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12:09 AM
Q: How can i fix a corrupted world?

user244692So i have this minecraft world and i have worked on that world for a year and then boom it got corrupted. I have tryed reseting my xbox one yet it sill will not work and im geting worried that I will not be able to play on that world ever.

@Lazers2.0 This question title looks like the beginning of someone becoming a JRPG supervillain
12:25 AM
@Lazers2.0 /fill ~20 ~17 ~20 ~-20 ~ ~-20 tnt
shit that's what i should try now
on my old PC it would have trouble with a 5x5x5 cube but that had only 2GB or ram. i've allocated 8GB this time and i could allocate more
12:49 AM
MAaaan, path of exile is such a poorly optimized piece of garbage. Christ. If I alt tab by mistake, I just need to close the whole bloody game and restart, because it kills my perfroamnce.
Takes forever to load in all the graphics and what not too
I'd think it was just my PC, but looks like I'm not the only one with issues like this
1:22 AM
@murgatroid99 okay so I just finished Imaginary Numbers and since you've read it, I am just going to say OMG WHAT THE HECK IT CANT END THERE
@Ash Yeah, probably one of the worst cliffhangers of the series
1:42 AM
I love when people go into an issue commenting "I have the same problem" and then describe an entirely different problem
1:56 AM
(slightly more from the booth)
(Nintendo is also one of the few devs at pax this year)
2:29 AM
@murgatroid99 @Ash [screaming in Cuckoo intensifies]
@Yuuki You ever play PUBG anymore?
@Niro Every now and then, but never solo.
@Yuuki Ah, same.
2:55 AM
I like that the latest craft beer trend is low cal IPA lol
Like even locally
Only 3 weight watchers points!
(a local brewery is releasing a low cal ipa soon)
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4:18 AM
Q: Town of Salem: Transporter

Cotton Headed NinnymugginsWhat happens if a transporter transes The Godfather so that he targets the mafioso, does the mafioso kill himself (since the GF orders the mafioso to kill his target), or does the gf kill the mafioso?

Q: Is there a way to gain more experience by being active?

Rebecca J. StonesIn IdleLands, I mostly gain experience by doing nothing. It's an idle game after all, although it wouldn't be much of a game if there was nothing to it other than leaving it running. I'm new to this game, so I'm not sure. It feels like there should be a way to earn experience. I've tried atta...

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5:34 AM
Q: How can I get the Snowball artifact?

murgatroid99The wiki lists the Snowball as coming from one of the "other stages", specifically the "Christmas" stage. I haven't seen that stage anywhere. How can I play that stage? Can I get that artifact any other way, like as a reward from completing a Beyond quest?

6:02 AM
@Unionhawk I am so damn excited for this game.
@murgatroid99 I thought the end of the first Antimony book was bad enough but this was worse. I did like the novella at the end of this one a lot tho
6:30 AM
Q: Swapping Pokemon Go Accounts

BenSo I have a friend (Tom) that wants to use another friend's (Bob) old and unused Pokemon Go account. In order to switch between the two, I'm playing the "bagman" (because the other two don't want to give away credentials, understandably. So the plan is: The account is currently linked to Bob's...

7:08 AM
Q: New Roku TV with all the features and connecting my Kodi and Xbox 360

Michael FilippoIs there anyway I can set up my smartphone to use as a Remote controler for My Smart Roku TV and Kodi box or Firestick. Also my my Xbox 360 too as well. Right now I'm having technical difficulties with staying connected to the internet wired or wireless I have to plug in both the Xbox and TV into...

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8:46 AM
Q: Take damage at night time in the overworld unless in the nether

WickortonI'm trying to sort out a command which forces players to return to the nether after night comes in the overword. For example, at night all players in the overworld will be struck with the hunger effect. once they've returned to the nether, they will be cleared of the effect. I haven't had much...

9:10 AM
Morning chat
9:27 AM
twitter.com/UnsolicitedDiks this is so unexpectedly wholesome
meaning when judging from the name. It's completely SFW AFAICT
10:19 AM
Unless your work is awful and bans cute pictures :o
4th winter storm in 4 weeks here in Belgium
11:18 AM
Q: Please help me fam

user244705So I added for honor to my liybrary back when it was free, and after my subscrption ended I usd my PlayStation now subscrption to play it, however once my play staton now subscrption ended I have been unable to us for honor in my liybrary. Imad the ps4 system my main systen an updated my gamer li...

12:06 PM
@Nzall At least it's finally getting slightly wintery.
12:22 PM
The dutchlands had snow on wednesday!
First time this winter
12:33 PM
I died the same time as the boss in the 2nd difficulty labyrinth. CC @SaintWacko
Like I killed him twice, and then on the third kill I died also.
I was panicking because the arena was full of traps which was new.
I also had accidentally fucked up my flasks right before the fight.
12:56 PM
@InvaderSkoodge Path of Exile,or something else?
I've been playing that too. Only on Act 2. I think this is the furthest I've ever gotten. I've toyed with it every since it first released in early beta or whatever, but this is the longest I've played.
I'm enjoying it. Playing a Witch with a cold focus.
1:12 PM
I'm near the end of Act 8.
I don't know how I made that typo.
Anyway, I'm following a build guide and it's increased my enjoyment immensely.
I think next character I make will be a summoner though because that seems like it would be much easier to play on a PS4.
I'm having a lot of trouble finding an upgrade for my bow, though.
And it's not even rare.
@InvaderSkoodge You playing a Ranger?
@InvaderSkoodge Minion Masters rock my socks. so many great Guild Wars and Diablo 2 memories of playing necromancers.
@Wipqozn Yeah.
Enemies aren't instantly dying when I so much as look at them now.
Which is why I feel like a bow upgrade would help.
White enemies still are but blue enemies take a second or so.
@InvaderSkoodge I've thought about making one of those as my next character. Also thinking about a templar.
Which is really nice because it breaks down like what passives to get based on what level you are.
Instead of just giving you a final passive tree and assuming you can figure it out.
And it also gives you early-game gem builds as well as late-game ones.
That's handy.I was looking at Ice Arrow.
I'm not really following a build guide. I look at a few to get some idea of what's viable, but I'm not following anything.
1:26 PM
I actually picked a build based on how easily I understood what I was supposed to be doing without paying any attention to what skill it would be using for damage.
I did get a character to Act 5 without a guide before I started this too.
wait, when did I become a room tag?
Sep 25 '19 at 18:55, by Yuuki
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade chat, wherein the rapid pace of description changes needlessly confuses new chat users. [+♦♦] [+husbands] [+worstqozn] [gaming] [jin-fanclub] [lazers] [murder] [-politics]
Ages ago. Man, I really am the .
ice shot was my league start for metamorph
@InvaderSkoodge My only other character that even got out of Act 1 was a minion master, which got part way into act 2.
That was witha buddy.
I kept waiting on PoE until it was actually "done".
We stopped since it was super close to being "done", and decided to try it out and then return to it. We never did.
I mean I did right now
yeah i was kinda in the same boat as that. then diablo 3 came out and i never went back to poe
@FoxMcCloud It seems like a lot of fun. I love ice themed stuff.
1:31 PM
it is! there was a bug where you couldn't freeze metamorph bosses, it took them too long to fix it so i switched to a necromancer and never went back
I never could get into PoE or any other isometric hack & slash games. I generally don't like games that don't give me WASD support over my character
FPS games are the only place that i accept WASD as movement
skyrim, fallout too
Note: there are exceptions. I actually really enjoyed Pillars of Eternity 2
And I've found that most of my enjoyment in RPGs hinges on playing the right class
what server do you play on wiq?
@FoxMcCloud Uh, washington, I think?
1:36 PM
send me ur account page i'll add you and help you out if you ever need it
@Nzall Ranger / Archer for me all day. I love me some bow and arrow action
I was almost typing an Arqade question into the Security stack
@FoxMcCloud Sure: pathofexile.com/my-account I'm definitely trying to solo everything first, but if I get stuck and want a hand, I'll give you a jingle.
@Wipqozn click on "characters" and send me that URL
okay, i normally don't pop into people's games unannounced so need to worry :)
no need
@Wipqozn Would a question "how to figure out what class suits me the best in an RPG without having the story spoiled" be on-topic? A lot of RPGs have very differing classes with different playstyles and playing the wrong class can make a huge difference in how you fun you think a game is
that sounds awfully opinion based to me
"what are the playstyle differences or pro/con between classes X Y and Z" is better
1:42 PM
@FoxMcCloud "opinion based" isn't automatically off topic
"Which class is your favorite?" is off topic obviously, but what @Nzall outlined seems fine to me.
I think it would have to be asked for a specific game, though; not a general question for all RPGs ever.
narrowed down to a specific game could be good
I see
So in theory we could end up with thousands of questions like that?
Sure, in theory.
@InvaderSkoodge 100% needs to be for a specific game, though.
And here's example of similiar questiosn, to support @InvaderSkoodge point:
Q: What is the best class to use for a beginner in Dark Souls?

Only Bolivian HereI've been playing this game for a while now, and it's pretty hard. I'm constantly dying and as a Thief I feel I'm not doing enough damage while I have too little health. I have around 2 hours play time and put all my leveling into Dexterity to do more damage according to the Help Menu. What cla...

Q: What are the best stats to focus on for a warrior?

Ferran SalgueroI have just started to play Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, and I picked the warrior class. Due to the difficulty, I want to focus on some stats to ease the difficulty curve. What stats do you suggest I should focus upon?

They exist for other games too. These ones were just easy for me to find.
thanks got it. i'll add you when i get home from work tonight. all my characters begin with CC_
2:08 PM
Year Progress @year_progress
▓▓░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 16%
I couldn't believe this, but in fact, 100/6 is indeed 16
not exactly..
So properly rounded 17 :p
Speaking of Path of Exile my buddy rushed me through the first 2-3 acts last night. I'm sure the game has a really good story
its pretty good. lots of recurring characters and fan favorites. lots of cool NPCs you can invite to your hideout too
Maybe I'll pay attention to the story on my next character.
Probably not, though.
2:16 PM
nah gotta go fast
@InvaderSkoodge Some guy is making gems from exiles or something.
It's basically the plot to full metal alchemist
That's what I've gathered from what little amount of attention I've given it
2:44 PM
Oh joy, performance problems when running our unit tests after migrating our database servers to the cloud.
Solution: Remove the unit tests, then there's no problem :D
^ is a joke
but also a solution. you're hired
Yeah, turns out some of our unit tests do 500 or more database manipulations one by one, and that's not a big problem if you have <1 ms, but if you have 20-30 MS...
and we can't fix everything by refactoring our unittests, because we have some services that also do that many requests for a single user action
3:09 PM
Fun thing about Tokyo Mirage Sessions, the characters are way more emotive than any other JRPG I've played. They actually have facial animations during combat, which is new to me.
Never heard of that game before but from watching 1 minute of gameplay I'm feeling compelled to spend $60 immediately.
yeah that looks pretty good
I havent played a JRPG in a long time
There's a few niche Japan things that you might be confused if you didn't know (like hero shows) but they're kinda background things, at least so far.
And what I know about the story so far is mildly bizarre.
And the Fire Emblem stuff is less Fire Emblem and more Fire Emblem-esque.
Like, the main characters are allied with spirits named Chrom and Caeda and the first major boss is Aversa but they also look absolutely nothing like those characters.
I have pretty much no attachment to Fire Emblem as a series so that detail doesn't matter to me at all.
Axe monsters are a bit annoying early though because you start with two lancers. Any fight with two axe monsters requires you to zerg rush one down otherwise they have a 2/3 chance to combo one of your characters down in one round.
3:19 PM
@GnomeSlice Honestly it does. It's been a while since I've read through it, though
love me some idols and hero shows
who wants to take me to japan
3:39 PM
Right now? Definitly not :p
Let me know when you're ready :D
When the corona virus is kinda under control and you're ready to pay for the trip :p
3:57 PM
noooo i'm supposed to be the guest of honor here
It's very honorable to pay for me nodnod
@Batophobia ooo a new alien hominid?
xbox, switch and steam
4:54 PM
@InvaderSkoodge you end up fixing / enjoying Descenders at all?
5:22 PM
@GnomeSlice Haven't gotten a chance to try again.
I might give it another go with a wired 360 controller.
5:42 PM
6:36 PM
Q: Whats the point of increasing flashlight accuracy?

RobbieSo there is an addon for flashlights that increase the accuracy but what’s the point of increasing the accuracy of the flashlight? Does it blind faster? Or is it just worthless?

1 hour later…
7:39 PM
Amazon delivery refuses to read my delivery instructions anymore.
@Dragonrage that sucks :(
Easy weekend at work. Half the plant is shut down for inventory control, so we're just cleaning. It's become a game of seeing how long you can stay on break before anyone questions you.
@Ash yeah. They keep leaving my stuff on my doorstep when I won’t be home for hours. If they instead looked at my delivery instructions, they would see they are supposed to deliver it to my parcel locker which is secure
Luckily nothing has gone missing so far, but I was concerned with my last package due to the delivery notice stating it was delivered directly to the resident
I was at work and don’t have a roommate
I can see how that would be a concern.
Got home and found it lying on my doormat
7:54 PM
Well, that's lucky at least. I had them say that once, and neither me or World were home, and the package was nowhere. (I have had too much trouble at my new place, now - so I can't accept Amazon packages to my house, they have to go to the post office.)
But it's frustrating when you tell them what to do and they ignore it completely like that.
Yeah. Especially when it’s something that is more expensive. My last order was some noise canceling headphones. If those weren’t delivered, or someone took them from my doormat, I’d be pretty upset
You could try getting them delivered to your office, if possible.
that's true
8:53 PM
Office delivery is great, except when you take the bus and the package doesn't fit in a backpack.
i'm battling an issue with "delivered by 9PM" but i dont stay at work til 9 -_-
9:09 PM
Q: When i startup STEAM , is there a way to disable the annoying STEAM NEWS popup that comes in the beginning?

DarketernalI don't want to constantly click away that annoying news that comes up in an additional ad popup that comes up, every single time i startup steam, where to disable it?

@Dragonrage Does Amazon have an option where they can deliver to a nearby store that's trustworthy? Bol.com in Belgium has a service where in most cases they can deliver to a newspaper store or the supermarket that's 300 meters from my door
9:29 PM
Q: Skulljack on avatar

YayWhat happens if you skulljack an avatar? Are you even able to skulljack an avatar?

@FoxMcCloud yeah, I would have that issue too
@Nzall not that I know of
If they just followed the delivery instructions and delivered it to where they were supposed to, there wouldn’t be any problems
9:46 PM
They have an option to deliver to one of their "pickup points" in my area but really that just means "post office"
Q: minecraft nbt or somethin simillar need help

ItsMEI am trying to make villager that is unhittable and has a custom name. How to i combine {Invulnerable:1} and {CustomName:"\"BlaBla\""} into something that works. It is on version 1.14.4 if it matters.

10:27 PM
Q: Why won’t my stairs merge a corner?

Victoria WilkesIm trying to build a roof for my house in creative mode on mine craft Xbox 360 and I know that if you place two stairs next to each other facing different directions (eg north and east) they should merge to form a corner? But mine aren’t and I can’t figure out why? Please help!

10:47 PM
Q: Why was my flag on a resolved duplicate comment declined?

John MontgomeryOn this question, I noticed that it was closed as a duplicate but the "Does this answer your question?" comment wasn't automatically removed like it's supposed to be, so I flagged it as "no longer needed." But my flag was declined, with no accompanying explanation. Was I wrong to flag the comment?

11:17 PM
lol this fish fry is a disaster back here in the fry area
We had to borrow propane from the scouts

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