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1:02 AM
Q: How to not totally suck at minecraft pvp?

Everyone_ElseAnd I really do mean totally suck. In game modes like uhc or classic duels (sword + bow + rod on mostly flat terrain), I find that I struggle to even hit opponents - typically the server says that I have a melee accuracy of 5-10%, compared to about 50% for the people I get matched with. Usually...

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2:14 AM
Q: when doing testfor my name has a space in it so it doesnt work

SMASHER MORR15when i type up testfor in the command block then put my username it doesn't register MORR15 (my username is SMASHER MORR15) what do i need to do?

@Lazers2.0 Sneaky Archer. Works against every situation except scripted boss battles.
2:34 AM
@TrentHawkins isn't that like all of them?
or does unique enemies count as bosses?
3:33 AM
Nothing to see here; just need the link.
4:17 AM
@Wrigglenite Just killed my 200th armored skeleton. Still no armor polish
It's the last thing I need to make an Ankh Shield
4:48 AM
@PrivatePansy okay that's amazing
@Memor-X pretty much, unfortunately. But sometimes you can at least find cover and lose aggro after the "I know you're there" dialogue. Or just use your meat shiel--- er, companions to distract them.
Q: Jade Empire for iOS, are the romance sub-plots intact?

hydeI played Jade Empire on XBox long time ago, and now the iOS version of the game looks rather nice. I'm planning to buy and play it on iPad, but I have some reservations. I'm hoping for an answer from someone who has actually played both XBox (or PC is the same I guess?) and iOS versions and can c...

5:30 AM
@TrentHawkins i'm just imagining Alduin saying that when you get back with Dragonrend as an archer character is hiding behind a rock going "please don't find me please don't find me please don't find me"
does anyone know if Steam will force a game to update if you change the Game's name in the app manifest files?
thinking of writing a script to append some stuff to all of them but wont be worth it if it then causes 1000+ games to force update
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7:18 AM
@SaintWacko Sprinkle some garden gnomes around the dungeon
Q: Minecraft Script for building a cactus farm

McplatetI have a specific cactus farm design that I would like to build using a script. What is the best place to get started?

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9:28 AM
Q: Do nightclub technitians generate value more efficient after upgrading biker businesses?

user573215Biker businesses like the weed farm can be upgraded to run more efficient by quicker generation of products from resupply, generating more units of products from units of each unit of resupply and raising the worth of each unit of products. At least that's how I understand the in game descri...

10:16 AM
Q: How to give each player access to their own individual building area that they can choose people to access

LuximunHow do you give each player in a server an individual building area that they can give other players access to if they want. I do not have much experience in Minecraft servers so I need a little help. I haven’t been able to find anything anywhere.

10:40 AM
Q: Can "Now or Never" quest be kept on hold?

Nikhil EshvarThis is my first playthrough of Witcher 3 and I know that Geralt has two potential love interests: Triss and Yenniffer. Since I have played Witcher 2, I know about Triss and this game has been pushing me in to TeamTriss too... However I have not started any missions with Yenniffer and so I don't ...

Q: Is there any benefit in opening green and blue or chests when Kratos is at full health or mana?

user598527 God of War still allows consuming green and blue or chests when Kratos' health and magic reserves are maxed out. Is there any benefit whatsoever using these consumables you may need later (the game isn't strictly linear and some areas are revisited)? Not to be confused with the red orb chests ...

11:04 AM
Q: Prison architect ceo phone call

AliEThe CEO asked me to do a food job and I forgot about it because I was in lock down mode from prisoners escaping and now he keeps pulling funding He says " Since you've decided not to implement the new food policies we've asked for, we're going to take the potential savings directly from your fu...

11:28 AM
Q: Is there any way to play Euro Truck Simulator 2 on multi-player with a shared Steam library and only 1 copy of the game?

areweoutofthewoutsSo I heard that it's possible to play the shared Steam library at the same time when one of the users is offline. But is there some way that multi-player works with only one copy of the game in the shared library, or isn't it possible? Thanks in advance! :)

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12:45 PM
@GnomeSlice Gotcha. I got into the beta for the Steam version, but didn't get a chance to play it, so I dunno how different it is.
@fredley Wow this is just pure gold.
From "Chicken Dump Truck" to "Boycott" to "Green Dish", I don't think it could be sillier if you tried.
Oh wow I just saw "Metal Suspicion"
1:04 PM
Q: Why I have a negative income in Powerhouse Windows 3.1 game?

VadimGame: Powerhouse OS: Win 3.1 | dosbox Problem: after upgrading the oil rig to 6 pressure pumps, it outputs 414 fuel to the adjacent refinery with 4 hydroskinning units. It outputs -315 of processed fuel to the adjacent generator with 2 steam converters, which output -258 electricity. This decre...

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2:17 PM
Q: Can't install or uninstall The Surge 2 in Xbox Game Pass

gfyansI made a video of the problem: Basically The Surge 2 is in my games list, but it hasn't installed. It looks like it has (the icon is full colour), but it hasn't. I can't install it, and I can't remove it from my game list by uninstalling it. It's just stuck there...

2:59 PM
@Wrigglenite I'm still pre-plantera
I was just killing regular armored skeletons. I do wish I had remembered the whole luck thing, though -.-
I got one on my 218th kill
Q: How did I get Ghulvania to Power Level 2, without completing its quests?

MaladyI came back to Gems of War after years away, and somehow, my Ghulvania passed Power Level 1, the one that, for all the other Kingdoms, needs the Kingdom's quests to be completed. But, I've barely started the Ghulvania quests, at 2 out of however many battles there are... Does anyone know how ...

Oh right, those skeletons
@Mazura I, for one, have definitely never done that before. Nope. Not at all. whistles innocently
I'm currently trying to get the Eater's master drop
I've run out of shadow orbs, so I'm slowly waiting for Vile Mushrooms to grow
@Wrigglenite I beat the Destroyer last night, so I'm going through the jungle looking for life fruit
I think I'm ending up ranged in this game
Megashark + Onyx Blaster + Frost Armor is pretty great
3:15 PM
I'm just really enjoying Archery Potions as a whole
They're so strong
Yeah, I just wish there were an equivalent for bullets :(
Maybe I should spread dirt in the corruption so there's more room for the mushrooms to grow
My medium world only has a tiny patch of corruption
Also, I wonder if I can fight the Twins in the underworld...
Already got my whole WoF arena in there lol
I don't think there are any restrictions on the mechanical bosses
Hm, I'll have to see how well that works
I have something like a 4000 block long arena with complete coverage of Sunflower, peace candle, bonfire, heart lantern, and star in a bottle
3:22 PM
That seems like overkill!
Haha, it's Master Mode, I was paranoid :P
As a side note, I love dry bombs
And their variations
I haven't tried any of the new terrain bombs
It's so easy to create fishing pools now
Q: What are some good strategys to optimize food skills activation chances at the canteen?

MMalkeRegarding the canteen's ingredients, I find it very bothersome that most of the times I don't have the ingredients I need as fresh to ensure determined skill activation. Is there any strategy to optimize food skills activation chances? I know Gourmet Vouchers make all of the ingredients fresh, ...

3:53 PM
Q: /setblock blue banner

MinecraftCommandsSo far I have the following command working: /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:standing_banner 4 But I've tried adding 4, Damage:4, Base:4, etc to the end, but the banner is always black. How do I make it blue? Im on 1.12 by the way, so don't say "just change it to 'blue_banner'"

You can settle down there
4:14 PM
@Wipqozn @RedRiderX @Niro Got a chance to try Royals last night on TT. excellent game. Seems too simple at first but the strategic depth reveals itself to be quite something
The mechanics are not hard to learn but I think I will need many more plays to come up an efficient strategy. I came in last
@GnomeSlice Sounds good, I'd be up for trying it at some point.
First few turns are full of taking bonuses and then it becomes less about that and more about long game bonuses and gaining influence
4:33 PM
@Ronan I got Rocket from you!
Wow she was in the void for a while then
5:05 PM
Q: How to get more seed packets to complete 40 seed packets quest?

user4951In plants vs zombies 2 there are quest that tell me to get 40 seed packets. I did events, I did 3 pinata, I did arena. I usually have 33 out of 40 seed packets. I wonder if there should be anything infinitely repeatable where I can get those seed packets? So I can get 40

Q: How to make attack strength icon more visible minecraft 1.15.2

Everyone_ElseAfter attacking there is a small bar that reloads, telling me about the damage of my next attack. I find this bar really hard to see. How can I make it more visible?

1 hour later…
6:17 PM
Q: How to deactivate a hopper without activating a dropper directly below?

ExpertCoder14I am creating a redstone system that has a dropper facing upwards into a hopper that in turn points back down into the dropper. My goal is to be able to lock the top hopper by powering it with redstone. But however I seem to go about this, it seems to power the dropper, sometimes only when it r...

1 hour later…
7:42 PM
Oh no, San Francisco is hotter than Miami
8:17 PM
Q: How to obtain the agent spawn egg in Bedrock Edition?

LA_I would like to experiment with the agent on the standard (non-education) edition of Minecraft for iOS. It looks like there is only one way to do it without Code Connection - get it 'with an NBT editor'. But what does it mean? What should I modify there? Will I just get the mob or will I be able ...

9:07 PM
Q: Minecraft 1.15 a way to check if entity can see a player

Dave.Hope you are all doing well, i trying to figure out how i can test if an entity can see a player in it's view atm i am using code below; execute as @e[type=minecraft:villager,tag=Path,tag=Villager10] at @s anchored eyes facing entity @e[sort=nearest,limit=1,type=player] eyes anchored feet positi...

@Wrigglenite Rebuilt my Hallowed Desert house into an Inn
9:25 PM
Ooh, that's so nice
We just got into hardmode and we've been dying a lot
Q: How to prepend numbers with 0 if less than 10 in chat?

ExpertCoder14I am creating a timer system using the scoreboard. I would like the timer to display on the actionbar title in the format HH:MM:SS. Currently I already have command algorithms that will set the number of hours, minutes, and seconds from the total number of seconds. This is the command I use to...

9:48 PM
Oh god, Sydney keeps giving me recipes for tombstones. Is she sending me a message?
Also if anyone, uh, wants that recipe you can have it
So the new Paper Mario looks like it might be excellent
Q: How would I add lapis lazuli to a command block

MrSurprize360I cannot find the way to add lapis lazuli to a command block on Minecraft PS4 edition (bedrock edition) I’m trying /give lapis_lazuli 15 | but that didn’t work I also tried lapis and lapislazuli and those Also didn’t work.

@GnomeSlice I am very hopeful! I preordered it because I can't resist even though the last couple weren't as good
10:07 PM
@Wrigglenite Lol yeah, that lasts for a little while
Once I got the top tier metal armor it got a bit better
@Wrigglenite If I flip the switch in the attic, the balconies actuate and the outer pillars de-actuate, so then I can just shoot straight down the walls at anything outside
Dyeing my hair purple again, because why not.
I just wish I could get the normal spawn rate back with NPCs there
10:19 PM
@Ash I did not play the Wii one but I heard it was great.. it didn't look as good to me though
Thousand year door I stopped right when I opened the door... never finished and then gave my copy away as a gift
I didn't like the last 3ds one
10:44 PM
Whew! Killed the Queen Slime!
Reusing my Wall of Flesh arena made it a lot easier
11:31 PM
Q: Is there anything in-game pointing to the location of the Hylian Shield?

HearthI'm playing Breath of the Wild, trying to finally finish up the quests I never got around to before. I'm trying to play as spoiler-free as possible, so I'm not looking up the locations of things, but I do know that the hylian shield exists in the game and would like to get it. Is there anything i...


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