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12:00 AM
I want to know what the mysterious voice was
I'm pretty interested in the lore actually
this would make for a good miniseries
12:41 AM
looks like the original Nier game is coming out
like not the one on the X-Box, the one that came out in Japan before it
like just the text and the mention of the Black Scrawl reminds be that before the X-Box one where Nier was Yonah's father there was one where Nier was Yonah's brother
what's weird is that the Square Email said
> A new NieR game has just been announced
but it's not a new game so this is a remaster that's going to get a world wide release, ir they are rebooting it using the original as a basis
and with Automata out, regardless of which one it does it might more hint to how it's related to the state of thing in Automata
wait, got them mixed up, Gestalt was the original, RepliCant was based off it
> A separate game was also made exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and for the Japanese market, known as NieR RepliCant. The game is based in the same world and is only different in regards to Nier's appearance, his relationship with the girl Yonah, and the year the game takes place. NieR Gestalt was simply titled NIER in Europe and North America, as it is the only version released there.
both are from the 5th ending on Drakengard and both i think end the same or more or less the events of either game are the reason why Devola & Popla are treated like shit
1:08 AM
Q: Walking Simulator - game ask for VC 2015 when i already have it

TamalesRancheroslast night i downloaded from steam the game Walking simulator but when i tried to play it, it ask to install this 1st time i instaled it, the game doesnt even starts if i press the play button again it shows the same error msg i tried to install the same VC++ 2015 that i downloaded from the ...

1:31 AM
@GnomeSlice I mean heat pipes are a thing
'heatant' lol
@PrivatePansy really?
There are places where heat has to be transferred industrially
A heat pipe is a heat-transfer device that combines the principles of both thermal conductivity and phase transition to effectively transfer heat between two solid interfaces.At the hot interface of a heat pipe a liquid in contact with a thermally conductive solid surface turns into a vapor by absorbing heat from that surface. The vapor then travels along the heat pipe to the cold interface and condenses back into a liquid – releasing the latent heat. The liquid then returns to the hot interface through either capillary action, centrifugal force, or gravity, and the cycle repeats. Due to the very...
2:25 AM
I got a soft serve hat from a balloon, and I just cannot not see it as a pile of poo
2:49 AM
@PrivatePansy is it brown? Becausbethatxwould not help.
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3:50 AM
more or less suspecting some wont get their copy at release because of COVID-19 and asking people who do get their copy to don't be a dick and spoil shit
like given by now we know the full plot of the original game but there's some stuff that seems new this time so the warning makes sense
@Memor-X I have said this about other media and I'll say it again - the game is so old that many will be playing this version of the game for the first time
the original FF VII was released 23 years
I think it's safe to say that there's plenty of gamers that weren't even born when FF7 was released
4:23 AM
@Elise true but it is available for PC Square so it's not like say Legend of Dragoon that it would be impossible to get (legit) for someone to play
but some people may have abstained from playing the original VII when the remake was announced
i was climbing North Cave and fighting that 2 headed dragon in the PS3 thing when i found out about the remake
have not touched it since as to wait for the remake, which may have been a mistake given how it'll be released
1 hour later…
5:35 AM
Q: what is a good home station for low temp diamonds?

AddyI want to make some money by mining low temp diamonds but I want to know what would be a good home station to have for doing this? It should preferably be close to anything and not to hard to get to.

6:14 AM
If you happen to have a spare $500 lying around, you can get a life size Mareep plush pokemoncenter.com/product/701-05318/mareep-poke-plush-45-in
For the rest of us, watch this
7:10 AM
Q: Have the 'Share' link use our Arqade domain name

RobotnikCurrently, if you click on 'Share', the URL that is generated uses the Stack Exchange URL, i.e. https://gaming.stackexchange.com/q/... https://gaming.meta.stackexchange.com/q/... This could/should use our custom, shorter URL like so: https://arqade.com/q/... https://meta.arqade.com/q/... No...

7:53 AM
We're not not trapped in here with the coronavirus. The coronavirus is trapped in here with us.
Morning chat
2 hours later…
9:32 AM
9:47 AM
Like, seriously, ornamental people?
9:59 AM
Q: Will special agent eva become more expensive later?

DanielI got the special agent eva, yesterday it went from like 7 to 88 euro's..now its already 8 euro sad enough. Will it become more expensive later in the future? Because its the only female skin

10:41 AM
@Nzall well when we get AI's wont this be how we turn them into Anti-Viruses?
10:55 AM
Q: My iron farm isn't working 1.15

SpudBakeI have built an iron farm and i isn't working i have no idea why. I have tried moving the zombie. I also have a breeder nearby also.

11:25 AM
I'm tempted to play this, but as I've never played one before I guess I should probably wait til it's done
11:52 AM
Q: How to use commands with command block on Minecraft on iOS?

LA_I am running the latest version of iOS Minecraft. Education mode and cheats are enabled. I've got command block and trying to apply the following command there - give @p minecraft:written_book{pages:["[\"\",{\"text\":\"The art of rituals is of vital importance to the player.\"}]","{\"text\":\"...

12:15 PM
@Memor-X idk anything about ff7
@Nzall wtf? Crazy
Gloria Gaynor encouraging people to wash their hands with a tiktok challenge. Sometimes people are awesome
1:08 PM
Q: Want to move a house a few inches iin ACNH

ShroobsIf I want to move a house a few inches in animal crossing is it possible?

Q: Respawn ender dragon after someone has killed it

Jordan casson-jonesHi i run a spigot server and i was wondering if theres any way to respawn the ender dragon once the player has killed it using a command block that checks if its there and if not then summon it, or a plugin that can do this. thanks!

1:34 PM
Thank you turnip wizard for determining that the price history "42, 37, 134" corresponds to the "random" pattern, and that I should sell immediately
Turnip wizard?
yesterday, by Unionhawk
I'm getting an ssl error on that
I can get it on my phone, odd
1:38 PM
I knew I should have been writing down the prices
It can work with partial data, but it probably won't be as accurate
I've had all <100 prices so far anyway so I haven't missed out
2:02 PM
So apparently my pattern is "constantly decreasing" but it's telling me to hold my turnips.
It can't go down forever :p
2:21 PM
I sold today and I kind of want to build a bridge
but I kind of want to save up for a better bridge
Q: How can I register songs to my stereo in ACNH?

BenI have a stereo in Animal Crossing, but in order for it to play music I have to register songs Where can I find these songs?

Apparently I should pick up mount and blade 2 at some point
I always meant to try the first one, but never did.
@Unionhawk That might just be for New Leaf. New Leaf introduced patterns, but I think the previous games were all random.
2:52 PM
@Wipqozn wait for it to be done then
Sry mobile
Q: What does the copper coin do In dark souls 1?

Best user name everSo the guy who you can buy miracles from and who later has a small mission just gave me a copper coin. He didnt say what its for and its item description didnt help. Does anyone have any idea as to what this does? Any and all help or contributions of knowledge would be very much appreciated. tha...

3:39 PM
Q: Shadowplay won't record after driver update

kzhao14I updated my drivers (3/23 update) a few days ago. Ever since, my Nvidia Shadowplay won't start recording. Whenever I press Alt + F9 (or use the overlay), it instantly stops and says "recording saved", and shows the green dot with the red line through it. I have tried reinstalling the driver, re...

3:58 PM
Q: My teammate attacked my opponent and received 1-2 stars in Clan Wars

GeronimoMy teammate attacked my opponent and received 2 stars in Clan Wars. Will I get the full loot if I beat his attack by getting 3 stars? Do I lose anything if I'm not the first attacker on a base?

4:17 PM
Q: "People icons" in city window

user2449761Where can I find a description of "people icons" in the top left corner of city window? I guess it has something to do with workers/specialists, but I wasn't able to find it in Game Manual in Wiki pages.

4:35 PM
Q: Minecraft modded - resource pack not working properly on modded blocks but work on vanilla blocks

EdenI am asking why my Minecraft crashes when I try to use the 512 x 512 resource packs on the modded blocks. the texture pack looks fine on normal blocks but when it comes to the modded blocks from my friends mod, it doesn't work. please help I am sick and tired of all the pixelated blocks.

Q: How can I check for a item in a specific slot in Minecraft using a .json

ieatcrayons05I'm currently working on an advancement pack for Minecraft and I wanted to be able to check if a player has a certain item in a certain slot of their inventory. This is what I'm working with right now. "criteria": { "grab_sand": { "trigger": "minecraft:inventory_changed", ...

5:13 PM
Q: Minecraft : Give back item drop for map

Leopaul ESTOURI would like to know how to create a command to detect the drop of an item and to give it back (that's the part where I struggle because I Don't how to say that this item is this so "give it back". I thank you in advance !

5:26 PM
Aw man, when do we get dark mode?
SO has it now!
Apparently they're not really looking at other sites because the designs make it difficult?
The Frosthaven Kickstarter just went live about an hour ago. Already at $2.6 million
5:43 PM
what is that that it raised SO MUCH so far
Found the kickstarteer, and whoa those numbers just keep GOING UP
like its almost at 4 million
ah, apparently it is related to like the most popular boardgame on Boardgame Geek okay but yo that is still A LOT
Q: The Stanley Parable and Portal 2 disappears after Start menu in Windows

balonI can't run the executable properly, I have this files: Directorio: C:\Program Files (x86)\The Stanley Parable Mode LastWriteTime Length Name ---- ------------- ------ ---- d----- 31/03/2020 19:03 bin d----- 31/03...

5:58 PM
@Sterno I could've sworn that was already released to retail.
@Ash Worth noting the minimum pledge amount to actually get the game is $100, which certainly factors into it.
Still crazy though. Retailer pledges factor into that too.
$100 US, that is. $142 CAD.
@Sterno Oh looks like mod and demos have already released for tabletop. That's why I thought it was out.
@Wipqozn Whoa. Is that a normal price for board games?
That feels like a lot.
@Ash It's on the higher end, but it's not unusual.
Twilight Imperium is $160, for example.
You're normally looking at anywhere from $40 -> $80 CAD on average.
The main factor is the components the game comes with. How many components are there, and what are they made of?
Kickstarter tends to run higher because there's multiple pledge levels, and they often have stupid levels of extras and plastic you can add in.
C'MON games prints just a downright stupid amount of minis, and the kickstarters have even mroe.
6:27 PM
Just had a Teams screen share session where my coworker gave me control. I was able to turn on his mic, which means I was probably also able to turn on his camera too. That seems like something I shouldn't have been able to do.
Q: Where are the grassy plateaus caves in subnautica?

How do i....Can someone please tell me where the grassy plateaus caves are? I have looked everywhere on the internet for locations and there have been no answers, i've asked on reddit but no one's given an answer, answered it like it was a different question. Can someone please help me?

6:49 PM
Ok, so the final fight in Mission 3 of Doom Eternal is definitely too hard.
@MBraedley Yikes.
I'm not even playing on one of the harder difficulties.
It's just nonsense.
I turned the difficulty down to easy, and it still wasn't trivial.
Guess I'll just keep it here.
@Wipqozn Wow, I didn't realize. It makes sense, if I think about it, but it's been forever since I bought any board/card game that wasn't like...just a simple card game or something that didn't cost me too much.
@InvaderSkoodge Is that the cultist base?
@Wipqozn I have no idea what names of things are.
7:02 PM
@InvaderSkoodge Looks like it is indeed the cultist base,based on a google
I actually have a ton of trouble with those guys who are about the same size as fodder enemies but chase you down relentlessly and can only attack in melee.
@InvaderSkoodge The guys that like to jump at you, and then slam the ground?
@Wipqozn Yeah.
Easy is much more my speed.
It's still frantic but not brutally punishing for mistakes.
@InvaderSkoodge So best way to kill those guys is to use a weapon you haven't unlocked yet.
7:12 PM
There are other good options too. Rocket Launcher with the lock on is great, assuming you have it. Can't remember when you get it.
The ice grenade helps a lot too.
I shook a tree and a surveillance camera fell out.
I have rocket launcher with lock on.
Animal Crossing 1984.
It seems to kill a lot of stuff that otherwise takes a shitload of ammo to take down.
@Unionhawk Interesting read, which pretty much lines up with everything we've heard so far. Including just regular gamestop behaviour.
7:17 PM
That's another thing; the enemies are so tanky.
@InvaderSkoodge Rocket Launcher lock-on mod is one of my most heavily used weapons.
It's really great at killing big stuff.
@Unionhawk Parts of this really remind me of my previous company, in particular the parts about unrealistic sales target. Obviously wasn't my concern there, but multiple times I got wind of projected sales, or target sales and they were often completely realistic. They seemed to have no basis in reality. Basically the targets seem to be more of a "this is what we need to make off of this", as opposed to "This is what we actually expect to make."
My previous employer isn't doing too hot, and Gamestop isn't either. So I suspect part of the issue is they know how much they need to make to stay solvent, but they can't actually figure out how... so instead "uh this will make this much. We'll figure the rest out later!".... but then they never do.
It's also interesting seeing how this compares to other "DEATH OF A COMPANY" stories I've read, such as Toys R Us and Blockbuster... both in how people behave, but also how the failures are as much due to a changing business landscape (which may make your company no longer viable to begin with) and just due to constant mistakes made by the people running the show.
The constant push to always be upselling is a good example of that in Gamestops case. I'm sure they've got metric that shows that upselling actually results in more an uptick in sales for the warranties and what not. I'm also certain that those at the top don't realize how all the upselling is just driving customers away.

Whenever Gamestops is brought up, there's always hordes of folks talking about how they just stopped shopping at gamestop because all the upselling got fucking annoying, so they just went elsewhere instead.
7:45 PM
Q: Can you play online with a game bought on a none online subscription account in switch?

alyaki22I currently have two accounts on my switch each connected to the Japan and US e-store. The US account has the nintendo online subscription, but the japanese one doesn't. If I was to buy a game in the Japanese account and play it with my US account, could I use the online feature for that game?

@Wipqozn pushing hard on upselling is useful when your customers generally come to your store to buy something specific, AND you sell other products that you can put in alongside that purchase that you can market as something useful. Like, if you're a car salesman, upselling makes sense because people generally already want to buy a car, so if you can convince them to splurge on a more expensive model or cool features, you're not really going to lose a sale
However, Gamestop as a business model had a varied selection of games, due to their trade in scheme and pushing of used games. This means that a lot of customers only visit to see what's in stock and don't know in advance what they're going to buy (and if they do, they've likely already preordered it). Attempting to upsell in such a market is only going to make your company feel pushy and desperate for sales
Oh, I got my fourth Yearling
Time sure flies
8:22 PM
This is low key hilarious. So Rise of Nations Extended Edition by default opens at 1024X768. I try to change my resolution through the options menu, but that then minimizes the game for some reason. And by the time I opened the game again, the timer for accepting the new resolution has expired and it reverts before being able to accept
8:34 PM
no stringfish
but I did get a lot of money since CJ is on my island
also CJ is on my island if anyone needs to sell fish
He buys for 1.5x
He'll be here until 5am tomorrow my time
Q: How to randomize the positions of chunks?

DaedalusMindI have a Minecraft server, and for April Fools I want to "corrupt" the world. Are there any tools I can use to randomly mix around the chunks? It's a vanilla 1.15.2 world. Example (The numbers represent chunks) 1 2 3 5 4 9 4 5 6 --> 2 1 3 7 8 9 8 6 7

9:00 PM
Q: Console linking for Overwatch

UIOI recently bought Overwatch for Nintendo Switch but I have a ton of progress on PS4 too. I have linked my respective consoles on battlenet but it doesnt seem to have any effect. Is there a way of getting that progress on to Switch too so im not starting over? Is this even doable? I have chec...

@InvaderSkoodge hell knights? White heads with no eyes?
They're brutal in this game
@InvaderSkoodge try full auto mod on the combat shotgun
Eats heavies dinners
cc @Yuuki
@GnomeSlice Yeah, I've unlocked three of them so far.
Also my current run is ridiculous.
Spinel Tonic + Gesture of the Drowned + 3 Fuel Cells = constant acid trip
9:15 PM
idk what any of the lunar items do i hate them
Spinel Tonic is basically meth. It gives you a 20-second buff that increases all of your stats.
But when the buff wears off, you have a chance of getting a permanent debuff.
That lowers your stats when you don't have the Spinel Tonic buff.
yeah fuck that
Gesture of the Drowned reduces your equipment cooldown by 50%.
But automatically uses your equipment whenever it comes off cooldown.
So I'm constantly chugging Spinel Tonic whenever it comes off cooldown.
9:33 PM
@GnomeSlice The last main encounter before the final boss (I'm assuming) was fucking bonkers
Just about to fight final boss now, I tihnk
Q: How do I summon projectiles (specifically snowballs) above mobs in a certain radius when I am holding a certain item?

HonkI am currently trying to make a repeating command block continuously check if the player is holding a specific item (in this case, a fishing rod named "Snowball Bazooka"), and if the player is holding said fishing rod, then it will summon a snowball or some other projectile above all the mobs exc...

9:49 PM
@Wipqozn good luck, it's annoying. you seem to get random heavies that it prefers during the battle so if you get pain elemental good luck lol
spam the sword on big dudes you can't deal with in second phase there's a ton of pickups and they regenerate
Q: Need Help with Ctrl key in the game

willWhen I'm playing I cannot hit Ctrl attack to bust open a chest or get threw a wall. Has anybody else run into this problem if so how did you fix.

sewer water flood under my pc desk again
there must be a drain or something under this carpet
@GnomeSlice I hate the bosses in this fucking game
That ones not super fun yeah
They just take too long to kill in comparison to how quickly you can die
9:58 PM
you start running out of stuff
just blap the shit out of him with the chain gun
They're honestly some of the worst examples of game design I've ever seen
eh i mean the boss in classic doom was still pretty shit
but yeah theyre not the stars of this game for sure
ID software should honestly be ashamed and embarrassed for how poorly designed the bosses are in comparison to the rest of the game.
once you beat first phase of the icon you can retry from second phase at least
it took me like maybe a dozen tries to beat the icon
but they were long attempts
once i got more comfortable abusing the crucible it made more sense
the blood punch and crucible pickups respawn constantly
no bfg unfortuantely
@GnomeSlice OKay that's good to know
In that case I might actually beat it
10:00 PM
yeah bust all his armor then move to a new area and bust all his body parts
I was honestly considering just giving up, because if I have to do it over from the start, I don't see the point.
Basically it feels like the game just doesn't respect my time
Knowing I can restart from mid point makes me feel a LOT better
in the second area he moves around the arena but I almost never actually died from the actual boss himself
@GnomeSlice Ah that's good to know
I like never use the sword
heavies continuously spawn in the second one after a point and it seems like its always the same ones. one time it kept spawning pain elementals and it was hopeless
Honestly just knowing I can restart from midpoint already make it feel way better.
10:02 PM
got one where it kept spawning barons and with sword abuse was not bad
@Wipqozn use it a shitload once you get to the second phase
idk about the pickups in phase one probably respawn as well
@Wipqozn it goes to a whole new area which is way easier to navigate and with more shit in it
the first half sucks ass
just remember it could have been this bullshit
sorry doom2 not original doom
oh good I have that to look forward to on the switch
> To win the game you must kill me, John Romero.
I got Obra Dinn and it is really cool
@Stormblessed I can't wait to forget enough to play it again
I played 2 hours this morning and have gotten only 3 out of 60 :P
It's a really good game to just think about
@Ronan sounds like outer wilds
10:15 PM
Yeah they're both about discovering what's going on/happened
interesting. I will have to look at that game
Yeah obra dinn is cool
@GnomeSlice yup it’s a lot like that one
but even more unusual
@Stormblessed Is that 3 complete or 3 discovered?
@Ronan complete
Getting the name is really the hard part
It’d be nice if I could have a placeholder name when I know that one character that I don’t know the name of killed someone so I could fill it later
10:22 PM
I can't quite remember, but I think they unblur to say they're solvable when you can technically work it out, not when you actually have all the clues
I can't believe he says 'huge guts' in the flashback in the game lol
@Ronan yeah I think so
You can also fill in a position as a placeholder
Like "I don't know who this guy is, but he is up in the rigging so he's a topman"
Or "he's dressed nice so he's probably an officer"
Q: Two offline steam accounts on one PC?

UnaffordableInternetIs there any way to have two different Steam accounts on one PC, with BOTH being in offline mode? We have two people sharing one computer, and we'll be losing home internet in the near future. It will be a very long time before there's an affordable alternative here. Switching steam accounts see...

10:38 PM
this is a cool video
but the lore is pretty hidden, dark souls style in log entries and environmental cues
Hmm I think my right joycon may be drifting
Mine does that too all the time, have to just flick it
Hey y'all, a friend's kids super love Overcooked - any recs for similar stuff?
@Ash store.steampowered.com/app/996770/Moving_Out looks very similar and is coming out in three weeks
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime might also work loversinadangerousspacetime.com
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is quite different in concept but is in the same genre (might not be kid friendly though)
10:53 PM
also one called Moving Out that I don't think is available yet
Yeah, @PrivatePansy mentioned that one :)
This is helpful - that's not a style of game I play so I was at a loss.
There's shit like Pummel Party but it's competitive
fun though
you have stuff like gang beasts in that vein as well and Human Fall Flat for co-op silliness
Mario Party has a partner coop mode which might also work
10:59 PM
Ultimate Chicken Horse is pretty good too
I knew I could count on y'all to have some ideas!
battleblock theatre is a fun co-op platformer but not really like overcooked
@Ash out of curiosity what platform
@GnomeSlice I am actually not sure! I asked him, I'll let you know if I get a response.
dang this looks cute and fun too
i love the weird little alien characters
Q: FPS drops on specific chunks for no cler reason

BeltariI'm playing on a 1.15.2 multiplayer server, I was building a redstone machine based on this tutorial. After I completed the clock and before I started working on the note blocks, I started experiencing FPS drops. It went from 60 to 1. I assumed it was my PC/connection and logged out. Today I was ...

11:13 PM
right yeah that's what it reminded me of
steams down rip
game was... not what i wanted it to be but still very pretty
@TimStone loool
@GnomeSlice well I got phase 2, and have almosted killed it, but I'm done for tonight. And maaaybe forever. The fights just too fucking long and boring for how quickly you can die.
IF the fight was like, 1/4 of the length, then it wouldn't be so annoying.
Yeah it's not the best
As as of now it's just a giant fucking damage sponge that takes 15 minutes to kill.
11:23 PM
and ytou can go from full HP to dead in 5 seconds
I mean it is the most powerful demon ever
Spam sword
Like sorry,but I'm not a fucking high schooler living in my parents basement. I value my fucking time.
yeah it took me a while
several attempts and they were long
one of them it literally died at the same time as me and didnt count
you can do it, I believe in you
oh I know I can do it
The problem is I value my fucking time, and this game is wasting it.
It's a boring fight which takes too long and in which you can die too quickly. They obviously had no idea how to design a proper final boss which felt epic, so they just went for "let's make it long."
It just reek of lazy and incompetent game desing.
11:27 PM
the bosses in doom2016 were definitely better
@Wipqozn I mean
final boss was like a 5 minute fight
In theory I need to clean
Me too, in theory!
Also the second half of this boss is just the same damn thing over again, but in a different arena. Why.
That said, I'm happy everyone online agrees this final boss is fucking terrible.
Most folks don't seem to having as trouble beating it as I am, but they all agree it's boring and way too bloody long.
but then again my patience for this stuff is like zero
11:30 PM
its a weird step back, both bosses in 2016 were pretty memorable and way less shit
I used to have patience BUT ALAS, I've been spoiled by way too many great games to have patience for shit game design
Like Slay the Spire is one. It's ruined me for so many other games. IT's just so well designed, that other games which fall short just make me think "Spire already solved this problem."
Q: Is it possible to get on top of the nether in survival mode in Minecraft?

oliverthegreatIn Youtube, I heard many people claiming they did it, but I'm not so sure about it. The top of the Nether is supposed to be surrounded by indestructable bedrock, and getting to there is hard enough. But is it possible to actually reach (not glitch) to the top of the Nether? It would be a really c...

Q: Minecraft Forge for java edition

Http.MakkSo, I wanted to mod my minecraft and I found out you had to use forge to do so. After downloading forge for 1.15.2, and WITHOUT looking anything up I figured you had to set it up and open it with the Minecraft launcher which is a bit incorrect since it is not loading up or anything and it won’t a...

this is what became Tyrants in eternal
11:33 PM
@GnomeSlice The main problem with the two last bosses is they're just way too long.
Khan maker should've been half the length
Same with Icon. Actually, Icon probably should be a 1/4 of the length.
The Khan Makyr i dont think i found as annoying as you
I only died like twice
but yeah it took a while too
@GnomeSlice when i see games like this i'm always conflicted because they look and sound fun but they almost always say co-op/multiplayer/online despite listing/allowing single player and the thing is just because something like these have single player does not mean it's any good (ie. TD Maps in Warcraft 3 which allow 1 player and has got a single chockpoint)
@Memor-X I wouldn't play any of these solo
I think it's just sort of obvious from looking at them they're multiplayer games
@GnomeSlice yeh, just wish they didn't list single player at all then
just look at them before buying man idk you can still play it solo it's not wrong

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