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12:28 AM
It's funny how much of Link's Awakening I remember, and how much I really really don't.
12:49 AM
Q: One email two usernames - Minecraft

user239108I initially set up a Minecraft account on my sons laptop under my email address with a let say 'username 1'. Later I set up another account on my iPhone lets call it 'username 2' and I have purchased many worlds/skins etc under this username2. So now I'm sick of him playing on my phone all the ti...

1:30 AM
All this post-remake chatter about LA has me wanting to replay LADX
I think it was the first Zelda game (and definitely the first Gameboy game) I finished and I have a lot of nostalgia for it
1:45 AM
It was the first Zelda (heck maybe the first anything) I beat on my own.
2:06 AM
2:28 AM
@Ash lol, likewise. Ocarina of Time was my first Zelda game but i had a friend who cleared the Deku Tree, Dodongo's Cavern and the Forest Temple. back then i was afraid of dying in-game
OoT might have been the first one I played, not sure. But the same friend who had OoT also had a Gameboy with Metroid 2 and LA, and let me borrow it during a long summer trip with lots of travel and other downtime
Metroid 2 I didn't finish until years later but I played all the way through LA on that trip.
3:09 AM
Man, now I want a Minish Cap remake.
Q: Minecraft Villager Breeding

Christian VandySo I’m playing xbox one and my villagers are not breeding. I am pretty sure I saw green sparkles over their heads and idk what that means, but I haven’t seen red hearts over their heads. I have a structure made with a ton of beds. Also, doors above the ceiling and those doors are smooshed togethe...

I never played Minish Cap.
It was weird but awesome
3:29 AM
@Memor-X I was so scared of the forest temple
I would always do it last
3:42 AM
> Three men are in a boat, they have 4 cigarettes, but no lighter. They threw one overboard and the whole boat became a cigarette lighter.
I have no idea how to do multiline on mobile...
Cc: @Ash @GodEmperorDune @Yuuki
Oh that's awful I love it
4:03 AM
@GnomeSlice how? so much of the game needs a Bow and Arrow
Yeah I know, what I meant was you can get away with doing the fire and I think water temples before it
You can use the hookshot instead of a bow on the fire temple boss, it's just really hard
4:53 AM
Q: Teleportation in Minecraft Tlauncher

Minecraftjoker9I am in Minecraft Tlauncher 1.14.4 I have a server and I have allowed the usage of command blocks from the control panel. I have typed the correct command for teleportation. Command Used: /tp @s 137 65 214 This was supposed to teleport me to my server spawn destination. Any ideas?

3 hours later…
7:54 AM
Q: How to find a nether fortress minecraft

annai need help finding a nether fortress, im new to minecraft and have searched many times and i always die trying to find one. any tips? or the seed is 2667099037291472039 if anyone is willing to try find one

1 hour later…
9:14 AM
Q: Asking question on soldier spending in vanquish ,GAME OF SULTAN

ARIWe know that in Game of sultan, Soldier spending in Vanquish is related to national power. I think there exist a mathematical formula for vanquish normal and elite mode.(like the mathematical formula for vizier's attack damage= vizier military talents*vizier level*5000).please give me such mathe...

9:24 AM
Good morning Bridge
Ohai @Elva. Long time no Minecraft
And that's my paid leave sorted for the end of the year
Yuh! I am doing things in Tim's server
I learned it has turtles
@Nzall Minecraft? Excellent.
9:29 AM
@Coronus No, month of holiday to Spain
9th of December to 10th of January, and likely 2 more days on the 5th and 6th of December as well if I don't need them before then
@Elva you know my wife loves computercraft, we will be joining!
Oh nice!
I have so far set up a self sustaining tree farm and a single excavating turtle for some starting resources
@Nzall quite a long holiday. I'll have to check on my days off. I think I get one or two in there...
As well as IC2 ore doubling, planning on making the improved IC2 ore refinement system afterwards so I can start going for building a buildcraft quarry
@Elva not millions yet??
9:36 AM
(the pack needs titanium to build a quarry, and you need to refine bauxite in an advanced IC2 machine to get some titanium (12 bauxite dust -> 8 aluminium and .5 titanium IIRC, fortunately you need two titanium ingots and you can get 4 bauxite dusts from an ore)
@Coronus naaah, not gonna burn the world quite yet
@Coronus I have 20 vacation days per year, plus another 12 days that are because we have a 38 h/w contract but work 40h/w and as such have an extra day off per worked month
I need to take 4 of those 12 days mandatory between Xmas and NYE, and I've been quite frugal with the rest of my days, so I had another 7 days of vacation and then 7 days of "lieu days" as they're called. so I took the 7 lieu days between the 16th and the 24th, and then 5 of the 7 vacation days between the 9th and the 13th
And then I have 2 days more leftover that I'll most likely take on the 5th and 6th
And then the start of January is 7 days in 2020
That sucks... forced to take time off and relax.
@Nzall that's pretty good
I only have 14 days
@Coronus In such situations it's generally not that which people complain about. If they complain. It's the fact that the boss determines when you take the days you have a legal right too take
I had the same problem a few years ago.
I had 2 days off Christmas week and 2 days off New Year's. and a floating holiday in between. Everybody ended up taking 4 days of vacataion for 17 days off in a row.
9:48 AM
I complained it about that to management before and they talked about how I should be happy that it's not the legal minimum of 7
good argument, I'd say.
@Ave Legal minimum in Belgium simply is 20
@Elva I miss it. That's what I complain about
Belgium has very good unions, so we tend to get quite good working terms
How's the immigration there?
And the 40/38 thing is quite common in Belgium as well
9:50 AM
I'm not asking for a friend.
I wonder how things would change around here if we legally unionized.
@Coronus Depends on the country of origin and whether you want to go to Walloon or Flanders or Brussels. I'm not familiar with the entire legislation around the topic, only with the fact that anti-immigration parties in Belgium currently are like 45% of the voterbase
I literally found out this week that I have to move in 10 months and I figure... why not international?
I need to figure out immigration laws in the netherlands
Well, hopefully... in a year or so I need to start figuring that out :p
@Elva lol You know my wife would love to meet you, are you moving?
9:54 AM
No, I have a girlfriend that lives in america :p
Oh, what part? that's a big place...
San Diego, California
10:54 AM
Q: 2x2 double piston extender

ChundI am currently working on my modern house, which has a staircase looking vaguely like this: _ _ _ _ _ _ So there are two blocks per step and each step consist of a halfslap of height. I am struggling to come up with a design to make part of my stairs shift down into my floor and chang...

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12:02 PM
@Ave I have 14 days that I don't have to take if I don't want to and it's not paid, but I get a 4% "vacation pay" (4% based on 2000 hours is 80 work hours) at the beginning of the year, based on what I made in the previous year. So, if I go on vacation, I get less vacation pay 🤷🏼‍♀️
Wow. "You'll get paid for your vacation!... eventually..."
you can ask for it in advance, but you'll get it based on this year's worked hours, so if you're going early in the year, you're not getting much
it's safe to assume that any day off I have for any reason, is unpaid
12:39 PM
Friendly reminder that the polls open at 9:30 this morning y'all
Minecraft: can you defeat the ender dragon with dispenser arrows?
I think the dragon would destroy your dispensers
she destroys chests and other tile entities
Am I remembering that you can't deal arrow damage while she's perched?
It's some area of effect deal
12:48 PM
She's just throwing a tantrum. She'll cool down eventually if you ignore her
Ender dragons are toddlers right?
Like, if you're nearby a bunch of chests and she flies at you, they're gone. The only blocks that are safe are end stone, obsidian, bedrock, barrier, command block, iron bar, end portal (portal and frame), end gateway
1:00 PM
lol holy shit apparently my work spam quarantine caught an email from some business website with subject "Active Shooter: Life Saving Tactics"
I'm good thanks you can leave that one in the pit
Life saving tactic #1: Get out of third world countries like america
it's probably just run hide fight but with ads supporting business website dot biz
1:13 PM
@Unionhawk It appears like someone is giving some seminars about the topic, some "active shooter expert" with 20 years of experience in active shootings
Which again is probably just the DHS Run Hide Fight training repackaged in a way that makes them money
that video is incredible btw, look it up but strong cw: it just shows a dude with a shotgun shooting 3 people in an office lobby
Just watched a mumbo jumbo video and I don't think you can damage the enderdragon with dispenser arrows, at least not while she's perched
1:38 PM
Polling is open, go vote nerds
I can't! My nearest polling place is an ocean away!
won't be abused at all
@GnomeSlice which polls?
The Canadian federal election is today
(because mine aren't open until November 5th)
ah, I see
1:56 PM
Q: WoW When to use Slam

Michael MuntaOn the following website there is some math on whether to use the warrior ability Slam or not, namely the three inequalities. While I understand the first inequality: [(Avg. Weap. Dam.)+140]*1/1.5 > [(Avg. Weap. Dam.)+176]*1/(Weap. Speed) I am having difficulty understanding how the next tw...

2:08 PM
I hope goku wins I think he would be a good prime minister
@Unionhawk You do know that Goku would probably be a warhawk, right?
Dude loves to fight.
The real candidate is Gohan.
2:21 PM
@Yuuki Dude doesn't just love to fight, Goku wants to be the strongest in the universe, and he will challenge anyone stronger than him to a battle
So congrats, you just invaded the USA
@Nzall to be fair, he'd probably win that fight
Dragonball characters are stupidly powerful.
@Yuuki I mean, true, most DBZ characters can blow up the earth without any real issues
2:34 PM
@Unionhawk I like how the caption just literally restates what is being shown in the comic, word for word.
Q: Running original xbox game in a virtual machine

DuelI have an ISO file for Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. I am wondering if it is possible to use Oracle's VirtualBox to run the game in a virtual machine and use my Xbox 360 controller with the receiver to play the game. I am also thinking of downloading the Xbox 360 OS online (since rising sun is sup...

2:48 PM
:52221837 No it didn't get actioned :p
Wow, I'm surprised you got away with 'hot gay fuck'
Good job
The gods have smiled upon me today I guess idk
So I just finished Code Vein.
Got the best ending so now I'm not motivated to play through and get the "worse(r)" endings at all.
Also, I'm looking for something to pick up in the meantime but I have to keep reminding myself that the new Atelier game drops next week.
So I shouldn't pick anything up.
Outer Wildssss
I need to get that game
It's a windows store game right?
3:25 PM
It's in the EPIC store
Oh, well either way I've heard it's good
3:49 PM
Yes, this is not Outer Wilds but I thought this was a weirdly funny plot decision:
> The game [The Outer Worlds] is set in an alternate future that diverged in 1901, when U.S. President William McKinley is not assassinated by Leon Czolgosz at the Pan-American Exposition. As a result, Theodore Roosevelt never succeeded him, allowing large business trusts to dominate society well into the future, where megacorporations have begun colonizing and terraforming alien planets.
That's the obsidian space western right?
Q: What is the diffrence between Kinect Model A and B and how can i get my kinect working because it keeps connecting and disconnecting

big boiFirst, according this image i found here, I have model B, and i'm trying to get my kinect working and it keeps connecting and disconnecting. It say's its connected. It also says that the usb 3.0 is not working/detected. I can't capture anything with it, nor does the microphone works (and before y...

1 hour later…
5:15 PM
worst part about having clear frame glasses - good luck finding them when you wake up in the morning
Q: How do I get Mario Kart Wii CTGP to work?

R3KedOk, so I installed CTGP-R for the Wii, but when I try to connect it says something along the lines of "Error, CTGP not properly installed, check updates". When I go to the updates section, it says "Could not connect! Please try again." I need help with fixing this, there are no tutorials online. ...

@Elise Just don't leave them on the floor
@Elise Isn't that what a glasses case is for?
@Frank Glasses cases are for nerds
5:31 PM
@Wipqozn I'mma nerd.
trying to figure out how "4" fits in there on a qwerty keyboard
I had my eyes cooked and now I don't need glasses
(no I'm not using my italics for the forces of evil why would you accuse me of that)
@Unionhawk Just write it off as @Wipqozn being @Wipqozn.
@Unionhawk banned4truth
5:45 PM
How did you find this picture of me
@Frank I only use glasses case for storage. If I'm taking the glasses off and the same pair is going on my face next, case seems like too much effort
@Unionhawk Always assume it's because I'm on mobile.
A reasonable and likely excuse
6:39 PM
Q: How can I get /testfor and /tag along with other bedrock commands?

Nightmare09122I am forced to play on Java edition because our computers won't go past Windows 8. Is there any way to get the Bedrock features such as commands and game mechanics on Windows 8? Maybe a mod or something like that. i really want this to work.

2 hours later…
8:20 PM
Q: My GPU is not working after drivers update

mikadoWhen i update my gpu drivers, the screen goes black before windows login screen but i can run it in safe mode when i change the drivers to older one it will run without the safe mode but only in 800x600 resolution, also wtf is this gpu-z is my gpu dead?

greeeeeaaaaaat, the seller "lost" the invoice from the roofing company that did a roof replacement two years ago
that's $600 on my home insurance premium
@Dragonrage maybe pin?
Request granted
@Unionhawk The process is concluded here
10:44 PM
@Yuuki oh, thats frustrating
@Dragonrage I like this, as a concept at least.
I mean I liked that they had a bit of an open door for people who voluntarily stepped down, but it's good, I think, to have a fair process for all.
@Ash yeah, some of the stuff could probably be improved, but the concept is good. havent gotten a chance to read through all of it. have been busy at work
I think it works pretty well. I suspect people won't like that all the power, as it were, is in the hands of the CMs, and it's not as...idk, transparent as people might like depending on how you read it, but it feels reasonably fair
11:47 PM
got an interview at Walmart this friday... now I'm gonna be all stressed out and anxious for the rest of the week
interviews are scary
@Elise You've got this!
@Ash thanks! <3
it shouldn't be too bad, since it's about a job I actually feel confident doing, since it's pretty much the same stuff I've been doing for last 4 years at my current job
@Elise From what you've said about your current stuff, I'm sure you'll rock it
but y'know, social interactions are hard and the whole trans-but-not-full-time thing is something new
Speaking of Walmart, my husband has his orientation for his job there on Thursday :D
11:51 PM
oooh, congratulations to your husband! :D
@Elise nods I can see how that would put some anxiety icing on the whole thing
the first day at walmart is usually just spent on the computer, watching videos 🤷🏼‍♀️
my wife works at walmart and she had to do it when she started and when she came back from parental leave
blah, my tummy's already rumbling from anxiety
should get better in a bit, once I distract my mind with other stuff, like being at my current job... 😒
im always nervous before an interview, but once it starts, it goes away.
@Ash the best thing about walmart is that the staff is extremely diverse
we live in a tiny town with no diversity of any kind and all of the diversity is concentrated at walmart
@Dragonrage yeah, same
had the same thing for band. always was a little nervous before starting a show, but once i got on stage, it went away and i was fine playing
11:55 PM
@Elise Well, that's good!
@Dragonrage oh no, I can't do being on public display
interviews are easier, because it's a back and forth
whenever I had to do presentations in school, I wouldn't show up :x
I had to do one at the end to get my diploma and that was really scary

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