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1:39 AM
Q: Do you still have a command for the new update in Minecraft? 2020

Landon_DCommand for execute And if the blocking can be, “structure_void” block?

2:01 AM
so for about a month my car's steering wheel has been jerking to one side. think it was just a wheel alignment issue but it was due for a service anyway my mum booked it into a guy she knows who i only found out the other day doesn't do wheel alignments
car went in today, my mum got a call that it's unsafe as there are issues everywhere and it's going to cost thousands to get fixed
no idea how it's gotten into that bad of a shape as the wheel's been the only problem
Q: Why can't I craft a manual for the Industrial Foregoing mod for Minecraft 1.16.3?

PaulGLike the title says, I am unable to craft a manual for the Industrial Foregoing mod. I am using Minecraft Java Edition 1.16.3. The recipe is supposed to be 1 paper and 1 of any wood. I cannot craft it, and in creative mode I cannot find it anywhere.

the bloke said we're lucky to have brought it in now and it's good he told us as other places would just do the work and charge you for it
2:45 AM
@Memor-X that's a fairly common scam tho
you should have it inspected by another garage
@Elise sorta of a weird scam to give the customer the choice to continue or not
like i would question it if he just charged us
I don't think it's legal to just charge you
they tell you you have all these problems and how other places wouldn't even tell you about them, it creates urgency and trust and diminishes trust in other places
I'm not saying that this is what's happening, but it's a common scam
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4:31 AM
Q: What are some ideal conditions for 50% win rates in Among Us?

Cotton Headed NinnymugginsOf course there are times when the imposter(s) or crewmates have an unfair advantage, such as little to no kill cooldown for imposters or very few tasks for crewmates. My question is, what are some extremely fair conditions? What I mean by fair is that the chances at winning for crewmates is as c...

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5:36 AM
@GnomeSlice just watched this now. seeing some of the images and animation he made i was expecting the French Erotic Film to start playing
@Elise yeh i don't think that's the case. my mum said she's taken cars in for Road Worthy to this guy and she's left other mechanics before when she felt they were just making stuff up to get more work for the Road Worthy
@Memor-X well hopefully it's a trustworthy place
Q: Nuclear Throne Ultra Mutant

Shadow Z.The achievement in Nuclear Throne called Ultra Mutant specifies "Get 100% of unlocks." What exactly does this entail? I assume it includes all characters, all B-Skins, and all crowns. Is this all it contains? And as of the crown requirement, does this mean all crowns on all characters? Or would g...

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7:49 AM
Q: Does taking an item from a chest is considered as picking up items in Minecraft?

DREADLORD XDMy friend and I were having a contest, where one try to kill the ender dragon first without picking up an item. However, he looted a village chests and we got into quite an argument on whether it is counted as 'picking up items'. Can anyone help me to whether taking an item from a chest is consid...

8:12 AM
redfin.com/KY/Louisville/8800-Blue-Lick-Rd-40219/home/84240362 Check the 3D walkthrough of this house, and especially the basement
Q: simulate a Enter key pressed on mouse click (ubuntu)

Shoyeb SheikhI am playing cs1.6 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS using wine-5.0 (Ubuntu 5.0-3ubuntu1), but I have this weird problem of mouse click in the game, only with pistols and guns, whenever I fast click to shoot after two/one bullets fired theres a delay (mouse dont even shoot bullets for a second) in shooting. Bu...

Q: Can you synchronize & time signals over long distance?

BRHSMI'm working on a (over-engineered) project which involves having a storage depot before a station in which trains wait until a space is free at the station. I've done all the infrastructure and I need a solution with the signaling & logic behind the system. Here is the infrastructure: On the top...

This is deaddddddd
9:00 AM
at the time of the post, i was having my tea and was fixing up my cordial
otherwise i would be still lurking
9:28 AM
got the list of defects. one is an age cracked radiator
yeh, it's not worth the money to get the old one removed and a new one brought and installed
also it seems the jerking of my steering wheel was caused by a bubble in the Left Hand Front tire which was the direction the steering wheel would jerk too
had the car for a few years, think 5, maybe 6, trying to remember if i had it when i was first made redundant at my first job. it wasn't a brand new either so it's had a real good run
9:52 AM
Q: GTA 5 stuck on Loading Screen after using mods

Rohan KiratsataI recently Installed a mod Map Builder for GTA 5 (LINK), but after installing this mod my GTA 5(storyline mode) goes into infinite loading screen. I don't know what's wrong. I have installed mod correctly using OpenIV. All other mods are working perfectly fine. Here's my game info. GTA 5 (PIRATE...

10:17 AM
Q: Does the effect of the Jungle Drums upgrade stack with multiple Monkey Villages?

NewbyteIn Bloons TD 5, there is a building called the Monkey Village. It primarily provides upgrades for other towers in its range, and one of these is called Jungle Drums and increases the attack of towers in the range of the village, which leads me to my qustion: If I build multiple Monkey Villages, e...

10:42 AM
Q: How do the 'Steeves' work? How do I tell which 'Steeve' is mine?

galacticninjaOne of the perks in Deep Rock Galactic is 'Beast Master'. It allows you to: Charm a Glyphid Grunt to become your loyal companion. You can only have one tamed Grunt at a time. (5-minute cooldown) The Grunts can be tamed by 'petting' them. The tamed Grunts are named 'Steeve' in-game. If other Dwa...

11:06 AM
Q: How can I find faction leaders?

MugenI'm at the beginning of the game and have created an inquisition. It says that the inquisition can find faction leaders. But there's no option anywhere like that. I have used the inquisition to "suppress" the royalist faction (without seeing any major changes in their numbers) after enabling that...

Q: Why do some users vanish and turn into user...?

Z9.A user recently disappeared out of nowhere. I flagged them as a kid a while ago. Do people appear like this when their account has been deleted?

11:20 AM
Bet it will have buyable premium card tokens, just like they did with Xenoverse 2 Hero Colosseum gatcha.
2 hours later…
@GnomeSlice interesting. Not sure how I feel about playing as US army.
It's a game
Q: Lowering resolution with custom resolution utility software to play witcher 3 safe or not?

SakthiExplanation : I have 16:9 ratio 1920x1080 hp laptop (i5 8250u,mx110) with which I can't create custom resolution in both intel and nividia. For AAA games witcher 3 lowering resolutions brings 4:3 ratio(1024x768) which is zoomed. To play in 1024x576(16:9) ratio I am considering to use custom re...

1:39 PM
@Ave You're also playing against the us army though
1:59 PM
Q: Why does the New Hanover flag look like the flag of Florida or Alabama in RDR2?

Zhiltsoff IgorI wonder how the state flag for the New-Hanover state (which strikes me as a Midwest state) was chosen: Flag of New Hanover. The year in RDR2 is 1899. It was around that time when the red saltire came to be on the flags of two southeastern states: Alabama (in 1895) and Florida (in 1900). Here th...

2:48 PM
Q: Some xbox parental control settings dont update in games

ImaginaryNeonMy Xbox account is a child account and my mom had the "see and upload community creations" to friends only, which prevented me from playing Roblox and Trove as well as preventing me from making or joining a network in Titanfall 2. As well as having cross-platform communications turned off and Xbo...

3:22 PM
mmm, burger week doesn't disappoint for the third time.
@fredley It's obviously just a traffic calming device
that road is greater than others
@MBraedley Yeah, I think if I came across that at speed I'd be calm.
Looks like the farmer wouldn't sell his land?
Probably a bit pissed about them building a big road through his farm
4:27 PM
Q: Improve Survivor Bots Intelligence in Left 4 Dead 2

LiemLTSo I'm playing in Versus Steam Group Servers called "Lewd 4 Dead". The problem is the bots don't know what to do in the last map of each campaign. Such actions as collecting gas cans, turning on the generators,... I tried to ask the Server Admin to fix it for more exciting gameplay but he say it'...

@fredley Maybe they built the road, then discovered it went over the corner of his land and had to cut out that part of the highway
Definitely nail house vibes
grover road
4:46 PM
@GodEmperorDune Grover house?
@fredley yeah but its a road
Q: Is it possible to have a loot table for a block tag in Minecraft 1.16.3?

randomuser922I have a block tag and I wanted to know if I could make a loot table for the block tag. If you don't know what a block tag is, a block tag is basically a group of blocks. Could I make a loot table for a block tag so I don't have to rename the loot table for each block in the tag. The block tag...

lol cyberpunk delayed again
@GodEmperorDune ic
@Unionhawk waiting for it to sync up with reality, presumably
source image
Well then
Guess I'm not buying that this year then
5:03 PM
yeah game seems like a total disaster
I feel so bad for the devs. Another 21 days of crunch.
Glad to see there's no shortage of folks who continue to defend CDPR shitty work practices.
@Wipqozn no, I just meant, my plan was to start a vacation on the 11th of December, and if I'm going abroad as is the current plan (my parent's plan, not mine, and can definitely change beforehand), I can't play Cyberpunk on vacation, so I'd rather just buy it the year after at a discount.
@Nzall Nifty! I really just meant, unrelated to your comment, that this game seems like a huge disaster.
However, that does give me plenty of time to play Watch Dogs Legion and AC Valhalla
Like, Watch Dogs Legion definitely, but I'm holding off on AC Valhalla
5:34 PM
> All of them found out at the same time we did - CDPR sent an internal email simultaneously with the public tweet (The email said they couldn't share the news earlier because of stock regulations)
per jason schreier
Q: How is spawning various things through the inventory possible in BotW?

TrobadorI saw this video today. Using mods, this streamer was able to obtain a variety of things from unobtainable to NPCs and even terrain props as weapons in their inventory, and they would appear in the world when equipped. What allows this ? How exactly are NPCs and props treated by the game if you c...

@Unionhawk Also this:
> Look, a CDPR dev told me recently that they'd just clocked a 100-hour week. Another (former) dev just told me they saw some of their friends there and they looked "physically ill." So kindly gtfo with the "but but but I work long hours too" responses
100 hours is fucked
Everyone who keeps claiming they "only" work 48 hours need to stop rolling out their bullshit.
Especially because even 48 hours on regular is too much
Lots of folks pull weeks like that jsut to struggle to make ends meet, and they shouldn't. It's why we need Universal Basic Income. So people don't need to work shit jobs, at shit pay, with shit hours, just to put food on the table and a roof over their head.
Honestly I wish all the staff would just walk out, and tell CDPR "fuck you". If they all walked out together, the company would be forced to listen.
no way they're going to manage to hire on replacements and on board them fast enough (especially with no one to on board them!) in time for a holiday release.
5:51 PM
At the risk of treading into TIF territory, this, right here, is what unions are all about. It's work practices like this that made unions come into being in the first place.
Pretty much. The difference now is the 1% have managed to wage a really effective brainwashing campaign to make everyone hate unions. IT'S GREAT!
but also yeah certainly venturing into TIF. Just one of those OVERLAP situations. Gosh darn video games.
It seems the CDPR top brass are not into unions
Get your politics out of muh video games
Gamers judge developers by their games
@fredley lol Company exploiting it's employees doesn't like unions. More at 11.
Also, once again, hugely relevant:
That's the "games are not political" mentality
Maybe they truly don't see the message, or maybe they've been told to ignore it
6:02 PM
It's the same people who complain new trek is "too political" compared to old trek
like what
Old trek was filled to the brim with political messages
I've never watched Star Trek but I'm pretty sure it's, like, 90% allegory
It's usually not even subtle
I mean christ, it takes place in a world without money, and constantly points out it's because "Capitalism is evil"
Honestly cyberpunk 69420 or whatever it's called does not interest me one bit
And that's because CDPR fucked it up. Over and over.
And I don't mean just the game, I mean the workers were wronged over and over and over.
6:08 PM
@Wipqozn Hell, DS9 has that whole episode where they go back in time to the Bell Riots
I still didn't pay a dime for RDR2. I won't pay a dime for this.
Unionbusting isn't okay. Making people work for, what, 100 hours is not okay (nor is 48 hours), especially regularly. Keeping info from your workers is not okay.
The somewhat transphobic in-game stuff that were brought up, which is imo less important than all of above (but don't get me wrong, still important), is also not okay.
6:27 PM
@Wrigglenite The thing about Star Trek's allegories is that people don't recognize them as such because the negative politics are always those of the aliens. There's always a certain amount of "Aliens act different from Humans" mentality involved with Star Trek. If you remember, I wrote about a year ago about realizing the same situation with Doctor Who, where they suddenly had a lot more allegories involving humans and it made them much less abstract
@Unionhawk Obviously that also explains their PR Twitter account guaranteeing the release date the day before.
@Wipqozn I mean, jesus, part of Star Trek fame was that it had the first broadcast of an interracial kiss scene.
7:20 PM
Q: What are the best controls for SMG2 dolphin emulator?

Caleb MurnanI got SMG 2 from the dolphin emulator and also set up the controls. I completely forgot about the motion controls as I was playing this. Does anyone know what the best controls for the tilting section (like, Wild Glide Galaxy, and Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy)? My original setup was: froward: "T" b...

7:35 PM
@Wipqozn And yet there are idiots who don't realize the politics of Star Trek are decidedly left wing.
Q: How do I run a command at a certain time of day (IRL)?

JrudI need to find a plugin or rig up some command blocks that will run console commands at specific times a day. The most basic need is for the /restart command, but I also have world edit commands I want to run on some schedules too. I have a spigot server on 1.15.2, command blocks, placeholderAPI...

2 hours later…
10:13 PM
posted on October 27, 2020 by Hawkrick

I have a problem on my map, maybe you will know how to fix it. When I try to edit the map, a log error appears: [LevelStorage][warning]-Player ID was found in level storage, but no corresponding player data tag could be found for it. A player's data was probably removed incorrectly I searched as much as possible but I can't find anything to fix this problem, would you know how?

Q: Max height of Minecraft mob grinder

Søren JensenI heard someone say that mobs stop moving even though they are still loaded, if you get too far away from them. Does anyone know how many levels I can build. I have a 23 block drop, and each level are 3 blocks tall including the floor.

11:02 PM
Q: How do you create your own servers with your own rules?

RBlong2usMany Tribes:Ascend servers have certain guns banned. I just want all guns available to use. How can I make my own server with my own rules?

11:27 PM
Q: Is it possible to take the absolute value of two scoreboard values in Minecraft 1.16.3?

randomuser922So I want to find the absolute value of two coordinates in Minecraft 1.16.3 to see how far apart they are. So I make the cords into scoreboard values so I could use operations. Could I use the pipes or '|' like in math. How would I do it without a bunch of other commands to test if the values ...

11:51 PM
Q: I accidentally kill someone in a brawl. What should I do?

user4951First I need to make sure this is not law stackexchange. Okay, I went to an orc stronghold. I met this guy https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Chief_Mauhulakh He asked for a brawl. Somewhere on the brawl Serena casted something on him. He was running away putting his hand on his head. I thought ...


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