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12:05 AM
Arg, not only did the Windows update cut me off in the middle of a show, not only did it fuck with my IR remote settings for Kodi, but it completely butchered the audio settings. I can't hear anything anymore. Dammit, Microsoft, updates are supposed to make things better, not worse!
I bought a PS4
@MBraedley oh, shit, thats a lot of problems
It came with The Last Of Us and a PS TV
@Fluttershy IT makes perfect sense.
@AshleyNunn Downloading drivers now. It shouldn't be too surprising that I'd run into at least one issue running the Win10 tech preview.
12:15 AM
@MBraedley ah, yeah, that would do it
@GnomeSlice And Bloodborne?
@Fluttershy Not yet. Next paycheck.
I spent over $600 what with the warranty and shit
Most expensive thing I've ever bought with my own money. By a lot.
Can't decide if I should play Pillars of Eternity in expert mode. cc @fredley @LessPop_MoreFizz @KevinvanderVelden
@Sterno Strongly advise against on first play
it basically disables nearly the entire UI
@Fluttershy so, they want a successor of Baldur's Gate, but they don't want anything changed, but they also don't want it to seem old, but they want it to be just like Baldur's Gate?
I don't think they know what they want
12:20 AM
35 mins ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
user image
@Sterno Explain to @Fluttershy why you bought him Bad Rats. He doesn't believe me when I tell him it's because I bought Bloodborne.
@Fluttershy It's because he bought Bloodborne and a PS4
@LessPop_MoreFizz who is that
@GnomeSlice It's Rope Kid.
@LessPop_MoreFizz why is his head on a swatbot
12:22 AM
Q: why does eclips kill you threw the respawn station in borderlands the pre sequel

joseph crawfordme and my friend are trying to beat the first dlc for borderlands tps but the end boss shoots threw the respawn area and when you get in the arena he just one hits you and you caint shoot threw the respawn area every where you go his explosive rockets seem to magicly find you i know we arent unde...

@GnomeSlice Because No Fun Is Allowed.
also who is rope kid
@Sterno I'm glad he did that, I was worried we were going to have to make fun of him for being lamer than Best Buy.
@Sterno Right, but I don't understand how that warrants Bad Rats being gifted to random people. :P
Damn it, I broke BMO
12:27 AM
@Fluttershy You just need to read about 12 hours of backscroll and you'll see
(I have adventure time glasses and BMO just took a very terrible tumble and is in a MILLION pieces)
Nooooooooooo BMO :(
@Sterno I'll just take your word for it.
12 hours ago, by Sterno
Well, if you do decide to get it this week, I'll buy the person 5 people of your choice Bad Rats
@TimStone I cried, because this is the last thing I wanted
12:29 AM
I'm so sorry :(
I was incentivizing @Wipqozn to break down and buy it even though he didn't want to (even though he really wanted to )
It's okay, I am just mad because damn it, it was my favourite
I'm glad I didn't say dozen
@AshleyNunn not sure if video game or real figurine that broke
@Chippies Actual pint glass that looked like BMO
12:32 AM
@AshleyNunn oh glasses like glasses, gotcha!
it always sucks when a glass/mug you like breaks :(
Ugh I'm bad at scheduling things...
Oh well
Bridge Boardgame Night 1.0 will be April 10, 8-10:00pm EST! Reservations encouraged but not required. Games on tap will be Star Fluxx, Forbidden Island, and Superfight.
yay, drivers fixed things
Apologies to those who can't come to this one, I think I'll try for a different time slot next time
@Unionhawk Can I check that you are okay for teaching Superfight if need be?
I can teach the other games but haven't really played that one.
I can probably do
It seems pretty straightforward.
I think
12:43 AM
Best track I've heard all year.
Space: The Fatherly Frontier
Yeah that does seem pretty free form
Think CAH except less potentially offensive cards and a 1v1 each round
Well there is an R deck we can use...
12:55 AM
FUCK YOU BEAR / CC @fredley @Fluttershy @KevinvanderVelden @Sterno @MattGiltaji
Google just served me a banner ad saying “Roleplay with Furries” and now I really want to know what signals I provided indicating that I would view such an ad as "relevant"
(Somebody on SA got so mad at The Bear that he rolled a Ranger and 5 Ranger companions and used them all to go after Bear.)
Q: Is there a way to test if someone has said something in chat?

ZackWhat I want to do is make a command that allows me to say something like "home" in the chat, and have a command block teleport me to my house. Is there a way to test for a word in chat?

@Lazers Goddammit command blocks are not wizards
@Lazers give me teh command blockz
12:57 AM
@Brant Also, Google ads have a little button in the corner to indicate that you don't want to see it
Well, non-search ads
Well, I’ve opted out of all of that stuff in Safari, but this was in Reeder (an RSS app) and I’m not sure if cookies/etc are shared between the two
also, apparently Safari isn’t a terrible browser anymore? It has AdBlock now
@Brant oh, it's not a website?
oh god there it is again
@Brant screenshot?
1:01 AM
@Brant 403
aargh, screw you dropbox
git gud
@GnomeSlice you know we have an upload button in this chat, right?
somehow the checkbox for “immediately suck all of the screenshots I take into the gaping void and delete them from the desktop” option got enabled
puush can take local screenshots too
1:02 AM
@Brant so it's not in your Dropbox?
a la snipping tool
@Brant there's an X in the top right corner
also, wow there are a lot of ads on the web now.
You should be able to say that you don't want to see that ad anymore
1:03 AM
@murgatroid99 it doesn’t matter, I get a fresh session every time I launch the app
Q: Minecraft repairing Enchanted items

Martin SunI read the wiki but I still don't quite get it. If I had a used enchanted bow, could I repair it with a new unenchanted bow and where? Same for swords.

@Brant Reporting that might send a useful signal anyway
@Brant I think they pay attention to "I don't want to see this ad anymore"
@spugsley HI
1:08 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz O_o no
what is ittttt
wtf why haven't I seen this before
@spugsley New RPG from Obsidian in the style of old school infinity engine games
Thank you much~
1:17 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz [Diplomatic]
@GnomeSlice The person who made the lewd suggestion is the party wizard.
@Sterno I wish you did.
You first meet him having an altercation with several drunks, one of whom he... makes very explicit suggestions to.
Is there boobies in this game?
@GnomeSlice You see those graphics in the screenshot?
(In other words, no, and also, whyyyyy)
1:19 AM
$50 for a game without boobies?
@GnomeSlice No... Just... lets not go down this path.
I'm obviously just joking around.
@Sterno I ended up doing exactly that.
@Wipqozn You should've gotten Pillars. My copy came with a cookbook by Tim Cain!
Also Bloodborne is fun. @GnomeSlice will like it.
1:21 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Who? And why?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'll get more enjoyment out of Bloodborne than Pillars, tbh.
but I'll get to pillars eventually.
@GnomeSlice Lead programmer on the game. And excellent cook apparently!
6 hours ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
user image
Well I'm going to go read a chapter of my book, and wish I really went straight to bed instead.
1:25 AM
I should go to bed, but then I have to get up and go to work
@GnomeSlice Indeed, this usually happens after sleeping.
It's almost like day and night operate in some kind of alternating cycle.
I know it's the worst
@LessPop_MoreFizz so worthwhile
@LessPop_MoreFizz slightly/somewhat
@Flyk That is not an answer to the question of "why"
1:34 AM
well, that would be telling :p
...I make music
The DMZ are convinced I'm Taylor Swift, but I'm not
Q: Can you get 2 accounts without paying more than just $26.95 in minecraft?

POBOX1692I have a friend and really want to play minecraft with him. However, he does not have an account. Can I play minecraft with him without buying minecraft again?

...how does one even make that conclusion?
@Flyk Yeah, I know that much. :P
anyway, look at me trying to change the world...
Q: Do you think it's time for a change in the way we use tags?

FlykDo you think it's time for a change in the way we use tags? I would like to apologize in advance for the long post, this post encompasses a full change to how we use tags on Movies and TV by focusing on the types of tags that we allow on the site, rather than the individual tags themselves. As w...

@Flyk Are you starting to get some more recognition?
1:37 AM
@GnomeSlice I'm not answering this question, sorry
Uh, okay.
Well anyway congrats if you are
thanks if I am
Right then.
@LessPop_MoreFizz psh, I don't even like country music :P
@Flyk Good thing T-Swift isn't Country then!
1:41 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yeah, not even a little
@LessPop_MoreFizz What about Sturgill Simpson
I have on this face mask from Lush called Cupcake and it smells exactly like chocolate frosting and I want to eat
@spugsley mmmmm
that sounds awesome
1:42 AM
I know. I smell delicious
@spugsley I was given some Lush shaving cream a while back. Shit works good.
@spugsley I have only been in a lush once and I was glad I was unemployed at teh time otherwise they would have gotten ALL MY MONEY
@LessPop_MoreFizz you are not fucking kidding. Every product I've had from them does exactly what it says to the millionth degree. Switched my moisturizer (which was Clinque and supposedly good for sensitive skin) to one of theirs and after about a week no more acne, no more redness. Shit's amazing.
@AshleyNunn it's really addicting. Especially because it actually works and is ethical so the price is a-okay (when/if you can afford it)
@spugsley yeah, that's the problem
@spugsley I am intrigued by this
1:44 AM
Have you guys seen this? noprincessinthecastle.com
@AshleyNunn yeah, honestly, it's cheaper than the Clinque stuff. I paid 24. My clinque is 27. Soooo bonus! It's the Imeperialis one
short version: A new documentary on the lives of women in gaming who, against all odds, punched through the peripheral shadows and entered the gaming world center stage.
@GnomeSlice Heard of it, but not seen it
@AshleyNunn I don't think it's out yet
@spugsley Nice, I will keep that in mind for when/if I have money yet
1:49 AM
@AshleyNunn yeah :) It'll last a while too. Bought my pot 3 months ago and still have about half
and I use day and night so
Good to nkow
How is teh face mask stuff?
I just went looking at my backer bonuses
for PoE
one of them is a folder of ringtones
and one of the ringtones is the aforementioned suggestion of romancing ones sister.
@AshleyNunn I just got it today so we'll see if it makes a difference. I'm looking to control oil and deal with some hormonal breakouts. The Cupcake is supposed to help with that. It certainly smells good so that a plus! It was only 7 dollars (seriously they give you a lot for 7 dollars) and you have to keep it in the fridge hahaha
Q: How can the damage value of elemental effects be weighed?

JoeballLet me start by citing the specific situation that prompted this question. Early in the 1st Borderlands (limited carrying capacity) I had to choose between 2 sniper rifles the first had 198 damage, but 4x Explosive Element Effect; the second had 247 damage AND triple the fire rate. I've looked o...

1:59 AM
@spugsley so it's like a more than one use thing for the $7?
@AshleyNunn yeah. It's supposed to last 30 days (honestly, I think I'll get a lot more out of it than that)
@spugsley awesome :D
My sister and I like to do random crap like face masks and stuff
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't. All I got was the cookbook. :(
2:01 AM
@AshleyNunn yeah! I also bought a soap and an in shower face cleanser to replace my current one.
@AshleyNunn that's neat :D You guys could buy just one and share it if you're doing it together :D
@Fluttershy Have you met Aloth yet in PoE?
@spugsley i use all hippie products... they last forever and are quite nice
@spugsley That's my hope
@LessPop_MoreFizz Haven't even fired it up yet. x_x
@LessPop_MoreFizz i did
2:02 AM
@MattGiltaji that line is available as a ringtone
@LessPop_MoreFizz dammit i wish i backed this
although i think i got special dialog because we are from teh same region
@MattGiltaji The line in question, I am pretty sure everyone gets.
@LessPop_MoreFizz oh, THAT line
yeah i got that one
i repsonded by dropping an f bomb
poe is great
Q: If I fall from a very high place and do crits, will the crits be higher?

Cesar DIf I fall from a really high place and then do crits on a player, will the crits do more damage to the player? Assuming that we have Feather Falling 4... I am curious about this and I've searched everywhere if the crits get modified depending on the jump's height. Thanks in advance

brb, desecrating a collapsed temple
ugh, damn will o wisps
2:12 AM
Q: Change ammo type in Arma 3

Fat StigProbably a noob question, but here goes. I just started playing arma 3 a couple days ago, and I noticed that when you restock your inventory, you can choose between several rifle magazine types - e.g., 30 round, 100 round, tracer, etc.. I grabbed a couple tracer mags, and a bunch of standard. How...

Windows makes me cry
Oh! @spugsley and @OrigamiRobot! Call the Midwife Season 4 starts soon - want me to send the episodes like I did s3?
@AshleyNunn I can get them :) Thanks though
@spugsley Alright. I am just SUPER excited
because SO MUCH HAPPENED at Christmas
2:19 AM
@AshleyNunn I'm not caught up! Ian can't decide if he wants to keep watching it :( And if he does I don't want to watch without him. I need to poke at him
@spugsley aaaaa you need to get caught up
@AshleyNunn I knowwwww
I am trying to get caught up on all my shows
which is tricky when I added a new one XD
Halfway done cutting this model off the runners!
2:26 AM
@Frank what's it gonna be?
@AshleyNunn I can show you a picture of what it'll look like with its original colors.
@Frank okay!
@Frank I like the model, not sure about the colours
I'm going to be painting it.
I found a good facsimile of the paint job I would probably do. Let's see if I can find it again.
2:33 AM
@Frank Oh I like that much better
@AshleyNunn It's got a much more realistic look to it.
@Frank yeah, it looks like toy-like
Which is one of the reasons I do, "metal finishes", as I like to call them.
And probably add some LEDs into the various clear green areas on the kit.
@Frank oh extra fun
@AshleyNunn Indeed. But now, I should be able to string, and position, LEDs much better than for the hug gun kit.
2:38 AM
@Frank yay!
3:17 AM
Q: How long do I have until my crops wither?

Ashley NunnI know if I leave my crops for too long, they wither. It seems to vary crop to crop, but is there a standard (a percentage of total time of growth, or something) measurement of how long I have before they wither?

3:51 AM
4:38 AM
@MattGiltaji I restarted again.
And sold The Disapointer for 750 coins this time. I am Rollin' in dough for this early on.
@LessPop_MoreFizz i bought a level 2 fire godlike priest to help out, almost done with the temple
i don't know how many time's i've run back to the inn because aloth keeps getting maimed
midnight pizza wooooo
I'll woo ur midnight pizza
Q: Why does a concave mirror reverse upside to downside?

EthanI know a mirror shows reversed images. But I can't understand what the concave mirror does. This is a screenshot of the game titled RETSNOM. Is this the real function of a concave mirror?

4:47 AM
aloth, maimed again? for duck shake
... and party wipe
aloth #lrn2play
5:10 AM
Q: Are overseas Games allowed?

VirusboyMy problem stems from a beta im in, however, that beta is currently on going in South Korea. So if I were to post a question about said game, would it be closed?

5:41 AM
Q: What are the consequences of stealing? (I.E. Taking things from containers with a red hand icon

LessPop_MoreFizzSo far, I've been living on the straight and narrow, not taking that which is not mine, and being a generally upstanding Sharkman. But the longer I play this game, the more old habits cry out to me. RPG Kleptomania is setting in, and if it's not nailed down, well, by gum I'm going to take it! C...

6:08 AM
Just finished Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, started Revelations.
The AC Revelations controls and UI just don't feel right
They've started moving away from the puppeteer control concept
Seems not many are around this time of day.
Anyone with experience with Assassin's Creed, especially Revelations, feel free to ping me with your thoughts on the ACR user experience.
@DragonLord i think i liked brotherhood better than revelations
its been a while since i played those
i was getting tired of ezio
6:54 AM
Q: Is there any self immersive game like seen in Jhonny Quest cartoon available in world

YatinI need to know if there is any self immersive games as seen in Jhonny quest cartoon available in world . I have heard and experienced 4D and heard 7D . But are there so really self immersive as seen in Jhonny quest cartoon available in world ?

Q: Cities Skylines: Zone colours too faint

John JuddI have installed Cities Skylines on my HP Envy m6 laptop with Ubuntu 14 installed. I also have the laptop plugged into a 27 inch monitor. The game appears to run without any issues, except for an exception when closing down. However, when I try to mark any of the first zones the zone colours are...

7:25 AM
Q: I hired a fire godlike, how do I get these pillars to work?

GodEmperorDuneIn the first cave area, there is a room full of pillars. Interacting with these pillars does not seem to work if you are not a fire godlike. I went and hired a fire godlike at the next inn and doubled back, but the dialog is still unavailable as "the requirement is not met". How do I deal with t...

7:44 AM
Morning @bridge
Hello @5pike
8:29 AM
Feeling better today @Arp ?
8:47 AM
@5pike Somewhat. Yesterday I found out I closed a certain gate not good either (the other half sports a hole after I hit it in in agony over Codas death, so it got smashed open by the wind and one glass pane in it fell partly out. Once I found out I smacked it closed in frustration, causeing more glass to fall out...
morning @bridge o.o
I'm kinda confused about that hole though, it's only half as wide as my hand...
9:18 AM
user image
HamStare @Sterno
@Sterno ಠ_ಠ
@fredley In his defense, I told him to do that.
Who else got Bad Rats?
@Wipqozn It's ok, I've just gifted it back to him
There weren't the right options in the sentiment dropdown though
is Bad Rats a new Crazy Machine?
Were you able to play some Bloodborne, or just updating @Wipqozn?
9:37 AM
@5pike Why would anyone update @Wipqozn?
@5pike i got to play
Is it what you expected?
yeah. It's good.
Well, are you keeping your word on finishing other stuff first, or are you a new victim of Bloodborne?
@5pike Bloodborne
I'll go back to MH4U afterwards
9:44 AM
Is it as good as Pillars of Eternity: No
Will give some of the other guys time to catch up, anyways.
I wish I wasn't at work, so I could play PoE
Luckily, I'm on holiday all next week :D
@Wipqozn He, thought so. I'll be getting after work as well.
10:16 AM
@fredley is this game so good?
@Serverfrog Depending on who you ask, it's pretty much hailed as the second coming of Christ.
I'm not going to buy it. Not really my kinda thing.
Me neither, but I also never played games of this ilk, like Baldurs Gate or Planescape
It's not for me, I guess.
I think the major reason for the hype is that developers just stopped making that kind of game for a while, and now we get something like the old games that seems to be pretty good. (I'm not far enough in the game to judge if the hype is warranted).
@Serverfrog It's basically the second coming of Christ
@MadScientist This is basically it
Baldurs Gate II was forever the zenith of this type of game - they just stopped making games like that. PoE is this type of game, and hits the sweet spot dead on.
10:34 AM
18 hours ago, by Arperum
PoE is Path of Exile.
Party-based RPG, with strategic combat, large worlds to explore, myriad NPCs to interact with
I played BGII for so long. It's an incredibly long game already, and I restarted quite a few times.
Elder Scrolls is kinda similar, but it's built in a very different way, with a focus on first-person combat, and rendered rather than drawn worlds.
@MadScientist I've played it all the way through dozens of times.
Never gets old
I only finished it once, it's a really, really long game.
But PoE seems to be as good to be honest. I didn't think it could be done, but everything I've seen so far seems to be great.
The real test will be in the story though
The BGII story was so good
10:38 AM
Combat is rather tough in the beginning, but I'm also not yet at a point where I understand it well enough. And wizards seem to be damn weak in the beginning, which is not exactly surprising.
@MadScientist Yeah. I run out of spells really quickly, and have no meaningful attacks left
I'm finding combat pretty tough, and I'm having to rest quite often to recharge spells.
Is the combat turn-based?
@5pike Sorta
In fact, no
In BGII it sorta was (but it didn't pause at the end of each 'turn' by default)
In PoE they've got a new combat system that is realtime based
I haven't fully sussed it yet, but each character's 'turn' can take a variable amount of time
depends on effects, endurance (I think) etc
I'm looking at a gamplay video. Combat looks interesting. It's cool that you can pause and plan your next move, which is then done in realtime.
Basically the way you combat is unchanged though: pause, assign actions to characters, unpause, let actions play out, repeat
@5pike Yeah. This is a big part of what I love about this kind of game. So much of the combat is strategy, rather than skill based.
You can play any combat so many different ways, and use different strategies with different classes
One of my favourite in BGII was: Use sneaking thief to work out where enemies were, and exactly how far away you could be without being spotted, get all wizards just outside this range, then have them fire in web/fireballs to trap and burn enemies. Could get a couple of rounds in, almost destroying whatever it was, then have them retreat and tanks move in to clear up the mess
Worked well for spellcasters that would trigger a load of protective spells the moment they saw you
10:49 AM
@fredley Well, that's a sound strategy. The US army also likes to use it...
@5pike Yup. I was doing drone strikes before it was cool.
I was doing it against mind flayers though, so that's ok
11:05 AM
Dads in Space is so good WTF
Q: Dragon age Inquisition laggy unplayable

HelppppmeeeSo it laggs extremely bad on the title screen, took me a while to change every setting to low... still lags, still crashes on character creation (which is excruciatingly laggy). I'm playing on PC, My computer details... Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 255 processor 3.10 GHz RAM : 6.00GB system ...

I hate tech specs questions
Ugh, I need to download more rams
XCode + iOS Simulator + Photoshop + Chrome on a 2012 Macbook.
The rams are not happy
Would you like rams with that
Do you guys know if downloadable games you get for ps4 can also be downloaded to psvita/ps tv without buying them again?
Like the ones that are available on both
11:22 AM
I think cross-buy is a thing. Could depend on the game, though.
That would be kickassmy ps4 came with a ps tv
@fredley i tried to connect the iPad to our iMac.. permanent-on/off connection -.-
Special bundle they had yesterday
@fredley an create many outofmemory exception with gradle+netbeans+xcode+jfx Ports
@Serverfrog gradle and xcode?
11:24 AM
@GnomeSlice Nice. I found a list of games which are cross-buy
Sick thanks
Java FX Ports: programm Java with Java FX UI's, compile it for android or ios, run it
Might hve to check it when I get home
I'm on my funky phone
Gotta punch in in 5 mins anyway
@fredley it use RoboVM to compile it for iOS
Ughghghghghg Interface Builder
11:27 AM
Time to work
Lets try those constraints! Compile, Build, Deploy to Simulator, Wait for Simulator to Render: Nope!
@fredley if you want to use the scene builder, yes, if no because the ui is to complex: programm that shit
and you must do these steps even with ui bulder xD
@Serverfrog All I want to do is center some views in a sensible way
@fredley ohh xD
Interface Builder is grown out of a product that was designed for a single device with an absolute, fixed number of pixels on the screen
It's a terrible tool for designing responsive interfaces
11:28 AM
width/2 - (size of window/2) ? xD
@fredley i don't want to have your problems xD
@Serverfrog Neither do I
but hey, i must now compile from a macbook because of weird problems with imac+pad
@Serverfrog Oh no, this bug requires you to own more Apple products!
What a terrible bug
We must fix it as soon as possible
iPad+iPhone+iMac+2 MacBook Pros xD
did we need more? timecapsules or something like that?
1 ageing Macbook Pro
Pre retina
And an iPhone 4
iOS dev: insane mode
11:59 AM

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