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12:00 AM
Q: Using /data to copy items from a player to a chest

IronotorIm trying to copy a players inventory to a chest upon death but noticed that it only copies the hotbar and the first two rows of the inventory. Command: /data modify block ~ ~ ~ Items set from entity @p Inventory So now my plan is to copy certain parts of the inventory into two separate storage c...

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Q: Whats so special about the pikachu you get in pokemon home?

AriI got pokemon home for the first time and i wanted to test it out. I saw a pikachu with a japanese nickname already put into one of the slots when i checked the home's box. It's not shiny or anything, and it doesnt seem to have any special moves/stats. Is there anything special about this pikachu...

2:27 AM
@TimStone The "four" makes that extra weird. Every other ingredient is listed by name, without a quantity. It makes it read even more like a video game recipe than the kind of description that would make sense in that context.
Wait, read the first paragraph in that picture
I think that would make dubious food also
2:47 AM
Dubious food healing 2 hearts
more specifically
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4:12 AM
Q: Has "Lucky Friends" been disabled/bugged?

BenIn the time I've been playing, I have made several lucky friends. However, in the past few months, I have since made new Best Friends, and continued interacting (trading, battling, sending gifts, etc) in order to trigger and re-trigger Lucky Friends with all of them. However, it simply hasn't hap...

Q: Fallout: New Vegas Audio Glitch

SlayerDiAngeloSo I'm having this weird issue while playing Fallout: New Vegas. At first, I thought I was unable to hear any kind of music or dialogues while playing the game but I just figured out that I can actually hear the dialogue from people by turning away in a direction not facing the person I'm talking...

5:03 AM
Q: How to keep an airplane stable in Kerbal Space Program

TheEnvironmentalistI've spent the past three hours committing a genocide of historical proportions against my Kerbals, and it's making me quite sad. Valentina would really appreciate if I could get my airplane off the ground, but it keeps exploding on the runway by the exact same failure mode: The plane veers to on...

5:53 AM
Q: Is it possible for allies to win together via an allied space victory?

FluxWhenever I try to build a spaceship, the attitude of my AI allies start to worsen. Their attitude eventually reaches "genocidal". When I launch my spaceship, all my AI allies eject me from the alliance, and some will even declare war on me. I'm wondering: is it possible to win via an allied space...

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7:35 AM
Q: What happens when pressing either L2 or R2 when located on the Home Screen of the PlayStation 4?

elliott94When located on the main Home Screen for the PlayStation 4, I've noticed that pressing either L2 or R2 on the DualShock 4 remote appears to perform some kind of action related to the menu. I'm totally blind, so can't easily tell what happens when this button is pressed - would somebody be able to...

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8:50 AM
Q: How to invite my friend (Mobile user) to my singleplayer world?

Dark_DevI don't know how to invite my friend(mobile user) to my singleplayer world. Please Help me.

9:41 AM
Q: A really redstone idea

ShadowShooterI need help with suggestions for a redstone challenge, do something reasonable but fun and challenging, can use any mechanics,blocks, thanks a lot!

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10:57 AM
Q: My question is: Why is everybody downvoting my stuff?

AnthonyI am just trying to help people but all my stuff gets downvoted. I am even being nice. They are making me loose all my priviliges and now I only have 9 reputation :(

11:23 AM
Q: My question is: Why is everybody downvoting my stuff?

AnthonyI am just trying to help people but all my stuff gets downvoted. I am even being nice. They are making me loose all my priviliges and now I only have 9 reputation :(

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12:38 PM
Q: What is Gran Turismo like this days?

RR88I used to enjoy Gran Turismo but lost interest due to a number of reasons. I think GT5 was the last one I played but didn't even play that very much, so have forgotten exactly how things work, but here is a rundown of what I wasn't keen on: Sick of having to complete 'driving school' with every ...

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4:00 PM
Q: How may I reset my Villager's house back to its normal furnishings in Animal Crossing New Horizon?

Chris NaceI have a villager named Julian on my island with costly and beautiful tastes. His home is furnished with zodiac star themed furniture. Before I understood that if you give your villagers pieces of furniture, they can place the furniture in their homes and replace something existing that they own....

Sorry, too busy crafting gear to talk.
oh right, it's august 3
Pixel 4a time
4:15 PM
Looks like a slightly improved 3a
I won't replace my 3a, because it's still a great phone, but glad they're sticking to their guns
4:38 PM
Pixel 4a purchased
@fredley Yeah, I need to replace my dying 2XL
I was planning to go around from google, since I honestly find their hardware and batteries way too unrelable. buuut I also don't like any other options.
Plus with tax it came to $550, so it's quite a bit cheaper than the other options I was consderin.
3a battery is great, a year old and still lasts 2 full days with light use, never ever been an issue.
Plus I won't be as burned by any issues I might run into with this in ~1.5 years if I spent <$600 CAD on it versus >$1200 CAD.
I mean in reality I'd want to replace it in 2 years anyway
Replacing the battery is cheap 2-3 years in anyway.
@fredley yeah, I really wish I repalced this battery. $50. I held out since well... reasons lol
My original plan was get a Pixel 4XL... but the 4 and XL are just terrible
I did this with my old Pixel 1 then the sound card crapped out a few weeks later, maybe due to the replacement process, but that essentially bricked it so I got a 3a
4:42 PM
The removal of a fingerprint sensor was what really put the nail in the coffin for me at $1200. That sensor is how I unlock my phone.
Yeah! The fingerprint sensor is so good and I don't want a phone without it.
@fredley Yeah, the 3A is great.
@fredley Well there's a chance we'll lose it eventually :/
Google seems really set on face unlock
I don't know, Google seem to be sticking to their guns with the a line
Hopefully they do
I was happy with my face unlock until roughly March of this year
4:43 PM
If/when screen-embedded fingerprint is good/cheaper I'd take that
Or at least not dissatisfied with it
I expect to be really pleased with the 4a
The A line just seems strictly better from a value stand point then the flagship line.
The hardware in flagship pixels just don't justify the price, especially since they all have battery issues. The only reason I went with 2XL is I liked the OS. now that I can get the same OS for $700 cheaper, well..
5:36 PM
I should really boot up animnal crossing again
6:02 PM
@Wipqozn Also headphone jack
18 hours ago, by Private Pansy
Oh no, how do I resist the urge to submit penis shaped fireworks to Isabelle
@PrivatePansy I just use Bluetooth
Also the fireworks is more interesting with friends, especially since most of the items Redd sells are single use
6:31 PM
@fredley Well, from what I understand, it's significantly cheaper to have a fingerprint sensor compared to having a frontal camera that's capable of facial recognition unlock, because if it's anything like Windows Hello, it doesn't work with any old camera and requires an infrared sensor
6:57 PM
Q: Should we split the Bedrock NBT question into different questions for each possible workaround?

ExpertCoder14Here is a link to the famous Minecraft BE NBT question, giving you all the info you need about NBT in Minecraft Bedrock (mostly the fact that it's impossible, except for some workarounds). I've seen a small comment discussion on the question that got me interested. It suggests that the question b...

7:22 PM
Q: /clone command block not working

gitgudSo, I built a spaceship and now I want it to fly into the air one block at a time using command blocks. When I go to run the clock inside, it says Succesfully cloned 45 blocks, like you can see in the bottom left, but the ship doesnt actually move at all. It just says it cloned and stays there. ...

1 hour later…
8:22 PM
@Unionhawk Update: games have been interrupted twice already this season due to peanut related fraud
1 hour later…
9:42 PM
Highlight for me is the kitsch poster generator
@fredley "plant daddy" "touch bear" ಠ_ಠ
(Did I mention you can name the plants?)
Also if this simulates growing plants in real time and is about as much work as growing the plants in real time... then why not just grow real plants?
It's not in real time...
9:59 PM
Ah. The description says that, but I imagine a game where it takes two months for anything to happen is going to be a bit boring
Yeah this cactus did not grow in real time
It's quite cool, the plants are procedurally generated from a seed (no not that kind of seed).
10:19 PM
Q: How do you create a CanDestroy tag with Cracked stone bricks only?

SayneHow can I create a CanDestroy tag in such a way that only Cracked Stone Bricks can be destroyed. Im on Bedrock 1.16 for ps4. The code is this: /give @p stone_pickaxe 1 0 {"Minecraft:can_destroy":["blocks":["98:2"]}} Either the answer or the item id (the thing needed) for cracked stone bricks woul...

1 hour later…
11:29 PM
sometimes you get carried, sometimes you're on the same team as the 1/14/5 mid teemo
(I'm one of the two kills on the fizz)

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