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12:00 AM
It wasn't responding, so I tried to restart it, and... nothing.
Wow, this boss was really fun
Bravo, Meat Team. Bravo.
Wait. Are we talking Cogs or Super Meat Boy?
Or, Bra-vòh, as those Englishmen say.
@RavenDreamer SMB.
All my SMB scores are legit!
If you've really completed 310 levels, a toast to you
12:10 AM
accepts toast
I 106%'d the game!
All my SMB scores are cheating.
It took me exactly 11150 deaths!
I'll readily admit it.
I was surprised it was such an even number.
@Powerlord You're still below me in the leaderboard :P
12:11 AM
Something to do with golden potatoes.
@RavenDreamer Well, you're in the top two thousand so grats. That's impressive.
I know I for one don't want to 100% the game, or even 50%
And the top 1000 are all bugged scores.
I'm 72%, 35%, 28%, 31%, 27%, 0% complete
Time to take on world 6 now.
Gah, I must do all 5.
And 6-1 is pretty annoying
Although I already made it to the last gear, which I hit squarely
I liked world 6
Oh god 6-2 looks horrible
12:17 AM
no bullshit missiles
Incidentally, Dark world 3 sucked SOO MCUH
I didn't even dislike the missiles that much
I mean, world 5's boss is currently my favourite one and it's basically based on missile exploiting
Q: What are the Civilization 5 leader statuses?

AlbortHow many, or what are, the different leader statuses in Civilization 5? I've seen Neutral, Hostile and Friendly before (the Hostile one quite a lot actually), but just ran into one that was Afraid. So what other ones are there?

Let me think.
What the F...ilbert? This download finished and my connection is still slow. :/
That was the giant worms.
12:22 AM
How does that involve missles?
Well, it's the same principle: this is powerful but dumb as rocks AI; exploit it to do your bidding
Hate to be Ralph Reality here, but Missiles != Giant Worms.
this time you didn't have to break through walls, just make fireworks
@RavenDreamer meh. Full songs with all the beats or nothing!
Pretty sure it does have all the beats.
12:24 AM
Just look at the run times
Each of the three BTB level is 15 minutes long
now "all the beats" doesn't work for, say, Runner
Does it repeat 5 times or whatever?
There are 8 stages. The background music is like a 5 second loop that gets 'better' in each stage.
It's the beats that make the music though.
Those are all different.
This isn't just the background music, though.
@RavenDreamer Oh, I'm aware. It's also not all the beats. It's just each stage condensed in 4 minutes, plus the credits intro etc. songs
I imagine you don't mode down in those 4 minutes, but that's what perfect runs on youtube are for.
Except audio on perfect runs on youtube sucks, generally speaking.
240p everywhere I look.
12:29 AM
There's a reason I'm subb'ed to this channel
HD, perfect Discovery: youtube.com/watch?v=bLvULlP0tyA
(you can see his other videos from his list)
You just even more made my night.
12:41 AM
As I've said earlier today, Youtube's search results could do with improvements
12:51 AM
@badp why is this question still open
Q: Will Battlefield 3 support cross-platform multiplayer?

Andy GieslerI've found pages and forum posts that come close to answering this question but that don't answer it squarely. Various people... feel it's obvious that BF3 won't support cross-platform multiplayer. insist they've seen it. say it'll be console-to-console, but not PC-to-console. speculate that cr...

@NickT Because it's objective, well phrased, clear, answerable...?
It's asking to predict features?
Yeah, well, that does put it in OT grounds
what's the point though, it's not a question that solves a problem unless the game's released
I converted the 8 ball non-answer to a comment
@NickT "Please note, however, that site policies prohibit questions of the following types: Speculation of the future of the industry and of upcoming releases" from thine FAQ
With the release date being in 5 days though, it kinda feels wrong to close now and reopen in 5 days
For now I'll add the 'current event' post notice... or not.
12:59 AM
Wait, Gaming's offline for maintenance? :O
I could lock it for a week.
Oh, it was a temporary error.
1:52 AM
Q: What do i do if my spawn point was defaulted into lava?

Anthony HilleryWas roaming around and died and my spawn point got changed cause the last bed i slept in got destoryed and my original spawn point is covered in lava now what do i do

2:03 AM
Any web developers around by chance?
I'm curious about something technical with a webpage I'm looking at
If you go here: cracked.com/…
and then middle click on the link on the text "required chemistry students to make their own test tubes" (under #8)
nothing special happened
middle clicking is supposed to open the link in a new tab, but for some reason that link seems to force me to that tab
no repro
sometimes it happens; it's probably javascript getting in the way
2:06 AM
i'm under chrome 14...15... i don'tk now
but what's even weirder
← 16 pending update
is whenever i go back to the main article, and middle click a different link
it takes me to the first link i middle clicked on
which doesn't make any damn sense
can you repro that?
@DaveMcClelland That IS weird.
I know, right?
Links can be made to always use current tab, middle click or not, that's not uncommon.
2:08 AM
i'm genuinely curious about how that works, technically
Never heard of that happening though.
@DaveMcClelland You sure it actually isn't a browser bug?
@badp No, that's more than possible. Are you able to repro?
Nope, I can't.
2:09 AM
Chrome 16.0.904.0
let me update chrome
Still happens
My chrome version just updated to 15.0.874.100
and i literally JUST updated it
do i need to sign up for like, the beta stream of chrome or something?
Q: How can I add an item to the trade window?

StrixVariaAll I can figure out how to do is add mana. So I can trade mana for mana. That seems pointless. How do I trade items?

Also can't repro from Aurora
super weird
2:53 AM
one of the best ZP's in a while
TF2 is all crashy and stuff rage
Yesterday servers crashed every 5 minutes
3:35 AM
@badp That was enjoyable. I can only watch so many episodes of his full-on game-hating. It's nice when he changes it up a bit.
3:50 AM
Yeah, I just stopped playing because it kept crashing.
P.S. Valve, you said you were going to release an update today to fix crashing error.s. It's 10 to midnight in eastern US, so you kinda missed that.
Fact: smut caused the destruction of 16 out of 19 great civilizations.
Is there a site where I can ask what those 19 civs are?
Just look at those socks.
They may have been worn like, 2 days in a row
4:08 AM
Q: Where do the GSL league names 'Code S' and 'Code A' come from?

ladenedgeThe Global Starcraft League has subleagues called 'Code S' and 'Code A'. Where did these names come from, and do the names have any special meaning?

4:38 AM
Q: How to get cash in Green Farm?

UchihaI am totally into Green Farm in iPad but it’s very annoying that you get the one cash only when you level up and everything interesting costs cash instead of coins which you get very easily. It’s an offline game so there must be a way to make some modifications to a file to get more cash. I don't...

2 hours later…
6:24 AM
Q: Whats the name of this old 8-bit computer game?

JoeMy dad had an old amiga computer with a disc that had this game. it was 8-bit looking. you were in one room (overhead view) and had to shoot these aliens or robots that came out of the vortexes on the floor. the walls were one color. the floor another color. the enemies were hard to tell what the...

6:54 AM
> This kills the Redditor
7:30 AM
Q: What do you guys think of CS:GO?

ronnieThe first match of CS:GO has been played NA vs EU what did you guys think about the game? Will post link of the match when i get back home. what i mean with this is: the reg: the gameplay: the guns: the graphics: and will it get competetive: and what do you think the game needs to change to get...

7:54 AM
Q: Where are the Joker Balloons in Amusement Row?

CyberSkullI've been up and down Amusement Row in Batman: Arkham City and I have only found 3 or so Joker Balloons. Do I need to progress further in the story for them to spawn or are they just waiting inside a building? I'm tracing the Joker's radio signal to the steel mill.

8:40 AM
Q: What pokemon is it that has this ability/move in Pokemon Leaf Green?

Steven RogersI remember that there was a move or ability one of my pokemon had that caused damage to the opponent but left behind one health. What is this move/ability and what pokemon have it?

2 hours later…
10:24 AM
On my 10 minute walk, it rained, hailed, then the sun came out
Oh Dutch autumn, you are such a pain in the ass
10:55 AM
Q: Backup / Transfer data to new computer

ValamasI am upgrading to a new computer and would like to retain settings / saves and my hall of fame. What folder locations should I backup and later restore? Are there any gotchas?

Good morning ladies and gentlemen
Although @FallenAngelEyes seems to be the only one around
so good morning @FallenAngelEyes
@ArdaXi get your crazy dutch time zones out of here
Not Dutch. Correct Earth Time.
you and your kidnapping ways
@ArdaXi Clever girl.
11:01 AM
@Wipqozn What of it?
@Wipqozn @badp's backronym.
@ArdaXi Yeah, I'm aware. When he first said it I thought he meant UTC.
Which is the real CET
Unimportant Time Centre?
CET is UTC+1.
Currently, we're using CEST.
@Wipqozn Hiya
I've been meaning to say
@ArdaXi: You look quite a bit different on your bookFace picture than your gravatar
I know.
What are you doing on my Facebook?
11:12 AM
@ArdaXi I'm an admin the gaming group, so I was looking through the members
Seeing who has joined et cetera
Don't worry, I'm not stalking you.
Also, I played SC2 online yesterday for the first time in awhile, had to play my placement match. I lost, but I was placed in a higher league than the person who beat me.
Was pretty funny.
11:47 AM
@ArdaXi I'm at school, so and have headphones on my mp3 player, so I don't hear any of the notifications
hence my 10 minute delay ins responding
12:08 PM
midterm in 50 minutes
good luck!
User Interface Design. Uncertain if it will be really easy or really hard. In theory it should be easy, but the professor strucks me as the kind of person who will ask the stupidest questions "what was line 3, on slide 4, of presentation 5?"
@badp THank you
I;m studying in a lab atm
and another class is doing presentations. One fellow is communicating the history of Batman and RObin. Pretty awesome.
I shouldn't have pressed Shift to check out world 6 dark version
really final boss: 17/85 dark levels complete
I guess that means I get to skip 20 between all dark worlds, but...
I wonder if I even have 85 A+s
@badp Super Meat Boy?
I have 17+17+13+10+11 = 68 A+'s.
12:19 PM
@Wipqozn Dilbert is thinking of bears, or I am mis-understanding that comic?
6-1 GET. No A+, sadly.
@theorise Pardon?
@Wipqozn well Dilbert said "bear in mind" instead of "bare in mind" so I was just wondering wether that was part of the joke or not
@theorise ah okay
I think "bear in mind" is fine too
Nevermind... my English sucks
bare in mind is actually wrong
12:25 PM
for a second I thought my english was incorrect
English is such a funny language. Bear in mind could definitely be taken as a physical bear.
@theorise Only as a metaphysical bear. Mind isn't a physical object (brain is ... :)).
er not really. Bear as a verb also means 'weigh'
or rather, 'sustain the weight'
12:28 PM
@badp "carry" :)
Shush! You and your dictionary :P
@MartinSojka :D
That said, it's been a while since I had any bear in mind ...
I fight bears myself.
fighting bears bare handed?
12:31 PM
6-2 GET!
@Wipqozn You fight bears without bearing any weapon? That sure bears awesome stories.
and a second short of A+. bah
@badp Failure.
(Bear with me here, English isn't my first language :))
12:32 PM
rofl, how did @ravendreamer did 6-1 in 10 seconds
@badp I assume that's impressive.
I haven't played super meat ball outside of the first few levels, and I did those levels at a friends house.
+1. I fear it will make me do this (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
@theorise You should play Dark Souls. Trust me.
12:35 PM
Argh. 6-3 is super annoying
@badp Did you ever get a gamepad?
Keyboard ahoy!
Really - the only bad part is that sometimes the game won't register jumps
it's like I'm holding space and SMB makes me fall down anyway
@Wipqozn I have never seen any Dark Souls game play. I'll have a look now.
not only do I have to unpress space, I must keep it unpressed for a few frames before SMB realizes that if I press space again later it's because I want to, uh, jump another fucking time
that's the only mildly unfair part.
For the rest, levels are fully doable in keyboard mode
Dunno about the 'community levels'
(which I do have unlocked)
12:54 PM
I wanted to like Super Meat Boy, I really did... but Masochism isn't my thing.
Q: run .NET 2.0 applications for Win

RiaDI am trying to run application for Windows on my Ubuntu 11.10 I tried wine /path/to/file.exe Error is: wine: Install Mono for Windows to run .NET 2.0 applications. I have mono(seems to be not Mono for windows) mono /path/to/file.exe says me The assembly mscorlib.dll was not found or...

tbh other games enrage me much more than SMB
SMB looks fair. Difficult, but fair.
And the 6 light worlds aren't impossible
you can skip any three levels from each of the first 5 worlds to advance. (The sixth is just 5 levels.)
you can skip any 20 levels from the dark worlds for the true boss too!
So really, it's hard, but it's also very forgiving
I just wish jump chains worked better.
Also, the level design is made so that, if you keep yourself going as fast as possible on what I call the A+ window, most gears and obstacles will be in just the right place
for example in 6-3, if you sprint-jump right away and skip the first platform, the second platform will be in just the right position for you to land on
then sprint-jump again and the spinning blades in the first box will be in just the right angle for you to get the key
then jump around fast enough and the platform's again just where you need it to be, and so on
so the game really does encourage flawless execution by making the fastest way to solve a level also the easiest way, and making starting over so fast.
midterm tiume
oh fuck I was trying to do something really complicated and unnecessary there in 6-3
otherwise I'd already have the level in the bag
1:11 PM
Hello everyone! I am alive! But between Stack's involvement in New York Comic Con and a two-day work summit meeting, I have only been in office ONE day since last Thursday. I'll be back in office tomorrow, and will FINALLY be able to sort out the Batman Arkham City grant and get that game to the users
Sorry for the delay, this week has shown me that we need a plan in place for when I am not in place.
@BrettWhiteΨ We could replace you with a very small shell script.
@BrettWhiteΨ .. or when the Grue eats you.
6-3 GET! A+! woo.
Don't mind Arda, I think he just read too much Dilbert today. :)
@badp simple. Go up the sides.
1:15 PM
is it a dilbert reference even?
Running back and forth looking for keys is booooooooring
@RavenDreamer THAT IS CHEATING!!
It is creative use of game mechanics!
Prerelease? pokes jeb
6-4 GET! A+!
one more!
oh god.
6-5 is twice as long as it appears.
word to the wise.
1:20 PM
I'm already having serious trouble getting past the first screen.
blah. I need to get moving.
gah, getting into that third screen will be PAINFUL.
@badp No.
It's a BOFH reference.
Q: Mid to late 80's Educational game

Laurence BurkeNow I say mid to late 80's because when I played this I was given a hand-me down old apple computer that have I think 2 quarter in floppy drives and a black and yellow monitor. Now I will describe the game. I used a joystick to play it It featured a rabbit that hopped horizontally left or right...

Q: Mid to late 80's fighting arena turn based game

Laurence BurkeOk I had this game that was bundled on a floppy disk with defender and space invaders(don't know if they were called that but they played like them), maybe others but I'm not sure about that. I played it on an old apple black and yellow screen It used a joystick It was turn based It was just y...

1:41 PM
Just looking at releases for round 8 of the gaming promotion... Woodcutter simulator. Are these guys serious?
A... what?
I mean, Street Cleaner Simulator is brilliant of course.
"It swept into my life and into my heart."
I thought it was a fake video, apparently not. What an exciting genre!
I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay
I sleep all night and I work all day
I cut down trees, I skip and jump
I like to press wildflowers
I put on women's clothing
And hang around in bars
He's a lumberjack and he's okay, he sleeps all night and he works all day.
(look up the remainder yourself if you don't know it yet, it's awesome :))
1:48 PM
@MartinSojka Dear sir, I would like to complain on the strongest note about the song which you have just broadcast about the lumberjack who wears women's clothing. Many of my best friends are lumberjacks and only a few of them are transvestites.
well that lumberjack song is interesting
@YiJiang ha yes I have seen that one. Seems to be a few more popping up. This is the one getting released soon. youtube.com/watch?v=ABY3Kcya31A
@theorise That dramatic music...
That... that doesn't look too bad.
Serious Sam meet Frozen Synapse meet RPG meet top-down shooter.
2:03 PM
@badp It looks rather shmuppy.
2:17 PM
Die2Nite fanart.
Wonder if it's worth playing that again.
btw, @GnomeSlice, SS:TRE (the game I linked above) is from the makers of Super Crate Box
@badp This one?
This looks hilarious.
Is it out?
@GnomeSlice Is it October 24th yet?
2:21 PM
@badp Erm... uh.... no?
I mean yes.
So no it isn't out yet, as the video thumbnail suggests
at any rate it should be out on Steam.
Why would it be out on Steam if it hasn't been released yet?
Also, I thought Serious Sam was a trademark or something.
@GnomeSlice because there's no future version of "should"
Yes, it is. Serious Sam: Double D, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter and (er, I think its name is) Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attacks are all licensed indie games inspired to Serious Sam to hype up for Serious Sam 3.
@theorise Is it bad if I genuinely think that looks like a lot of fun?
Coming out in about a month.
2:25 PM
@badp Oh, that's a neat idea.
@badp "shall"
@MartinSojka does that mean 'should'?
it just looks like a more formal 'will' to me
Pretty sure it means 'will'.
You could say 'will probably'.
@badp I should be there (present) vs. I shall be there (future).
@MartinSojka No, 'shall' means 'will'.
"I should be there" vs "I will likely be there"?
2:29 PM
'Should' means 'have to'.
@ArdaXi Not in this context.
Well, depends on the emphasis, really.
This is stupid.
Used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone's actions
Green Grappler, y u no get beaten. =[
y u so difficult.
@GnomeSlice "shall" can mean "will". In the example provided, "I shall be there" can also mean "I promise to be there later".
@MartinSojka Yes, that's what I'm saying. "I should be there" isn't a guarantee.
2:32 PM
@GnomeSlice Neither is "I shall be there." Just a statement expressing an obligation to do that in the future.
Erm, just noticed that some of the female characters in that image aren't entirely sfw.
@MartinSojka you can settle this with a question on english.stackexchange.com
3 mins ago, by Martin Sojka
@GnomeSlice "shall" can mean "will". In the example provided, "I shall be there" can also mean "I promise to be there later".
@GnomeSlice ... and then, Gojira shows up and eats me.
@MartinSojka Who?
2:37 PM
ゴジラは、日本の東宝が1954年(昭和29年)に公開した特撮怪獣映画『ゴジラ』に始まる一連のシリーズ作品及び、それらの作品に登場する架空の怪獣の名称である。これら一連のシリーズ作品のことを「ゴジラ映画」と呼ぶこともある。 本項ではシリーズ作品全般についての解説を行う。個々の作品の詳細は後述のリストを参照。 ゴジラ映画の変遷 第1期・昭和ゴジラシリーズ シリーズの特徴・経緯 1954年11月3日、同年3月1日にビキニ島の核実験によって起きた第五福竜丸事件をきっかけに製作された、第1作“水爆大怪獣映画”『ゴジラ』が公開される。身長50メートルの怪獣ゴジラは人間にとっての恐怖の対象であると同時に、「核の落とし子」「人間が生み出した恐怖の象徴」として描かれた。また核兵器という人間が生み出したものによって現れた怪獣が、人間の手で葬られるという人間の身勝手さを表現した作品となった。観客動員数は961万人を記録。この成功を受けて直ちに続編が準備され、翌年の1955年に公開された第2作『ゴジラの逆襲』で描かれた「怪獣同士の対決」は以後のゴジラ映画のフォーマットとなり、その他の怪獣映画の製作にも影響を与えた。7年後の1962年に公開されたシリーズ第3作『キングコング対ゴジラ』では観客動員数1255万人とシリーズ最高を記録。アメリカなど日本国外でも上映され、大ヒットとなる。以...
@MartinSojka I couldn't read that so popped up an english version :-)
@MartinSojka Yeah, I can't read whatever that is, sorry.
{| class="infobox" style="width: 21em; font-size: 90%; text-align: left" |- ! colspan="2" style="text-align:center; font-size:larger; background:#001; color:#ffa;"| Godzilla |- | colspan="2" style="text-align:center;" | |- ! First appearance: | Godzilla (1954) |- ! Latest appearance: | ' (2004) |- ! Created by: | Tomoyuki Tanaka |- ! Height: | 50–100 meters (164–328 feet) |- ! Weight: | 20,000–60,000 tons |- ! Portrayed by: | Shōwa Series:Haruo NakajimaKatsumi TezukaYū SekidaRyosaku TakasugiSeiji OnakaShinji TakagiIsao ZushiToru KawaiHeisei Series:Kenpachiro SatsumaMillennium Series...
@ArdaXi oh, why we no get imdb oneboxing :-(
2:44 PM
Ooops, Gaddafi died. We need a new bad guy in northern Africa, fast!
@MartinSojka Unconfirmed.
He died?
@GnomeSlice you were right
Street Cleaning Simulator is fun!
@badp Shocking!
@GnomeSlice No, confirmed.
2:45 PM
@badp That looks HILARIOUS.
A car drove through the hedge and fell through the ground.
@GnomeSlice It uses the PhysX physics engine of all things
I'm sure nVidia will be happy
@badp I recognize the name, but it doesn't really mean anything to me.
It's that very impressive physics engine that does all sorts of cool stuff such as solid body physics, cloth physics, etc.
Legit?? Seems so... I don't know how to torrent though.
@badp Hm... based on the way the vehicles interact in that video, it doesn't look THAT great.
2:50 PM
@badp Whoa. I didn't see that epic a failure in setting proper physics properties on cars since Fallout 3.
@MartinSojka Oh no?
2 mins ago, by badp
I'm sure nVidia will be happy
@MartinSojka It reminds me of this:
@badp Lolololololol
@badp I found the way the truck is glued to the hills funnier than the way it jumps to rooftops.
This managed to instil nostalgia in even me.
I wonder how that GTA thing works.
Looks like they set vehicle friction to something negative.
But I really want to get the game just to play that mod.

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