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12:36 AM
Disney Plus comes out tomorrow, and has all the Ducktales. Now I have to get it
1:03 AM
Q: I can't download the latest minecraft version bedrock 1.13

Helpasker2k19I tried downloading the latest version of minecraft bedrock 1.13 win10 edition but it won't. Can someone put a download link of microsoft.minecraftUWP_1.13.0_x64? My friend did that for me when 1.12.0 came out. It worked well for me.

1 hour later…
2:24 AM
Q: Do i need to know japanese?

BeavoruJust bought a copy of Super Princess Peach for my Nintendo DS...but the game version is japanese and the seller even told me to refund if its 'not in english'. Do i really need to read Japanese language to play it? Or is there any way to change it to English Language? Please help me.

i wonder if someone here knows anything on this
so i have a shipping container, inside are CDs, Books, Anime Figures, other electronics. now say there's a bush/wildfire. i keep reading that Shipping Containers wont be destroyed in an intense fire but i have a bit of a concern that the fire outside heats up the inside and possible damage the contents
is that a legit concern and should avoid having a storage container with stuff i want protected in the path of a fire or not?
2:52 AM
By "shipping container", do you mean those big metal things that go on ships?
@badp I mean, mine looks similar.
Though that's because I have all the champions already and am sitting on like 200k blue essence.
3:04 AM
@Yuuki yep
I think there's processes for recovering items damaged during shipping.
@Yuuki no this isn't during shipping, this is having a shipping container in your back yard to store stuff
3:21 AM
Hmm... I don't imagine the contents of a shipping container would do well in a wildfire.
The whole thing's metal, so heat would conduct pretty easily.
Q: I filled a shulker box of max books and put it in a chest and broke the server. How do I fix this?

TailsIsAwesomeI was being dumb and tested putting in shulker boxes full of max books into a chest and it crashed the server. It's a very good server and I need it to be fixed. I have WorldEdit but I can't find a replace command for certain coordinates at all. I have no clue what to do.

@Yuuki yeh that's been a concern on my mind since i would imagine the entire thing would turn into an oven in the middle of the fire
been trying to work out if i buy a container of my own (of which it'll be on our property) which is a single payment and it's all mine, or rent a container in town which means a monthly payment
Also a good one hoho
@GnomeSlice does it also include a stream from Trump's twitter?
4:21 AM
So much monitor, aaaaah
@TimStone it needs to be WIDER!
user image
yall have too much monitor, please send the excess to me for proper disposal
@GodEmperorDune oh that image isn't my set up, i only have the one
Q: ¿Dónde puede Minecraft PE salvar otros mundos además de sdcard / games / com.mojang / minecraftWorlds?

Samuel RealesTodavía no tengo mundos y cuando presioné Reproducir, me preguntó: "¿Desaparecieron tus mundos?" Algo así y me pidió que cambiara la ubicación de almacenamiento predeterminada del juego. Elegí "Aplicación" y creé un mundo: ingrese la descripción de la imagen aquí ingrese la descripción de la im...

I have another monitor hooked to the laptop on the left but I couldn't roll my chair back that far to get it in the shot
Let's hope the DisplayPort connection is better on these than the last ones
5:24 AM
@Lazers2.0 hola?
5:50 AM
Q: What does the number after the car mean here?

WestWhat does the number after the vehicle mean? ex. racecar - fully upgraded 43658m

3 hours later…
8:43 AM
@Memor-X I can really recommend getting a second monitor. after an SSD, it's one of the best investments you can make in a computer, whether home or office
9:21 AM
triple 32:9 monitor setup :P
just the middle bit of it is used up
but beautiful
I mean, it can all be used, it's just that in that particular moment it wasn't :P
9:49 AM
Morning chat
hello humans
Morning humans
Hello huu-mon
the cycle is complete
oh wait, we needed "hello chat"
darn it
Hello chat
9:55 AM
but the combo... eh I'll take it
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11:17 AM
Q: Digital game but wont work after another user inserted disc

Phillip BrownI have brought a digital copy of a game but then another user put their disc in and now my version of the game requires a disc.

11:56 AM
Sonic model looks better, but my God, this movie is going to be so bad.
I get I'm not the target audience since I'm not 8, but even so, it looks terrible.
@Nzall oh i don't have a second monitor because i don't see a reason for it, i just need a bigger desk for a second.....or third monitor
@Wipqozn i'd watch it just to see Jim Carrey as Dr Robotnik
Second monitor in studies basically always give increased performance
@Elva yeh i've seen that in every job i've been in. for home i'd get a second for performance and a third to run videos off from
infact my TV would settle for a third monitor
In case you want some wholesomeness to distract from all the terribad: twitter.com/Kelli96/status/1194052527060389888
12:57 PM
> so if robotnik explodes things and sonic goes fast, the former is a boomer and the latter is a zoomer
Duck Tales! A woo ooo!
1:39 PM
Q: Is Multiplayer between two homebrewed original 3DS systems or 3DS and DSi possible in twilight menu?

Vuyo MiskinI have some friends coming over on different days, and we want to play some Ds games for the sake of nostalgia. Our save data is on twilight menu++ (custom firmware) however on one day, my friend will utilise a DSi XL, and on the next my other friend wants to use an original 3ds. I also have an o...

2:01 PM
@Sterno is it the reboot or the original?
1 hour later…
Q: Question About Regions In PSN

Alex GreenI just wanted to ask for example if I have a region 2 PSN account and buy a region 1 disc, is gonna be a problem for running it?

3:42 PM
Q: What are the markings/patterns on the classic Counter Strike knife supposed to represent?

senpai Pictured above is the classic CS 1.6 knife, brought back to CS:GO for it's anniversary event. Having played since 1.6, I've always been curious what the markings mean. It's got a wave-like pattern, but I don't particularly understand what it's supposed to represent. Some possibilities that I ...

4:07 PM
hello, i am back.
Welcome back.
thanks. had a mostly relaxing vacation, camping at the beach
bbl BA447
There's more Britain than necessary on this flight
@Dragonrage Welcome back, back
i require coping strategies from professionals such as @fredley
4:09 PM
Have you tried being British, that's how I deal with it
@Ronan Welcome front, back
@Ronan that sounds like a horrible strategy
How about leaving the plane without a parachute despite all the people telling you it's a bad idea?
You reckon half of this plane agrees that's a bad idea?
I mean I guess I'm on it and that skews figures
god damn foreigners
I reckon half of the plane have been assured they'll be given a parachute on the way down
4:17 PM
Some here are insisting they knew all along there was not going to be parachutes
and that's precisely what they expected as they booked their ticket, despite the page not saying
and some airline representatives saying otherwise
@Memor-X both
I hear @fredley likes to watch Archer to relax. He likes it because it is the pinnacle of humor.
Archer is great. I recently rewatched seasons 1 through 4.
4:43 PM
Q: In Death Stranding, how to make bridge link with my PSN friend whom I haven't met in the game?

Alien-47In Death Stranding me and my friend have PSN accounts in different regions. I've never seen him among the people I interact with during the game. Is there some way to force us to connect? I understand that the game picks objects and items and people according to its own hidden logic, but I still ...

@Wipqozn I've almost finished watching DS9!
@Wipqozn does that include the coke selling one?
5:04 PM
Have any of you read the Hollows series by Kim Harrison? I got a question about it
@GnomeSlice No. I intentionally excluded it. Season 5 was really bad.
@Elva Fancy. How have you liked it?
@Nzall I read the first one and didn't like it so I never read any others
@Elva That's my favourite star trek
@Ash I see. I started reading it and there seems to be quite a bit of sexual tension in the first few chapters, mainly involving vampires and their depiction as hypersexual creatures. I'm wondering if that sexual tension will evolve into full-on sex scenes later on, because that's not the kind of book I'd like to read on transit
I dunno, it was a while ago that I read it.
I don't recall specifics other than I didn't like it enough to continue.
I see. I'll ask reddit then
5:24 PM
Q: What products are advertised in the game?

arghtypeIt's hard to miss energy drink product placement in your private room. But is there anything else? Is whiskey Mads Mikkelsen's character drinks real?

Q: Can't execute RDR 2 from desktop shortcut

CarlosCarucceI can't execute Red Dead Redemption 2 from it's desktop shortcut. When I try, it pops an error message saying that it must be started from Rockstar launcher. Is there a fix? If not, why is there an option to create a shortcut if I won't be able to use it anyway?

@Lazers2.0 "Is whiskey Mads Mikkelsen's character drinks real?" I mean, probably, knowing that the game is sponsored by monster energy (I'm not even sure it's a sponsorship, it might just be kojima loves brands)
@Unionhawk Also, it's a video game and I don't think mo-cap works well with liquids.
Good news, no one departed the aircraft mid flight
5:45 PM
Q: What splitscreen game modes does Modern Warfare (2019) support?

yoozer8What game modes (campaign, online multiplayer, etc.) does the 2019 Modern Warfare game support for split-screen play? The information I have been able to find on the internet is primarily pre-release speculation, but even post-release discussions don't provide an answer (e.g. this discussion on ...

@badp Relax, you belong to Olivia Coleman now, we all do.
Speaking of actually excellent TV, Undone (Amazon Prime) is pretty exceptional
It's by Raphael Bob-Waksburg and Kate Purdy (Both from BoJack) and it's very great. Very different vibe. Thing it reminds me most strongly of is The OA.
Also it has Bob Odenkirk!
@Lazers2.0 oh god, how are speedruns of this game going to work now that I think about it
6:05 PM
Q: im playing undertale true pacifist and after i fought omega flowey, i close down my game

ryanafter this, I open it up and I'm at the beginning of the asgore fight with my pie and everything. is this supposed to happen?

@Wipqozn Well... I almost finished watching it soooo!
6:27 PM
I get the feeling this sushi place will close soon.
It's not even at quarter capacity during lunch rush hours.
Could be due to the cold but I dunno.
Is it good sushi?
6:56 PM
It's... all right sushi?
More like convenience sushi, it's a revolving sushi restaurant.
if you think about it, anything on this planet could be considered a revolving x
Looks like it's another day ending in "ay"
snorts true enough
good thing I went AMD with my build
7:08 PM
@Steve-o169 I mean, that's probably not going be of much difference long term
7:27 PM
Q: When I send out friend invites in Minecraft PE, they do not show up on my friends screen for them to accept

David CorryI just downloaded Minecraft about two weeks ago and I am trying to invite my friends to come to my world. When I go to the menu, I click on invite to game and chose my friends from the online list. When I click invite they don't get the invite. My friends were able to invite me and it showed up a...

8:33 PM
@Unionhawk Aren't we all revolutionaries making our way around the Sun?
8:45 PM
@GnomeSlice Neat! I love these games.
Oh, I need to remember to buy some plant blankets.
There's going to be a freeze tonight and the previous owners of my house have some nice fruit (trees and vines) planted.
Q: Getting this error on Garry's Mod, what should I do?

GoneBoyGoneSo I'm getting this error on GMod and it's preventing me from playing. What should I do? I've done everything it suggested but it still won't work.

9:09 PM
Q: Minecraft: Random Screaming Glitchy Cat Sounds

Some CitizienI don't if it's in all of my wolrds, but it is in at least one. I have this cave base, and a pet fox. (I don't know if that's related). Randomly, there's a sound, not like cave ambiance, but like a cat screaming and its glitchy. There are different keys and durations of the noise. And at differen...

@TimStone whoon morp!
@TimStone How do they even find stuff like this?
9:23 PM
I don't even know, it's pretty crazy
Well once you know that the save file can be written to by overflowing game data, its trivial to work out how to do that
With a lot of trying different ways of doing it
@Frank me too. This ones a huge multi front battle apparently
yeah everything I've seen about death stranding suggests that it is the logical conclusion of anyone ever using the term "walking simulator"
This video*
@TimStone is this going to end up being faster than debug menu for any%
since that category is, right now, just "get debug menu; give yourself the masks, oath to order, and fierce deity, go to moon as if you got those things normally"
it least looks less stupid than debug menu, which is just play song of soaring 600 times
It feels like it might be, you do spend like 30 minutes on playing song of soaring, and it looks like all you need here is deku mask, bombs, zora mask, and bottle
9:50 PM
Q: Under what conditions is a battle a draw?

ScottThe manual pg. 48 says that when the battle timer expires: As an attacker, there is a time limit. If you haven’t defeated the enemy before the timer expires, you lose the battle. However, I have experienced a situation where the timer expired and the battle resulted in a "draw". The manua...

Q: Minecraft 1.14.4 fabric view spawning spaces

codingcat3423In minecraft fabric 1.14.4 is there a mod which will highlight which spaces are spawnable like the monster spawn overlay mod for 1.11.2

@Unionhawk A former (current?) user of this chatroom on Twitter said it's essentially applying AAA-gun combat levels of simulation depth and mechanical maximalism and applying it to movement.
regular walking simulator: a relaxing first-person walk through a forest or some shit
kojima walking simulator: you know how sometimes if you're carrying a bunch of heavy boxes you fall over and almost drop all your stuff into a river? that's the game
also we motion captured the shit out of Norman Reedus losing his balance
@Unionhawk You know those people to push the boston dynamics robots, we did that to a guy
10:06 PM
oh no someone is contacting me because of time-sensitive stuff that they can't tell me about because of federal laws i should call them back this totally doesn't sound like a scam at all
@Ronan just all of Kojima's studio with sticks prodding Norman Reedus
10:43 PM
@Yuuki That sounds very serious, I hope you do not get arrested for doing the illegal! Very scare!
@GnomeSlice Notably distinct from his previous games with poops
@murgatroid99 haha. Right right
That's true eh I forgot how much potty stuff was in the other games

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