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12:20 AM
@badp DOTA2?
I think
Q: Meteor in Chapter 17 (Path of Radiance)

Sirius AureusIn Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance's Chapter 17 (Day Breaks), part 4, there is a mage with the tome Meteor: In the following chapter, there is a similar mage with the tome Blizzard. Can these tomes be stolen anyhow? Is there proof of this anywhere?

12:55 AM
@badp Wait, your name is a pun on phpBB
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1:55 AM
@badp I haven't seen mid Teemo in a loooong time.
His range isn't nearly as good outside of toplane.
Q: Im trying to make a minecraft server, but it says it can't connect?

MinecrafterSo I was making a server on planet Minecraft, I got it all set up and I just needed to post it on planet Minecraft. but when I was testing the connection, it said I needed a different IP, as the one I was using was only for my house. So I was like "ok no biggy, ill just get the other IP." and whe...

2:31 AM
Q: How could i place fire on top of every similar block in a large area? Bedrock

Donnie KnightIn bedrock edition, I am making a dungeon full of traps, enemies, and puzzles. One obstacle ive been struggling to make is a fire trap. The design im going for is a 2x2 tile of ancient debris that lights on fire and extinguishes on a cycle. I know that this is possible to create, but I am looking...

2:56 AM
Q: Keymapping Using Armoury Crate on Asus TUF Gaming A15

MTKnifeI've been looking at budget gaming laptops, and the Asus TUF Gaming A15 looks like a pretty good deal in most respects. However, I play at least one game that requires me to remap a key on the keyboard, and I can't find figuring out if the laptop supports keymapping with the integral keyboard, p...

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4:37 AM
Q: CP of 716, HP is 306. Battle with it vs one with higher CP?

Trish Mitchell DavidsI have a Chansey that has CP of 716, and it’s HP is 306- the highest HP of all of mine. Should I use in battles? Or use the Pokémon with higher CP? Like Vaporeon with CP 2188 HP 193. I have more Pokemon that have higher CP but none with that high of HP.

3 hours later…
7:28 AM
oh wow, some more wow drama today. Blizzard has found that some of the people involved in gold-paid boosting services have been selling the gold they earned from it for IRL money
They've banned the people who were involved in the RMT shit itself and stated that from this point onwards, anyone who does a transaction through Gallywix will get banned
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9:14 AM
Q: How many active players does Heroes of the Storm have?

The BarnacleSince I can't find it anywhere, either because Blizzard doesn't share these numbers or no-one cares enough to write about it, I wonder how many active players does HotS currently have. Is it really dying as everyone says?

9:56 AM
@PrivatePansy yes
@Wipqozn almost
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11:47 AM
Q: CS:GO demo replay: How to skip to the next round?

rosuavWhile watching a recorded CS:GO match, you can use the demo_goto command (or demo_gototick) to move around. Its parameters are a tad obscure though. The help says: ] demo_goto Syntax: demo_goto <tick> [relative] [pause] eg: 'demo_gototick 6666' or 'demo_gototick 2523,666,370,700r 'demo_gototick...

12:26 PM
@Wipqozn League
12:37 PM
I just stumbled upon the Facebook page for my school district and it's really weird watching a ton of parents all from the same community snipe at each other on Facebook about school/COVID stuff like you see in any other heated internet comment thread
1:04 PM
That would be strange
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2:04 PM
So Sea of Thieves is amazing
It's a beautiful game, with a ton of thought put into the gameplay, and it's one of those games that's fun to play by yourself and then the fun increases exponentially with other people
@SaintWacko Yeah running a ship is pretty amazing.
@RedRiderX It's so refreshing to actually have to control a ship rather than just pointing it where you want to go and it goes
What sizes of ship have you been on so far?
Just sloops
I haven't played with very many other people
Ran into one guy in another sloop yesterday and we ended up joining together as a crew
Same mostly, I've spent a bit of time on the larger ships, and the way they scale the controls is interesting.
2:08 PM
I'd really like to try a galleon, I just don't know many other people who play
Yeah I'd like to get a group together to man one, just for the experince.
I've played with someone a couple times, so I could maybe convince them.
The sheer firepower output of a galleon is insane
I returned a Reaper's Bounty last night, and then while I was still at the Reaper's Hideout a reaper-flagged galleon showed up
Fortunately I had already turned in all my treasure and was getting ready to be done for the night
So I just stood on the back of my ship and played a mournful tune as it sank
We were doing an Athena's Fortune mission in a galleon and just as we were logging off we decided to check out a reaper's bounty chest that had just been sitting on the map all day
2:11 PM
Then one of the crew grappled me onboard, pulled out a flintlock, and pointed it at my face. I saluted, and he fired
It was directly next to the gold hoarder on some outpost. Someone tried to sell it there, couldn't, gave up, and left it
It was a great end to the day
Haha, that's funny
Meanwhile everyone else in the server was just like "this is bait"
Freest 10,000 gold in the world
Yeah, I certainly wouldn't have gone after that in anything but an empty ship
Well, nearly free, we ended up spawning a skeleton fleet on the way to reapers and our ship sank directly after selling (all we needed was to crash into reapers then we were good)
2:44 PM
Q: I can't /setblock a hanging soul lantern

DM01131When I do the command, /setblock ~ ~ ~ lantern 1, the block in question is set to a hanging lantern, however, when I try /setblock ~ ~ ~ soul_lantern 1, the block is set to a normal soul lantern rather than a hanging one. Is this a bug, or is there a way to /setblock a hanging soul lantern that I...

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6:06 PM
Q: Execute condition positionned doesnt work

MaxAnimatorI'm trying to test if an entity is positionned at a very specific coordinate to then and only then tag itself and others. Here's the command: execute as @e[type=minecraft:armor_stand,tag=pillar_first,tag=bot] positioned ~ 45.518 ~ at @s run tag @e[type=minecraft:armor_stand,tag=pillar_first] add ...

6:31 PM
Q: Performance of DOSBox on PS Vita

AshirFor owners (previous or current) of PSP that now have a Ps Vita: how is the performance of DOSBox compared to the performance on a PSP? I'm asking this because I already own a PSP and tons of games and emus, but the performance of DOSBox on PSP is so bad. I want to upgrade my PSP and my budget co...

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7:33 PM
Experience with Edge so far: amazingly, Microsoft has managed to remove the things that suck from Chromium
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8:37 PM
I had someone file an issue against my library, with a test that demonstrated the problem (great so far). The error was manifesting in a really weird way so I had to do a bunch of digging to figure out what was going on. I finally figured it out and explained it to them, and they said "oh, that try/catch block in the test was there to catch that error".
And now I'm kind of pissed because I spent an hour tearing my hair out (metaphorically) trying to figure out what was going on in my code, and it would have been a lot simpler if their test hadn't been silently discarding the error that would have told me what was going on.
9:02 PM
Q: How do I store a Gruppe Sechs van in the airport hangar? (GTA 5 Story Mode)

NotAHackusatorI've recently been trying to store a Gruppe Sechs security van. I've noticed that you can't store this van in a regular garage, so I tried the hangar instead. I stole the van but haven't blown open the back doors. If I leave the van, will it stay in the hangar? or do I have to blow open the back ...

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10:11 PM
user image
10:27 PM
@fredley that's terrible.
10:45 PM
@fredley 10/10
Don't listen to @Ash or @badp. They're just jealous they didn't find the joke first.
Probably the worst thing I've ever posted
There's no way that's true
@Unionhawk Yeah, @fredley has posted some pretty worsty things.
@fredley I completely forgot about that
Also, I feel like this is one of the worst things you've posted:
May 27 '15 at 14:18, by fredley
First up: 2 weeks ago I suffered a testicular torsion. This is not as painful as it sounds, it's much much more painful than that.
10:50 PM
I dunno, this was pretty bad:
@fredley Oddly, I remember some of the conversation around that.
@fredley That's just a video of @GnomeSlice. Nothing weird about that.
user image
@fredley Wipqozn removal memes were great
It's a shame we can't easily remove and readd my diamond.
10:57 PM

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