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12:16 AM
Q: How to do less damage than instant damage effect with command blocks?

WeraSo no one knows how to deal damage without instant damage effect, but how can I use it but deal less damage? Instant damage 1 is still way too much damage so how do I use command blocks to do less?

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3:12 AM
Q: Error saving Data heart gold

Potatsalad1738So ive been replaying Pokémon heart gold, and every time I try to save, it Gives me this error Error saving data The backup memory has failed. Games may be played, but it is impossible to save. Please turn off power. How do I fix this?

2 hours later…
4:48 AM
5:10 AM
Fuck, part 2 requires a completely different approach.
Q: Is there a way I can detect when an item is picked up and also make it invulnerable in Minecraft?

ralphqSo I'm starting a new sever in Minecraft and I had an idea for 6 objects to be found and collected. I want to make it so it is a full set of golden armor with a gold sword and gold pickaxe. I want to make it so it is announced when an item is picked up by someone. I also want to make it so these ...

5:39 AM
Turns out I should have been using a slightly different approach for part 1 anyway.
3 hours later…
9:05 AM
Q: GTAV Launcher Error code 1023

d4rk4ng31 Started occurring after I updated the game last week. Have reinstalled several times. Still the same error. Cannot contact rockstar support due to the following issue: Even after I have filled in everything. How do I resolve this?

9:56 AM
Q: Unable to Join Minecraft Server I Host When Using Domain Name, but can Still Join When Using the IP

HelloKnightIssue/Background I host a Minecraft server from a home machine. Recently I decided to open it up to the public, but to protect my private IP address (and to give the server a static IP) I set up a proxy for free by using SSLH on an AWS EC2 instance. I allocated an Elastic IP to the instance, acqu...

10:21 AM
Q: When i modifiy the displayname in launcher_profiles it doesn't work

user1419941i've tried the displayname trick in order to play with my son with my mojan account,. It was working fine with v12 but now i've upgrated to v16 it does not take the json change even if i disable internet. Tanks for your help

10:46 AM
Q: 8002f310 error does not go to safe mode

Tracey GrobbelaarPS3 gives error 8002f310 and no matter what you do does not go to safe mode. Was doing a system update, gave me this error. Running to 99%,says previous install was canceled. The system is attempting to install again. Do not turn off system. After install operation has completed the system will a...

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12:27 PM
Q: Execute summon item command issues

HUNTER BOONE CAMERONI need some help with the execute summon item command and here is a example I made from the same type I am using for my server but cannot seem to get it to work.. any chance anyone knows what I did wrong? /execute at @a run summon Minecraft:item ~ ~ ~ {type=item,nbt={Item:{id:"Minecraft:Wither_sk...

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1:36 PM
@Wipqozn I can't tell if you're joking, or if you haven't heard of the game... lol
1 hour later…
2:47 PM
@Niro nice I want this one too. Let me know how it is
1 hour later…
4:17 PM
Q: How can I get Gelatin World Tour on my Corrupted World?

thimothyI really want to get every Steam achievement for Terraria and the next two I want to get is Gelatin World Tour and Boots of the Hero. I have 23/24 of the slimes for Gelatin World Tour and I have come to the conclusion I still need to kill the Crimslime, which is a hardmode slime in the crimson. T...

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7:13 PM
Q: Moving text only works in pms to myself

SpoopySnacksI play on a minehut server with some friends and i wanted to rename my sword but &k wouldn't work so i did some tests and it works but only when i send a private message to myself with the changed text. anyone know why this might not be working? (i have access to commands)

7:30 PM
Geeze, @Wipqozn, you're slacking on AoC
@MBraedley yeah
I've been playing demons souls
Bascially my PS5 arrived at friday mid part 2, so I s topped
I'll resume tomorrow when I'm supposed to be working, probably.
You just need to do what I've done this weekend: stay up past 1AM to get the puzzle done first within the group.
I should see if I can get an incredibuild coordinator set up on my home network and connect to that with my work machine. Would probably cut my build times by a few minutes.
7:48 PM
Just remembered to do today's AoC
First part was super easy
@MBraedley Just use python so you don't have to build it :P
$229 for this 32in 1440p monitor
not bad
@SaintWacko Actually, it seems like I might have the run of the lab machines and any other always on machines in the office right now. And since there's only a few others on the VPN, I'm not bandwidth limited.
Yeah, I might cut 3 minutes off my typical build times for this project.
No, nevermind, I'm still a few minutes out from this build completing. We really need to pull a bunch of stuff out of this solution and put them in their own packages.
Either that, or set up more granular package include path and lib dependency settings.
Hm, did something wrong there...
Part 1 or 2?
The part two answer definitely shouldn't be bigger than the part one answer...
8:00 PM
Let's see...
How are you storing answers from groups?
Oh, nevermind
I just forgot how big the answer from part one was
I had it right lol
When I scrolled up to check part one's answer, I accidentally looked at the answer from yesterday's part one
Yeah, I was surprised by the answer from part 1 too.
Well, all of today's was pretty easy, then
Man, it'd be fun if we could see each other's code
8:06 PM
I used the wrong data structure for part one, then had to completely redo it.
We should get a separate room for AoC spoilers
I created one, not sure how it pings you about it
@GnomeSlice Seems good so far. I'm not very far in, but the game is absolutely gorgeous.
@MBraedley @Wipqozn @Nzall @Batophobia @murgatroid99 @ASCII-only @Unionhawk @WhoeverElseIsDoingAoC Here is a room where we can chat about it. I would not advise visiting it until you have completed the day's puzzles, as there will likely be spoilers
@SaintWacko I don't really care about Advent of Code, but thanks for the offer
For clarification: I'm a 9-to-5 developer: I write software at work, and that's pretty much it
8:23 PM
@Nzall Oh, sorry, I scrolled back and saw you talking about it
Oh, I guess you were just talking about the regex, and like two messages after you said you didn't do it lol
9:11 PM
Control finally done, still need to check out dlc
9:35 PM
@Dragonrage Hi!
@SaintWacko I would join if I weren't consistently 3-4 days behind
Q: lag in games but no overload

NietTeDoeni get lag spikes in games but when i open up a monitor program like task manager it says that my cpu is only using 30% of its power for example. so it ain't overloaded so it should run fine in theory. any solutions for this problem? my specs are: ryzen 5 2600X 16gig ram 3200 GTX 1660 super

10:01 PM
@Unionhawk I need to get back to that at some point. But I'm playing Fallout 4 right now, and then I want to get Phoenix Point, and I'm still kinda interested in Shadowlands...
@John That's been my problem in past years. I'd forget about it til a few days in, and then it'd feel like too much to do to catch up
So this year I'm making sure I get each day's done on the day
@SaintWacko Shadowlands is quite good. Like, it's not amazing like Wrath or TBC were, but it's also not horrible like BfA and WoD were. The biggest advantage it has is that there don't seem to be any glaring flaws with the launch version of the game like there were in BfA. The content is good, class design is satisfying and there's plenty of things to do
@Nzall Hmm, okay. I'll have to pick it up. I was kinda hoping there might be a sale around the holidays
Probably not, though
What class do you play?
@SaintWacko most likely not, the game has only been out for less than a month
Hm, I was thinking about giving ret another shot this xpac
Kyrian Paladin I should say, according to Blizzard
10:10 PM
Q: Why does the helicopter blow up right when I get out in the live with killbane mission?

JmashI go to do the second transmitter and right when I get out of the helicopter it instantly blows up

Q: is there such thing as a tas that only uses possible human tricks but is more optimized

thebroslike let's say in mario 64 tas use a glitch to just skip a key but what if you use a tas do to tricks you would do in a non-tas but alot more optimized cuz it can do things frame perfect to save time to be fair i doubt this is a thing but im curious

@SaintWacko ret is fun. I have to say we definitely benefited from the Unpruning. We got Wake of Ashes, Consecration and Hammer of Wrath baseline, a number of Azerite powers got turned into competitive talents and Avenging Wrath got taken off the GCD, just like most class offensive cooldowns
We also have a new talent that increases Word of Glory healing by up to 100% based on missing HP, which means that if you heal a target below 35% HP and it crits, they're at max HP again
Saved my life a bunch of times
Ooh, that does sound like a lot of fun
I mained ret back in WoD
11:01 PM
Q: Are questions on why 2 quite similar gaming companies handle a particular aspect very differently on-topic?

NzallI want to ask why Sony and Nintendo handle indie games and community building so differently even though they're both Japanese multinationals. Would this question be on-topic or be made on-topic?

11:48 PM
Ok I really want to make the silent hill toast now it sounds like it rocks

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