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12:26 AM
Q: How to start the Dark Brotherhood without killing Grelod the Kind

Reginald BlueOkay, so, to be clear, I know that Grelod the Kind must die to start the Dark Brotherhood quest line. I also know that killing her has no consequences (except for Constance running around at least). But. I want to know if it's possible to start the quest without either myself OR my companions ...

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3:13 AM
played Tower of Guns. it's similar to MOTHERTGUNSHIP where it's rooms full of turrets however unlike the latter you go into it with just 1 gun and it doesn't change (you can level it up and get a single mod for it) and there's no branching room choice from what i have seen
but out of the 2 MOTHERGUNSHIP is the better game if only because you get to make insane guns
4:09 AM
Q: how to clear all of one item from drops

ppswondso me and a friend were messing around with admin accounts and I spawned in two many arrows. We want our world back but dont know how to clear the arrows. We hosted in minehut and have a command window to run commands in. any suggestions?

4:44 AM
@Memor-X Same developer
Mothergunship is the 'sequel'
Tower of Guns is really fun but I think mothergunship is better
randomized but yeah no branching rooms
I beat it a few times, pretty hard with some of the guns
I haven't beaten Mothergunship yet
5:29 AM
@GnomeSlice same here, but i just have fun with the different levels, more so the ones where you have some restrictions at first
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8:41 AM
Morning chat
8:53 AM
@Elva Morning
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10:19 AM
Q: How to register punch in minecraft?

theawsmnickDoes somebody know how to register punch with commands? I want to execute a function when player punch other player or mob

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2:26 PM
Q: Can I obtain Raw Materials without Raiding a Monastery?

David YellThe game prompts me to upgrade my settlement and says that the quickest way to obtain Raw Materials is to raid monasteries. I have now raided all the local ones in my power level, the only ones left are significantly higher than me. Are there any other sources of Raw Materials? Or is the game spe...

@Nzall aka @fredley Archer
2:44 PM
Bridge, this just in: I'm sleepy. Probably shouldn't have stayed up late reading.
@Wipqozn Should've? or shouldn't have?
@Nzall Why would I say should've?
@Wipqozn Because you did
and I definitly didn't just edit my message and purge the history in an attempt to gaslight you
Narrator: That's exactly what he did.
Good ol' Two Tries @Wipqozn
2:52 PM
@Ronan Remember when I was limited by the 2 minute window?
The good ol' days of always wait 2 minutes
3:23 PM
It does still show up as edited despite having no history
oh you're right
tbh I never really noticed that pencil in chat before
I should really make a request to remove that when history is purged, to make gaslighting people easier.
also I suppose it makes sense, since I imagine all "PURGE" does is mark the edit history as "hidden" t o everyone but admins. I doubt it actually deletes anything.
3:45 PM
@Wrigglenite A sequel or remake?
I did played the original, but I don't think I got very far in it.
Sequel, there's already a swtich remake
oh right
the switch one is expensive, but i heard so much great shit about that game when it first came out
never played
There's also a new No More Heroes coming
4:07 PM
I'm guessing it's more like a prequel
4:44 PM
@murgatroid99 How's Stormlgiht 4 coming along? I think I'm almost done part 2. So far I'm enjoying it quite a bit.
Q: Villager trade issue with canplaceon item

DamseyDooI have this code : /summon villager -179 64 95 {VillagerData:{profession:farmer,level:2,type:plains},Invulnerable:1,NoAI:1,CustomName:""Gardener"",Offers:{Recipes:[{buy:{id:gold_nugget,Count:3},sell:{id:wheat_seeds,Count:3,CanPlaceOn:["farmland"]},rewardExp:0b,maxUses:9999999},{buy:{id:wheat,Coun...

5:00 PM
@Wrigglenite I mean based on the title doesn't the world end in the other one
5:19 PM
Q: How can I prevent a command block from saying a command was completed? (Like "Located player") Minecraft Bedrock

MarioTimeWhoa - NathanWhen I enter the /testfor command, and a player stands on the area the command block is detecting, a chat message appears saying "found MarioTimeWhoa". This didn't used to happen. How can I fix this?

Q: How can I prevent a command block from saying a command was completed? (Like "Located player") Minecraft Bedrock

MarioTimeWhoa - NathanWhen I enter the /testfor command, and a player stands on the area the command block is detecting, a chat message appears saying "found MarioTimeWhoa". This didn't used to happen. How can I fix this?

Got to check out Gate yesterday finally
Win/lose 1/2 so far
Probably easier if I wasn't chasing points for kills
Also taught my parents how to play The Crew which we had a great time with
6:12 PM
@Wipqozn I think I'm partway through part 3. And yeah, it's good
6:26 PM
it's out
7:02 PM
4 more hours until Shadowlands :D
7:22 PM
Q: Can't link Mojang account to Twitch

darthvader1925I'm wanting to stream minecraft to twitch, but my computer can't handle OBS so I found the option to broadcast from Minecraft it self. It said I had to link my account in Mojang, but there was no button in my settings to link it. Has it been removed or am I doing something wrong? (Also note, I am...

@murgatroid99 I'm really excited to discover this scene that he's supposedly been looking forward to since start of the cosmere. He mentioned it in the Acknowledgements at the start. He's also mentioned it during several interviews and blog posts.
inb4 the scene is something super lame like Kaladin deciding to braid his hair
"yeah I've been waiting for braiding scene ever since I thought of cosmere. It represents his inner conflict. THS SYMBOLISM"
@GnomeSlice Also on spotify
I might check it out there.
I could go for some Netflix Zelda and chill
@Wipqozn wut?
7:35 PM
you can play doom inside spotify?
@GnomeSlice Yes. T hey uploaded the OST ages ago. You didn't know that?!
but also I meant to reply to your zelda and chill message
oh. no click the link lol
ahh yes
yes I'm listening on spotify as well
it's real nice
relaxing to be sure
let's give them a follow
Gamechops are worth a follow too
That's who I meant
but now I shoudl follow mikel too
oh I've listened to him before
the Zelda and chill 1 album cover is very familiar
7:40 PM
@Wipqozn please no SLA spoilers. I haven't been able to find much time reading with all the WoW expansion prep
yeah mikel is a great artist
gamechops is mostly just a label/collective
dj cutman runs it, he has some good stuff too but not chill like this really
Oh hey, Plex supports 2FA now. I should enable that.
2 hours later…
9:31 PM
Q: Explanation for frequent usage of name “Abaddon”

Lieutenant ZippNot sure if this is the right Stack Exchange to ask this in, but I don't think there's a "Pop Culture" Stack Exchange, so here goes: Why is it the case that there are so many instances in video games and pop culture in general in which a Big Bad Boss-type character is called "Abaddon"? See https...

10:11 PM
yum yum rice for dinner
Good to see Cooked brown rice on the menu, as opposed to raw brown rice
I've been binging this game so hard.
The incredibly in-depth rice farming is all-consuming.
what game is it?
@Yuuki is really making me want to buy it
I've played a lot of farming/combat games in my day (honestly, it's a little weird how many I've played) and Sakuna does the best job of balancing the two sides, imo.
It helps that they laser-focus on growing rice, to the point of not growing literally any other crop.
The combat also feels fluid and impactful.
10:27 PM
If I buy this @Yuuki, you're going to regret it. REGRET IT I SAY.
Are you playing on switch?
I mean, do you like 2D side-scrolling beat-em-ups interspersed with the honestly tedious and repetitive motions of growing rice?
I'll admit that the rice growing part would probably be considered boring but I find it kinda zen and relaxing.
It makes for good pacing with the combat.
10:50 PM
it's on Steam for those who don't have a console - store.steampowered.com/app/1356670/Sakuna_Of_Rice_and_Ruin
11:31 PM
@Yuuki qI mean I like harvest moon and stardew
Q: What game was this?

dillThis is incredibly niche, i highly doubt anyone will be able to help but here goes. There was an app i had on my android phone around maybe 2012/2013, you played as a cartoon small octopus type creature, and you would swing around with your tentacles. I’m fairly sure you were in an evil lab of a ...


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