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12:01 AM
I want to play some Dungeon Defenders but food gets here in 10 minutes
I'll play some for you then @MrNovember.
@ArdaXi Objective C makes my brain melt. I've used a lot of different languages, but there's something about ObjC that just doesn't click
Cool. Level up my Apprentice so I can use my TF2 familiars plz
Q: How to rob / kill workers in Mafia Wars 2?

WarfaceI can rob the building but can't rob workers and prostitutes... How can I achieve this because it's a mission that I have to do. Thanks

12:17 AM
@DaveMcClelland It's the Smalltalk.
TF2 is updating
TF2 has updated.
TF2 may have previously been updating
Required updates for Team Fortress 2 are now available. The specific changes include:

- Improvements to client stability related to loading mesh content during gameplay
- Fixed an engine error that mentioned CL_CallPostDataUpdates
- Fixed "Not Usable in Crafting" text not appearing under certain conditions on item tooltips in the trading UI
12:19 AM
I didn't notice any problems with stability myself.
@Powerlord Did the server files update too?
@DaveMcClelland This was sent to the server mailing list, so a server update is required.
@Powerlord GRRR. Also, where do I sign up for the ML?
@DaveMcClelland Here
@Powerlord Most excellent. Thanks
12:30 AM
Q: What are the differences in the difficulties?

mordi2kI'm a little curious to what actually changes in the different difficulties, and if there is any benefits of choosing a harder difficulty?

Q: How to stabalize ping?

subt13I've been playing quake3 for a long time now. I recently bought a new laptop and I am experiencing highly variable latency. My ping seems to just bounce around between 30 - 140ms at random. Since my ping varies so much players find it difficult to kill me. Even though it is easy for me to kil...

We don't have any Russians in here do we?
12:40 AM
We don't like Russians.
Why did Tankball 2 get two downvotes in the Game on thread?
Q: World Of Warcraft Vanilla

Seth HikariIf I don't decide for a while to put down the money for The Linch King (everyone has Burring Crusade now ) , and I level a character to 70, what can I expect to be doing in the game without the other expansions. Not including leveling another character. I was thinking PvP but that would put me in...

1:09 AM
@Lazers Can someone with more WoW knowledge than myself rename this question? I can't grok it.
Q: What is there to do at level 70 without buying The Lich King?

Seth HikariIf I don't decide for a while to put down the money for The Lich King (everyone has Burring Crusade now ), and I level a character to level 70, what can I expect to be doing in the game without the other expansions, not including leveling another character? I was thinking PvP but that would put...

@Wipqozn Danke.
I tried cleaning up the question body as well, since it was rather... less than good.
Q: Tricks for getting lots of arrows?

LukeAny tips or tricks for getting arrows (besides cheating)? Or tricks for finding a skeleton spawn? I've tried farming chickens and gravel for feathers and flint, but it takes a ridiculously long time. How do people get enough arrows to make using a bow actually feasible?

Q: Is there any way to use a teleporter in Scribblenauts Remix?

jwaddellIn Scribblenauts Remix on iOS, I've attempted to use teleporters to solve a couple of puzzles. I make two teleporter pads, but when I try to use one all that happens is the level is restarted. Is this a bug or intended behaviour? Is there something special I need to do to use it?

> On June 28, 2011, Blizzard released [The Burning Crusade] for free to all users who purchased the original game
Oh cool, didn't realize that
Can't recall if this was shared here before (by me, that is):
going through some old images, came across this:
Isn't it against the TOS to use another players account? (sell your account or what have you)
Just thinking it would be really funny if they suspended the account due to that post.
1:36 AM
@Wipqozn Haven't seen that in a frame like that before
@Wipqozn And yes, this was.
@GnomeSlice I'll frame you.
@Wipqozn Got around to trying Xonotic yet?
@GnomeSlice No
Must'v been a busy week. Haven't seen @GraceNote about.
1:51 AM
Someone should come play this with me.
Q: Why doesn't it always start on Wave 1?

StrixVariaSometimes when I start a level, it will start on Wave 2 or Wave 3. Why doesn't it always start on Wave 1 and let me play the whole level? I feel like I'm getting cheated out of XP and that I won't have enough easy waves to get my defenses up to the standards they need.

Q: What is the meaning of this broadcast?

Doozer BlakeIn Batman: Arkham City, you can use the Cryptographic Sequencer to decode various broadcasts. At the approximate position of 637 on the x-axis, and 472 on the y-axis is a person reading off a series of numbers, similar to a number station. When you try to decode the broadcast on the sequencer, ...

Q: How do I know how many meals I've cooked with a _____? (e.g. Frying Pan)

fireDude67In Glitch there some achievements that require you to cook __ meals with a Frying Pan (for example) How do I know how many I've chopped, fried, blended, etc? Related: Where have I been?

You're making things up. Nothing was here
Oh. Sorry.
2:08 AM
@Mana Play Xonotic with me.
@GnomeSlice studying for stats atm
Maybe tomorrow?
@Mana What studying do you need to do for stats? Get a calculator that can do everything for you, plug in numbers, ace the test
No calculator allowed, trying to remember the terminology.
@Mana That's really harsh. Godspeed
2:38 AM
@Mana If you had a photographic memory, you could memorize the buttons on your calculator, then just push them in your mind during the test.
3:10 AM
@GnomeSlice facepalm
3:31 AM
Q: Does loot qualty vary more for co-op than solo?

mordi2kWill levels drop better loot depending on how many you are playing with? If so, will the loot quality also vary between 2, 3 and 4 player co-op?

Q: What are the medals you can earn on levels?

mordi2kI noticed that I have a few "Knight", "Immortal" medals on various levels. So I was wondering: Are there any list of all medals you can earn on a level, and what are the requirements for earning them?

Q: How does one find open invention slots in Eve?

Mark RogersIn Eve, open invention slots are perhaps the rarest production style slot that a player can utilize. This is because invention gives players access to far more powerful, and profitable tech level 2 items. Many Players knowing this, actively hoard or guard every slot that they can. To the poin...

3:47 AM
Yo @David!
How's it going?
hullo, pretty well, you?
Yeah, it's pretty alright. Missing my drum kit a lot right now though!! :(
sorry you missed my random teaser drop earlier today :)
Ha, it's alright. I got all the details. It sounds cool.
Well, I guess anyways. You were a bit vague, but I assume all will become clear in time :P
"details"...lots still to be determined
the real discussions start next week
3:52 AM
I see...
the immediate stuff you'll see will probably be promotions around some of the big games coming out in the next couple months
Okay. Like, more of the same grant stuff we have going on right now?
Well, not sure yet, but game grants might be a part of it. We want to get people asking questions about these games when they first come out...that has basically been proven to bring lots of new people to the site
plus, I'm totally selfishly motivated about Skyrim...can't wait to play it and talk about it
3:55 AM
Okay, I just played LoL for the first time, and it's actually kinda cool!
I didn't get cussed out either!
@DavidFullerton oh god
haha, LoL is awesome
Runs great in Parallels on a Mac, too.
I CAN'T WAIT. It feels like forever since the last time I've played an actual honest-to-goodness massive RPG.
yes, I'm really excited...and it seems perfect for the site since I'm sure there will be tons of questions
3:58 AM
I think most of us is pretty excited for Skyrim :>
I want to throw some sort of launch party on the site...schedule a big event, get people in chat talking about it, asking questions, etc
When's the release date again? 11/11/11?
Okay. I could set that up.
we need an ad with a countdown clock or something
4:00 AM
@DavidFullerton That would be awesome!
oo, the 11th is a Friday...that's perfect
Next time I bop into Windows I'll boot up Photoshop and make an ad for it for the site.
ah no worries about that, we have designers
unless you want to
Ha, I want to man. I wanna promote this.
I want to make Skyrim the biggest activity spike our site has ever had on all fronts.
4:03 AM
see this is part of the whole change that's going on at StackHQ...I'm actually convincing Joel to put resources on this :)
Changes, eh? Are the marketing people taking over?
I literally walked into his office last week and said "I think gaming.se is the future"
@Brant no, the gamers are taking over :D
We rule!
basically my argument was instead of spreading our efforts equally over 60+ sites, we should focus on the ones that are clearly succeeding
60 sites is a heck of a lot, I guess.
4:07 AM
it's a big incubator for sites...see which ones work, which ones don't, then back the ones that do work
I'm off to bed, but I'm glad we have some other people looking forward to Skyrim on the site
@Mana we'll definitely talk more about organizing something around the launch
hope I'm not freaking you guys out too much :)
@DavidFullerton Why should you freak us out? :P
well I'm trying not to, but I recognize that I'm kind of dropping in out of nowhere and throwing out crazy ideas
anyway, just trying to keep you guys in the loop
@DavidFullerton It's more getting me hyped than anything, man!
I'm always interested to see what's gonna happen to this place.
@Mana well good, I hope ya'll get excited because I know I'm excited about gaming.se and it's starting to spread in the office
anyway, my wife is already asleep so I should get going...g'night
1 hour later…
3 hours later…
8:43 AM
I think I should probably book some time off of work for Skyrim, can not wait! Afff. Not sure why anyone would want to play it on a console though.
They lack dextrous hands to use keyboards?
8:55 AM
@theorise One reason is to be able to play it, but without encouraging Steam use.
Can you not just buy it without steam? Also the lock picking on a console was a nightmare in Oblivion. It was bad enough with a mouse. Hopefully they won't have that nonsense in Skyrim...
@theorise All PC versions of Skyrim have built-in Steamworks.
@MartinSojka that sucks :/
9:11 AM
@theorise Well, I'm hoping for a non-Steamworked version when the inevitable GOTY edition arrives, and until then I'll keep playing Daggerfall and Morrowind.
I don't think I can wait that long. Especially considering you will be lurking here and seeing hundreds of questions pop up about it :(
I can still answer most of the lore questions, I guess. :)
Ha :)
@ThomasMcDonald Leaf blower?
9:22 AM
@Ronan "portable AA gun"
4 shots, and it's empty and needs a new clip ...
Q: Are Dungeon Defenders saves cross-platform?

William Lawn StewartI just bought Dungeon Defenders on PC, and its ridiculously awesome, so I'm considering buying it on iOS as well. Is there any way I would be able to transfer my heroes from the PC version to the iOS version, and back again? My iPod is jailbroken and I know how to access its filesystem, so its m...

10:16 AM
@ThomasMcDonald Overcompensating much?
10:39 AM
Q: How do the TF2 pets work?

yx.The medic and engineer pets are supposed to heal/repair as their special ability, but is it affected by anything? Does upgrading the attack power of the medic/engineer improve their heal/repair rates?

1 hour later…
11:40 AM
@ArdaXi @annalear probably comes close
Hrm, why didn't I hear of Xonotic before?
It's just the game I was looking for.
wow, TF2 looks kinda different today, eh?
Does it?
halloween background
11:49 AM
Q: Is it worth killing the dragon on the bridge in Undead Burg?

Sylvain DefresneI've just beaten the Taurus Daemon in Undead Burg and after that encountered a bridge guarded by a red dragon and some Hollow Warriors. I've found a way to sneak under the bridge through a stairway around the middle of the bridge. From this point, I can fire arrow and hurt the dragon, and it doe...

yep, halloween achievements are on
@ArdaXi Don't tell @GnomeSlice that, it will go to his head and he'll become corrupt with power.
I hate Egypt so much
12:08 PM
@GnomeSlice Your game recommendations are bad and you should feel bad.
@Wipqozn Like that?
Q: How do I battle with my Gameboy Color Pokemon on Pokemon Stadium (2)?

PoatersMy friend and I have been playing Pokemon Gold and Silver versions on our Gameboy colors, and we thought it'd be fun to battle on the big screen using Pokemon Stadium 2. So we got a Transfer Pak and plugged one of our games in and were a bit disappointed by the minimalist layout of the transfer p...

Q: What do the symbols next to the player names mean?

jwaddellWhen playing Head To Head Online Seasons in FIFA 12, on the squad selection screen some of the players have one or more symbols next to their name. What do these symbols signify?

If I knew a TF2 HUD would require so much upkeep I wouldn't have installed one.
@Mana Did you get drawn to the Ask Ubuntu room too?
Ah, good, you talk to them. You have moddy stuff.
in Ask Ubuntu General Room, 11 secs ago, by Arda Xi
Very good @Mana, castigate them.
Well that's not very castigatory.
Come on, the video says everything for me.
It's sexy shower time right now anyways.
12:25 PM
ivoflipse on October 21, 2011

I got to play Rage as part of the Promotional Grant, however Jeff put a small dent in my enthusiasm with the following tweets:

Granted, two hours is hardly enough to judge an entire game, but I can see where he’s coming from. I have been ‘enjoying’ myself so far, but its surely not flawless. As Jeff mentioned, the tech makes it look great. Great and realistic lighting, massive environments

But I have a feeling this is mostly skin deep. What do I mean by that? Physics engines in games like Half-Life 2 have spoiled us, but I hate how objects in Rage are so static. You see a table covered with pape …

@Mana TMI
@badp You're TMI.
Q: Is there an easier way to repair/upgrade/sell overlapping defenses?

TheQSpecifically playing as a monk, I tend to overlap my auras for the maximum benefit (e.g. snaring + lightning). However, when I want to upgrade an aura, if one overlaps the other in almost perfect fashion, or in some cases completely envelops the other, I find it nigh impossible to upgrade or rep...

12:49 PM
@badp What? It's just showering. I just used the adjective sexy. I don't see how I gave away any information.
@Mana You called your shower sexy.
@ArdaXi It does get pretty hot sometimes.
As do you.
This is not one of those times.
...when are those times?
@Mana When you least expect them.
@Mana Pin that for great justice.
1:00 PM
@Mana I think this question may need to be locked, so we don't end up with a million different answers that all accomplish the same thing. gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/32549/…
I was considering the same thing. That's the problem with Scribblenauts, it's going to get a lot of popular questions with very low-quality answers IMO
But...the problem is that it isn't getting a lot of spam answers. It's getting valid answers from new users. That's...good, right? But at the same time...I don't know man.
@badp What do you think?
@Mana Why did we go to Ubuntu anyway? It is a silly place.
Unlike the Bridge where it is at all times serious business.
@ArdaXi I agree. sips tea
sips coffee
Anyway. Even AU agrees.
in Ask Ubuntu General Room, 7 mins ago, by Arda Xi
@Mana Every time you come in anywhere you seem ridiculously hyper.
@badp What do I probably come close to?
1:05 PM
@ArdaXi Well, of course. I'm trying to be the awesome mod.
@AnnaLear Russianity.
Who is, like, you know. In touch with all the people. All of them.
@Mana Keep trying. ;-)
Although I think it's really nice of you to try and replace @GraceNote.
Grace does not auto-complete anymore?
1:06 PM
@Mana It's cool that new users are participating, but I don't want them to learn that the way to participate is to add yet another answer to a question that doesn't need it anymore.
@GraceNote You haven't been in here for too long! Come back!
She hasn't been here for too long :(
That's what I said.
Well, we kind of both said it.
@Mana No, I said it and you repeated it.
1:07 PM
This is silly. I should be replying to bwarner's more serious posts.
@Mana That's because you're supposed to be playing spot the Grace Note.
I already did.
Empty spot?
Exactly. Hint:
Sep 27 at 20:25, by Grace Note
@Wipqozn No, I don't work at the office
A majority of those people don't work at the office, the entire community team flew in for a face-to-face meeting. :P
1:09 PM
Even for something of such vital importance to the future of gaming as this Stack Exchange meeting?!
Note that I didn't capitalize gaming there. That's how important this is, people.
Well, I say majority, I didn't bother to count. Minor details.
I'll cross-reference the data I have on Grace with that photo.
@Mana It's Serious Business™, no doubt.
@ArdaXi Creepy... opens up the other fanfic document
I don't see anyone fitting the profile.
1:13 PM
It's sexy breakfast time right now anyways.
I wonder how creeped out Grace would be if she saw this.
The Moirae, Moerae or Moirai (in Greek – the "apportioners", often called The Fates), in Greek mythology, were the white-robed incarnations of destiny (Roman equivalent: Parcae, euphemistically the "sparing ones", or Fata; also equivalent to the Germanic Norns). Their number became fixed at three. The Greek word moira () literally means a part or portion of the whole, and by extension one's portion in life or destiny, which consisted of bad and good moments distributed by the Fates, who predestinated the events. They controlled the metaphorical thread of life of every mortal from birth t...
@ArdaXi Good thing it's not like you pinged her or anything.
Yeah, good.
True, things do tend to get pretty hilarious when Grace is in here. So, I guess not good.
Well, I'm quite sure of its gender now.
1:17 PM
She did subtly mention in ELU one day that she prefers being referred to as though she were a girl. Which she might very well be. Shit's confusing dawg.
@Mana No, see, Chris is the shortening of a real name which can go both ways. However, the full name can only be one gender.
@ArdaXi Yeah...uh...robot?
We'll just go with Mana's earlier assumption of the empty space to make things simple.
@Mana Why haven't you been on Steam in 18 days?
1:20 PM
@TimStone I can see one person on that photo who it could be, but I'm going to go with it wasn't there.
@Mana Because it's the only way I have of sending you private messages.
@ArdaXi ...you know exactly how to make me go on Steam, don't you.
@Mana ^^
"badp is now playing Team Fortress 2" THAT'S SURPRISING.
I tried to friend badp but I think he snuffed me. I feel rejected. :(
@Mana Is it all clear to you now? Do you see it? Do you see the conspiracy?!
1:28 PM
@mordi2k :P
@TimStone ?
I did?
It's much more likely I didn't recognize you
@Mana How did the thing go??
Did you try what I suggested?
Yeah, I figured as much :P
Try again please
yeah, 'tms' is not really particularly descriptive
Oh, indeed.
1:35 PM
@GnomeSlice Well everyone's mysterious today.
@ArdaXi ?
You just asked how the 'thing' went after you suggested 'something'.
11 hours ago, by Mana
@GnomeSlice studying for stats atm
11 hours ago, by GnomeSlice
@Mana If you had a photographic memory, you could memorize the buttons on your calculator, then just push them in your mind during the test.
Sorry for the mysteriousness.
Eidetic memory is non-existent.
@ArdaXi It's just rare.
1:39 PM
No, it's not just rare.
It's just as rare as unicorns.
@sjohnston Do you have an eidetic memory?
That guy in Criminal Minds has one.
Q: TF2 "ERROR" displayed on head items

ArremerIn game instead of hats(any other than default) a big 3D red "ERROR" is displayed.At first it worked very good then the update came(the one when everyone got that paper boat hat),after loading a characters hat(in menu or in game no difference) the game would crash,and after few more updates I'm s...

@GnomeSlice You watch Criminal Minds?
@ArdaXi Often, with my family. Why?
See, this is good advice.
People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. No one should throw stones. It’s just not a good idea.
1:43 PM
^ @Arda ^
@GnomeSlice And that's what we call bragging.
Reading 20,000 words per minute it a little excessive though.
@ArdaXi Yeah, throwing knives is way more effective anyway.
@ArdaXi Reid is hilarious.
Do what you love and the money will follow. It may never catch up, however.
1:45 PM
Can we stop linking that... show?
@ArdaXi I had to correct you.
1 min ago, by Arda Xi
@GnomeSlice And that's what we call bragging.
What's wrong with the show, anyway?
So he's constantly bragging. What's your point?
@GnomeSlice It's just... one of so, so, so, so many.
@ArdaXi It stands out for me, because of the whole 'profiling' thing. And you get to see bits and pieces of the criminal's actions as the team profiles them.
Oh jeez, he's talking about DR. Who.
> They should have called it Bill and Ted's excellent ripoff.
The show is pretty graphic at times, though.
Oh no! They killed off the girl with black hair!
1:56 PM
@Mana No, she came back later.
What? Oh. Then...who got killed off?
I haven't seen enough episodes to be sure what the whole deal was.
But they thought she was dead.
And she came back like a season later.
Hah. Writers couldn't go through with it.
1:57 PM
My mother has been recording these all out of order.
@Mana Maybe the actress changed her mind about leaving or something.
Also, when is your stats thing?
I have class in an hour though.
Try to memorize your calculator.
I saw
It's a good idea.
@ThomasMcDonald tf2r.com/kwwecs.html
I decided to get rid of all my crates
2:11 PM
Yeah, I think I'll skip that one
Wow. ಠ_ಠ
@ThomasMcDonald Main reason I'm doing it is that some people are keeping the best raffles for people with some amount of rep. 12 should do the trick for most cases
also, getting rid of crates
that's a bonus.
> For just £199.99 you can block your name being used as an adult website, for the entire life of the domain.
is that a fucking joke?
2:16 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Wh... what??
xxx tld
...No thanks, bro.
iPhone 4s.
thou shall be mine
or iPad.
2:22 PM
@GnomeSlice He sounds just like you!
2:37 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Oh, you're one of those.
@GnomeSlice Now I'm curious, WHAT USE FOR RECORDING?
@ArdaXi ಠ_ಠ
Q: Identify this 1990s PC racing game with white old-fashioned car

sarmackieSomewhere around 1997 I remember playing a fun racing game over and over again. I remember it was a shareware or demo version from a Computer magazine Cover CD. I remember playing it on something eqiuvalent to 486DX4 100 MHz CPU. I am pretty sure the game was older than 1997, much more probably a...

Q: Is the Orange Guidance Soapstone item consumable?

Sylvain DefresneI've seen that the first merchant found in Undead Burg is selling the Orange Guidance Soapstone item. The in-game description of the item is: Online play item. Write/view/rate message. Messages transmit to other worlds, where they are rated. Also, rate messages of others. In Lor...

Q: Can you acquire The Infinity Blade other than buying with earned gold?

StuperUserIs there a way to get The Infinity Blade other than finding/earning the roughly 500000 gold required to buy it from the store? I love the game, but don't fancy a grind-a-thon or in-app purchase to get it.

2:53 PM
Why is Swarm Racer so addicting.
Also, wow, my backgrounds look nothing like that, something isn't displaying properly.
Playing it in a window seems to have fixed that.
@TimStone snuffed you? Or snubbed you?
The latter, I have no idea what happened there.
imagines @badp strangling random users in the chat room
I didn't say anything about it, to be polite.
@RavenDreamer 'tms' is a bit too generic.
I wish one didn't have to litter friend lists for trading purposes
3:04 PM
What about "[REGz] Lobstah RAGE Fist"?
Is that too generic, or unique enough?
@RavenDreamer That's been posted in here before.
Well, it's not as unique as 'bp' can possibly be.
Probably by me, @GnomeSlice, since its the origin of my current Steam ID.
Did you see? Joel posted an answer on Gaming! So proud of him!
@RavenDreamer I did not!
Jeff's actually a 2ker on this site
just sayin'
3:07 PM
A: What is the meaning of this broadcast?

Joel SpolskyIt's a pretty simple code. Think 1=A, 2=B, etc.

Psh. Joel > Jeff.
I have a brother named Jeff. I don't have a brother named Joel.
King Arthur's Gold is really cool.
Q: How can I get Big Red Racing working on Windows 7?

fredleyI recently unearthed an old Big Red Racing CD. I'd love to be able to play a game (I used to be really good!), but have no idea how to get it working on a modern machine. What should I do?

@RavenDreamer Clearly there are too many Jeff's and not enough Joel's out there.
31 crates, 15 done, 16 left
3:24 PM
man that answer took me way longer than it should've x_X
@FallenAngelEyes what answer is this now?
A: Is there an easier way to repair/upgrade/sell overlapping defenses?

FallenAngelEyesI duo as a Squire with a Monk and we have run across this problem as well. After doing some testing, I definitely see the problem you are talking about. I hadn't run into it on live because my Monk friend found that pretty much the only way to solve this is to slightly skew the setup of the auras...

Between the testing of various field positions and properties and then the Paint/Photoshopping, I spent like an hour on this, lol
Relinking this from last night because it's funny:
17 hours ago, by Brant
The TF2 Manniversary Update in a nutshell
3:31 PM
@FallenAngelEyes down votes it to be a dick
@Wipqozn ;_;
@FallenAngelEyes It's funny since I actually up voted it
@Wipqozn \o/
Guys! I have a friend! That isn't imaginary!
@DaveMcClelland Is your name Billiam...?
(inside joke)
3:44 PM
@Wipqozn Inside to whom? Yourself?
@DaveMcClelland Between myself and two of my friends. I took a screen shot of that, and will now share it with them. THank you Dave.
@Wipqozn Glad I could help, I guess
you should be
you're a hero
3:56 PM
hi, wintah
@RavenDreamer IS it snowing?
@Dave == Winter Phoenix
He calls me Lobstah, sometimes.
Oh hey, I heard my name
You and Raven know each other?
@GraceNote He's been playing on my clan's tf2 server for a long time
3:58 PM

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