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12:06 AM
Q: How do I mark stats and specifics about enemy champions or map conditions?

Camouflaged CowIn League of Legends, I want to mark an enemy champion that has used its ultimate or level. I know how to mark the champion as being alive, but how do I switch to specifics like that? Additionally, how do I mark if the enemy has vision here or to be cautious?

Q: How do I earn or buy gold bars in Online?

Camouflaged CowIn Red Dead Redemption 2's Online, there is both the regular cash currency and the premium gold bars currency. If I wanted to earn gold bars, how would I do that? Is there also a way to purchase them with real world money?

TL;DR: It's X.
12:21 AM
> X4: Foundations is how I imagine Brian Cox imagines space. It’s big and impressive, because Brian Cox can grasp those two concepts just fine. But any actual fine detail is lost in sheer gawking wonder at just how big and amazing everything is.
Damn, elite servers are still having problems
They were marked ok earlier today, but now marked issues
Which probably means disconnects from the adjudication and instancing servers
at least fuel rats services seem to be online now
1 hour later…
2:08 AM
Q: How many horses can I own?

MoshaSo I already know I can stable 3 horses and ride one, but I’m just curious how many horses can I actually have? I find myself wanting to tame more horses and I don’t want to lose any of them.

2:23 AM
Q: The Ocelot Wont Tame In The X Box Windows 10 PC Version

PonykassI'm having the same trouble with the ocelot it was walking towards me and I right clicked it lots of times with the raw fish in hand and it still only goes into bread mode and it won't tame them at all.

2:54 AM
Q: How to tag a function?

123456789I don't know how to "tag" my function in my data pack. Right now I use the function command in repeating command blocks, but how would I tag it so I don't need them?

3:32 AM
Wow, saved on my very last turn in Into the Breach by having the pylon resist damage, which procs only 17% of the time and is literally the first time it has proced in the entire run
On gin and some very nice Glenfiddich 15
@PrivatePansy i lolled
4:12 AM
Q: Cannot complete card collection contracts

arghtypeThere are several collection contracts that are not marked as completed and not giving me any reward despite me having all necessary cards. For example Strange Stew and Pitch Perfect show Whispess and Temerian Drummer cards as missing. While I actually have these cards: I've tried tracking...

3 hours later…
6:44 AM
Q: Can AI utilize the mods?

BromanThere are some fun mods in Civilization. For instance, I do enjoy the mod that removes the xp cap for fights with barbarians. A mod I have not tried yet but probably will is the mod that increases the range for gatling gun and its successors and lower their power a bit not not make them OP. Howe...

7:30 AM
Q: Is there a request form in Pokemon Go that I can request the design of clothing?

user275517For example, when I am at the beach, I would like myself be in Pokemon Go to wear swimming clothing. So, if I diving, I would like myself be in Pokemon Go to wear diving suit. However, currently, there is no swimming or diving clothing in Pokemon Go. So, do Pokemon Go have a webpage that allows ...

8:01 AM
Q: Exact positioning of items on packed ice water conveyors?

Good-Time ChuckI'm building a triple-Minerva villager breeder. I've got the packed ice going like so up-top. ████▒▒████ █▒▒█▒▒█▒▒█ █▒▒█▒▒█▒▒█ █▒▒█▒▒█▒▒█ █▒▒█▒▒█▒▒█ █▒▒█▒▒█▒▒█ █▒▒█▒▒█▒▒█ █▒▒█▒▒█▒▒█ █▒▒████▒▒█ Obviously, this is top-down. █/full block is packed ice, ▒/medium shade is the slabs over the village...

8:12 AM
this is so bad yet so good
like lmao
it even has a built in btw i use arch thing
Q: How do I request for new Gym location in Pokemon Go?

user275517Is there a request form or contact that I can send my request for new Pokemon Gym location?

8:32 AM
Q: How to transfer worlds from old broken tablets to new ipads

Romek Kucharwhen I was younger I had a tablet and my brother and i where wondering if there was a way to transfer all our old beloved worlds from our old tablet to my new iPad

Good morning chat
Good morning
Morning @Kevin
8:59 AM
Morning @Kevin
9:33 AM
Q: stm32f429zi with si7006 temperature sensor

hiten chauhani am new in stm32f4 board and i am trouble to implement i2c drive for my sensor can anyone give reference for i2c protocol or any example code i try lots example code for i2c but it is not working properly recently i used one udamy course while(i2c_handle.State != HAL_I2C_STATE_READY); ifdef ...

1 hour later…
10:45 AM
Hat season!
11:38 AM
@Kevin yep, but no gold hats this year
11:52 AM
Q: Does stamina recovery speed stack by wearing a Chloranthy Ring and a Grass Crest Shield?

VadrukOften I wear the following items in Dark Souls 3: Chloranthy Ring Raises stamina recovery speed. Grass Crest Shield The grass crest is lightly imbued with magic, which slightly speeds stamina recovery. (quotes from item description in game) Question When equipping both these items,...

12:02 PM
Makoto Shinkai has a new project - "Weathering With You" premiering in 17th July 2019
12:42 PM
I am going to be so happy when next week I am not on call so I don't have to see 7 am again for a while
Waking up at 7am ain't that bad but :p
When you go to bed between 2 and 3 am it is lol but at least at 8 (so in like ten minutes) I get to go back to sleep for a couple hours, and I have just been reading in my bed because nothing broke overnight hurray
1:23 PM
That was what the but was for yeah :p
1:33 PM
lol I was right about my score (they won't give me an exact, but of a required 70 points to pass I got between 70 and 79, which is STILL GOOD ENOUGH)
Q: Counter strike source - Lan discovery not working

bakzScenario: An internet cafe with 20 PCs, I have set up 1 PC and installed CS:S on it, then made a ghost and applied to all 20 PCs, each PC has been edited to have it's own static IP at the range 192.168.1.x starting from 201 to 220. The problem is when I start a server it works, but other PCs ca...

@PrivatePansy expect almost every anime fan to be talking about it for the next few months after it's release
2:10 PM
@Ash yaaaaay no more oncall
Q: OP way to control your realm? Any draw back for this?

BuddaIn my playthrough for Norway, I have England invaded. There are quite a few Saxon dukes that time to time have plots and give a reason to arrest them. Usually, the arrest chance is low and when I try to arrest they riot. So before the arrest, I bring my retinues and levies on their lands so when ...

@Ave that's awful, I love it
I wish there were a curses version so I could run that on my server's attached tty
@Ave have now actually tested it out and I may steal some ideas from it for practical purposes, but wow, performance is really quite perplexingly bad.
2:27 PM
Duolingo redesigned its owl to guilt-trip you even harder https://www.theverge.com/2018/12/13/18137843/duolingo-owl-redesign-language-learning-app https://t.co/GLRYgPoZKH
pls no
Q: imprecise answer accepted what to do?

Wolfalooon This question the accepted answer mentions ghosting although the actual issue the user is experiencing is key rollover. This answer is not outright wrong and it has the potential of offering help to OP but it may just as easily mislead OP or anyone else looking to this question of guidance int...

2:57 PM
@BunsGlazing Bat poo ain't cool
@Ron Another excellent AoC today. Y'all should come join us and help save Christmas
lol at the idea of having the free time to do AoC
3:17 PM
Do it all on Christmas Day
I have no idea how I'm going to do it
3:36 PM
@Ronan Still on 12?
@fredley Yeah I haven't had a chance to do that one yet
Well I've parsed the inputs but then ran out of time
@Ronan Part two is hard. Took me a while.
13 is easier, and fun though
Rust takes me ages to write in
@Ronan Yeah, same for me with Go. I can conceptualise what I want to do in Python very easily, so resisting just cracking that out and solving it is very hard.
@fredley How's learning Go going?
3:47 PM
Battle for Azeroth is a step back on every meaningful front except for raids
@Ronan I feel like I'm learning enough of it to do stuff, but I'm not getting further than that
I have some friends who rave about Go, and I clearly haven't got to the point that I understand their love of it. So far it's kinda meh.
It's good bc warnings error so you have to groan annoyedly when it doesn't compile for unused usings
or imports or whatever that language uses I forget
@Unionhawk Yeah I love this feature
@fredley I can understand why people like rust, it's ridiculously fast
It's really difficult to write for though
Also []string is categorically the wrong way around. It should be string[], the way I always type it on my first attempt.
3:55 PM
"let me just comment out this line..." ERROR: VARIABLE DECLARED BUT NOT USED
@Ronan Easier than C though, which is kinda the whole deal (and the safety thing)
@fredley Yeah exactly I can completely see Rust's place
safe C?
@Unionhawk safe C dance
And lots of quality of life stuff like type inference and closures
c with the c# unsafe keyword
got it
Oh and automatic referencing/dereferencing and things
Q: How to prevent bots from running with knifes at the start of each round in CSGO?

DmitriyI'm playing aim_warehouse map vs bots using Standard game mode. But bots rush with knifes towards me for the first 5 seconds of each round. After 5s they switch to rifles. There's no point in switching to knifes because the map is very small. How do I stop them from rushing with knifes and use r...

Q: How to disable headshot sound in CSGO?

DmitriyWhen my character gets a headshot the volume of this is way too loud. I want to disable this headshot sound entirely or make it much more quiet. Is this possible?

4:11 PM
Well, at least you saved me some time in starting something CircleCI-related while they fix that :P
Toradora! is on Netflix!
Finally a good anime from Netflix. I need this so bad.
@PrivatePansy ami best girl, fite me irl
(actually no, yusaku best girl)
The depressing thing is that Toradora! and Back Street Girls came out on the same day, and Netflix thinks I want to watch the later rather than the former
@PrivatePansy Toradora the explorer?
4:30 PM
Q: Controlling Robin's neutral attack combo: Arcfire or Elwind

FlawIn the third strike of Robin's neutral attack, it is either a fire attack that uses up Arcfire charges, or a wind flurry attack that uses Elwind charges. Given that there are sufficient charges of both tomes, is the outcome of the third strike random? I've been trying to choose one over the othe...

@fredley Toradora the toraexplorer.
It's a children's educational series on Judaism.
@Yuuki alternatively, Toradora the toraxplorer. A sequel to alien where they've merged human dna with alien dna
@Kevin Nah, that's Toradora the thoraxexploder.
Nah, they merged the words together as well so as not to immediately spoil the ending. Also I didn't know there was an h in thorax
@Yuuki More a sorta Toradora for the Torah: you're a more asurred mentor, a sophomore with stores of drawings for deplorables galore.
4:45 PM
Q: Hamachi private Lan minecraft

Carter RaySome friends and I set up a private LAN game of minecraft using Hamachi. We did this so others at school couldn't join. Someone was still able to join without installing Hamachi and connecting to our network. What have we done wrong?

5:31 PM
@Lazers2.0 who is Robin Ugh
I keep seeing that name everywhere now
@BunsGlazing this, apparently: ssbwiki.com/Robin
@BunsGlazing My Reinhardt/Brave Lyn counter.
Does Smash use male or female Robin?
I think both
Yeah there are multiple costumes
My daughter was given this creepy William Shakespeare doll and it has become her favourite toy. She cuddles “Shayspar” at night, brushes his gross old man hair & puts him on the potty. Do I just embrace this? Do I hide him before their bond is unbreakable?
5:44 PM
lol that does not help me suppress the goat story
Although I have to imagine the solution is the same, where you claim Elf on the Shelf stole it and then your child hates Elf on the Shelf which is the correct mode of operation
5:59 PM
I hope that the Shakespeare doll is not a sex toy
I just wonder who saw the Shakespeare doll and was like "I AM GOING TO GIVE THIS TO A CHILD, who doesn't understand who it is or his plays or anything"
@GodEmperorDune I feel like there are two schools of thought on this but let's go with surely hoping not
6:15 PM
Today in great spam - a bomb threat demanding BTC, and claiming they have a mercenary watching the building.
@Ash English lit nerd, obvi
@GodEmperorDune Ah, yes. (I might have an English degree, but the traditional dead white guy literary canon is not something I love :P)
@Ash ask them if they’d rather have your pocket change which is less likely to crash in value
7:04 PM
Q: List of games where choices roll over into other titles?

RyanI have played Mass Effect and am currently playing Dragon Age and Google doesn’t understand my question. What other games have this aspect where what you do in one game affects what can happen in another game? Or is this just a BioWare signature?

New record!! Oh...wait.
Thanks to the creators that took part in Rewind, and the community that responded. We hear what you're saying, and we want to make next year better for all of you. Watch this space!
Let's see how much of that they actually mean
I liked how they didn't have pewdiepie
but seriously, supporting drag? no
I watched it with my gf and we both yelled fuck you the moment they went on about drag
also, too much fortnite
@Ave wait what
i didnt watch it
wow I tried to capitalize the I and somehow mobile managed to screw it up more
7:10 PM
ninja in the thumbnail
(yes, I know about the history of drag in trans communities and respect that, but I hate what it became and I hate that people even associate them in the first places)
dare i attempt to watch this
@quartata worst part? ninja only really uploads stream highlights to youtube
really shows what youtube became eh?
@Ave i know it makes no sense
@Ave which is fair, but also recognize that...there are large parts of the community who feel that it is a supportive thing. (aka its' complicated because OF COURSE IT IS because peopel are complex and varied aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa people)
7:17 PM
sure, fine, I also recognize that
but the video, from what I can see, lacks any sort of positivity towards LGBT people
especially trans people
Q: No risk on anomaly, just time consuming?

vianna77I just started to play Stellaris and different from the youtube tutorials I saw, the current version (2.2.x) anomalies now have levels (from 1 to 10 in roman numerals so far for me). They are related to the level of the scientist investigating it. So a level 4 scientist will find it easy to inves...

Q: How do I fix the "ic.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatesConnectiomException: connection refused: no further information:" error for Minecraft?

Raul Ascencio The error only pops up for one server, I've tried restartining Minecraft and changing the versions but I don't know what to do

There is more visibility for drag than there is for trans people, which is why some of the problems I have with drag pop up in the first place.
@Ave okay, yeah,that's a problem
It's easy to confuse the two if you aren't familiar, and having people on TV and netflix doing big budget shows and post trains flags, be inclusive to cis women but not trans women, send "she-mail" and also identify as t-word do not help. A big budget end of the year thing where "you pick stuff :)" supporting a culture with issues that actually erase and actively cause issues to trans people and providing no trans voices while doing that is not okay.
I mean....Youtube seems to be bad at trans stuff in general, so I shouldn't be shocked they're still ba at it
7:56 PM
@Ave So for my own understanding, is this distinction between trans and drag correct: drag is when you emulate a gender identity that isn't your own whereas trans is where your gender identity is different from the gender you were assigned at birth?
@Yuuki mostly.
Drag is "art" of extreme crossdressing.
So, for a completely rudimentary example, a male in drag still identifies as male, he is just dressing as a woman. Whereas a trans female might (but not necessarily does) dress as a female because she identifies as female?
that's the simple version, yes
And with "identify as t-word", do you mean "transvestite" or actually full-on "transgender"?
I mean "tr**ny"
@Nzall So should I be saying "transgender female" rather than "trans female"?
@Yuuki no, he's referring to my message
Come on guys this is gaming chat
@Yuuki I think that's something you should ask Ave. I think the normal thing to do is write it in short, but I wrote it out in full to avoid confusion
8:01 PM
@BunsGlazing gaming is off topic on bridge
@Yuuki trans woman, trans girl, trans feminine are fine. Last one is a wider identity than just the first two though, as it also includes some nb people like demigirls.
@Ave no, it is not
I don't think this conversation is confrontational or bothers anyone involved.
@Ave and thanks but I mean there is a link like right on it. Thanks though
@Ave Pretty sure it's still Thursday.
8:07 PM
@Yuuki not in UTC+4 and higher
Actually, I think it's Friday in Asia, never mind.
but yeah
sorry for that. It's gog.com
Isn't there another chat for that kind of community chat
@ToxicFrog yeeeep it got my fans at 100%. I blame electron.
@PrivatePansy Has he done anything that's not super depressing?
Well, I guess Your Name ended on a happy note...
I still didn't like Your Name as much as everyone else did apparently.
8:13 PM
I still need to watch that.
I feel like it could've used some more development in the central relationship rather than the visual shorthand they did with the montage.
@Yuuki I liked that one a lot, and I'm totally not an anime person
That's the only anime movie I've seen other than Studio Ghibli
My issue with a couple of Shinkai's movies is that, to me, the lion's share of the emotional impact in his movies comes from the premise rather than my emotional investment with the characters.
This is entirely a narrative gripe though. The technical aspects of Shinkai's movies are breathtaking.
@BunsGlazing No. TIF is for discussion around news and politics. This discussion is not about that.
8:22 PM
Who said TIF
I mean like another stack or something
@BunsGlazing I'm honestly not sure what other room you could be referring to
I mean
We're here
@Wipqozn it was a question
@BunsGlazing non gaming chat has always been allowed here
8:24 PM
Actually I don't have time to beat around the bush since I'm shopping, but it's pretty clear what your objections are @BunsGlazing so I'd suggest you drop it before you cross a line.
@BunsGlazing to directly answer your question, no, there is no separate "the Bridge community but for all chat that is not about gaming" channel.
whatever I'll just keep this chat to gaming content
diablo 3 on switch is p good
@Yuuki I'm the same. I liked it, but it was missing something.
thanks for comnig to my ted talk now i disappear forever until the next morning at kevin
@Wipqozn excuse me?
8:25 PM
@BunsGlazing I don't have time for this nonsense. You know why you're asking, and you know what I mean.
@Ave did the multiplayer end up being cross-platform, i think i remember talking about that a while back
well, actually I'm not sure
I only played single player
low key i would probably buy a switch for portable Diablo, even if its diablo 3 and not my beloved 2
I'm p sure it won't be possible to play with PCs tho
8:28 PM
Did they do multiplayer for the other consoles?
And I'd appreciate it if you don't just dismiss my respectfully presented remarks as nonsense
@Coronus I'm not sure
Anyway I hope my phone formatted that okay
Love everyone in here
@BunsGlazing We understood that and answered it. Pressing the point is not going to solve anythng. Please drop it.
Just seems like a topical shift lately
8:30 PM
Given that games are off-topic in this room, I'm honestly not sure what your question is.
Insert hamstare
@BunsGlazing gaming talk makes up a tiny bit of the actual conversations here, and I don't see you opposing talks about <anything else>
@BunsGlazing Speak for yourself, I am mimicking @Sterno's life as closely as possible, including trying to find a time machine and immortality potion so I can become five thousand years old ASAP.
@Yuuki #goals
@Yuuki He's not 5,000 yet?
8:32 PM
@Coronus No, I'm not 5,000 yet.
Which makes it much harder to live the same life as @Sterno.
Also, like
@BunsGlazing other people don't object when you come in here to talk about interactive maps or veganism, and you don't object when people are talking about anime or bitcoin or shitty roommates, so why this?
@Yuuki Ah, yes. My mis-reading. Sorry.
it's not like being straight makes your life any harder
it's not like the biggest video streaming site erases you on their "look back in the year"
@BunsGlazing I warned you.
8:33 PM
Also, the only topic that's "relegated to separate rooms" is politics, in TIF, and that's not because it's "off topic" here but because it's hugely stressful and this provides a way for Bridgians to opt out of that topic.
I'm sorry.
If anything should be off-topic here, it's discussions about what is on-topic
@Ave You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for
Anyway, let's all move on
If there's any mis-apportioned blame to be had, I'd probably get more because I was the one asking questions.
@Wrigglenite clearly we need a #metabridge for discussion about what is and is not on topic and nothing else
@Yuuki I like questions :(
8:37 PM
@Ave hug It's totally fine.
Oh, free Lego Hobbit Steam key on Humble Bundle's site.
Oh, that is Relevant To My Daughter's Interests
bites and bites and bites Munin
@Ave oooh this is relevant to my interests
I completely forgot about this
8:47 PM
@Wipqozn yeah it released smash friday
I picked up the mobile game and honestly, it's p fun
and free
@Unionhawk Seems like a poor release window
@Wipqozn You would think they would plan this since I think bandai namco was involved in both but here we are
haha namco planning stuff
good joke
Seriously, look at this sad disaster of a graph:
@ToxicFrog what is supposed to be happening here
8:50 PM
Why is the legend bigger than the actual graph??
@Ave it's supposed to be three lines (ancilla, internal, and backup) showing disk usage
@Ash it's supposed to be three lines (ancilla, internal, and backup) showing disk usage
And instead it's 12 lines of incomprehensible garbage
Q: On a two monitor setup how can I keep the game (TF2) open when I click on a tab in the other monitor?

user222694If I have TF2 open on one monitor if I click on any other tab in the second monitor it minimizes the game. Is there any way I can fix this?

Yeah, it did not do what you wanted it to do at all, it seems
@Wrigglenite because it decided that graphing every single hard drive attached to the system rather than just the three zpools I asked for would be a super cool idea
I disagree with its opinion re: the coolness
I like how when we joke about chat flags we don't actually flag the message.
8:56 PM
I saw this and thought of all of you
Especially @InvaderSkoodge and @fredley
Well, looks like I'll have to download this final 20 GB while on Vacation
(BF 1 so I can buy Battlefield V on discount
@Nzall Is buying both games together cheaper than buying just the one?
@Yuuki I already own BF 1
Oh. Do you need to have the game downloaded to get the discount?
9:05 PM
but EA has a loyalty promotion going on right now that allows people to buy BF 5 from inside Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 at 50% off
@Nzall Oh. You'd think they just do it through the store and check if you have the license for BF1.
@Yuuki Honestly, I don't know. Could be that this is console only too
Doesn't mention it on the site
Oh, this is on console?
Yeah, that's a different beast, I suppose.
I think Battlefield 1 is on sale on PSN at the moment.
Though I could be wrong about that.
9:38 PM
Q: Can you add a dragon to the game

Charmanderxyz00Can you add dragon to the game

Q: What recourses do I lose when someone raids my village?

Roni JuntunenI'm worried that I would lose my 6million gold I have in my storages, can other players steal my gold from me?

10:08 PM
Q: Call of duty problem

JasonBourne490I’ve been playing COD 4 for about 3 months now and It won’t let me play with the guns that I’ve unlocked via ranking up in multiplayer e

10:28 PM
Maybe I'll watch The Dark Knight tonight
haven't watched that in a while
11:22 PM
Why not watch Batman Ninja

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