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12:09 AM
Oh god
Okokok let's go we got this it's a single combat area attack a skeleton then the giants can't get you
All right
primary risky combat area complete
only one more stage of this quest then like, 13,000 attack and strength experience shooting me all the way to 33 and 32
which rip 420 total level but we're moving on
At least this time I can bring gear
1 hour later…
1:19 AM
three border collies have been trained to run around a Chilean forest devastated by wildfire while wearing special backpacks that release native plant seeds.
this is the best thing
cc @Ash
Q: CSGO Character movement problems

DropSo in CSGO, and only in CSGO, when i am playing and i try to flick right or left quickly it often makes me stop moving my pov left or right and slings me the other direction and or down. I do not know what is going on or how to fix it. This has been happening for a while and I have just dealt wit...

@Unionhawk Oh this is fantastic
1:45 AM
@Unionhawk good work doggo appleseed
My dad waits every year for the day the sun rises just right and reflects along the railroad tracks,Today! 💌
2:01 AM
@GodEmperorDune If that's today, then it happens twice a year.
@Havenlust @amy_calistri Your profile says Madrid, but this photo was taken by Raymond Cunningham in Fairmount, Illinois. And it wasn’t taken today, but last September. If that‘s your father, why not credit him by name as a professional photographer? Or are you taking credit for someone else’s work?
so many people do this and it's annoying
Q: Rename [tf2-*] → [team-fortress-2-*]

ThunderforgeWe have a number of Team Fortress 2 tags* that were created during the era of 25 character tags. Now that we have a 35 character limit for tag names, I recommend we rename the following tags: tf2-demoman → team-fortress-2-demoman tf2-engineer → team-fortress-2-engineer tf2-heavy → team-fortress...

Q: What are the PC graphics settings that are equivalent to PS4 Pro graphics settings for most games?

RedditUsername--i5_gtxAre most PS4 Pro games at high graphics settings or ultra graphics settings?

2:18 AM
Sadly that person's entire Twitter seems to be images without attribution :(
I wanted to be like YAY SO NEAT but nooooo the internet has to RUIN things
The Internet: Officially The Worst
@Ash also has ads
3:06 AM
Q: Why was The Legend of Korra removed from sale on all digital storefronts on December 21, 2017?

123iamkingAccording to Wikipedia Over three years after its release, the game [The Legend of Korra] was removed from sale on all digital storefronts on December 21, 2017. I've google around to find out why but I didn't find a clue. The Legend of Korra is actually a very good game when you unlock al...

3:30 AM
@Lazers2.0 from what i have read up it's because the Activision's licenses for it expired
lol, and how is digital distribution better when something like that can cause a game to disappear forever, if it was a physical game and something like this happens you still had a chance of buying it from third party sellers or if a recall wasn't made for the return of all unsold copies (which i have never heard happen before)
3 hours later…
6:52 AM
Dutch article though
Only four games were researched: Overwatch, Star Wars Battlefront 2, FIFA 18 and Counter Strike Global Offen­sive.
So yea Belgium is very much not amused by lootboxes.
Battlefront 2 is no longer under fire after changes, but all the others are checking all the boxes of "this is very much gambling, and their lootboxes are illegal."
Iran (Persia)

Proposed Q&A site for anyone interested know about life in Iran (Persia)

Currently in definition.


Proposed Q&A site for people working with ReactJS

Closed before being launched.

Facts and Trivia

Proposed Q&A site for those who are interested in random facts, information tidbits, or helpful information that you just can't find anywhere else

Closed before being launched.


Proposed Q&A site for anyone who wants to learn more about a book and any authors wanting to help.

Closed before being launched.

@Arperum go dutch speaking countries \o/
@Arperum The most likely change they'll make is to pull out of Belgium, since we're barely a blip on most revenue streams
or I could be wrong and they actually make changes
@KevinvanderVelden indeed
@Nzall also the dutchlands already
So we'll see where this ends up
7:04 AM
@Nzall or it might be seen as a precedent by other countries and the entire thing will be set on fire.
that would be the optimal outcome
what we really need is France or Germany or the UK chiming in
It's also nice that purely cosmetic stuff (overwatch only has that I think?) is also very bad.
Hey, it's a start.
Hmm, there are now accelerators for neural network processing available in USB stick formfactor
I want one (dozen)
(I could probably actually use several at once for some projects I want to do)
Q: Bowser's kart stuck in mud?

user210656How would he try to get it unstuck and how would his tires spin as he accelerated? Be as detailed as you possibly can on how he would try to push his kart out and if he can get stuck himself. What if Bowser Jr. was in the kart with Bowser and the mud was slippery like ice? How would Bowser Jr. a...

1 hour later…
8:40 AM
@Lazers2.0 wat
Q: Where can I find the complete location of Yoshi's Eggs in the GBC edition of Super Mario Brothers?

TheAshThe GBC edition of Super Mario Brothers had a challenge section whre one was required to finf 5 coins and a Yoshi's Egg in each level. Is there anywhere where I can get the full list of Egg locations, including screenshots?

Q: Legendary Retribution: Story or All Heroes?

noClueThere's an achievement for completing Retribution on Legendary, but does it matter if you finish the All Heroes version or the Story version on Legendary? Do you get the achievement regardless of which one you finish? Also, different but related question: does it matter on which version you manag...

9:27 AM
@Lazers2.0 this looks like a fanfic request...
Q: Is there any reference made to the other sages in the future?

MorgothIn the first game there are 5 sages for each of the common eco types: green, blue, red, yellow, and dark. In the last 3 games in the series there only seems to be a sage of green eco, is there any in-universe mention of the other sages?

Q: Were any cheats ever made for Hot Wheels Beat That on PC?

TheAshThe Hot Wheels Beat That PC version has a Cheat Screen which allows you to enter cheats. Yet all the cheats available online are for the other, non-pc editions. So were any cheats made for the PC edition? and if not, why would it have a cheats screen?

10:24 AM
apparently someone I know traded dox and got mass banned from many servers and is now trying to sue to group who got the mass ban
I should tell him to stop but eh
I have better stuff to do
like sleep
10:50 AM
@Yuuki nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo‌​ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
@KevinvanderVelden Noooo No No No nooo no. Nooooo No No No Nooo No
There was only one n in that "sentence"
Never Heard of Seven Nation Army?
@Ave dox? what's that?
11:03 AM
Doxing (from dox, abbreviation of documents) or doxxing is the Internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting private or identifiable information (especially personally identifiable information) about an individual or organization. The methods employed to acquire this information include searching publicly available databases and social media websites (like Facebook), hacking, and social engineering. It is closely related to internet vigilantism and hacktivism. Doxing may be carried out for various reasons, including to aid law enforcement, business analysis, risk analytics, extortion...
he claims that he didn't do that and uugh what even why talk with lawyers before everything else (like for example talking with people and explaining stuff)
@Ave oh that. so....how do you trade dox? is that just trading the information?
I genuinely have no detailed info about this stuff though
@Ave If you EVER EVER EVER get into any sort of legal trouble, or think you might get into legal trouble, consult a lawyer before you say anything dumb to someone else. that someone else might be called in to testify against you
oh right, that was what you meant
sorry, was confused by the lack of punctuation, so I thought the why was part of the "talk with lawyers" part
I mean apparently his lawyers said "just try to handle this on a personal, non-legal level at first, then if that doesn't work come back" and like
his first step should've been that before seeing lawyers
@Nzall You mean the only song Jack White's ever written?
11:11 AM
Q: How far a portal candidate should be from an existing portal?

AttalosIn my region it is very hard to find real portal candidates to submit it. After I submitted some, some of them has brought online but one of them not because Niantic Labs thought that it is too close to an existing portal. I checked its coordinates and there was 19 meters (approximate 62 feet) b...

@Yuuki I don't know who that is, I just happened to have that song stuck in my head
or rather the Oh oh oh oh oh oh version
@Nzall He... wrote the song.
And it's a bit of a joke that despite having gone on to do his own things, people keep making him play Seven Nation Army at his concerts.
@Yuuki Could be, Youtube doesn't mention that
And sang and played it
I just listen to music, I don't really care who made it
except if they're a nazi or something
11:15 AM
@Nzall It helps with finding more music that you might like though.
Wasn't there a song like seven nation army with ohs instead of the bass?
because somehow I can't find that on youtube
There's white stripes - seven nation army and there's seven nation army - white stripes
Probably? It's a really well-known/popular song so I wouldn't be surprised if someone riffed off of it.
Band-Song in both cases
@Arperum But then how will we provide a sense of accomplishment and achievement to the players?
11:20 AM
@Yuuki for free! Without gambling!
@Arperum ... does not compute.
What are players again? They're the things that hold the wallets right?
I GOT IT! Apparently, SNA is frequently played at sportsball matches when a team scores, and the spectators then oh oh oh oh oh ohs the bass
@KevinvanderVelden I cannot find the second version on youtube weirdly enough
This is a list of bands whose names are taken from songs by other artists where both artists in question have articles on the English Wikipedia. == Exact matches == 10 Seconds of Forever, after Hawkwind's "10 Seconds of Forever" A Day in the Life (now known as Hawthorne Heights), after the Beatles song "A Day in the Life". ABC, after The Jackson 5's "ABC" After Forever, after Black Sabbath's "After Forever" The Antlers (band), after The Microphones' "Antlers" Black Boned Angel, named for the song of the same name by Godflesh, from their 1994 album Selfless Blonde Redhead, after the DNA song "Blonde...
doesn't even mention it
11:40 AM
Err yeah
Because that's a list of bands that went "Oh hey, X is a cool name, let's name our band after it"
Which is a different list from "bands that happen to have the same name as some other bands song"
I was walking home from atm, some old lady stopped me and asked help with calling someone
except she called me girl, even after I spoke a bit. that felt nice.
thanks for reading my happy rambles
12:08 PM
@Yuuki Does he not write all the other music he performs?
It would be weird if someone who releases music as a solo artist doesn't even write his own stuff.
12:28 PM
breathe in... breathe out... breathe in... breathe out...
I am trying to do as little of that as possible... yells at trees
1:16 PM
Well, it's finally happened. The Overwatch room is frozen, but not The Dangerously Elite.
I haven't watched OWL in a few weeks since NHL playoffs started.
1:29 PM
Q: Does playing more than 200 hours in BOTW erase the first bits of Heroes Path?

LiamI have played around 245 hours of breath of the wild, around 40 hours on my friends switch before I got my own and 205 hours on my own switch. I've just bought "The Master Trials" DLC for it. I've been using the heroes path and it has tracked all the way from when I started the game, to exactly w...

1:41 PM
@StrixVaria The joke is that nobody listens to the other music he's written.
@Yuuki Oh, I didn't get that since there are a couple other songs of his that I like.
@StrixVaria Like he had a concert just a few weeks ago or something and the crowd kept booing until he played Seven Nation Army or something.
@Yuuki That's pretty shitty.
@StrixVaria Yeah, it's a pretty easy way to make your favorite artists never want to go on tour ever.
I went to a Clutch concert and they played none of the songs that I was hoping to hear there.
1:43 PM
And I didn't boo them.
Artists go on tour to promote their new songs so you'll buy the new stuff.
Q: How to upload a singleplayer world from Win 10 to a server for the Java version

MemesI would like to export a world made in Win 10 version of Minecraft to a server. How do I get the world folder. I already tried replacing the folder world in the root of the server by the one I find in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\ LocalState\games\com...

Guys. This sign outside my parking garage bothers me way more than it should
Parking $10?
1:55 PM
refuses to upload
the real lifehack is how to find cheap parking places
Yeah, that's
@Sterno But so much more than that too.
Or, alternately, all the words after it
1:56 PM
So does that mean 7-8 and 1-2 there's no parking
or 7-1 there's no parking
Well, the thing is, this sign is in front of a dumpster, and it's not even remotely like a parking spot
so I can't imagine why anyone would even try to park there, ever
If they're loading things into the dumpster
Yeah, pretty much that
between the hours of 1:01pm and 6:59am
which probably doesn't count as parking
1:57 PM
Nope, they didn't really change the name.
But I guess getting "PROJECT" out of there is enough of an improvement.
Hey a Switch game I might actually want!
2:17 PM
Q: How do you level a dragon beyond level 20?

Linda GroganHow do I get my level 20 dragons beyond that point ? I hear it is possible to get them to level 26? Is that just for Elder dragons or all of them and how do you do it? I am level 125 and have all the dragons, but I can’t get them any higher it seems.

2:48 PM
I wrote a story on r/WritingPrompts! I am not a writer so it's probably terrible, but it was fun!
3:04 PM
@SaintWacko Ooooh writing prompts are so fun to read
Except when it's a really good story but gets dragged out interminably and you feel like you have to return to it every day and eventually you get tired of it without ever reaching a real conclusion
I should probably restart my computer
> explorer.exe
> System call failed.
> [Ok]
365 days or bust
Q: How do i transfer a Minecraft Playstation 3 edition world save to Minecraft Nintendo switch edition?

LiamI want to transfer one of my old ps3 worlds to Nintendo switch if that's possible.

@John I like to shut down on fridays
that way I'm committed to 1) being done for the day and 2) not remoting in
@John Ah, yeah. There are some really good writers, but some of them do the whole multi-part thing
3:13 PM
@Unionhawk Oh, this is probably a good idea.
@SaintWacko They get pretty heavily pressured into that, though. Understandable, considering people always want more of a good thing.
wew posted my first question (and answer) in months
Q: How do I add Traits to weapons?

YuukiI've tried crafting weapons a couple times now, but I haven't been able to find any traits that'll transfer to weapons. I definitely remember being able to add traits in previous Atelier games, so what's going on? Did they nerf weapons?

I actually do like this new weapon system, I just wish they made it work for armor too.
Kinda frustrating that you have to balance Traits and Craft Equip Effects for armor.
3:54 PM
Q: How the Hit Point color bar is calculated?

aloisdgI have Silver and Gold (the 2nd gen) in mind, but I guess the logic is the same for the whole serie. I would like to know how the Hit Point color bar is calculated. I guess it would be something like: Green: from full to half Orange: from half to 10% Red: from 10% to 0

4:11 PM
@SaintWacko I liked that! :)
4:26 PM
Q: How to force Fortnite to use Easy Anti-Cheat instead of BattlEye?

iiScotchtapeI'm asking this because I always have to restart my laptop to disable virtualization, otherwise Fortnite won't get pass the BattlEye loading thingy. I read in some Fortnite update blog post that they now support Easy Anti-Cheat. Is there any way to force Fortnite to use this? Easy Anti-Cheat migh...

4:42 PM
Q: people that are minecraft pe geniouses

hiro koboriI am making a map where you get chased by another player and I want the killer to be invisible (already figured that out) and I want him to wear a skeleton head. how do i do that with command blocks? pleas help me.

4:59 PM
Q: need help setting up multiple monitor on window 10

Sion12 CI have a 1080p monitor and a 4K TV connected to the same TV. Normally i use the monitor for general use and the TV for movie and gaming. They are positioned in a way that is hard to see the monitor when i am looking at the TV. So i really prefer to set it to mirrored, since i can fully operate t...

5:12 PM
@Ash Thanks! :D
5:24 PM
@Lazers2.0 Have you tried turning it off and on?
5:48 PM
@Lazers2.0 I'm still stuck in Shallie.
I honestly like the changes they made in L&S.
There’s more nuance to the crafting puzzle now.
I also like the breakpoints in item effects rather than a simple threshold check.
Now if they could do something about the Japanese-only VA...
Got Yakuza 6. Realized I need to finish 5. Love how over-the-top fist fighting action gets.
A gang turf war between two sets of 80 guys is about to start. You bravely drive in and tell one side to fight you instead of them. And you proceed to demolish 80 men, about ten at a time.
Spending a lot of time unnecessarily crafting combat items does result in the game turning into rocket tag over time.
I’m in Chapter 10 and a few of my characters are still using starter weapons and armor.
Frostpunk dropped yesterday and while I like it, I may need to start over.
Also put an hour into Battletech. Not sure what I think of it yet.
6:48 PM
@Yuuki How so?
@Frank IIRC, in previous Ateliers, every item had a specific component block.
Like, an Uni was always one green block.
In L&S, items can have different component blocks and even multiple component blocks. Like an Uni can have a single green block, a double green block, or even an L-shaped yellow block.
You called?
@Unionhawk No, you're a Uni not an Uni.
In addition, each craftable item has multiple thresholds of effects. Like an Uni Bomb can have anywhere from Physical Damage XS to Physical Damage M depending on how many green components you manage to fit onto the board.
In addition, some ingredients can function as catalysts to change up the alchemy board.
Others are enhancers that affect the components, such as changing all squares of one color to another or changing all components of one particular ingredient to a specific color.
@Yuuki Oh, so they changed it from an an item attribute to a Tetris board.
Some effects simply add more components to an item, which you can then use to hit higher effect thresholds more easily.
6:56 PM
Some of the best ways to get awesome traits used to be to carry them through multiple items, until you got to your end item.
@Frank You still do that but traits aren't as pivotal as they used to be.
They've fixed the balance between the trait management and the cauldron puzzle, imo.
In Sophie, it didn't really matter how well you did on the cauldron puzzle if you planned your trait progression well enough.
Whereas the cauldron puzzle is a bit more important in L&S.
Q: Wepons and gear change from earned to stolen

ShadowI got Skyrim and after a while 90% of my gear that I earned by beating quests now say that are stolen. so I have no idea how to fix it. Any ideas ?

7:17 PM
@Yuuki this sounds so much more complicated than what I'm used to @.@
@ToxicFrog It's fairly intuitive, tbh.
(for context, I've only played Marie, Elie, and Rorona, plus the Iris and Khemia spinoffs)
7:34 PM
I need to spend some time on crafting armor because my characters are way too squishy right now.
7:47 PM
TIL that I am 20th currently for number of chat messages network wide. 2 bots, and some of you lot are above me :P
lol I forgot I made that my bio
on brand
Oh wow, I'm 22.
I am a bit of a blabbermouth.
@ToxicFrog Yeah, they get more complicated as the series progresses.
Q: Minecraft crashing for strange reasons?

Unknown UserI am using Minecraft 1.12.2 with Forge, the latest Optifine, Java x64, and the KUDA shader pack. I have allocated 4GB out of my 64GB of RAM, and I have a GTX 1080 with the latest drivers. When opening a single-player world, it works fine until I hit F11 to make it full-screen. It then crashes and...

I'm on page 8, which is not the worst in either direction.
7:57 PM
I'm on page 14, apparently I'm very quiet
somehow I'm still on row 2 after months of de-facto inactivity
@Unionhawk how did I know this was what this was gonna be
It was truly a great day
I just bought labo
8:06 PM
which the variety kit?
@Ronan Oh, is it out?
@Unionhawk Yes
came out on 4/20
Friday in the UK
But also I want to build it with a friend, and I'm busy for the next two weekends
So it'll be sitting around taunting me until then
8:07 PM
I think of @badp as a volcano. He might be active only sporadically, but when he's active, it's a glory to behold.
And also if you stand too close, you might get modabused.
And also, Italy has a number of volcanoes so it fits.
Oh, I'm busy for the next three weekends
I was supposed to fly home to enjoy a looooooong week-long weekend
but strikes denied me :(
@Ash I'm on page 3! Somehow @Ave is a row above me
@Ash For me it shows you're fifth?
I think?
8:23 PM
im rank 414 apparently
Oh wait, no
@Ash For some reason I thought @badp had said that
I'm on page 8
@SaintWacko @badp is @Ash's sockpuppet, so your not wrong
The lot of you are just multiple raccoons pretending to be people.
@Maximillian 17 ferrets in a trenchcoat
@Maximillian What if I'm a raccoon dressed as a dude pretending to be another dude?
8:27 PM
I'm not sure what that counts as. Meta-furry perhaps.
what if im a dragon pretending to be a dragon?
@Maximillian Is that what normies are?!
Oh man you're making my head hurt.
@Dragonrage That's a dragon rake, not a @Dragonrage.
Gaaah my project has been shelved again
8:33 PM
i honestly dont understand one of my coworkers. we just finished lunch and he is eating peanuts at his desk
shelled peanuts, which make a mess on his desk and are annoying to hear constantly opened.
8:45 PM
Q: Where do I find Pikachu in Pokemon Ultra Moon?

KyrbiI'd like to find Pikachu in Pokemon Ultra Moon, how do I find it? Thank you and have a nice day.

8:55 PM
@Dragonrage That is bad. Eating right after lunch is nothing special.
@SaintWacko high fives
@Arperum they also dont seem to have learned that chewing with one's mouth closed helps minimize chewing sounds which other people dont want to hear
@Ash third one killed me. :3
@Dragonrage ok, at this point it's just filthy. @coworker person: STOP SPEWING PEANUTS OVER YOUR SCREEN/KEYBOARD.
9:00 PM
@TrentHawkins That one was my favourite so far
@Ash needs more :(
I know, right?
Hopefully they keep up with it, it's a fun premise
I hate when I find a new comic and it's amazing, but it only started recently so I can't binge
although it's probably for the best - I don't need more ways to distract myself
I'm having this thing where I just feel off somehow but can't really point to a proximate cause.
@Yuuki It's probably being in the bridge
9:06 PM
@Yuuki That was me yesterday all day and then in the evening I felt super awful and threw up and realized I was ill :(
I feel somewhat better after getting a lot of sleep last night, but still
I hope I didn't infect you through the internet or something
@Ash hopefully he didnt get a virus
@Dragonrage giggles
It's mostly like something leftover from jet lag.
I woke up at 5am today.
Thinking about checking out 30 minutes earlier since I got here early today and because jet lag.
wew I just made a sort of gagging noise at my desk and now people might be thinking that I threw up or something
@Arperum ok, that was weird, this message never showed up for me, and i got a notification in my inbox for it. reloading the page showed it though
9:18 PM
@Dragonrage that happens somewhat often for me
@Ronan not as good as la de da de da de da de da de da de da de dayum
@Wipqozn pls stop breaking my chat
but la de da de da de da de da de da de da de dayum is still there
@Ash Pushing stuff off table training, hurking stuff up. Further proof Ash = cat. Now we just have to catch you lazing in a sunbeam and determine your opinion on fish items.
@Ash I'm still on page 2 :(
9:23 PM
@Maximillian I like fish! (I am actually planning to have tuna salad for dinner most likely)
@quartata Aww
someday I will make it to the front page
Page 14 is the coolest page
It's where the cool people are
Well, cool person
if 1/4th of a bot's code is mine does that mean I get 1/4th of its messages
If so that would exactly double my message count
Okay... This is weird
@Ronan plus you have a 3 digit UID
nothing to sneeze at
9:26 PM
So in django, if you have a choices field, you encode it as (table_value, display_value)
That also sets up a function get_fieldname_display()
Which will, given the table_value, retrieve the display_value
Well, if you're running python unit tests and set the verbosity to 2, get_fieldname_display() will instead just return the table_value
This is very strange
...maybe a mock gone awry?
Like maybe it gets replaced with a Mock in a different unit test of yours
That's an idea
Looking into that
You could just print get_fieldname_display itself, see where it comes from
But it works just fine when verbosity is 1!
trace it with pdb?
9:32 PM
Yeah, I'm using ipdb
That's how I tracked it back to get_disposition_display
@Ronan you mis-typed 21
All the cool people are on 7n pages
for values of n including 1/7
┃┃╱╲ In this
┃╱╱╲╲ house
╱╱╭╮╲╲ we only
▔▏┗┛▕▔ solve for
integer solutions
╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲
9:50 PM
Okay, so I've traced it down as deep as I can go
for some reason when it's setting up the field it doesn't set the choices thingamajig on it if verbosity is set to 2
I got factorio trains working! I'm still not perfectly sure I got the signals good, but there should be no collisions, worst case stuff just get stuck.
Microsoft Excel is now shitposting ASCII
10:16 PM
@Arperum traaaaains
10:38 PM
Q: Does Critical Damage Carry Over to Secondary Enemies in Fallout Shelter

WiZΔRDIn-game I have noticed what appears to be a carry-over of damage on a second enemy after a critical hit one the first enemy. I'm thinking it might just be a coincidence, but if it is a coincidence, it seems to be a very common one. However, I have been unable to verify one way or the other if cri...

Q: Is Minecraft a balanced game?

spund3After viewing some videos of ExtraCredits talking about game design and playing OverWatch, wich is well-known for it's balance, I was wondering if Minecraft is a well balanced game or if it just got easier with every update. Thanks in advance.

Q: Is there a cap on Kavat genetic codes?

ManoMy suspicion arose when I completed two ODE runs, I synthesised 5 Kavats in the first run and 7 Kavats in the second run. Statistically speaking, I should have received at minimum two genetic codes, but I have gotten none. The only reasonable explantation I came to is that because my Daily Standi...

@Lazers2.0 what
@Lazers2.0 I feel like part of this might be the person misunderstanding drop chance but I am not sure because that's the sort of math I struggle with
11:06 PM
@Lazers2.0 I think I'm having trouble parsing this on two levels. 1) they're asking about balanced gameplay progression (I think), but then using Overwatch as an example... Balance tends to evoke a different meaning in relation to more competitive class/character based gameplay.
@TrentHawkins Yeah, I am not sure what they mean by balance
@Ash they are. i threw some math at them to help them understand
probability is very commonly misunderstood
2) I never really saw Minecraft as much more than a "make your own fun" sandbox. There are some things to aspire to do (kill ender dragon, wither boss thing, etc)... so there's only as much progression or balance as you want there to be.
Q: What DLC has the most contracts on the bounty board?

Hiroyuki JonesI need to know because I need the most key contracts out of a day.

@Dragonrage wait, so I was right, they're mathing wrong? Hot daaaaamn gives self a cookie
11:11 PM
@Ash Probability math is hard.
@Frank working at the sportsbook helped me understand the concept of it
It's logical, but it usually makes your brain warp, because it doesn't follow established patterns, I don't think.
And see, there goes mine. :P
@Frank It does follow patterns but we are used to thinking of percentage as overall, not per x
so you see 15% and go "okay so 100 times, I should get 15"
@Frank mostly due to people having preconceived ideas that are flat out wrong
but that's....not entirely right, its 15% per time
11:13 PM
@Dragonrage When it's a common misconception, it makes you think it might be due to our education.
People mistake probability for simple fractions
@Frank more than likely.
I love math, and I still have issues with probability.
considering a lot of people cant solve basic mathematical problems that use orders of operations, i suspect there is a fundamental breakdown somewhere in their education
11:33 PM
Nintendo makes the best systems that no one actually wants to play games on
@Sterno! How are things?
More or less the same!
When's the last time we talked?
It's gotta have been a few months by now.
Kept meaning to ask Nide what you've been up to
You disappeared :P
My son wakes up twice a night since about Christmas with nightmares. It made it pretty much impossible for us to play together without getting interrupted. She likes it more so I just started playing single player games
11:44 PM
Q: How do I recover my Clash of clans account on Google play?

IshWhen I accidentally deleted Clash of clans my account got deleted on Google play when I installed it again

Q: How do I get to desks in PewDiePie tuber simulators

UNLIVINGEAGLE27 Does any one know how to duplicate the desks in PewDiePie tuber simulator

@Lazers2.0 i think you have to pay people to do a racism in a far away land
@Sterno :( I'm sorry
Any idea why?
@SaintWacko @sterno gave him lifehacks.se modship for christmas
@Sterno Oh, gosh, that sounds awful. :(
@GodEmperorDune Yep, that'll do it

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