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12:12 AM
Q: Where does the Demo end?

MaladyWhere does the Demo for "This Starry Midnight We Make", end? I have the Japanese Demo Long_500, apparently the latest is Long_510... But in my try with it, I've gotten 6/7 of the person things for all four on the right, and Xinghua and Nagare together, and at least the first of the sets of two do...

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2:20 AM
Q: Commands still run from killed armor stand

JackI have the following commands run by an armor stand in a function say Hello. I'm here! kill @s execute as @s run say Still here When I run it on an armor stand I get [Armor Stand] Hello. I'm here! [Armor Stand] Still here My desired result is that none of the commands after it's killed will r...

3 hours later…
5:44 AM
Q: Does Pots O' Gold in Deep Rock Galactic yield a bonus for mining behind minerals (collapsing)?

ebpaDoes the Pots O' Gold bonus from the Abyss Bar drink yield the mining bonus for gold that you "collapse" by mining behind or just gold that you mine by hitting directly? Asking because I just exploded a Glyphid Crassus Detonator :-)

6:36 AM
Q: What are the consequences of using nuclear weapons against pirates or barbarians?

FluxWhat is the effect of using nuclear weapons against pirates or barbarians? Will the pirates or barbarians become more aggressive towards me? Will the other AI players like me less even though I am only attacking pirates or barbarians (a common enemy of all human and AI players)?

7:01 AM
Q: Why build a large spaceship when a small one will do?

FluxIf I am aiming for a space victory, why should I build a large spaceship when I can build a small one instead? A small spaceship has two advantages: it takes less time and resources to build, and it is able to reach Alpha Centauri in less time. This is a large spaceship: Why should I build a lar...

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1:51 PM
Q: Two missing tarot cards in Cyberpunk 2077?

Viktor BeWhere can I find the two missing tarots in Cyberpunk 2077? The quest "The Fool on the Hill" gives us coordinates for all tarot graffities but two of them.

2:42 PM
Q: Does smoke grenade triggers alert or alarm?

vianna77Per the description, it blocks the line of sight, but if I use it, will it trigger the alarm or alert the guards? Or will it just cause them to not be able to hit me?

3:08 PM
Q: What are some good Switch games for three remote players?

slimMy father, brother, and I game every week on the switch, but we only have three games we play: mario kart, luigi's mansion, and splatoon 2. Are there any other good online multiplayer games where the three of us can be in the same lobby?

3:32 PM
Does anyone know the name of the game described here? (Please, tag me so that I get a notification)
2 hours later…
5:11 PM
@nbro it looks... Home made? Maybe he is creating it himself
Q: I just killed the ender dragon in my world and a second egg spawned?

Galaxypenguin750I killed it once without dying took the egg and put it in the overworld. went and fought it again and died 20-30 times DONT JUDGE. And I have a second egg.

5:50 PM
Second time in 2 days that Disney+ crashed on me because of a memory leak in the website
6:06 PM
> if you're bored, help spam Amazon's union busting contact form until it's useless t.co/y3Ggbl6n3w
Q: Garry's Mod 9 can't load single player

0x1a4I have Garry's Mod 9 (the Half-Life 2 mod) installed. I can launch it from the Source SDK, but when I try to launch it from Steam and click the Single Player or Create Server buttons, no dialog appears. It doesn't crash. Originally it didn't load sucessfully at all from Steam, so I applied this f...

@Unionhawk wtf
fuck lex luthor bezos
@Unionhawk union rights act when?
6:22 PM
It is of course legal to attempt to gather voluntary intelligence of union activities
it is also legal to browse r/copypasta and fill out web forms
I think
6:33 PM
Q: How do I transfer a Minecraft world from one device to the other with the same account?

Banana97286So, I wanted to play an old world with some of my friends on Nintendo Switch, but the world that I currently want to play is on my Xbox one. Both the Switch AND Xbox have the same Microsoft accounts. Is there a way that I could perhaps transfer the world in my Xbox to my Nintendo Switch?

3 hours later…
9:40 PM
holy shit
9:58 PM
Q: When does Xoti first mention her dreams?

Dirk101At what point does Xoti first mention that she's having nightmares? Starting with Maje Island I have had conversations with her about her nightmares as if the protagonist already knows about them, but her dialogue before this never mentioned her having nightmares, there was no setup for the probl...

1 hour later…
11:03 PM
It's...a terms of service popup that cannot be dismissed?
11:15 PM
Q: Why wont my villagers breed?

thimothyI've been playing on a 1.16.4 single player world. I've been working on getting some OP villagers and I need to get two different enchanted books. I'm breeding them because the village was left with only two villagers. I'm doing it again since my fifth villager didn't become a zombie villager whe...

11:34 PM
@ToxicFrog you can after 10 seconds
It's an ai powered text to speech thing that lets you make popular characters say... whatever
and it sounds legit
Anyone here still work for Google? I think I've stumbled upon an interesting auth bug. Sadly it's not the kind of auth bug that can be used to gain access to an account (I don't think) :(
A profile on my partner's Chrome has got borked in an interesting way. It's logged in+sync but somehow it's got its auth information in a muddle. Logging out and in does not fix the problem. The funny thing is that even APIs that do not require auth like the YouTube iFrame API fail (in undocumented ways!) Simply copying the cURL request and stripping out the auth headers makes it work. It's probably an interesting problem for someone...
Source: Half-Life
Character: Gordon Freeman
what does it do?
nothing, which is perfect to him
Lol the Undertale 'voices'
11:46 PM
just tried Sans. disappointed it wasn't just Megalovania
@Memor-X Not sure if that would have been a better troll or not

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