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12:25 AM
@Ash It's hidden beneath everything else lol
@Ave Good, because it was great
1:07 AM
Q: LUA - greater than and less than

QuickerEgg----- ROBLOX ----- I am having problems making my new LUA code, I am making a grading system in a test game... and i want to use if Grade Value = <100 and >89 then -next line- print("STUDENT GOT AN A!") but it says it has an error processing the limits and I want for this to be answered... agai...

1:45 AM
@Yuuki THis spooky ghost game is spooky
Although the ghosts really aren't angry enough on amateur
2:04 AM
lol apparently I am a gold loyalty member with progressive insurance
thanks I guess
@Wipqozn I played several professional games and didn’t get a single hunt
@Dragonrage Yeah I've heard a few others say similar things. The ghost behaviour definitely needs tweaking. But also it just released recently and is made by one dev soooo.
Also difficulty shouldn't be random and locked behind levels. It's dumb.
@Wipqozn it varies by ghost type and behavior though. Sometimes you get shy ones, sometimes you get aggro ones
And also there should be a CUSTOM difficulty option. Multiple ghosts should also be a thing.
Multiple ghosts is already functional somewhat, actually, if you fuck around with the game files
Buddy was doing that last night in a private lobby
Smallest maps don't need it as much.
. But larger ones can benefit
2:20 AM
If you want to play sometime let me know. My preferred play style is coordinator though.
In fact large maps in general need some tweaking too. Ghosts just don't do enough outside their ghost room.
@Dragonrage sure! I'll hit you up sometime this week probably.
@Wipqozn sounds good. Maybe we can get 1-2 others as well
Then I won’t feel as bad chilling in the van doing behavioral analysis and monitoring cams and sensors
I’ve gotten pretty good at identifying ghosts by behaviors when they won’t give you all the signs
@Dragonrage Sounds good.
I feel like 2-3 is the optimal number for most maps. Except for school and aslyum, 4 seems like too much.
Mostly because of how often ghosts like to hunt people by themselves.
Okay I need to actually turn the phone off and go to bed 90 minutes ago
2:48 AM
Q: Ctrl + Pick Block Interferes with Default Key Binding

PenguinI recently found out that CTRL + [pick block] picks the block with tile data and this is very useful, except: my Pick Block is binded to B and I'd like to keep it that way. But CTRL + B toggles Text to Speech. So, my question is, is there a way to make CTRL + B not toggle Text to Speech? By the w...

Q: Does lava count as a trap?

UnionhawkI am fighting through Asphodel, and have a Chaos boon that temporarily increases my damage taken by traps by 370%. Does lava count as a trap for the purposes of this boon? Or will I be more than fine just taking this penalty since there are no spike traps?

@Dragonrage I finally found out what Ghost Orbs look like.
The wiki has a fairly bad image, imo.
@Yuuki little green floating dots
you playing right now @Yuuki? i can join if you want
Just ended for the night actually.
ah, no worries
3:09 AM
hmm heck I should buy this game for the screenshot
and not go with the god damn osrs halloween event this year
which is about a wizard called rick who turned his head into a pumpkin (hes pumpkin rick)
@Unionhawk it’s like 14$ or something and it’s pretty fun
ye it's installing
Let me know when you finish the tutorial and I can join you
If you want. Don’t recall if I have you on steam or not though
I think this would be my alternate halloween screenshot lol
3:29 AM
@Unionhawk I feel like it might be hard to get a good screenshot in this game because the lighting is rough.
I mean, it's hard enough to get a good picture with the in-game camera.
Yeah but consider that "@Wipqozn got killed by a ghost" is automatically good
@Unionhawk i agreee
we need to get @Wipqozn into a game immediately and get him killed
to make up for his incompetence in xcom
4:03 AM
Hey @Wipqozn we aren't going to scream the ghost's name directly next to you
@Unionhawk no totally not.
did you finish the tutorial yet?
4:16 AM
I am through yeah
want to do a few runs?
Relaunching to hopefully fix framerate
todo build a computer lol
ok, ill boot up
3 hours later…
7:23 AM
Q: Villagers sometimes kill the wrong sheep

BrondahlContext: During the Feudal start, I've lined up my sheep under my TC, and shift-clicked through them to kill and collect them in order. Sometimes one or two of my villagers will ignore the command queue and just kill one of the other sheep instead (leading to lost food :( ) Why is that, and what ...

Morning chat
2 hours later…
9:32 AM
@Elva morning
Morning Ave
Oh, I configured the smarthome cubie thingie, tap it on one side and lights turn on, tap it on another and they turn off
hello girls
@Elva Morning
Heya bp!
my VPN is taking a break from being barely functional
9:42 AM
Into the "not at all functional" direcction or into the "functional" direction?
I mean is there any other direction
I don't think so no
Q: How to I find my original spawn in minecraft after coming back from the end

IsaiahI was building a big house, when I decided to take a break and make an end portal. I went through, beat the dragon, but when I stepped through the return portal, I was in an entirely different spawn! I tried using the compass, but it reset my spawn point to where the portal let me out! What do I ...

10:12 AM
11:09 AM
Q: Clients Can't Connect to Modded Minecraft Server with Optifine

Kyle HobdeyI've started a 1.16.1 Minecraft modded server using Apex Hosting a short while ago, and frequently encounter an issue when it comes to Optifine. If a client with Optifine installed tries to connect to the server, they will get an error about the client's mod list not matching the server's mod lis...

> DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part One does not require a copy of DOOM Eternal to play.
what ever would make you think people would assume that it would?
11:26 AM
@Memor-X DLC, "DOOM Eternal" logo
Expansion-like name
Q: Ability timers increasing when overused

TuxedoOk so this is a weird question but i swear that the more i used revalis gale the more the cd was. Is this 100% true or is it just me being weird.

@Ave for me it was the DLC. the name format wouldn't make me think it's just DLC because Final Fantasy has done it for Revenant Wings - Final Fantasy XII, Lightning Returns - Final Fantasy XIII and most of the Final Fantasy VII games
11:43 AM
@Memor-X Yeah, but not everyone plays FF series :p
@Dragonrage hey now, not my fault you all like getting shot by aliens.
That reminds me
Are there any decent sci-fi RPGs with sapient aliens that aren't part of the Mass Effect series?
@Nzall Star Ocean. more thinking The Last Hope, can't say anything about the others in the series yet
though the "aliens" aren't as varied as what you see in Mass Effect. Eldarians and Morphis still look more human with one tiny difference
@Memor-X Is that a 3rd Person game, or isometric?
Like, what's the battle style like as well?
@Nzall ever played one of the Tales of games?
11:51 AM
@Memor-X a decade ago, on the PSP. I think it was Tales of Zesthiria or something like that.
@Nzall Zesthiria was PS4, only PSP one i can think of is Eternia. but if you played Zesthiria then think that but more freedom to move around
@Memor-X no, it definitely was on the PSP
let me check
Yeah, it was Eternia
but I haven't played it since at least 2008
hard to compare it to the older Tales of Games like Eternia since they were still 2D with the battle system
more or less you run into an enemy and it starts a fight, you have a field that you can run around and freely attack, use magic and what not while your allies are controled by an AI but you can freely switch to them in battle
What kind of weapons do you use?
Like, I'm hoping to find something like Outer Worlds or Mass Effect 3
@Nzall I mean if you count the Draenei in WoW :P
11:57 AM
@Jutschge that's not sci-fi though
Well sci-fi and fantasy often go hand in hand (especially in WoW)
Like the whole Argus campaign was mostly Sci-Fi imo
Still, I'm looking for something more shooter oriented
But the KOTOR games are pretty cool tbh
and AFAIK Outer Worlds and Mass Effect are the only sci-fi shooter RPGs out there
@Nzall depends in the character. Edge uses a sword, Reimi uses a Bow, Bacchus uses an arm canon and you have characters that uses Staffs but are better to just cast magic from afar
11:59 AM
Q: Old cellphone 2D dungeon game

Random guyIn my younger days I played this cool game on my phone. It started off where this girl is captured and you had to venture in this dungeon. The game was mostly played on cellphone with buttons and I could remember playing it closly around 2006. It is 2D like terraria or diamond rush. It had sorta ...

there is incentive to use other characters as you can get Battle Trophies for doing certain things with a character and each character has their own set of Battle Trophies and getting so many ups their Level Cap
oh actually... I mean idk in what genre to put this but Warframe
Like it has elements from pretty much everything
i think Destiny might also count but i don't know how varied the spices are in that
@Nzall depending on how you look at it, Borderlands and Fallout might count
a RPG Shooter with sapient aliens is sparse of games i think. can't think of too many. more so when you already know Mass Effect and Outer Worlds
most that come to mind are more space shooters with ship-to-ship combat as the main gameplay
12:15 PM
@Dragonrage @Unionhawk I actually do have the most deaths within my group of 4 buddies I bought the game with. Ghosts really like to kill me.
Oh shit maybe the ghosts are all XCOM soldiers from my past campaigns
@Jutschge Does Borderlands have sapient aliens? As in aliens that have logical reasoning and are of a similar tech level to the Human faction?
@Nzall definitely. but it's not the main part of the game.
Like the whole series revolves around alien tech
but they're rare
Q: Is it possible to combine two Mario Kart Live packs to create longer courses?

Aaron FWith a Mario Kart Live pack you get four arches and two curve signs. To play the game multiplayer, each player needs their own Switch console and physical Mario Kart. When playing with two players, can you use up to eight arches and four curve signs in your course?

Has there been a remaster/graphical update to Borderlands 1 yet?
12:34 PM
@Jutschge They are the primary enemy in the last couple of missions.
@Nzall not really but tbh I'd recommend starting with either 2, TPS or 3
@MBraedley spoilers :(
But yeah
@Jutschge ah. I already own Borderlands 2. Though I think I made it past the moment you get your vehicle only once. I'm not entirely sure what problem I had. I think it was that I died too often because I took too much damage and couldn't figure out how to recover it
Like, AFAIK the only way to recover lost HP in BL2 is by using your ultimate
@Nzall yep
though i don't know how much of am improvement's been made
@Memor-X oh wait there is one?
everyone who had previously brought it got it for free
12:39 PM
I should check my library...
Do I need to have played BL 1 to know what the hell is going on in BL 2?
@Nzall the important parts are all told in BL2
Like... BL1 was a great game at the time but compared to the other 3 it's really slow
@Jutschge it's titled Borderlands GOTY Enhanced
it came out last year but by then i had already completed the original one and all the DLC
The most important games are definitely 2 and 3 in terms of story. TPS is filler (I personally kinda like it but it's controversial).
I should play 3 again
I haven't played the DLC yet...
Okay. So I got a repeated question: is there another way to recover HP in Borderlands, other than using your ultimate?
12:44 PM
@Nzall Drops from enemies, weapons, skills, ultimates
Oh and vending machines
@Nzall depending on the game you're asking about, some Shields also provide a health regen and there's Health Packs
@Memor-X I'm talking about 2
@Nzall it's the same in pretty much every game
Okay. Weird that I died so much then
even though I played on the easiest difficulty
Like 2 is "harder" than the others
12:46 PM
@Nzall likewise when i played on console with the first one
Like, am I missing some sort of critical damage mitigation mechanic?
and i was playing The Solider so i had the turret to help me. played the 1st and 2nd as a Siren and am doing why better
It's mostly out-dpsing the enemy. So you gotta work with elemental damage often
Also some characters are stronger early game, some are stronger late
If you're going for a melee build early you'll struggle
Whereas late you can oneshot entire maps if built correctly
Q: Nintendo Account ban affects a NNID registered before?

Víctor CollaoOk so, I have my Switch hacked, and I guess someday it could activate its wifi connection and provocate Nintendo Account ban, but the question is, idk if I have linked my NNID to my Nintendo Account before, but if I have (Currently it isn't linked) may ban affect to the NNID?

And yeah the shield also plays a big role. On some characters you want small shields, on some you want them as big as possible
The shield always regenerates after some time of taking no damage
And they have huge bonus effects
12:50 PM
@Jutschge wait, why would you want smaller shields?
or are you talking about the Brands and the extra bonuses they offer
@Memor-X some weapons/skills scale with having little to no shields
Roid for example for melee builds
You deal bonus damage if your shield is depleted
ahhhhh. i didn't know there was stuff like that
There's stuff for everything tbh
i just always goes for best shield
The build variety is one of the things I really like about BL
@Memor-X well the "best" always depends on the build you're playing :P
Going for the one with the biggest capacity is usually pretty safe
there are also nova shields that explode when they hit 0
so you don't care about shield capacity but about recharge delay
12:53 PM
before i upgraded my PC i had Lilith in the first one with infinite SMG ammo thanks to a Class Skill that boosted one of her abilities to regen it. and with this scoped thumper smg by the time i used up a clip i was like only a few bullets off from being full again
1:48 PM
@fredley I recently realized that I can no longer say "high school was 10 years ago", since it was 13ish years ago now. I feel really old.
@Memor-X Yeah, I had a similar build, possibly combined with the Dancing Queen build (special regens HP, meleeing out of special does extra damage, killing enemies reduces cooldown on special)
@MBraedley i have no idea if anything i did falls under any named builds. i just pick out skills i find useful for myself
2:08 PM
@Wipqozn wipqoldzn
@fredley yeah :(
@Ronan is so lucky to be 16 forever
I think I might have accidentally corrupted our automated webtest environment
Okay, I think I can fix this by just running the automated webtests. It should automatically reinstall the environment and fix it
@Wipqozn Literally Peter Pan over here
@fredley Peter Ronan
Peter RoPan
2:42 PM
@Jutschge It's especially safe if you're going for the 1HP Moze build.
2:54 PM
@Memor-X Yeah, that's how I always do it
I'm currently building out an Amara build in BL3 focused on using Maliwan Shockwave shotguns
@Wipqozn I got stabbed by a jinn
I was hiding in a corner and I assume he just ran at me
Also he didn't have a knife but he did have an axe
@Unionhawk What are you playing?
3:24 PM
TFW the Incredibuild coordinator goes down, and builds suddenly take nearly 20 minutes.
Oh hey, it's back online, but Incredibuild won't reconnect in the middle of a build
@SaintWacko Sounds like Phasmaphobia.
@SaintWacko I like picking a gimmick and then pursuing it to the extreme.
Like Moze has a skill that reduces her max health in return for more shields. So I pumped that skill to its max and now I have like 1 health.
In return, I have something like 2.5k shields.
It also synergizes with another skill she has that increases her Gun damage based on her lower health.
3:41 PM
@SaintWacko Phasmaaphobia
the early access multiplayer ghost hunting game
@Yuuki Ooh, that sounds neat
@Unionhawk So does that
mark brown of game makers toolkit found me hiding in a corner and hunted me down even though I never spoke his name
Q: How do I make command blocks distinguish between an in ground arrow and in ground tipped arrow?

The ShishI know how to make explosive arrow, but I want to have only strong harming arrows explode; the command is: execute at @e[type=minecraft:arrow,nbt={inGround: 1b}] run summon tnt ~ ~ ~ I have tried to add a "CostumPotionEffect" nbt, but it doesn't explode the strong harming arrows i take from the c...

Q: Looking for an very old submarine and i think math game

Floi hope i am correct to ask this question here. Basically i am looking for the name of this game i played as a child. It was about controling a submarine to feed fish and i think answer simple math questions. Main features i can remember: You controled a submarine You had to feed fish with worms ...

The trouble I've been having with Phasmophobia really is that the ghosts just do nothing for the longest time and then they spike in activity and the end result is that I either die or don't have enough clues.
@Yuuki when @uni got stabbed we only had ghost orbs for a clue, but we were able to guess it was a jinn based on behavior
3:59 PM
To be fair we also very cheated by using discord but in game voice wasn't working
@Unionhawk well, its not our fault it wasnt working. though i still wouldve guessed jinn even without you giving me more info
This is my annual 'dip in the bridge, see what's up'
@Fredy31 all of the above
@Dragonrage there is a lot above
its a joke
4:11 PM
anything that is a above is up
Well, I guess you too are a member of the 'shitty jokes club'
My SO i think laughed at only one of my jokes in 5 years of common life
And i still dont know if that was a pity laugh
@Unionhawk apparently there's a bug with alt-tab
Specifically alt-tabbing.
You can use the Windows key to change focus fine but if you use alt-tab, it breaks the voice chat somehow.
Also, look at what I just found in my things imgur.com/gallery/5qqtcXJ
Didn't remember Arqade had shirts made years ago
4:23 PM
14 hours ago, by Wipqozn
In fact large maps in general need some tweaking too. Ghosts just don't do enough outside their ghost room.
That was my best quote
@Fredy31 I still have a pixel heart shirt somewhere
but ghosts just don't seem to be active enough, especially on amateur.
@Fredy31 i still have mine
4:43 PM
@Fredy31 I've got a mouse pad (and some other stuff) from this
@Wipqozn It feels like they just escalate way too quickly. From not active at all to shoving their fingers straight into your eyes within like five seconds.
@Yuuki i feel it depends on the ghost
aside from the time @Uni died last night, i didnt have a single ghost hunt
5:41 PM
oh hey, wendy's is streaming again
playing mario kart this time
Q: Electric shock in deep cave

LudiI am in City Ruins, Deep Cave a few feet from Jackass. At some point, I always suffer an electric shock without apparent damage. I am crawling around but can’t see anything. Is there anything hidden!

6:10 PM
Epic Games Store has a Halloween sale. Bunch of games at deep discounts
Q: Why each Stat level has a limit of 99 and not of 100?

Yamato MisakiI wounder why is the stats level limit at 99 in dark sousl 2 why instead of 99 could be 100 i mean,is stressing me out that fact of not knowing why the stat level for example dexterity max level 99, and not dexterity max level 100...??

6:42 PM
@Dragonrage brands are weird
I don't like how they keep acting like people.
@Ash yeah, some of this seraphine stuff from lol is starting to make me feel icky
Maybe "icky" is the wrong word.
It's off-putting at least.
7:06 PM
I regret to inform you that there's been A Gaming Take
Good thing Google will kill Stadia and fire this dude eventually
7:36 PM
If you don't understand that twitch is just free advertisement then you know no wonder stadia isn't doing well
Oh lmao he's this guy kotaku.com/…
Yes, lol
I'm glad there are jobs out there in the gaming industry for people who do not understand the industry
like damn how dare greedy streamers steal money from the developers of among us by helping catapult that game into cultural phenomenon status
7:52 PM
I can't even figure out the root of his argument
Like, is he saying that streamers all pirated the games, or objecting to the fact that big streamers often get comped games by the publisher/developer, or what?
He's saying that streamers, in addition to purchasing a game, should have to have a streaming license agreement wherein Ubisoft gets 20% or some shit
Game companies want to erase the idea of owning games
Which yeah that checks out given that this is the stadia guy
They'd all switch to subscription models if they could
8:05 PM
@Wrigglenite To be fair though, a competent subscription service like Xbox Game Pass will likely be significantly cheaper for the average consumer than having to buy 70 EUR games, and even encourages players to play games they never played before because they're included in the bundle
Like, a year of Xbox Game Pass is what, 120 EUR? That's 2 games
I also don't think anyone in the industry is interested in shutting down the free advertisement machine
I have been informed that this guy is not the creative director of stadia but merely a creative director for stadia via a montreal games studio that google bought to make games for stadia
8:20 PM
he should be paying a license for trying to piggyback that title in his bio then
or whatever the hell
I mean, his job title is creative director and he is at google stadia
Checks out
@Unionhawk That's like saying you graduated top of your class at Harvard because you're homeschooled and your mother happens to be a part-time Harvard professor
No it's not, his job title is creative director and he works for google stadia
there just happens to be multiple creative directors
and possibly an Executive Creative Director overtop all the Senior Creative Directors
@Nzall I actually played the outer worlds like this.
8:32 PM
@Ave same, it was pretty much the only game on Xbox Game Pass I played
The game was smth like 300TRY, game pass something like 30. I got a month of game pass, played and finished it, then cancelled the sub.
That's how I plan to use the game pass.
Not an always-active thing but a thing I get as I play a game in it, then cancel afterwards.
I've been reasonably happy with game pass
I flat out wouldn't have gotten ck3 without it
I'm glad I played outer worlds through it instead of buying
@Unionhawk Same, I thought I would hate it but even just playing one new game per month already makes it worth it, and I've definitely played more than that.
Ikenfell is on it by the way
Q: "Serious Sam" achievement (Serious Sam Bogus Detour)

Dwayne HoggI'm trying to get the achievement for actually beating the game (The "Serious Sam" achievement), but I'm not sure about the actual requirements. Do I have to beat the game completely unmodified (game switches, not mods), or do I have to beat every level in a save file? I played on a save file ont...

9:05 PM
cant wait for elections to be over so i stop getting so many spam texts/calls
9:19 PM
I always hate that part of election stuff.
@Ash I most certainly misread "election".
9:32 PM
@Wipqozn Please check with your doctor if your election lasts for more than 4 hours months
Q: How to get the best gear in Diablo Reaper Of Souls

SHANE BROCKI have tried to find the best gear in the game but its no use it give me stuff I already have how I get them.

You're all banned
Also didn't notice an out of stock tag on an ikea bed I was looking at so that's fun
so no bed for you?
I'll figure something out idk
I still have 5 days or so
I could drive all the way to Columbus but on the other hand: I'm not doing that
that's an entire hour away the real solution is find a different pick
9:49 PM
@Yuuki @Dragonrage @Unionhawk I'd be up for some SPOOKY GHOST after I have my supper. aka in 30-60 minutes?
@Wipqozn I could do one or two, yeah.
10:01 PM
Q: Minecraft WallMap with Zoomed out MAPS

RSMHey guys I was trying to do a wall map on Minecraft; however, the center map was already zoomed out (by placing it in the cartography-table and adding 1 paper), as a result, I got a map showing some biomes as well as the house. Then, I tried: Taking the center-map and walked to one of its edges, ...

@Wipqozn i could do a bit yeah, though i will be mostly in van and on overwatch. will be wrapping up work then
Okay I'm ready if @Yuuki and @Dragonrage are
I'm in Discord?
oh you use discord?
MAkes sense. one sec.
Eh, not during the cases, no.
But it was helpful for troubleshooting audio issues.
10:16 PM
oh okay
10:52 PM
Probably will be available later
Picking up dinner atm
Whatcha playing?
@Wipqozn @Dragonrage @Yuuki if any of you have ping sounds on this was probably terrifying
@PrivatePansy phasmophobia, multiplayer voice activated ghost hunting
It's steam early access for like $14
11:14 PM
bustin' does not make me feel good
No somebody else busts the ghost you just figure out who they are
11:43 PM
@Wipqozn died once so, all in all, a pretty successful day.
@Yuuki and I are bailing now because we're scared
but also I need to clean my messy apartment
death sucks, man
not sure what @Yuuki's excuse is
Probably just cowardice

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