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5:34 AM
Should I migrate this one to Mechanics.SE ?
Q: How to convert two DC sensor signals to one

PetroleumJunkie412Struggling with what seems to me like a simple problem with Ford MAF sensors. I am trying to build a converter box that takes two inputs from two mass airflow sensors on parallel airflow tracks and converts to the sum of both and sends it to the fuel computer (fuel computer is only capable of s...

6:08 AM
@RoryAlsop Can you both drive and communicate with can on two wires
2 hours later…
7:58 AM
@Markus communication both ways works on two wires, yes (surprised me too!)
I wouldn't suggest driving whilst using these, or any other device that can write arbitrary data to the canbus
Real risk of bricking your car...
8:18 AM
@RoryAlsop The fact that communication works both way is not strange, that's just the way CAN works. But the power part... pretty sure that it's 12V in the CARB, but since it's a buss there's no solid 12V, so I expected to see some kind of bigger condensator or so to create a solid power, but see nothing like that on the card.
8:45 AM
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 he's hilarious throughout really.. some of his lines were improvised apparently
4 hours later…
1:14 PM
@motosubatsu So I mailed them and tried to get it for the previous price, but the refused... claiming that the price depends on what other objects is available on the market...
(for the 535)
@Markus that's a shame
So I'm dreaming of a E39 540 instead
@Markus ooh.. nice, rare, but nice.
about the same as the 535 I'd say
at least in sweden and on "blocket" (our classified page)
shame they didn't do an M5 Touring in the E39
1:20 PM
a well sorted E39 M5 is still a serious bit of kit
There is a E34 M5 Touring for sale... 200 000km and about 20 grand
And alos, I don't have any relation to the E35 M5 engine.. I know the V8 and love it, but the 6 pot I have never tried.
I've never driven an E34 either.. not many of them left
the V8 in the E39 is a peach though
I have a E34 540
but it's not really in working condition, nor is it a wagon
it's the same engine as the e39, except for missing vanos
I'm hesitant to suggest an E61 M5 - they offer serious levels of performance for not a lot of cash but they also have serious potential for draining the bank account
1:25 PM
yes, no, god no. :)
bearings are rubbish and the smg as well
I was sorely tempted by one a few years back.. but it was just way, way too much of a risk for a daily driver
I don't even particularly like the V10 sound in that car
@Markus there's one near me...not sure if it's a non-standard exhaust or not but it sounds like two gods scrapping.. epic!
I LOVE the sound in the Carrera GT, but I have a neighbor girl that have a E60M5 and she has done something with the exhaust, it doesn't sound good, and don't fit that kind of car
I think that a sedan fit's better with a (or the) Mercedes *63 V8 sound
and even more important for a Touring
@Markus see the C63 AMG for a particularly nice example
1:31 PM
I know...
it's sooo lovely
the V10 sound is more of a super/hyper/formula car sound
4 hours later…
5:41 PM
@motosubatsu - And I wouldn't doubt that was one of them, lol. It was so random.
6:28 PM
@motosubatsu - Isn't the Zed Bull question you answered just a shopping question?
7:14 PM
Q: Which engine oil to use on a rebuilt engine?

TomI had my BMW M52 engine completely rebuilt. The rebuilder retired and I’m not sure what’s the break-in procedure or what oil I should be using?

Solar Mike's answer flies in the face of what normal procedures say. Most I've seen state to run it a bit rough/hard to ensure good ring sealing. If you dont set them fast, you may never get a good seal. It can cause you to lose compression. Even 5% lost is lost power and longevity.
@HandyHowie - Congrats on 10k!
Per above wrt break in ?? ... I guess it also depends on what engine it is and what it's used for.

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