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12:22 AM
> “One Step From Eden feels like a clever, twitchy little hybrid of excellent card-battling roguelike Slay The Spire and Capcom’s Mega Man Battle Network series.”
Well I'm sold
I've really been craving some MMBN. I'll need to check this out.
It's on Switch, too. Might buy it there if I buy it.
yeah i was thinking the same
i still havent played sts
yeah I'm definitely buying this haha
only question is Swicth or PC?
check reviews of control schemes i guess
12:38 AM
Q: Can't force game to use dedicated graphics card

Nathan SI am new to these forums, so I don't know if this is the right place to ask but... I recently purchased a new laptop, the Thinkpad P53s, which comes with an NVIDIA Quadro P520 Graphics Card. I have been trying to play games on the laptop, specifically Risk of Rain 2 and Hollow Night, and both g...

Q: Why doesn´t my cart bounce off walls in Minecraft?

Sebastian BragaI have a minecart and want to do something like this: but when my cart reaches the wall with the redstone rail activated, it doesn't bounce back off the wall, any ideas?

1:12 AM
god Citrix is shit
or maybe it's RDP itself
and the fact i'm doing all of this on a laptop with a trackpad just makes it worse
each action like a click or typing has lag to it, a delay before i see anything done
it's like 1/2-1 second
1:59 AM
After 7 tries I finally got a tarantula
user image
I made Tohru's costume from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (including the tail)
2:31 AM
Q: How can I disable "Screenshot Saved" notification?

arghtypeWhen I take a screenshot my PS4 shows "Screenshot saved" notification, and I think the same happens for videos too. But it hangs there for some time, and if I want to take another screenshot this notification stays there, like this: How can I disable these notifications? I want my screenshots ...

3:26 AM
@PrivatePansy oh very nice
Q: Family link new update

Julian BiceSo my parent got a new update on her phone for ‘family link’ this app lets you block apps and lock the kids phone (which I don’t like but whatever) and the newest update doesn’t let the kid make calls or open the keyboard and if I’m in an emergency I won’t be able to make a call or text for help....

oh interesting
new twitch moderation update
banned users will now no longer see chat at all, and their IP is also shadowbanned (any alt accounts created on that IP can post but nobody can see what they post) until unban
Also got a rainbow umbrella from a colleague's island. So lucky
@PrivatePansy I have a rainbow umbrella! it makes me SO HAPPY
I also have a tie dyed shirt so I feel VERY colourful right now
2 hours later…
5:42 AM
Q: If i have a comparator on subtract mode, when the output is being stopped can i turn that an output going into a different direction?

MoistyMike What i mean by this is when the output there is off as shown, can i turn that into and output going somwhere else?

6:19 AM
Q: I can't get rid of a poison effect?

EthanSo I was playing on one of my mod packs (1.12.2 if this helps), and had been bitten by a vampire and had turned, everything was normal until then. As in, when I turned I got an infinite poison effect, and I cannot get rid of it, at all. Milk buckets don't work neither does the /effect @p clear co...

7:15 AM
Q: How do I import a .zip minecraft map into Minecraft?

mintyirstI use Minecraft Education Edition. I have downloaded a few custom maps online (.zip) but whenever I try to import the extracted files into Minecraft, they don't show up. What exactly do I need to do to be able to get them available within the game?

7:52 AM
Q: Minecart Custom block

ValeonosI tried the 1.11 command of /summon minecraft:minecart ~ ~ ~ {CustomDisplayTile:1,DisplayTile:1,DisplayOffset:0} and the 1.13 version of /summon minecart ~ ~ ~ {CustomDisplayTile:1b,DisplayState:{Name:"stone"},DisplayOffset:1} These both not work Is that because im on Spigot/Craftbukkit? or is th...

2 hours later…
10:10 AM
@GnomeSlice huh that looks interesting
10:22 AM
Q: Command block minecraft setblock

CoenicornIs there a way to setblock to a player position in 1.15>? I already tried watching some youtube videos but they were all like 5 years old, so is there a way to do so in the newer versions of minecraft?

11:18 AM
Q: Companion relationship in M&B2 bannerlord

ManxJust wordering if there still have Companion relationship in M&B2 bannerlord, for example in warband Alayen like Ymira and dislike Marnid, Nizar etc. and if so where I can find it? Thanks for your help.

Q: Is the /fill command usable for switch version?

AshI tried to use it on minecraft Switch version and even used newest version of said command. (1.13+) I couldn't tell if I was doing something wrong or not...

Q: minecraft is there a maximum number of scoreboards in minecraft (1.15.2 / 1.16)?

zombie1111minecraft is there a maximum number of scoreboards in minecraft (1.15.2 / 1.16)? i think and hope the answer is no becouse i building on a really advanced pve map and i will rage quit if im almost done and i cant add a last scoreboard! i have probably over 40 scoreboard right now and i will prob...

11:36 AM
Q: Will I miss out on anything if I don't invite the three new residents to the island?

Aaron FThe day Nook's Cranny is constructed, Tom Nook receives a phone call while giving the daily announcement. When you walk into his tent he's still talking on the phone, and after he hangs up he tells you that there are three people who want to come to the island. What if I don't want these new pe...

11:55 AM
Q: How can you control vibrotactile feedback with Rec Room circuits?

forbymMotion-tracked controllers for VR offer vibrotactile (haptic) feedback, e.g. when your hand collides with a physical maker pen object. How can you control the vibrotactile feedback with circuits? I implemented one approach (for light switches) which consists of a physical maker pen object that i...

2 hours later…
1:35 PM
like my new favourite emote to use on discord
1:58 PM
It's not so much "3d" as it is "with a non-regular grid", but still pretty neat
I'm still stuck halfway through Tametsi ;.;
okay final Doom boss battle is not super fun
about the same as the final boss in classic DOOM lol
Q: What is the difference between minecraft Java edition and educational minecraft?

oliverthegreatI've heard of Minecraft education edition before, and my school microsoft account was eligible to play for free. But is it any different from the regular minecraft java/ or bedrock edition? Is there any mods in the education edition? Can you go to the Nether as well? If there is a difference, the...

I'd honestly give Final Doom a pass, there's plenty of better made free megawads these days
2:19 PM
@ToxicFrog final boss in doom eternal
I meant
but ive played final doom as well yeah
Oh right
Q: Command block output - how many players in an area

RdsterIs it possible to detect how many players are in an area with a testfor? Will the command block output from a comparator equal the number found? I'm working in 1.12.2 btw, thanks. I'd test myself, but am the only one currently on the server.

Q: Using the Fill and Replace command to fill up all dispenser?

416285I have a schematic of a large build with a couple hundred empty dispensers (facing all different directions) that I wanted replaced with TNT filled dispensers. I was messing around with the /fill command and replace [oldBlockHandling] but couldn't get it to work. /fill -884 28 977 -889 25 972 min...

2:51 PM
cc @AnyonePlayingAnimalCrossing
in particular, @Unionhawk
I'm not as worried about the debt as I am how a BRIDGE COSTS AT LEAST AS MUCH AS MY HOUSE DID
Also apparently the reach the credits speedrun is about 4 hours
Q: Is there a good way to move a rock?

Fredy31In Animal Crossing, I've got a Rock somewhere I would like to put a building. I would love to move it elsewhere, but it seems I only have 2 choices. Destroy it, or not put the building there. If I destroy it there I would straight up lose one of my rocks on my island, with seemingly no way to p...

3:16 PM
Doom eternal complete
@Unionhawk Hey man, bridge wood is expensive!
@Wipqozn ಠ_ಠ
@GnomeSlice I'm hoping to finish it tonight. And then, Nightmare mode, I think.
@Wipqozn What mission are you on?
I wasn't as near the end of the game last night as I thought
I might do it again on UV first and get all the collectibles before trying nightmare
Some of the encounters I'm not sure I can get through on a harder difficulty
The final boss was pretty challenging
3:44 PM
So I watched people play the super hard permadeath version of Doom Eternal and have determined I'm just bad at the game
4:01 PM
Q: Alternate Textures

ZeitusI recently needed some custom textures when working on a resource pack! I ran into issues and the blocks are broken, I will add screenshots with the problem. PLAYING ON 1.12.2.

4:13 PM
@GnomeSlice HEll city part 2
@Sterno Yeah, you need to constantly be moving and swapping weapons. Which is pretty hard for the elderly.
@Wipqozn Listen, buddy. I'm over 40, so I'm a protected class when it comes to discrimination.
You're lucky I don't work with you or I'd report you to HR
Q: how to delete and use other peoples user data

DanteI'm trying to investigate peoples inventories and things on my server to find out where a missing item went, but when I try to go into playerdata and delete mine and rename someone elses to my UUID it doesnt work and just brings back my playerdata, so i investigated, and it seems no mater how muc...

4:36 PM
@Wipqozn you probably have a few hours ahead of you still
@Sterno yeah there's a streamer I've watched play it and he's nutty
A big part of it is making better use of flame belch. I find the keys on the keyboard kinda hard to hit in the moment
swapping grenades and stuff
Q: Why there are no infected transports between two 100% infected countries?

Michel KeijzersI play this game and have regularly trouble infecting some islands (Madagascar, New Zealand, Carribean). In most cases almost the entire world is infected, and ships and planes are flying around (plague not detected). But how is it possible that between two 100% infected countries, there are hea...

think I'm gonna rebuy doom2016 on pc and play that again before too long as well
and maybe just the entire rest of the doom series
Doom 2016 felt super easy by comparison
AZSQ WDQD!@#~q145
That was probably apollo.
@Sterno It feels more comparable to Doom 2016 nightmare mode
I played 2016 on whatever the hardest difficulty was (unless it's harder after you beat the game once). Not sure if that was nightmare o rnot
2020: "Don't touch your eyes!"
Also 2020: "Hey, it's allergy season! LOL!"
4:52 PM
@Sterno The hardest was Ultra Nightmare, aka nightmare with permadeath
I didn't do permadeath
Is it map based permadeath, or campaign based?
I think out of the gate the game made it look like Nightmare mode was locked until you beat the game, so you probably did ultra violence?
Sounds plausible
Either way, it is harder than Doom 2016, in part because it's just so muc h faster.
Not moving at all times is a death sentence.
I feel like the enemies in Eternal are really good at predicting where I'm going to be
I also found out that I wasn't spending my suit points until map 4, so that probably didn't help
4:57 PM
Q: How do I get my save data back?

AChexy999I started Terraria mobile a while ago. I played for about a year, then stopped a bit after the new controls came out, maybe a year ago? I don't know. Anyway, yesterday (March 29) I tried to open it but realized it was no longer on my iPad. I re-downloaded it, but my save data was nowhere to be fo...

@Sterno It certainly wouldn't. Also, Ice Bombs are awesome.
Ice Grenades, whatever
@Wipqozn That's been almost all my suit upgrades
Next I need faster dashes
after that I mostly don't care
@Sterno The double grenade one is nice
I have them all there are more points than you need to unlock everything
Yeah, it was the same way in Doom 2016 for everything ability related. You could eventually unlock everything, if you secret hunted enough.
5:03 PM
I'm trying it on nightmare now
Didn't realize you could change difficulty without having to start a new save slot
Redoing all missions for completion
@Wipqozn been a while but sounds right
So when I first got to the Doom Hunter I died enough that it was like "Hey, want to use the mega suit that give you less damage? It's okay, buddy. You can still progress. You're not a failure just because we need to hold your hand to help you keep going"
Didn't feel good
@GnomeSlice I'm going to try Ultra nightmare once I beat it on UV. I don't plan to win, I'm just curious how far I get before I die.
@Sterno There's a megasuit?
I think nightmare is going to frustrate me
@Wipqozn Sentinel armor
@GnomeSlice oh right, I turned that off.
@Sterno it asked me that at a few points I think it only does it for bosses
I never wore it didn't know you could disable it
5:05 PM
@Wipqozn It's a cheat code you can use (maybe you need to "find" it first), and then I think after enough deaths on a level it starts telling you can use it when the "load checkpoint" thing pops up after death
No it's there from the start
@Sterno I don't think it's a regular cheat code. You can disable it in the options menu.
It doesn't affect progression at all afaik
Some of these weapon masteries are going to be impossible on nightmare
Disabling it is what I did since I'm not a coward (but more importantly I'm really stubborn, and would rather bang my head against a wall for 2 hours).
I still have 0% microwave beam mastery. That thing sucks
5:07 PM
@Wipqozn I'm confused. You don't need to disable it if you never enable it in the first place
I don't believe it turns itself on without approval
@Sterno As in, it'll never ask you "Wow, you fucking suck. Wanna turn on BABY MODE?"
Oh, I see
It asked me once and I immediatly turned it off
I guess I'm okay with the game insulting me
I deserve it
since I knew I'd be dying a bunch again at some point!
5:08 PM
@Sterno yeah pretty sure it's on by default that it asks you if you want Sentinel armor if you fail a boss encounter too many times
I don't need the game reminding me I suck. I know game. I KNOW.
How do you disable it?
Wow found it. Nice
@GnomeSlice IT's in the options somewhere.
Wtf is "empowered demons"
"requires internet connection"
Some dark souls shit?
I saw multiplayer. is there co-op?
That could be really fun
5:09 PM
@Sterno There's a 2v1 battlemode. 2 demons, 1 slayer.
I think it's too fast for co-op
Don't think it would be balanced
But yea bummer
@GnomeSlice @Sterno just wanted one of us to beat the game for me, while he hides in a corner.
Did you guys mess with UI themes
Pretty cool
5:10 PM
Hey now, I've 100% through mission 3 and am about 80% through mission 4. I might be slow but I'm thorough!
I use the UAC one
@Sterno So after mission...4, I think, I find the game starts to get a easier. You've got more options available to you, and you have more HP/Armor/Ammo.
@GnomeSlice I should try them out, probably.
Just cosmetic
Honestly the default one has the most colour variety some of the other ones make everything the same colour
huh, i missed a praetor point on my ship
Useless lol
wow I missed two apparently
Must have missed 3 batteries too
wow wtf I did 'reset mission' to get out of the basement at my ship and it reset all the collectibles ive found since i started redoing missions
guess im doing the first two again..
thats pretty shitty
be warned y'all that's stupid
5:27 PM
@GnomeSlice Yeah, "reset mission" fucked me a few times too
yeah that's whack
Missed a challenge point on mission 3, redid the whole mission, got to mission 4 again, reset it at some point, and the challenge point from 3 disappeared
was wondering now if that's what was causing your problem yeah
Q: How can I fix messy hair in acnl?

Zane PinneoHow do I fix messy hair in acnl without shampoodle? Is it even possible?

Q: Does taking a quest from Giants incur some negative penalty with Dragons in one's domain (and vice versa)?

z33kThe quest says I need do kill some of these arrogant lizards. I guess it shouldn't make lizards dwelling in my domain too happy, right? :)

Q: I cant summon a wither skeleton with enchanted armor

Jacksoni was trying to spawn a wither skeleton with a protection 20 golden helmet and a sharp 20 golden sword, the sword works fine but the helmet doesn't have any enchants. this is the command: /summon minecraft:wither_skeleton ~ ~ ~ {CustomName:"\"Wither King\"",HandItems:[{id:golden_sword,tag:{Encha...

6:02 PM
today only
i never played infinite
Q: Grab game object locations / types Geometry Dash

iamPresI am trying to access game object coordinates and their types (blocks, spikes, etc.) from Geometry Dash when running a level. I have tried numerous API's but none offer that functionality. I'm wondering if there is any other way to do this. Should I look in memory? Thanks

6:19 PM
the new mount and blade game looks pretty sweet. have never played one
@GnomeSlice I'm still a little surprised it actually released.
They've been delaying it for years at this point.
Though I guess it's still only Early Access.
6:51 PM
Q: Selling 3 maps to obtain specific map of next tier (atlas 3.9+)

SinatrVendoring 3x maps will yield a map of +1 tier. Before watchstones update (atlas change in 3.9) the result was always a single predefined map. Now it's one of many maps and I am trying to figure out the rules. I've found this helpful spreadsheet, to example, selling 3x T1 Warf maps may yield one...

Q: While doing the break of dawn quest in Skyrim there is no chest

Pandaman02496I found the statue then went to find the chest after I had a map marker but here isn't a chest where I have to go, is there any way to fix this? The map marker is inside the dawnstar sanctuary for the dark brotherhood

@Sterno Hey now, I never said I was talking about you!
Also I thought you were 36, but I think that's just how old you were when we started making these jokes.
I usually forget that people age. Sort of like how @Ronan will be FOREVER 16 in my head.
7:09 PM
Q: Gta 5 Email Problem

Nils Norlingi forgot what email i used for my Grand Theft Auto 5, PC account and now i wonder how i can check it up. I have tried looking it up inside of the game and does not find anything. I would really need help

Q: Can we have Dark Mode?

arghtypeStack Overflow just got new fancy Dark Mode https://stackoverflow.blog/2020/03/30/introducing-dark-mode-for-stack-overflow/?cb=1 Can we have the same here?

what the fuck my masteries reset too
7:57 PM
the purple muck is a dumb mechanic
Q: How do I equip my Lava Rod on Roblox fishing simulator?

John SimmonsSo, on roblox there is the game called Fishing Simulator. There is a lava obby you can do to get the lava rod. I completed the obby and opened the chest and it didn't give me my lava rod, just the achievement. How do I get it back?

Q: 1980’s Arcade game like space invaders with space city in valley

user2475861980’s Arcade game like space invaders with space city in mountain valley. City had a force field/shield that stopped incoming shots, between the left and right mountain range, but was damaged with each hit. Player had a space invader like ship at the bottom, that could move left to right, that...

8:13 PM
I suffered through that and so do you
8:47 PM
is it just me or is there one less sentinel battery than you need to unlock everything in the fortress of doom??
@GnomeSlice There are 18 batteries in the levels in total, and then another battery per level if you complete all 3 challenges
Oh the master challenges?
Okay that explains why people online are saying there's extras where me looking at the mission select seems to not have enough
9:13 PM
YouTube suggested an auto-playlist of Disney songs and I'm like "Yes please!"
... Until the ads come along. Really considering that YouTube Premium subscription
10:18 PM
Q: How to get minecraft from a cdkey?

smileyface223So I have a CDKey how to I get minecraft from it? It is a valid key just not sure how to go about installing it? I have a mac.

@GnomeSlice For fuck sakes, I forgot to turn in the slayer keys lol
I mean, assuming that last slayer gate was before hell city..hmmm
@Wipqozn Yeah I just did an entire mission and got everything except the key and I even did the slayer gate
I just forgot to pick it up
I guess you have to do that?
@GnomeSlice I forgot to turn it in
10:23 PM
@Wipqozn Don't know. do you have 6?
@GnomeSlice Yes. I'm basically in heaven.
I dont know anything about the unmakyr but I think it's pretty good
Yeah you're in Urdak
yeah, just read up oin it
anyways, I think I'm about to go fight this icon of sin
Nice. I definitely didnt get all the keys on my normal playthrough
@Wipqozn little ways to go but soon yeah. You fight the khan makyr?
Nightmare seems manageable so far but I also had a stack of extra lives
10:46 PM
@GnomeSlice Doing it now. IT's honestly the stupidest fucking thing I've ever had to do in a video game.
l;ike temtped to just set my computer on fire
this is fucking stupid
"find the one fucking spot you can stand on or taaaake damage"
"Wooo we ran out of fucking ideas of how to actually make this difficult, so here is idiotic game design"
Q: Where does CS:GO host the game?

StuyvesantBluejust want to ask, on CS:GO - if I create a lobby and invite a whole lot of friends, does it host the server on STEAM or does every friend connect into my instance? I'm assuming it hosts on STEAM otherwise there would be major lag issues, but we've been having major lag issues so I'm just double ...

Q: Who is the man after beating diablo last cutscene

BuissonI've just finished diablo 1 again, and something intrigued me. After beating diablo, your hero remove the soulstone from his forehead (with a dagger), and after that he become human with a hole in the head. Who is he ? Image : I have tried to find this on the internet but nothing... If s...

11:15 PM
Q: Does this skill add 90M to all weapons?

vianna77According to the following description in the image, the skill results in a -90M minimum range. So, for instance, my Small Laser optimal/minimum range is 90M. Does that mean the minimum range of the Small Laser is now 180M?

@Wipqozn the khan makyr took me a couple tries, the icon took more
yeah agree her boss fight is kinda stupid
you can get around in the air pretty easily though
11:47 PM
@Yuuki loader is really good
finally tried her
So much fun.
> Do not accept the invite, or it will:
-DMs all users in that Discord
-Prune the server.
-Ban everyone.
-Delete all channels
do bots automatically have the permission to do the last 3 by default?
Q: How do I generate a slanted torus in Minecraft Fabric 1.15.2 worldedit?

TherrSpoobI want to make a slanted donut shape (torus) in minecraft worldedit using the generate (//g) command. I have seen people use commands such as the following: //g stone (147-sqrt(x^2+y^2))^2+z^2<126^2 and //g stone (0.75-sqrt(x^2+y^2))^2+z^2 < 0.25^2. These do not seem to work with 1.15.2 Fabric wo...

Q: How to change Bethesda account in Doom Eternal?

PTwrI have Steam version of Doom Eternal. Game prompted me to create Bethesda account so I did it via Steam overlay browser. Game decided to eat underscore from my email and now it is stuck with invalid, and apparently already taken, email so game complains that "No username specified. Please complet...

@GnomeSlice She's dead. I legit had to get up and walk away. That was just a stupid fucking fight. I'm done for the ngiht now.
Didn't realize there'd be another leevl. THought it be two bosses back to back.
Nope, there's another mission and then the icon. Like I said more than you think
the khan makyr took me like... 4 tries maybe?
the icon was harder
11:58 PM
Specifically because I checked IGNs guide to see "how much do I have left" and they shwoed heaven city as the last palce
Fucking IGN lol
uh nope
I mean the next mission definitely isn't as long as some
but it's there
Yeah I'm done for tongiht
I'll finish it tomorrow
That Khan fight really just killed my enthusiasm
that's weird I mean I found it a bit annoying but it didn't really bother me that much

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