it's a dupe (90% sure), but can't think of what it would be a dupe of
Primarily since it's also unclear (doesn't specify enough to understand what the problem is)
12:18 AM
close as unclear then
12:57 AM
Q: Why can't i make multiplayer worlds on minecraft?

Dull_Demon47I play Minecraft Pocket Edition and its on the most recent update. everything works fine, the only problem is on my end with making multiplayer worlds. When i make a world i never turn off multiplayer, i leave it on as "friends of friends" along with the LAN broadcast on. however as soon as i joi...

1:48 AM
Q: I downloaded a map and it says Level Import failed

Ironpanther 1089I want to download Dream SMP as a map but it always says Level Import failed, it says Dream SMP Download Bedrock and I want to play it on MCEE what do I do? (I’m on IOS) (The Dream SMP is a minecraft server that gets shaped by its owner's will, and Dream survival multiplayer (SMP) server is one o...

2 hours later…
3:31 AM
Q: Skyrim Controller Controls Keep Resetting

Keith SteinI know I'm late to the party, both because this game is old and because similar questions have been asked. But none of the other answers I've seen work for me so far. My Problem In Skyrim, I can go to Settings -> Controls, and change the button mapping for my controller (controller, not keyboard)...

4 hours later…
7:47 AM
Q: In Let’s go Pikachu can I move my mew to a new game?

MultavitI want to make a new game on Let’s Go that only has Psychic Pokémon in my party. I already got my mew out from the pokeball plus though. Is it possible to put mew into Pokémon home, make a new game of Let’s Go on another Nintendo User account on my Switch and then move mew to that new game? I don...

8:13 AM
Q: How Can I Join a 3v3 Tournament Solo?

RBlong2usI don't have parties available all the time. Is there a way I can get a random team for 3v3 custom tournaments?

3 hours later…
11:38 AM
^ so, apparently, in this new game you get TWO hits instead of one?
(watch the video, Arthur doesn't lose all the armor on the first hit)
Maybe it is an option/setting
2 hours later…
1:25 PM
Maybe someone here is interested in this.
Q: What are some books or state of the art papers about the development of a strong-AI?

pasaba por aquiI am looking for books or to state of the art papers about current the development trends for a strong-AI. Please, do not include opinions about the books, just refer the book with a brief description. To emphasize, I am not looking for books on applied AI (e.g. neural networks or the book by No...

Maybe by coincidence but it's not on-topic even for the gamedev room :P
... And you posted it in like... at least eight rooms...
1:42 PM
@nbro The name of the game you were looking for is carrier battles
@Elva and not the first time
Can't really flag it as spam either cause they're a moderator
That's quitters talk
Dec 19 '20 at 4:13, by Wipqozn
@Elva I believe there are email addresses you can contact to report moderators misbehaving
1:57 PM
for any given site, you can use: https://[stack].stackexchange.com/contact
I'm not gonna fight social anxiety for this
@MattE.Эллен thanks
no problem
2:13 PM
@Elva It was not meant to be spam
8 rooms, several of which you had only three messages in
How is it not?
Well, I don't know which definition of spam you're using
In any case, I shared it here because I think that post deserves more attention and upvotes
and I think that gamers may be interested in the topic of AGI
if you think this is spam, then, yes, it's spam
Mass (check), unsollicited (check) advertisement (check)
all games basically use some form of AI, so I don't see why people here wouldn't be interested in that topic
I will not share anything more here
One: Completely unrelated type of AI, two: TTRPG?
2:19 PM
don't worry ;)
And againthree: Where in my definition did I include a bit that it had to be irrelevant?
I understand that I'm not welcomed here to share links to AI SE, so I will not do it anymore
I understand that
I didn't say that, and my voice certainly isn't authorative here... But spam on any kind of topic is unwanted as far as I'm concerned
don't worry, again, I will not share anything more here
I already explained why I shared here that post
the discussion is over
This is a fucking grocery store ad! What business does it have being this good
2:30 PM
@Nzall I saw people talking about that earlier, who keeps letting this happen? :P
i can imagine an anime centred around a Guy's Grocery Games like game/combat being like that
Q: How come GTA 3, VC and SA were released in four years, while GTA 4 and 5 were released long after the previous game?

musialmiThree parts of GTA: 3, Vice City and San Andreas were released in four years. That's quite shocking, given that each of these are brilliant games (not only in my opinion). Later, we had to wait about 4 years for GTA 4 and then about 5 years for GTA 5. Is it only the producer's subjective decision...

Q: Minecraft crashes when I tab out and back in

SirArchibaldSo I have recently got this issue where my Minecraft crashes with exit code 0 whenever I tab out and then tab back into it. Apparently, the issue is due to it being in fullscreen mode, however, I don't really want to have to press F11 every time I want to tab out. I am running Minecraft version 1...

2:55 PM
i3 6100 - CPU 4GB 2133Mhz (SK Hynix) Single Channel - RAM — Sparky Syndicate 39 mins ago
And he has a NVidia GT 710. He wants to play GTA 5 with better framerates. Who wants to break it to him that he needs a new computer?
3:08 PM
@Nzall There's a lot of damn good ads for grocery and department stores out there.
how old is gtx710
like 8 years?
(incidentally, recommended specs are i5 4 core at 3.2, 8 GB ram, GTX 660)
it actually appears to be his single channel memory
I can find tons of videos on Youtube of people running the game with his CPU at acceptable framerates, but double his memory in dual channel
Yeah 710 appears to be above min spec but vastly below recommended
which is probably why they get about 30 frames with drops
3:24 PM
yeah, if he upgrades his RAM to 8 GB, he can probably run it at a much more stable framerate, and then upgrading his GPU to a 1050 even could get him to 60 FPS stable
This is what he currently is dealing with
I'm shocked at how many videos in this style there are: videos where they're showing GTA V gameplay with a specific hardware setup
3:39 PM
It is a fairly old game
So 700 series and i3 would be about "budget but fairly new setup" in 2013
er, 710 specifically would be budget I guess
3:51 PM
Well, so is the i3
@MBraedley True, I just mean that 700 series isn't budget in 2013 necessarily
since it was new then
Ah, yes, parsing failure on my end.
offers hugs to @Wipqozn
@Elva hugs Oh my lord you're all scaly. You should get that looked at.
3:58 PM
It's fiiineeeee
As long as they're not flaky
I feel like I'm missing something
4:18 PM
@MBraedley bit of spamming earlier today, nothing to worry about, Wipqozn took care of it
@Lazers2.0 needs more close votes
oh hey atelier ryza 2 in a week
4:34 PM
@Nzall @Ronan Since this is a local shop for me, some additional context that makes this all the weirder is that they specifically try to market themselves being the "nothin' fancy, just a super basic store to get reasonably priced food!"... a message this ad doesn't get across at all.
@Wipqozn grocery/department store ads and literally no messaging, pick a more iconic duo
@Wipqozn I understood that from the actual shown branding, but not from the ad
@Ronan Yes. It's quite the juxtaposition.
I'm sure I used that word right.
also how the heck did I spell that right
@Wipqozn you juxtaposed the letters correctly
If no one reviews my code I don't need to do any more work 🤔
5:20 PM
@Ronan if i don't have any code to review, no one will review my code...
Yeah but then I don't have an excuse
5:35 PM
There's a truck outside with the "FedEx Express" logo and I can't stop thinking about how that's just Federal Express Express
Ah yes, I too buy my coffee grinder by the ounce
@PrivatePansy Federal Edpress Express Express
Q: What games are based on Warcraft 3 mods?

A.bakkerI don't know if this question fits here but... As we all know Lesage of Legends and DOTA2 find their origin in the Warcraft 3 mod Defense of The Ancients. It made me wonder what other games were based on / inspired by Warcraft 3 mods?

@PrivatePansy 🤔
6:16 PM
The village to the north of the village where I live had to put 5000 people in emergency quarantine after an outbreak in a school caused by people who went on vacation and didn't follow the required week of quarantine
Like, I'm not exaggerating. A mother went on ski vacation, didn't wait for her second COVID test to leave quarantine, infected her daughter, who then infected one of her classmates, who in turn infected her mother who teaches in a school in the village where I live. out of precaution, they're testing 2000 students and teachers in both schools AND putting students, teachers and parents in quarantine for a week
over 5000 people in total
7:08 PM
Do dragnet phishers actually have good returns?
> I am Ms. Sharon B. Bisset, from JFK airport here in NY United States, I have this to explain to you concerning your overdue transactions. Due to the travel ban of COVID-19 lock-down / border closure, Flights were suspended and no true legal means of completing your fund delivery, On this note, The United States department of the treasury approved your fund worth of $8,000,000.00 to be paid to an offshore account in Federal Reserve Bank of New York ...
I have never flown through JFK in my life, nor was I planning to in the past year.
Part of the thing is that like

(1) Your name...........
(2) Your phone number.............
(3) Your complete address...........................
(4) Nearest airport to your address.................
(5) Your Occupation........................................
It self-selects people they can easily fool
so that people that might be slightly harder to fool self select out and don't waste their time
@MBraedley when did i ever ask for $8M to be delivered to someone else?
> ...which will be transferred to your personal account upon your reply
Like, the $8M has to be a "too good to be true" thing for most people.
Oh, also noticed (just before deleting it) that it was to multiple recipients. Another red flag.
7:29 PM
Q: I can't join my friends on minecraft and they are also not showing up as friends

TravisI few days ago my friends and I friend requested each other on minecraft, everything worked fine for a couple of days until today, when they tried to join me, but my world wouldn't show up. We all have xbox live accounts and we've always been on different wi-fi, but today it just stopped working....

7:39 PM
@MBraedley another red flag is that they do this over insecure email communications. Generally they send a snail mail letter for legitimate things like this because that's actually surprisingly more secure. The USPS isn't allowed to open or read your mail unless they suspect criminal activity
7:55 PM
Q: Can you play without doing any companion quest?

Marc Le BihanI would like to play Pathfinder Kingmaker without doing any companion quests (Harrim, Tristan, and so on...). If I am able to refuse Amiri wish to kill "Gouttière" (the name of the boar in the french edition) and don't see her quest in my journal, Harrim companion quest, however, is in my journal...

8:09 PM
Just Captain America and Endgame left and I'm done with all Marvel movies
oh man, the Captain Marvel logo opening with all the Stan Lee tributes
After I'm done with the MCU, I can watch Star Wars
8:21 PM
Q: When hiding cargo from scanners, how to choose a specific ship to hide in?

JammerIn Endless Sky, I own a fleet of several ships but only 2 of them have scanner jammers. In order to avoid detection while running pirate missions, how to choose one of those ships to hold the cargo/passenger? The only solution I can think of is parking the other ones before accepting the mission,...

1 hour later…
10:06 PM
Q: Least amount of ender pearls and blaze rods to leave the nether? (speedrun)

JesseI am just curious about what speedrunners most commonly aim for, and what I should aim for. I have already searched this but I get a wide range of answers. What do you think?

@Robotnik Thank you for letting me know! But I started the game this year, so it doesn't apply anyway. I'm sorry for not reading carefully!
10:19 PM
@AgustínLado No worries. It's just supposed to be a fun little community thing.
Bill Wurtz is back
@AgustínLado It's all good. Hope to see you enter in future screenshot competitions! :)
10:58 PM
Q: Can you lock minecarts to be not able to move in Bedrock?

William MesserTitle says it all, I'm making a bedrock parkour map with minecarts so you can jump, right click on a minecart and continue. Is there a way to stop the minecart from nudging by the players?

11:51 PM
Q: Do tribe continue to exist when world ends in Tribal Wars 2

Elvedin HamzagicIf a world ends in the Tribal Wars 2 game, will tribe continue with the accumulated experience points in the next world, or all tribes in a new world have to be recreated and start from the beginning?


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