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12:19 AM
Q: Execute at chest

AceplanteI thought I already asked this but its not on any of my accounts so here it is: I am trying to testfor and execute at any chest with a specific pattern of certain items, or at least one with a specific name. Im trying to use commands to make something similar to the "pop-up tower" chest on Hypi...

Q: Finding Older Vegas Slot Machines

TwistyI'm trying to find a slot machine and I've been unable to find a website where you can search for older machines. Here are the details I know. If someone can share personal info or a good resource. Located in MGM Grand Las Vegas Seen during the Wizard of Oz exhibit (mid 90s) Featured the Wicke...

Q: Can I Access The Moon To Do The Next Step Of The Lie?

SIDDHARTH SALAPAKAI am a new light player with no dlc. I recently completed the shotgun telemetry quest step for the lie quest. The next step tells me to go talk to Rasputin. Rasputin is on the moon and when I went there it placed me in a mission. That was my first time on the moon. Whenever I open the director it...

Q: Forza Horizon 4 crash suddenly

enmanuel_magI just buy Xbox Game Pass I decided to install this game, but when it crash sometimes in the loading screen after press Resume (to countine plaiying) or when I'm playing (driving). My laptop is a MSI GV62. Intel i5 8300H RAM 24 GB GTX 1050Ti (4 GB VRAM) SO: Windows 10 1909

12:42 AM
Q: Can I play purchased PSN games without a PSN subscription

Vaibhav SharmaI want to purchase one particular gadme - gta 4 from PlayStation Network but I don't want it's subscription. Can I make a gta 4 purchase, download it and play on my ps4?

factorio was a mistake
1:26 AM
When I looked at how long I had played Fallout 4 in the first month, it was an amount of time that should have been physically impossible.
1:44 AM
@Mazura i'd be curious about what my dad's is but i don't think the XBone will have the correct stats since he started a new game recently
1:54 AM
every waking hour would be misleading because that would imply that I slept.
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3:05 AM
Q: How do I increase the speed of a mob spawner in Minecraft?

5FluxI have a mob spawner killer for xp but it goes very slow. Is there anyway to increase the speed of the mob spawner? Bedrock

4 hours later…
6:36 AM
@Ash Physical copy I hope? Because there isn't really a reason to preorder a digital copy unless you want specific goodies included
Q: Friends unable to connect to Minecraft Server: Connection Refused

user2826539I am creating a modded forge minecraft server v 1.12.2, but my friend on a different network than mine cannot join. Here is the error he gets: io.netty.channel.abstractchannel$annotatedconnectexception: connection refused Here are some things I have done so far: Set my PC's IP to a static one...

7:29 AM
Q: What is the scale of World of Warcraft's zone maps (converted from 100x100 coordinate grid system to yards)?

dpcollier128In an ongoing project of mine, I have collected the coordinate data for most quests in the game using the lua files within the current version of the WoWPro Guides addon. The goal of this project is to determine what zone has the most clustered questing routes mathematically. This would be via ca...

7:53 AM
Q: Why were some games released for both SNES and Genesis/Mega Drive very different from each other?

Montray"Turtles in Time" (SNES) vs "The Hyperstone Heist" (Sega Genesis). These are not identical whatsoever. They were made by the same company (Konami) at the same time, yet are significantly different from each other in spite of sharing the same basic idea. Why did Konomi (and maybe other game deve...

8:40 AM
Q: how can i summon a pig riding a bat in Minecraft?

SnorreThis is my command: /execute ~ ~1 ~ summon bat ~ ~ ~ {Passengers:[{id:pig}]}

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9:52 AM
Q: Why can’t my friend who has windows 10 join me who has an iPhone 6?

NessaBasically we friended eachother tHROUGH Xbox and now we’ve been trying to join eachother but it won’t work. It says outdated server and or cannot connect to world. When we both have it updated to the latest version.

2 hours later…
11:48 AM
@RedRiderX so what did you think of Royals?
I liked it so much I ordered a hard copy
2 hours later…
1:27 PM
Q: does FE Heroes treat weapons as skills?

Blazing HeroI've been playing the hall of forms recently and I noticed a skill called phantom speed to give to one of my units. when a skill compares speed with an opponent, treat it as if the unit using it had +10 speed. now I know of a unit's weapon that gives better stats when you're faster than your oppo...

1:48 PM
@GnomeSlice I think the ticket to ride comparison make sense.
But with a little more direct conflict then is in that game.
2 hours later…
3:29 PM
Q: How to use //wand command in Minecraft Java Edition?

snoopstickI have seen a few Minecraft videos using the wand command. I would like to know how to use it because I have been using /fill and it is a tedious process to fill a space.

I still haven't played that one
3:54 PM
Q: Can I use Code Connection tool with non-educational version of Minecraft (iPad)?

LA_It is not quite clear for me - can I use Code Connection tool (installed on my Mac) with the standard (non-educational) version of Minecraft (installed on my iPad Pro)? When I try to connect from iPad to Code Connect, I get an error - connection failed. Both devices are in the same local network....

Q: Searching for a way in bedrock to test for a held item

JackI'm trying to make a named sword in bedrock on the PS4 that, when held, gives regen. I can't find a command that works for detecting when you're holding a certain item. I've tried many and none seem to works with my version. Any help?

Oh wow, I think I have three real pieces from Redd
Anyone wants in?
Sure! I haven't seen Redd in forever
The code is 9Y3JS
There are two paintings - Jolly Painting and Flowery Painting that according to polygon.com/animal-crossing-new-horizons-switch-acnh-guide/2020/… are probably real
The robust statue is not real, but go for it if you want a Greek statue with a wristwatch
4:10 PM
Apparently Credit Karma underestimates my credit score by about 70 points
Let's go
Isn't Credit Karma just FYI only anyway?
Yeah it's not the same as a hard inquiry
Getting a new car and the online system works shockingly well
At least this time I definitely don't need a cosigner lol
Welcome to adulthood (and crushing inescapable debt)
I'm just going with another lease, though I probably should have gone with a purchase but ehhhhh
Can always buy it at the end of the term
I've heard the second hand market is going to crater because of the recession
4:20 PM
We're buying a used camper!
@PrivatePansy Man, you did not make it easy to get to Redd lol
Animal Crossing obstacle courses are fun to build
I only fell in one pitfall :P
Whoa. What is that bridge with blue railings?
Of pre-HOMM4 HOMM games. So godo
@SaintWacko It's just one of the bridge designs, Iron Bridge I think
@PrivatePansy Can you change the color? I didn't think mine looked like that
4:35 PM
No, the only one I can build is blue. What's your color?
Not sure, gotta check. Maybe I just didn't realize how it looked lol
Alright, no, I guess mine is blue too
hello remote desktop please cooperate thanks
It just looks nicer actually out in the world
and stop disconnecting with no feedback
other than that the screen stops responding and the clock desyncs
5:08 PM
Q: On PS4 Pro, enabling HDR in game (MK11 or SOTTR) seems to actually "disable" HDR

Mostafa ZeinaliI have a PS4 Pro, and a 4K HDR Sony Bravia 8500x. After installing SOTTR, I noticed that enabling HDR "in game" makes the image a lot more pale and makes the blacks turn into grey. With the HDR enabled "in game" even going back to the PS4 home screen shows a very different picture quality, pale a...

5:24 PM
@MBraedley Sanity check: /scoreboard players set does not accept NBT correct? To do that you do need /execute @a nbt scoreboard players @p set right?
@Unionhawk No, you should be able to do NBT with the scoreboard. It'd be in the selector too.
Is that 1.13?
Before moving NBT into a selector, you could run scoreboard commands against NBT data at the end of the command.
If you're just using the NBT for selecting targets, you don't need execute.
If you're storing NBT values to the scoreboard, you need execute store (I think).
So just, for example, /scoreboard players set @a Flag 1 {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:wool",Damage:11s}]}?
@Unionhawk No, it's in the selector. /scoreboard players set @a[nbt={Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:wool",Damage:11s}]}] ... (I think, I haven't done much command mechanics recently).
But that also doesn't work anymore with the flattening
5:31 PM
nbt= is 1.13 apparently, so I think I do need an execute here
more like {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:blue_wool"}]} or whatever colour that should be
Q: If I buy a game i previously sold will my data still be there

Maxim GutcovSo a year ago i sold my MkXL and now I am not a fan of Mk11 so I was thinking of swapping my Ps4 spiderman for it.Will I keep my data because I previously owned it?

Oh, you're pre 1.13? What you had was right
@Nzall digital, so I can predownload and play it at launch.
Plus then I don't have to remember to do it later.
(also, why does my choice of preordering matter?)
Q: Will `/scoreboard players tag` remove tags from ineligible players/entities that were previously tagged?

MBraedleySay I put the following command, which is used as an example in the 15w32b wiki article, in a repeating command block and set it to run: /scoreboard players tag @a add InAir {OnGround:0b} Anyone who is not on the ground will get the InAir tag, but will the tag automatically be removed when the...

It's the tag version, but the same concept for NBT applies.
5:36 PM
It doesn't help that the wiki doesn't show me the now invalid syntax
You were using the 1.13 version of execute, so I thought that's what you were looking for.
God I haven't done this in a long time lol
5:57 PM
Q: /execute as @a[tag=!<tag>] doesnt seem to work

Thyagusui made a kelp that summons a slime on the enemies every time i eat with it. I used these commands /scoreboard objectives add Kelp minecraft.used:minecraft.dried_kelp , /execute as @a[scores={Kelp=1}] run tag @s add Kelp1 , /execute as @a[tag=!Kelp1] run summon minecraft:slime ~ ~ ~ {Size:2} , /s...

6:48 PM
@Ash It's mostly personal preference. Personally I have been burned on preorders myself so often that I've stopped doing it unless there's a significant discount available (more than 20%).
I tend to only preorder stuff in franchises I really like.
And even then only if the game is in a genre I know I enjoy, from a company I have enjoyed in the past and in a franchise I like
Anything that doesn't match those 4 categories (good genre, good developers, good franchise, good discount) can wait until I've seen reviews and preferably found a good discount
Well, on Switch you're likely never going to see much discount for Nintendo titles, so shrug
I mean, you do you, but this works for me.
Q: Best Quest Exotics?

SIDDHARTH SALAPAKAI just wanted to know what are the best exotics that I can get from quests right now. If there are any other weapons that are not exotics but are still good and attainable through quests those would be appreciated too.

Q: When you have choices, are you always right?

Fredy313 times in the story I got a choice to make between who is good and who is a cult member. (Like once it was between 2 twins that one of them was a cult member and the other was a priestess, or another one was between the two Kings of sparta) Every time, I took a wild guess because for me, it loo...

7:21 PM
Yeah, I mainly play on PC, where there are many stores that pretty much can only compete on price
Q: How to disable game alerts from RDR2 on PS4?

Peter HallI keep getting notifications from Red Dead Redemption 2, about new clothing options or things that I have absolutely no interest in. I don't really play this game any more. How can I disable them? I unchecked the "Game Alerts" option in settings months ago, but that doesn't seem to be the right ...

Q: Can shortcut actions be set to target ally npc's?

SidneyIn the Trials of Mana remake they've added shortcuts for oft-taken actions like using healing items on yourself. Thing is, as far as I can tell, you can only use the shortcut keys for actions taken on yourself (or enemies) but I can't figure out how to set them for actions on allies. Is it possib...

1 hour later…
8:51 PM
@Nzall Yeah, that makes it definitely easier to find discounts :)
9:26 PM
Q: I can't stop sprinting in Hypixel (A server in Minecraft)

MekaczWhen I press the 'W' button, I sprint automatically. Same thing for when I crouch and press 'W', I still sprint. It's just on one server (mc.hypixel.net), so I don't think there's an issue with my keyboard. It started early this morning (around 5 or 6 am est). I tried changing the keybind, but th...

1 hour later…
10:47 PM
Alright, beat the mechanical bosses
10:59 PM
My outside temperature in degrees F is higher than my turnip prices

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