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12:07 AM
Q: Highest Possible Damage Attack in Neverwinter Nights

palswimNaturally, increasing Strength and the weapon Enchantment bonus will increase damage output. But, I am wondering which Level 40 Player character can achieve the highest possible damage on a single strike. For the specifics, let's use a +5 weapon with no other properties on an enemy with no parti...

12:38 AM
yes, including Exodus which you can by separately for 50-55% off
Steam still has the notice it uses DRM
not sure if it's already removed in an update and they just haven't updated the store page or if the only guaranteed Legal DRM free version is on GOG
My garden is doing things!
Yesterday I had no bean plants (the pot with the sticks) and today I have MANY BEANS
also my lettuce is doing things and my tomato plant is doing things. My peppers are still...not doing but maybe they will later.
1 hour later…
2:09 AM
@Niro it uh, ends tomorrow
Q: is there a way to know what you get from a pokemon egg

Zayden Plays PokemonI am gonna try to hatch a shiny via masuda method and i wanna know if there is a way to tell if the egg hatches what im wanting

2:38 AM
@Ash how exciting! What type of peppers do you have?
@GnomeSlice what is the port on the computer
I dunno
2:56 AM
AC is a glorious invention
@Memor-X almost certainly USB
It's behind like a little door though
I'm wondering if maybe displayport
or hdmi
3:13 AM
That's a USB to serial adapter
@Dragonrage some hot ones and some sweet red ones of they grow
@PrivatePansy haha yes
This is the fourth tombstone recipe my villagers have given me. I suspect they're trying to send me a message
3:31 AM
lol there's a cybertruck mod for snowrunner
3:48 AM
@GnomeSlice Aw, dangit. :(
1 hour later…
4:51 AM
I'm ordering so many food delivery and takeouts that my budget app just asked if a food delivery receipt was a recurring expense
5:11 AM
Q: How to output scoreboard value to chat in Bedrock Edition?

ExpertCoder14JSON text format in Bedrock Edition is very different from that in Java Edition. The possible elements to go in the {"rawtext":[]} component are: text translate with (args) As you can see it is a very limited selection. This also means that there is no way to output a scoreboard score to ...

2 hours later…
7:15 AM
Q: Unable to connect online with PS3 &PS4

DaveI have my PS4 connected online in the living room but now I want my PS3 online in the bedroom. When the PS3 tries to connect online I get a message of, “ Cannot connect online using someone else’s ID (email) I’m using the same email address and same password on both consoles on the same network. ...

7:26 AM
But can you trust Steam to let you run your games, 10 years from now? Do they guarantee either a) servers still running, or b) every game you buy releases a un-DRM patch? Because if @T M is right, and off-line mode expires, that means your games may someday go away. — Cyclops Aug 11 '10 at 19:53
Almost there
Morning chat
Note: It's Zero Punctuation, so expect puerile jokes
7:55 AM
Good morning/afternoon/evening chat, i have a question about a question i would like to ask but i dont have enoug points to post on meta. So i hope someone here can help me out. I'm trying to identify an old game my GF used to play. When i rea the game-identification tag i noticed that you need some kind of image or video of the game to use the tag. Can i still ask my question on this exchange without using the tag? Or is there an other exchange i should post it?
Game identification questions from memory are not allowed on our site, but you're free to ask here in chat. Someone might be able to help. We also have a meta question that lists some other ways to help you find an answer
@TJasinski Also, thanks for reading the tag wiki and asking for clarification if something is unclear.
a number of users just post their question regardless and don't read anything. it's good to see not everyone does it that way
I try my best :-)
I'll write it up and send it in a bit, thanks for clarifying
8:13 AM
It's an older game ps2 ( not xbox ) or older console. It's an side scroller maily focused on puzzels. You start off in a sewer.
The main char drops down from a tube into a sewer. You fight and puzzle your way up an castle. It was not a very happy game the setting was more dark
What types of puzzles are we talking about?
And what was the fighting like?
The puzzle's were mostly search items and use them on door's and stuff, nothing advanced.
Fighting was simple as well, she doesn't remeber what kind of weapon the char used but it was quite basic just click and swing
What was the art style like? cartoonish? realistic? stick figures? 3D or 2D?
Were the characters human?
And do you remember anything particular about the appearance of the main character or the enemies you fight?
8:32 AM
Char was an human, enemies she's not sure about. She played it 22 years ago
8:46 AM
I've had some more explanation:
You drop down in a basement and you have to find your way out. You need to find a key and she's quite sure you could find it beneath some hay. After getting out of the basment you got into a sewer with torches against the wall. Its a medival setting and once you got trough the sewer you got into the castle
9:18 AM
@TJasinski DOES NOT COMPUTE. That's 2 years before the release of the PS2
PS2 was released in 2000
I'm working with half info , she's not really a gamer. She do's remember that it came in a longer dvd style box. Any console's from around that time used that kind of box?
well, I don't think that's the PS1 because those came in shorter style boxes
Yes that's what i remebered as well. OG xbox was also after 2000 right?
yeah, Gamecube too
Hmmm, and just based on the last description. It doesn't ring a bell? I've resorted to checking all the games released from 1990. Thats going to be quite the job
9:25 AM
Hmm, it might be a Sega Saturn game
I'll check those out , thanks
Q: in undertale when i do the genocide route i cant fight sans and its kind of sad

undertalei want to fight sans but nothing happens even if i go genocide route i kill everybody that i come upon even papyrus so how come i cant fight sans i want to know what you have to do to be able to fight sans iv answered yes and no but the same thing happens he just said that im a brother killer or ...

9:47 AM
@Nzall i just watch/listened it today
was thinking it was a new expansion at first when i saw it in my download feed
1 hour later…
11:13 AM
Q: My Minecraft Worlds, Minecraft Servers and Texture Packs on Minecraft are all gone

Abby MooreI don't know what happened I downloaded this Minecraft map called "Asleep" and when I try to load the world up everything is gone I have no idea what's happening everything (but my Minecraft account) is gone and I cheaked the website and it seemed safe but the link is https://mapcraft.me/ I Don'...

Q: (Minecraft) How to show a message with command blocks?

AlexZedXGamingI have a multyplayer server with my friends and I want to create a command block that when a player dies to show in the caht or on the screen a message for example :"Press F to pay respects".

12:02 PM
Q: Minecraft - is it possible to target all players that are (or aren't) in a team without using the specific team name?

CoonI want to create two custom items. One with an aura that harms every player in the enemyteam and one with an aura that heals every player in my team. My problem here is, that i don't want to name the team in the item. Instead i want the item to detect what player is a friend or an enemy. /exec...

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1:29 PM
Just in case the new Paper Mario doesn't live up to it:
2:04 PM
Q: My Minecraft world has just disappeared and it isn't in the saves folder either

Harry BarrettI've been playing on a Minecraft world (1.15.2 Java edition) for quite a while and one day I tried to open that world but just after the chunks loaded, my laptop crashed. I went back on to Minecraft and my world wasn't in the world list. I looked this up on Google and everyone said to check my sa...

Q: PS4 saved game data is lost after Restoring Default Settings (after power outage), but screenshots are still there

devI suffered a power outage at home, facing the following problem hours after when trying to turn my PS4 Pro on (sorry, my PS4 language is set to Spanish, but I'm adding a translation with every screenshot): Translation: Checking the system's storage status...Don't turn your PS4 off. When the chec...

2 hours later…
3:43 PM
Q: Is there a way to see your pokemons ivs in numbers?

Zayden Plays PokemonSimply put, I want to breed for a 31 31 spa spe iv froakie but i cannot tell if the ivs are 31 or not on greninja because the iv judge doesnt say numbers. is there a way to see numbers of ivs?

4:05 PM
@Batophobia oh that looks fun
4:35 PM
Q: Does the campsite count as a visitor?

AshEvery day you get one visitor like Leif or Flick or CJ or Redd etc. On the days you have a villager at your campsite, does that count as your visitor for the day? Or can you have, say, Flick on your island at the same time?

Q: Can I transfer my saved KSP game files between platforms?

Gilbert SextonI've been playing KSP on a XBOX, but I'd like to transfer all my save data over to a Windows 10 PC. Is this possible? If so, where are the files and what do I need to transfer?

Q: Are there cases where Retreating awards items, other than Explore's Minibosses?

MaladyAre there cases where Retreating awards items, other than Explore's Minibosses? I know fleeing a Miniboss Battle in Explore awards a pittance of Mythstones... A.k.a 2 / 3... But I was on Level 1. I haven't tried it with higher levels yet. As a side note, that's also a good way to avoid Mythic B...

@Lazers2.0 Ostensibly a dupe of this
But I have no idea where the save data is on XBox
1 hour later…
6:09 PM
I just refunded Control. I think it's probably a good game, but it's too hard for me to justify playing it even for 20 EUR right now.
I might buy it again in like a year or two when it's like 5 EUR
6:19 PM
@Wipqozn that's 5 days after my birthday!
7:07 PM
Q: What is the minimum parts needed for the new nintendo 3ds xl to boot and transfer data?

StocksAndStonksI am currently repairing a new nintendo 3ds xl and I want to transfer my data from motherboard 1 to motherboard 2, since there are some broken ribbon cable clips on motherboard 1. I currently do not have a working touchscreen or bottom screen, but the top screen works. What is the minimum amount ...

7:56 PM
Q: Can you play games between physical and online platforms (eg. Xbox Live & Xbox can play with PC & Steam)?

Tony DiNittoI've researched this a lot and can't seem to find what I would think is a simple answer. I'm want to play Borderlands 3 w/ a friend using Xbox Live & Xbox One. I have a PC. I see Borderlands 3 on sale via Steam's site for $59, but I also see Borderlands being sold as a hard copy for $30 new. ...

Q: How do I see items that I already passed in a review queue?

ExpertCoder14After passing through a review queue in Arqade, I would like to revisit some of these questions/answers, but don't remember the name or any of the text in that question. I do not want to have to manually search it up. What do I do?

8:10 PM
What's the process for merging answers into a dupe target. Asking because of this
Hey chat, should I have burgers or sausages for supper?
Always burgers.
9:01 PM
Sorry, you were both overruled due to logistical reasons
Are there no burgers?
Where there never any burgers?
Have we been mislead this whole time?
@RedRiderX I need to run the dishwasher because I don't have a clean flipper suitable for use on the BBQ
Q: Does there exist a highway sign mod in Transport Fever 2?

areweoutofthewoutsI've been looking for a mod in Transport Fever 2 that allows to make custom text highway signs, does anyone know if there exists a mod for it? Thanks.

9:24 PM
@MBraedley you have hands, dont you?
@Dragonrage Time was of the essence. Also, I have a robot that washes my dishes, why would I do that myself instead?
@MBraedley i meant for flipping the burgers
also, i have a dishwasher at my apartment, but i literally never use it
@MBraedley flag for mod attention and explain why you think they should be merged, or open a meta question if you want a discussion about whether they should be merged or not
@Dragonrage I wish I had a dishwasher.
9:43 PM
@Dragonrage I believe they fall under the category of "not suitable for use on the BBQ"
@Ash its the first time ive had one, and ive grown so accustomed to washing by hand every day, i dont ever use it
@MBraedley i dont usually use mine, i have a nice spatula, but my mom flips stuff all the time with her hands
though im pretty sure she is like 80% resistant to heat. never seems to bother her
Q: How do you get 64 of something through the the give command in minecraft pe

Cameron JohnsonIm in survival And Im trying to Get 64 Experience Bottles Can anyone help me?

10:23 PM
@MBraedley Sushi
10:39 PM
anyone here have between 5k and <10k rep and mind checking something for me?
10:51 PM
Q: Is there a Loyalty Bonus for having saves of the previous games on the same device / device line?

MaladyIs there a Loyalty Bonus for having saves of the previous games on the same device / device line? Like how the Pre-Sequel gave moonstones and weapons for having the previous games?

Q: Can comments be written in a code-font while writing?

ExpertCoder14Comments are used to clarify posts or ask for more information. They also support a very small sample of Markdown, to allow for the addition of links, bold, italics, and code font. I would like to propose that comments be written in monospaced font, the same as the asking and answering text fiel...


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