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12:34 AM
Q: java commands arent working after following a tutorial

Matthew david alexanderI copied a command from McStacker, put it into a command block and it never works (i am on the correct version and i am op). why doesnt this work for me? i have watched tutorials on youtube and made sure to follow it through (link to the video: ) Here is the comman...

12:58 AM
Q: How can I record button presses when recording a video on PC?

Vilx-Motivation So, I'm having difficulties with clearing some timed levels in a platformer. Even when I feel like I've pressed every button perfectly, I can still barely clear it; and some levels are still beyond me. I've tried watching regular videos on YouTube, but they seem pretty much like the sa...

Q: How to force cloud sync on GTA V?

F.MSo I'm playing the epic games version of GTA V on Geforce Now, and I always manually and automatically save after every mission. However, when I download it again the cloud sync seems behind and I've lost a lot of progress and have to do some missions again. Is there a way to force cloud sync or ...

1:23 AM
Q: Is it possible to change the music in quest mods to something else?

C26I downloaded a quest mod, The Cathedral on Steam for Oldrim, and it's pretty good but the music isn't. I feel it would benefit much more from an ambient soundtrack. I was wondering if it's possible to add my own music to this particular mod instead of using its own. Important: the music for the m...

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2:37 AM
Q: Minecraft Resource Pack Error

PenguinIt seems that my resource pack has an error, specifically with lava flowing. My image is 16x256 (its an 8x8 texture pack) so it should work properly? Has anyone had this issue and knows how to solve it? Here's what it looks like: Obviously I want it to all look flush like normal lava. Here's th...

5 hours later…
7:34 AM
Q: My Forge server crashes all the time

Ninto 1I recently created a forge 1.7.10 Server in Minecraft. I sorted all problem mods that were in the crash logs out, but it keeps crashing and not creating a crash report. Here is the only log it created: https://pastebin.pl/view/2764e404 Please help

8:24 AM
Q: Is there a way to save all global variables to a text file?

user4951There is a console command that says https://skyrimcommands.com/command/showglobalvars It shows all global vars. Great. Of course, there are too many global vars. So instead of getting that printed on console I want that to be written on a text file. Is there away to do it? The game is skyrim.

2 hours later…
10:28 AM
Q: Can a hopper take away the fuel from furnaces?

The ShishI am working on an item sorter that sorts tools and bows and I realized that the only difference between them is that bows can be used as furnace fuel (yes I know wooden tools can be used as a fuel too). Can I take the fuel away from the furnace automatically?

10:52 AM
Q: I would like to know how to be a Minecraft Marketplace Creator, please help

Izuku MidoriyaSo, I have always wanted to be a minecraft market place Creator, but I don't know how, plz help

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12:07 PM
Q: Set multiplayer world owner - player UUID

ThadeusProblem: I have singeplayer world which I moved to multiplayer server (online-mode=false). But when I log in, I have different UUID, so all my dogs are not mine anymore and my villager discounts are lost too. When I log in with online-mode=true, I get my skin and UUID is correct. Using minecraft ...

2 hours later…
@GnomeSlice I should probably buy that at some point
I've heard good things
Pretty nice so far
good price
I think I'd rather wait for a switch release though
I don't think it will come
idk the interface seems like it would be weird with a controller
very click and draggy
I play with controller, it works well
2:32 PM
huh, didn't even know it was supported
in that case maybe?
It's a grid of weapons and you select them and then it's a grid of dice
With special moves and limit breaks on x/y/l/r
Seems fine I guess
It's much better when you just want to dump all your dice into a module
I think I might be at the final boss, or one of them on my first run though
2:35 PM
Max level too
games not super challenging so far
It gets much harder
Oh okay this isn't it
Upgraded my Bump, apparently upgraded the one I didn't have equipped
You can swap as long as you're not in battle
I am
I immediately went to the boss
whamp whamp
2:37 PM
and realized it still only has one use
oh well
I'm still gonna win
I believe in you gnome
So much shielding though. It's gonna take a while
it's Aoife
It took me ages to realise that block doesn't reset between turns like in Slay the Spire
Haha. I figured that one out already
I'm stacking like 20+ block right now
this fight is silly cause we both just have a ton of block, doing a couple damage per turn to her
Not getting hit myself
defeat a boss with full health achievement
> just 35 increasingly difficult episodes to go
They're all harder than that one, but some of them get easier and then harder again
2:45 PM
oo and the classes have their own music
or maybe it's just different every time
love chipzel
Okay the Thief seems much more challenging to play
Yeah the difficulty comes from them messing with the mechanics, the enemies stay pretty static throughout
Game seems good, gonna need to stop for now though
Have you ever played Coin Crypt @Ronan?
I haven't
reminded me of it a bit
this seems better though
Q: What is this half-filled explosion-like icon next to the origin symbol?

WondercricketI received a shiny Pokémon through the Surprise Trade, which I presumed as hacked due to the name of the trainer and Pokémon. I've received quite a few of these in the past, so I will take the held item and then store them in my never-to-be-used box. The Pokémon I received this time had new icon ...

1 hour later…
I finally get the perfect bow build, and the end boss just lets me skip the fight
Ah got to 10 clears
Aspect of Chiron, so special shots home in on the last enemy hit, special has +4 to number of shots, special knocks back enemies, enemies get hit with a lightning bolt when they're knocked back, lightning bolts have a chance to strike twice, lightning boons cause me to shoot more lightning bolts...
So shoot someone to mark them for death and press special to kill them
Yep, pretty much
4:29 PM
@SaintWacko I got to that point with one of the most powerful builds I ever had, I think it was a Poseidon/Zeus spear one
I've come to like Exagryph a lot more, with an upgraded ammo capacity the main attack is by far not as annoying as I originally thought. My most recent run was Zeus on the main attack, with a Chaos boon on attack and the Demeter cast with the good upgrades. This really melted bosses
4:44 PM
I'm going to pick the game back up after a computer build I think
I should test plugging in my xbox controller but eh
Or I could test lowering resolution to like 900p
It's way more economical to spend $1000 on a new computer just for hades* (*and other games)
I didn't have the impression that Hades was very resource-hungry
@Unionhawk wow! I'm definitely moving over to this.
5:03 PM
@MadScientist It might just be bluetooth because I'm getting bad input lag pretty regularly
But otoh my laptop is also rather old at this point
2 hours later…
6:58 PM
@MadScientist That's my favorite combo. Just so many options to boost damage
And built in crowd control
Good news the mattress situation has been solved
They had a similar memory foam to what I was looking at available about the same price in warehouse instead of direct from manufacturer
7:32 PM
Q: I wanna find a antique game that I played

jojolol the game icon was possibly red with a skull and pistols; is a FPS game; had a boss with a different laugh I play in 2012 (or less), in windows xp (probably); had a mission in snow map; its like cs; had a campaing; one mission in a ship; a strange sound when pass trough the levels; one mission wi...

Hunt: Showdown is a real fun game
@Unionhawk haha
7:57 PM
Q: How can I get a list of the Steam games that are not available on Windows?

Sam Estep(In this post I use the word "game" to mean anything in the Steam store, even it's not a game per se.) Earlier today I was curious what percentage of Steam games are not available on Windows, so I used a blank search to find the total number of Steam games (currently 85,828) and then narrowed by ...

8:47 PM
Q: Why was there a temporary 8% spike in the total price of the Steam store during April 13-16, 2019?

Sam EstepAccording to this website (which has been cited on Kotaku and elsewhere), there was an 8% spike in the total price of the Steam store during April 13-16, 2019: [ { "original": "401,924.59", "sale": "394,678.93", "cc": "US", "language": "English", "created_at": "2019-04-17T0...

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10:02 PM
Q: Where does this minecraft server-specific continuous NullPointerException error come from? Is there a way to fix it?

Isaac WrightI've tried to find this specific problem and I can't find it anywhere else, sorry if this is a repost. On this 1.16.3 server I've been playing on, it takes a long time to fully load after entering the world. I start in a completely blue sky world, things take a long time to load, sometimes discon...

10:15 PM
So Flying Hammer is a pretty great Daedalus Boon for the Twin Fists
10:36 PM
@SaintWacko which one is that?
@MadScientist Makes the special a charge attack that does more damage and is almost a dash instead of being stationary
Had that paired up with doom on special
And the timing is pretty much perfect. That plus a couple other things meant I was doing somewhere around 800 damage per hit
I pretty much never use the special on the fists
That's about all I use lol
I really like the extended range hammer on the fists
Also, I'm trying out the Aspect of Chaos for the first time and it seems really underwhelming
Maybe I just need to unlock more levels of it, but especially on bosses the shield throw doesn't seem to do much
10:42 PM
Shield and Sword are the two weapons I avoid
The shield seems really good
They're not bad weapons, I just can't get used to them entirely
I really like the Aspect of Zeus, but the regular shield throw just doesn't do much damage
I tried Excalibur once, it hit for a ton of damage, but it's so slow. I mean I won easily with it, but it still felt awkward to use
I dont think i have that one yet
10:46 PM
I'm excited for the next time I get to use the sword so I can try that
I'll have to farm a bit to level some more aspects, some of them only seem to make sense if you invest a lot of blood into them
Wow, yeah. For the first time in a loong time Thanatos beat me
Maybe I should look it up, I wonder which heat level you have to beat to unlock all aspects fully
hmm, looks like it's more than I thought. Each weapon to 20 heat and all prophecies + a bit other stuff

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