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12:05 AM
@Ash Looks to be US only, though.
@MBraedley Might be up @murgatroid99 camp
Although he might just play MTG...
Yeah, I mainly just do MTG
12:18 AM
say what you like about the Empire/First Order, at least they know how to make easy to complete colour in books
Accidentally tasting peppermint https://t.co/esiIgOJJZl
Charles Martinet during a recording session for Mario Party 4. Each photo was taken when he was voicing a different character: 1. Wario, 2. Luigi, 3. Waluigi, 4. Mario.
Q: how do i log into minecraft?

wolfgod303so iv'e been trying to log into Mine-craft with a account i used to have. how do i log into mine-craft with a account i had? I tried to log in but it said forgot password? then i had help with my uncle and he made me a password and when i tried to log in again with the new password it still said ...

@Unionhawk so that's how you say Wa
@Unionhawk I love this. He's so expressive.
@Unionhawk I like how this cat dislikes candy canes since I also dislike candy canes
12:30 AM
I and @paladique wondered if we could use machine learning to discover the true identity of @horse_js. It's time.........to unmask the horse... http://whoishorsejs.com
It's mentioned at the end but I'll say it upfront that this was done with the full permission of the person in question
@Ash the original method voice actor (or something?)
1:00 AM
@TimStone Ugh center aligned text
1:18 AM
Canada post is still saying tomorrow, but based on that tracking information I can't imagine that's gonna happen
In other crazy things employers do:
Q: Potential employer flew me out for interview, cancels return flight

SnahA company I was interested in just flew me out for an interview. It was on the other side of the country so they paid for my flight and hotel. Unfortunately, the interview went disastrously. I blew every question and I could tell that they didn't like me personally. When I got to the airport ...

1:58 AM
@Wipqozn This is like one of those examples they use in math classes of how induction doesn't work
Like the proof that all horses are the same color
The horse paradox is a falsidical paradox that arises from flawed demonstrations, which purport to use mathematical induction, of the statement All horses are the same color. There is no actual contradiction, as these arguments have a crucial flaw that makes them incorrect. This example was originally raised by George Pólya. The paradox was also used by Joel E. Cohen as an example of the subtle errors that can occur in attempts to prove statements by induction. == The argument == The argument is proof by induction. First we establish a base case for one horse ( n ...
@murgatroid99 Yeah it is, and I love it
still getting black screen on guild wars 2
Q: Dont Get Fired! Do I keep Free Rider Rank after being Promoted/Fired

user225700So, basic question. Do I keep the "Free Loader/Rider" Rank after I get promoted or fired

tried switching off all non microsoft services and rebooting
tried unplugging the network cable from my router and pluggling it back in
i wonder what next
i suspect i will spend a long time trying different things
and eventually i will give up
2:37 AM
I know it's an MMORPG so it's massive, but have you tried re-installing it?
2:52 AM
Reinstall / update graphics drivers?
Probably try the drivers first, yeah.
Also a bit silly to ask, but I assume the system meets the minimum requirements and everything?
Never mind, checked his chat history - he said he did graphics drivers on Sunday.
3:26 AM
Weird things that amuse me - a friend gave me a jar of vegan mayonnaise because she was not going to use it. So tonight, I made ham sandwiches, with the vegan mayo
And the juxtaposition of ham and vegan mayo is making me laugh
Like it tastes fine, it just amuses me
@Ash what does regular mayonnaise have in it that isn’t vegan friendly?
@Dragonrage Eggs
I think?
Yeah, eggs
And the French.
3:39 AM
lol whoops
I may have been looking away while approaching that station and accidentally rammed somebody
@Unionhawk It took me several seconds to determine the context for this
@Unionhawk I hope you have good insurance
@Yuuki I only took 61% damage, and it's only a fine
Not sure how much insurance you need to cover the station opening fire on you.
3:40 AM
a 200cr fine at that
Oh okay, just a fine.
@TimStone I just assumed he was playing elite dangerous because that’s all I see him talk about
All that happens is all station services except the authority contact are disabled
this is the best version of this meme everyone pack it up
it is me on the left literally all of the time
I heard elite dangerous was on sale, and thought about getting it, but I don’t really have time to play anything as of late
Yeah apparently it's on humble
3:45 AM
Maybe I’ll pick it up and just leave it in my steam library like the other 80+ games I have there
Apparently my work is testing some new training stuff for like owasp password security
Supposed to be some sort of game or something
4:06 AM
@Unionhawk I love this
4:21 AM
Q: Minecraft - Custom Dimensions for Servers

CrimsonCuttleWould it be possible to create custom dimensions on servers by using plugins and custom-generated separate worlds? Has this been done already?

5:03 AM
i think it's also fair, given Activision's history, to also say "bug my ass!"
infact (assuming total malice here) the idea of an exclusive badge for free because you didn't get the season pass would be a reason why Activision "fixed it". don't be surprised if Call of Duty: Battle Royal's season pass comes with an exclusive badge
6:04 AM
1 hour later…
7:10 AM
@user7237069 is the sound playing? The most common reason for black screen is unsupported resolution/refresh rate, pretty sure you can switch to windowed mode with alt+enter. If that switches to windowed mode, but it's still black screen, then you can rule out the resolution/refresh rate
1 hour later…
8:15 AM
@Unionhawk For how long?
@Dragonrage Only 80? I have over 500 games on Steam, and well over 600 if I include my other clients
@Wrigglenite while gender identity != sexual orientation, IMO sexual orientation is (or at least can be) part of someone's identity
8:41 AM
@Ave I'm not sure I agree with that, but I have trouble coming to a reason that isn't just "it's confusing if you fuck another dude but say it's not gay"
@Nzall But isn't that the point of even having different words for sexual orientations? Being able to clear confusion and communicate quickly and effectively? Of course heterosexual/homosexual/bisexual/asexual is a highly restrictive model and won't fit everyone perfectly, but if you call yourself "bicurious" most people are going to understand better than if you called yourself "straight".
@Wrigglenite Yeah, but the example @Ave gave initially was "an individiual that identifies as male and exclusively has sex with other individuals that identify as male, but doesn't identify as gay". Like, sure, you might not identify as such, but 99.9% of the rest of the world calls a sexuality like that gay
8:59 AM
@Nzall yep, and here's the important part: what happens between consenting adults is no one's business but them.
If they don't call it gay even though most people would consider it as such, whatever, I don't care, it's none of my business.
@Ave but if we do this, then what's even the point of labels at all if they don't mean anything?
the whole point of labeling your sexuality/identity is to let others understand it better
yeah, that's my confusion
what the two people of same gender having sex call their sexuality between themselves is their own choice, but to the outside world, the most commonly used term would be gay/homosexual
if I say "I'm gay/straight/bi/asexual/bicurious/pansexual/omnisexual", then people expect that to come with a certain definition. You don't go "I'm gay" but then go on and only have sex with the opposite gender.
labels (words, language) exists for social purposes only
@Ave if they don't call it gay, that's fine, but an outsider would describe it as gay, because that pretty much falls under the definition of it
9:06 AM
Truth is that yes, most people in such cases would call it gay, but as contra mentioned on the video, drawing the line between gay and not gay is tricky.
And I feel like instead of getting "if you're gay if you are like this, excluding <pages of stuff>, but also including <pages of stuff>", just letting people decide their identity and labels for themselves is the simplest and most welcoming approach.
I thought the point was that the "line between gay and not gay" has nothing to do with sexuality and is just a toxic construct of hypermasculinity
@Ave in your example of man having sex exclusively with men, it's not that complicated to say they're gay, imho
@Wrigglenite exactly
obviously it becomes a lot more complicated once more variables get involved, which is not what we were talking about, I think
my example was a bit extreme, yeah
My point is that imo people should be able to explore their sexuality without being burdened by labels and the connotations those labels carry
9:11 AM
@Ave Absolutely, I think that's a fair point
But if you happen to fit a label's description? I think it's confusing to not use that label
imho, labels are stupid, but if for whatever reason you have to tell others about your sexuality (which, should it really matter to random strangers?), labels is the only option we have and if you just make up new labels, it becomes confusing and makes the whole point of labels pointless
@Ave Exploring your sexuality generally means with other people, so if a trans woman says "I'm gay", it's important that her definition of "I'm gay" matches that of other women who say "I'm gay"
that's a very very complex example
Like, if that woman means "I'm only gay for other trans women", that's something different from another woman who means "I'm only gay for cis women"
(i blame this old term that is only really used by self loathing trans people and transphobes nowadays)
9:15 AM
@Ave that just sounds confusing... I've never actually heard anyone (that's actually being serious) use that term
@Ave Generally speaking, if I say "gay", I mean "2 people who identify as the same gender, regardless of whether they were born as that gender". Straight is the same but with 2 people who identify as 2 different genders.
@Chippies it's only really used as "HSTS", and is rarely used outside of weird circles no one should visit (like /lgbt/) and weird shitpost places (like /r/transgendercirclejerk)
@Nzall that makes sense to me, for the most part
@Ave I pretty much took that example because I thought you as a trans woman would be familiar with the matter. I mean, if I were a guessing man, I'd guess you've at least once encountered a gay cis woman who wasn't gay for trans women
yeah, some cis lesbians are like that
@Ave since sexuality largely involves genitals, it is understandable why that is, imho
9:24 AM
@Chippies I'd argue that it's more than that, contra talks about it on her video (somewhat nsfw?) and I agree with her points.
@Ave before watching the video - you can be attracted to a person, but crave different genitals for the intercourse
that is true
@Ave okay, I actually saw that part already
and yeah, if a transwoman has a vagina then of course it's all the same, but many still have male genitals and that's where the "issue" arises
but of course people saying that fully transitioned trans women are gay are just transphobic
my word use is not at its best right now, because I recently woke up
let's just agree to disagree on this :)
seems like we both have better things to worry about
which part exactly are we disagreeing on? Because I know for a fact I am explaining what I mean quite poorly, lol
we don't need to continue this discussion if you'd rather I don't, I'd just like to know which part exactly you're disagreeing with (don't need to answer that either if you'd rather not)
9:32 AM
I'd agree that it's transphobic to call cis men dating (or having an intercourse with etc) trans woman gay, while not doing so for cis men doing the same thing with cis women, regardless of genitalia in question.
yeah, I figured I should have reworded that sentence. It seems like I was implying that non-transitioned trans women are gay, which is not what I was going for
2 hours later…
11:07 AM
What about a cis man dating a trans man?
I dated somebody for like a month..? After my ex and I broke up. I hope that's the correct term
Late to the party, good morning bridge. Nice lil 6AM start
Also actually it doesn't really matter to me what other people think or do in their own homes
11:28 AM
Burned my tongue on my coffee #blessed
11:39 AM
Q: Animal Crossing New Leaf male character personalities

John RushAre there any male characters on Animal Crossing New Leaf with personalities other than “lazy” or “jock”? Pretty sexist really, Nintendo 🤔

@Lazers2.0 lol the answer
12:10 PM
@Nzall until you pay off your fine
12:26 PM
Q: Rim World: What does a red box mean in the work tab?

MattIn Rim World, when I open the work tab to set job priorities, some of the boxes are outlined in red for some workers. What does that mean? I know that the lightness of the box indicates sill level and flames are (faintly) shown to indicate passion. But I couldn't figure out what the red outline m...

But based on when it arrived in the city there's a chance it'll miss the delivery window.... but let us hope...
12:55 PM
Damn I haven't used a flight stick in a long time
I used to use it for EVERYTHING including car racing Games
In like... The 2000s
annoying detail about Windows 10: it takes about half a second between pressing control-alt-delete and the password screen to appear. So if you're just a little bit too fast at starting to enter your password, the first keypress doesn't actually register
This is especially annoying if your screen has already turned off because of the lock screen, because in my case at least, it takes longer for the screen to become visible again than it takes for me to enter my password and click enter
1:16 PM
Hmm I wonder if that exploration question counts as a sportsmanship upvote now
only 15 score from the tag badge (ugh that's a lot for these answers lol)
> Item out for delivery
@BunsGlazing Even Dark Souls?
@Unionhawk Helpful answer btw
tbh I'd have been a total fool and just fully scanned every planet
newbie mistake I imagine
My road to elite exploration was literally spansh.co.uk/riches lol
@Unionhawk So one thing I'm uncertain of: Do you get money even if you're not the first one to discover it?
So being first just grants you a "Discovered by" on the bodies you discovered, and a bit of extra credits?
1:29 PM
Okay fantastic
That's one thing I was confused about
Since it would basically mean exploration is a thing which gets progressively harder to break into as the game ages
Probably in-universe, something about current data being useful
or something
yeah makes sense
1:40 PM
@Wipqozn "Noone at home, retrying in 3 days"
@Wipqozn before that time I'm afraid
But I probably would have tried
I think I played Rayman with it
@Wipqozn Dark Souls was after the naughties
Naughties as in the decade that started with 200
i've also heard it called the Nillies
2:11 PM
Flight stick was just delivered. Excellent.
So am I playing Elite tonight?
Is that the plan?
2:48 PM
Someone from the building we rent has changed the port a network cable was plugged into and now my company network is down :(
3:02 PM
@MBraedley Frontier Friday?
Did Slack change the color of their sidebar slightly?
It feels like it's a slightly different shade/hue of purple and it's bothering me just a little bit.
They switched to a new logo yesterday so some other adjustments would probably be expected along with it.
It's both an interesting concept and a cost-saving one.
Historical sets are incredibly expensive.
And using modern aesthetics for a historical setting further ties the themes of the story to current events.
3:25 PM
They switched the identicon algorithm which is even more annoying
Q: Iron golem fall damage

user225717How many blocks does it take to kill an Iron Golem?

Q: What is facility level?

BatophobiaMy castle refuses to be upgraded until facility level 100, but I am currently at 59. How is this calculated? I tried adding the levels of all my buildings, (14 gold mine + 14 gold mine + 15 dragon tree + 9 fire orb + 9 wind orb + 3 castle) but that comes out to 64. Even ignoring the castle, it...

Q: I cant link my ps4 account to my pc account

LaffingPotatoI made a pc account and I wanted to link my ps4 skins to it. When I try to link it it says this account is already linked to (account names) account. Please help.

3:41 PM
@Yuuki Yes because they're monsters and you can change to the "Classic" version of the theme
@PrivatePansy It's funny because the logo guidance is like "Don't chop up the logo" but that's basically what the algorithm is
Like it's not exactly that but it's the impression it gives
4:07 PM
I saw some questions about gamemaker, and looks like the guy dont understand that a 800x600 window will look bigger on a 1024x768 resolution than it is on 1920x1080
@PrivatePansy that has frustrated me because I had gotten used to visually iding my coworkers based on identicons and then now I have to start over
4:34 PM
Time to switch to google hangouts instead of slack :P
Q: 30 day name change restriction for Minecraft

craiizee_narwhal58I tried searching this on google and looking at the question-answer websites like this one, looking at Youtube for answers, But had no luck, so I decided to make this question here. So... I want to change my username in Minecraft before 30 days, and I don't know what to do. I know that there are ...

Q: Mic not working on Xbox one second profile?

CherryMe and my sister share an Xbox, therefore we have two accounts and two controllers linked to each account. We recently got some headsets with mics so we can communicate with friends. My controller is the main one that came with the Xbox. I plugged my headset in and in a party it would seem to wor...

5:15 PM
@Wipqozn Have you played with the joystick already?
@Moacir No, for I am at work
You should quit
Its the most sensible thing to do
I certainly considered it
Q: Need to accomplish some very specific tasks for an adventure map in minecraft, help with any one would be amazing as I'm at a complete loss. *long*

Mogley1992 I'm not an idiot, so i would be more than happy with a link to where i can learn this stuff for myself, preferably by reading and not in video format. Im not just looking for you guys to do my work for me. I just can't find it anywhere. A full description of the map will be included at the bottom...

6:03 PM
@MBraedley That's my plan at least
@MBraedley is playing together easy? I know it was supposedly tricky at launch
6:16 PM
@Wipqozn presumably you just fly to the same spot in the universe and then follow each other around.
And ping @uni if you run out of fuel
Disclaimer: I have never played elite dangerous
@Dragonrage nah you go to the fuel rats website, they always have people online whereas @uni is merely extremely online
So what happens if you run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere in Elite? Is that character just dead, roll up a new one and don't get yourself killed in space this time?
You send @Unionhawk out to refuel you
But you can self destruct too
0/10 would not recommend
What are the downsides of self destructing?
You lose your ship unless you buy it back for the (cost - insurance coverage)
6:22 PM
Is there gameplay to be had without having a ship?
No, but you can't ever get in that state. It's certainly possible to not be able to afford the buyback but in that situation the game just gives you the starter ship
Ah ok.
So dying is bad but never game-breaking
@TimStone that’s lame. I wanna blow up my ship and then hitch hike around the universe
Oh I guess that's true
Technically you can always multi-crew with someone else
6:27 PM
Q: How do the fell arms work?

FoxMcCloudI know the locations and how to 'unlock' them by killing the final boss, that part is the same in the 360 version. I also know that you make them more powerful by getting the killing blow on enemies. At what point do they start getting more powerful? After you finish the story don't you start a ...

Q: Can PA stand her ground against other late game carries?

Neo DarwinPA is an excellent support killer lategame but can she man up again heroes like Juggernaut, AM, Slark, TB? Is a six slotted PA effective against heroes like these? With the recent change to Phantom Strike, she can attack much more and deal much more damage especially with a battlefury. Is it en...

@InvaderSkoodge I think buyback is 5% of the value of your ship and all its parts
Yes, unless you're an alpha or beta backer
beta backers are covered for 96%, alpha backers 98%
I don't even understand what you mean when you say "buyback is 5%" in this context.
You didn't sell anything?
Are you saying the cost of the ship is only 5% its initial cost to replace?
You pay 5% of the value of your current ship to respawn in a copy of that ship at the last station you docked at
Unless you Did a Lot of Crime
6:31 PM
Ok, so that's like a significant but not world-ending penalty.
Yeah, it's fairly trivial to make sure you always have enough credits to cover rebuy just in case
@TimStone Yes then you pay 5% plus bounties and fines and respawn at a prison ship somewhere
I think I have 3M liquid and my buyback is like 250k or something.
@TimStone I haven't messed with multi-crew, how does that work?
@TimStone i guess a certain presidential administration can't play elite then
Q: Can’t find hyperdrive

Froggy143I cannot find the hyperdrive, I looked around the crashed freighter, where the wiki said it was, but still couldn’t find it. Is it underground or somewhere else?

6:46 PM
@TimStone I’ll bring my guide along with me then. It’s very helpful. It informed me that there is a restaurant at the end of the universe
6:57 PM
@GodEmperorDune clears throat
@InvaderSkoodge sorry, no more TIF jokes
@InvaderSkoodge he was talking about uh googles "tv president who did crimes" I'll get back to you
Q: As of 2019 am I allowed to ask about speculative lore on Arqade?

ReflexiveI've recently become very interested in the Bloodsouls lore and this got me to thinking: Can I ask about questions about speculative lore on Arqade? I've read through questions already asked on the meta and here it says that lore is allowed but does that include speculative lore? And that ques...

@Unionhawk frank underwood, yes
the successor to president martin sheen
7:14 PM
Q: How to do hitfarming?

MrFoxI'm playing GemCraft at a decent level: - Using Gem Combiner 1.2.0 - Putting my gems in traps and enhancing them with 6 amplifiers - I'm able to complete endurance runs on Haunting difficulty - I max all traits (including Hatred) except Mana Lock - My wizard level is 4k - Max boost all non-giants...

or the president (the player) in saints row 4
In unrelated news, 1 hour until elite
@Wipqozn and then 1 hour until REALLY elite, because you need to get used with the joystick
I wish I could remember which system I'm randomly docked at, so I could use that road to riches things @Unionhawk linked right now
7:34 PM
I must have missed it.
maps out high value bodies based on the parameters you give
7:49 PM
It seems pretty rad
I think the system name started with an S!
Autocorrect wtf lol
Stop changing my s to a
I mistyped my name as Jadon so much that my phone now autocorrects my correct name to that. I'm thinking of just changing my name to match.
Makes sense to me tbh
@JasonBerkan And now since it auto corrects as Jadon you use it more often, making the algorithm think it was right
8:07 PM
@JasonBerkan @JasonBerkan't?
8:23 PM
I'm working on something fun for discord android
even successfully injected a non-standard emoji
Urgh, Simone Giertz's brain tumor has returned :/
@TimStone Man, Brian the Brain Tumor just needs to fuck off. No one even likes him.
Q: Changing biomes in 1.13

Ded TurtleHow do I change biomes in a world? I know this can be done in 1.12 through worldedit, but currently worldedit isn't available in 1.13. Is there an alternative for 1.13?

8:40 PM
@Ave emojus
9:31 PM
@TimStone Damn it
@Unionhawk TMI @Wipqozn, TMI
@Unionhawk oh god are you watching this too
it's the best (and the worst)
i wonder if twitch would get angry at that $6.90 donation image that flashes on screen for a second.
He's already going to break tos for falling asleep on stream lol
@Unionhawk is that against the tos?
I though he only said that it was against the tos to die on stream
9:47 PM
@Ave I think so? I think it's "you can't just be idle"
I'm sure that people will spam donates until he wakes up
the $10 one is SO LOUD
oh wow there's a 25m lag on donations
tiers don exits
Q: Turn off HUD/UI in SSBU

DocI'd like to turn off the UI elements of a match in Super Smash Bros Ultimate to record video. Is there a way to turn off these elements (specifically the character icon, damage %, Stock count, and character name)? The only element I've found to turn off is the minimap for when players go off-sc...

@WrongOnTheInternet Longing. Rusted. Seventeen.
Although that Lazers 2.0 post was well timed
10:06 PM
Speaking as someone who has played competitive games before, tiers do exist for most games with character choices. It's just that most people put way too much stock into tiering. For the lion's share of people (up to 80-90% of the playerbase), experience matters far more than character tiers. Not just general gameplay experience, but experience with the character you play and the match-ups you face.
Tiers are really only a factor when you get into high-level play like bigger amateur tournaments or organized play.
@Unionhawk Yeah I'm just in solo since I barely have any idea what's going on right now
@Wipqozn Cowaaaaaaard
@Wipqozn how is @uni supposed to refuel your ship if you are in solo?
10:41 PM
@Dragonrage this was my plan, interdict, fire a fuel limpet, leave
Then go to interstellar factors somewhere out of the jurisdiction to clean my ship of its bounty
because it is illegal to interdict clean ships
Though if he's exploring that may be lawless a lot
@Unionhawk @Wipqozn's ship is filthy much like the socks
11:05 PM
@GodEmperorDune This would not surprise me ;)
Q: Elite: Dangerous launcher fails to start

TreyAfter a couple years playing Elite: Dangerous on Windows 10 (Horizons, on Steam), my installation abruptly stopped working a couple weeks ago. (There has been one game update since then, but installing it did not fix my issue.) Initially, the launcher (EDLaunch.exe) just silently failed, without...

11:30 PM
and now to insanely check Comdey Channel every day to see when it actually is going to start so i can series link it because i don't believe Foxtel will remember that i did last year
11:55 PM
ooh! Twitch Presents has reached the Key of Time segment of Tom Baker's run of the Doctor!
Ugh, now I have to trek back across the galaxy because I forgot to pick up relics.
@Wipqozn has yet to send me a friend request and I find this rude and offensive.
@Yuuki We're already friends
You sent me a request 4 years ago I finally accepted it this week

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