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2:12 AM
@anonymous2 we've come a long way
3 hours later…
5:17 AM
@Zaid It's true, we have. Thanks in large part to you, @Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 and @BobCross
5:30 AM
@DucatiKiller I see you've conveniently left out your own stellar contributions :)
Q: LS1 - ticking slapping noise w video

Vincent VegaSo I'm trying to identify what may be the cause of this ticking noise. I listened to all the LS1 ticking and knocking videos on YouTube but none are similar to mine. It sort of sounds like when you hold a metal pen between two fingers and you tap it against a metal table. Best way for the to ...

Lifter tick?
A: Let's Plan The Second Iteration Of The Stack Exchange Quality Project!

ZaidEmbedded YouTube videos by default across all SE sites (Or at least give us a clear, defined process by which we can request it) We've been requesting this for eons on Mechanics.SE (questions related to strange sounds, part identification, etc.), written meta.mechanics.SE posts about it, discus...

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6:49 AM
Somebody is getting creative: nitric acid for broken bolts. Wow!
7:10 AM
@RoryAlsop @anonymous2 Actually I am also struggling with that name.
Detriment of keeping it: It creates confusion
Benefit of keeping it: People know me; It creates confusion
7:39 AM
@Myself "Selfish"?
Or how about Selfless, with its rather oxymoronic quality
@Zaid I am not sure if I understand you: Is that a recommendation about a new name?
@Myself yes
2 hours later…
10:03 AM
@anonymous2 okay that's funny.
1 hour later…
11:07 AM
@DucatiKiller :P
@JonathanMusso Whattup bud :-)
@DucatiKiller Just getting ready to hit the morning traffic, how are you man?
Doing well. Your doing the daily commute thing?
Aye, to university. It's right in Toronto.
What's your painting project? A bike? :D
Oh, nice.
We need to catch up when you aren't getting ready. I need a project update.
11:15 AM
You bet!
11:33 AM
@DucatiKiller Nothing exciting yet. Box is off my Ram, replacing cab corners, rockers, and some fab on the box itself, then paint. Going down to Boston before December to pickup my doors for the '31 Pontiac 5 Window Coupe. Really stoked about this project. Fuel injected 454 going in it :D
Hey there @JonathanMusso , nice to see you around!
@Zaid You too buddy! How have you been?
Epic, as usual
How about you?
Hey @Zaid
Hi all
11:48 AM
Hey, everybody. Anyone had experience replacing a points condenser module with a solid-state magneto?
Hi, @Myself.
12:18 PM
@Zaid Glad to hear you are well. Been very busy on my end. Other than that, I'm great.
12:35 PM
Hey @DucatiKiller
But your site is not even big enough to be a rounding error compared to Stackoverflow. — Ian Ringrose 50 mins ago
Not sure if he is saying this out of sarcasm
@Zaid Seems a bit sarcastic
but alas, it's difficult to interpret simple text.....
@JonathanMusso, of course! I was sure I'd seen your profile somewhere!
You're the one with the leather question that I just awarded a bounty on!
@IanRingrose it's about quality, not quantity :) — Zaid 2 mins ago
@JonathanMusso Howdy!
12:41 PM
I need to take a peak at that sometime today.
My bounty was basically expired, so I awarded it on the most highly upvoted answer. Sorry, I hope I put it on the right one. :)
@JonathanMusso Nice question, BTW. I've often wondered the same thing... Which is why I put the bounty on it.
@anonymous2 No worries! Thanks for looking after it. I haven't been very active here as of late.
@JonathanMusso Hopefully you got the answer you were looking for... :)
@JonathanMusso You will have to remediate that. Does winter slow your projects down or speed them up?
@anonymous2 Cheers :D
@DucatiKiller All depends on the year, really. However, this project will be quick. Everything is already mocked up from before, it's just assemble time for the most part. I'll be sure to feed y'all with lots of pics. This one is gonna be chopped and channeled, all steel body with clear coat for the spring.
12:51 PM
I'm looking forward to it. I'm in process on two engine rebuilds right now. 81 Honda CB900C and a 1981 Suzuki Katana. Just got in all the gasket and seal kits.
@JonathanMusso I'm going to be laying out all the parts for reassembly today on the CB.
Sweet!!! Pics man, pics :)
Are any of those bikes the one you were restoring the fuel tank?
Yes, the Suzuki. I will have pics. Hope to be starting the CB on Saturday and going on a test drive.
1:48 PM
My mechanics.SE account just passed my AU account!
@anonymous2 Congrats!
@anonymous2 Here's the CFR for seat belt pre-tensioners.
Hey @LynnCrumbling
Hiya @DucatiKiller!
How are the temps out there?
They've been crazy out this way...
we've been in the low 90's
It's been perfect
It's going to get really cold next week though. It's supposed be 81 next Saturday.
2:04 PM
Ha. We should be at avg's in the 50's right now.
@DucatiKiller Looks official, all right. You might want to post an answer to the question. :)
Go ahead and add it to yours if you like. :-)
@anonymous2 Here's the link off of the GPO.
Woah, there, I'm not claiming rep on other peoples' work! :) Seriously, go ahead and answer it if you want to. I'll enjoy reading it.
Come to think of it, I've already done that to you once recently...
A: Is it true that most of the engine wear during its life time occurs during a cold start up?

anonymous2From advanced-auto-maintenance.com: It’s widely acknowledged by automotive engineers that most engine wear occurs within this first ten minutes of driving before the engine has reached its highest, normal operating temperature. From bloomberg.com: When you first start the vehicle, do no...

Seems to me I'm making a good portion of my rep off of your back... Don't make me feel worse than I already feel!
@anonymous2 It's just a citation for pre-tensioners. I have enough rep. Plus, I'm jerkin with a steering dampener.
Okay, well, I may add it a bit later. Right now, RL is calling. If you want to add an answer, go for it.
2:11 PM
Do we have a question about matching tool size to nut?
.....and trying to clean a gasket off this CB900C's cylinders. Terrible, 35 years of being stuck to a surface makes a gasket really.....stuck to a surface....
Triple innuendo intended.
I mean like matching the allen key to the screw size.
@JoErNanO we have a question about the metric equivalent to an imperial and can it be used.
@DucatiKiller I've been meaning to ask - the valve jammed into the piston that is your profile pic: is that your own photo, or did you find it somewhere?
@DucatiKiller You'll re-use it, though, right? ;)
2:12 PM
afk for meeting...
@anonymous2 Of course....I'm not a 'waster'. It will clean the bottom of my garbage can.
@LynnCrumbling Found it.
I wish it was mine though.
I would have a great story about how I learned something to go along with it.
@JoErNanO ....but it doesn't have anything to do with Allan keys....
@JoErNanO Not sure if the is the vein you are looking for.
A: 10mm allen wrench is too small 11mm is too big

MyselfThe sentence about the non-replaceable 10mm allen key - bolt made me my head scratching: Could it be that the "bolt" would be the "counterhold" on the top of the shock absorbers? . That being the case: Then you do not need to screw it out, you just need to hold it while turning the nut on top of...

@DucatiKiller Close but not quite.
I know, from the user manual, that my front wheel is locked with a 34mm nut. That's not to say that the wrench I use is size 34mm though. It's more likely to be 40mm or even 42mm.
I know there is a way to go from nut to wrench size and from screw diameter to key size, although this is not always accurate.
34mm is an odd size
@Myself Everything is odd with Ducati's.
@JoErNanO Not sure I really get what you are putting down here.
2:19 PM
My Husqvarna rear wheel fastener needed a 27mm wrench.
@DucatiKiller An M6 hex-socket screw requires an 8mm hex key, right?
@JoErNanO OK, gotcha. The answer is....usually.
Unfortunately they aren't tied to together with consistency. They are tied together with almost consistency.
@DucatiKiller Yes exactly. It'll depend on screw length and not on diameter alone, on the torque to be applied, etc.
@JoErNanO Exactly.
@DucatiKiller So it could make sense to draft a table of conversion according to this almost consistency here on Mechanics.
Or not.
It would be a table of almost always.....
Not sure how valuable almost consistent data is.
2:24 PM
Special fun ensues when there are metric and imperial sizes mixed...
@Myself "special fun" lmao
I get that precision is your thing. However if that almost precision is the best we can do, then it is inherently precise.
I wrote that and somewhere an entire village of Swiss people fainted.
@JoErNanO Some kittens also suffered.
@MyDarkLord How's you?
2:27 PM
@DucatiKiller long time! Hear you're up for a mod election, may or may not have voted for you, lol
been slammed typically, how have you been?
@JoErNanO Hex-socket screws are the work of the devil and should never be used in a motor vehicle
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Doing well. Getting projects done!
hey thats a win there
what type of projects?
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ So long as you vote. It's your civic duty even if you are the head of an Imperialist organization.
@DucatiKiller are you saying our current mods are evil, lol
2:29 PM
Rebuilding a Honda CB900C motor and an 81 Suzuki Katana motor.
@DucatiKiller If that's the case then you have to vote - you're probably the only one eligible to!
"One Man, One Vote"
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Whoah! One has a space cannon but that doesn't put him in the evil column.
when you're a mod your name is in blue when in chat so you can be warned of the super power jerk, oh.. wait.
I do hate coming in here, makes me want to leave the computer and go into the garage.
2:33 PM
@NickC What do the angels use?
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Take the computer into the garage. :-) That's where I am right now.
@NickC I wonder if there is a conspiracy with the tool manufacters and the building plant. . . how can we make this process painful, when it comes to hex
@JoErNanO bolts that don't fill with mud, rust and much and round off the instant you try to undo them...
@DucatiKiller um. . . Ive been told Im not allowed to do that anymore, lol
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Yes, how can we make it worse? Let's have GM build it.
2:34 PM
after a tuning "experiment", lol
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Could be - easy way to sell more bolts!
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Wow, I suppose even a Dark Lord has a boss.....weird.
@DucatiKiller cant comment on that, as the last GMC truck I owned was a lemon
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Have you been plugging in the flux capacitor again???
@NickC more like the light saber into the OBD2 port
2:35 PM
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ So what you are saying is that your manufacturers use awful quality bolts with heads made of rice paper.
@JoErNanO lol
Ok sorry I meant @NickC
Anyhow I find your lack of hex bolts disturbing @NickC and @DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ. :D
@JoErNanO and panels made of tinfoil...
last hex I had to use I turned from vader into a pirate, on the open seas.
@NickC 'Murican engineering is it? :P
2:37 PM
@JoErNanO hex bolts are fine, it's hex socket bolts that are evil
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Yes, sir! Thanks, someone at last who admits that GMC can make lemons!
@JoErNanO No, mostly the European stuff that's made from really thin metal these days
US and older British cars tend to be made from solid hewn girders
@NickC Just yesterday I had to hammer an allen key into the hex socket holding the steering damper on my bike. @DucatiKiller better not read this. :)
@anonymous2 I did my fathers head gasket on a 4 cylinder GM. It was the worst head gasket experience of my life.
@anonymous2 but lets not get started on that, as we would need to discuss Nissan and their transmissions =P
2:38 PM
No, no, not Nissan... <aarghhh...>
@JoErNanO I'll just read the news now. Nothing is worse than that. Unless your hammering a hex key into a Ducati. Which of course....your not doing....so everything is fine.
I did something odd the other day, test drove a ford f150, thinking about practicing for the Olympics in the push event
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ I love my G37......but the transmission.....want to punch it.
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ I have a kid and a friend with F150's and they are, at least, easy to work on.
@DucatiKiller I had to check if my handlebar, or risers, or both are bent after that Hockenheim gravel-trap incident. The screw head had rounded off. Kinda.
Incidentally, how can I check if handlebar/risers are bent, assuming that I have driven the bike and it does feel strange but is still very rideable?
@JoErNanO Bummer...I'm going to guess handlebars.
2:42 PM
Ok maybe I'm not supposed to be the one testing this out since I've driven some crooked stuff and still called them rideable.
@JoErNanO You could turn it on a shaft and use a dial indicator to measure throw
@DucatiKiller in seriousness, I did like the Ford F150, the price point for one used wasnt bad but their resale value was terrible compared to the titan
@DucatiKiller Ok since that sounds like a procedure requiring tools I don't have, and I want to learn it, I'll ask a question about it on the site. :)
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ That's why kid got one......and it's been incredibly reliable....and he beats the crap out of it in the mountains constantly. Really uses it.
@JoErNanO It would only work if the base of the riser is perfectly round, or is supposed to be.
@DucatiKiller ah, good to know.. I wanted to ask what is commonly an issue with the f150s but I thought that question would be too broad
2:44 PM
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ I would imagine that would also be tied to year and generation.
Q: How can I check if a handlebar is straight?

JoErNanOMy motorbike took a pretty hard hit and I am suspecting that my steering is crooked. How can I check if my handlebars are straight/does not deviate from its originally intended shape?

@DucatiKiller It should be.
@JoErNanO You need to make sure your steering is straight first :-) but I'll include that in my answer later today.
@DucatiKiller By steering you mean?
Forks and triples
So far I have changed axle and wheel. One was in the shape of a lightning the other was quite literally hexagonal.
Forks took a hit, and are likely bent. I'll upload a picture when I can.
2:49 PM
have you taken a straight edge to your fork tubes?
I thought triples were the last thing to bend since they are supposed to be very sturdy.
They 'usually' are.....
It just depends on the accident and what got hit where.
@DucatiKiller No I have not. I tried to align them by looking, which as we all know is an extremely precise method.
Here goes another question, then. :)
@JoErNanO Yes, very precision. The Swiss are fainting again.
Ok so time to ask the fork question too.
Q: How can I check if the steering assembly on my motorcycle it straight?

JoErNanOMy motorbike took a spectacularly violent trip into a gravel trap in Hockenheim. Long story short, I think my forks and/or triple clamps might be bent. How do I go about accurately checking if forks and triple clamps are bent?

Instead of rep-whoring it all the way I decided to ask about both forks and clamps.
2:56 PM
@JoErNanO Nice
I'd like to know what need to be fixed/changed so that this bike can see the tarmac properly again.
I hope your frame isn't bent.
As of now it is rideable but it is not in the pristine condition it was before I threw it in the gravel.
You have the trellis, right?
@DucatiKiller TY for the edit. I appreciate it
2:58 PM
@Myself NP
@JoErNanO Gravel traps have a habit of flinging things.....
@DucatiKiller Don't get me started on that. The steering stop thingy bent and the triple-clamp hit the frame. Now the trellis frame has a nice bulge in it.
I'm gonna have to light up my underground garage and take pictures one of these weekends.
@JoErNanO That's no good. Your bars hit the tank now for the broken steering stop?
@DucatiKiller Thankfully no since the Hyper is quite tall. The bars hit the steering damper though which is what makes me thing that either bar or risers might be bent.
Steering stop is still bent and I can't do much about that yet.
Have you taken the risers off to check if the stud at the bottom is straight?
With your precision measuring equipment....
@DucatiKiller Riser bolts seemed straight.
There's no stud I think. The assembly is nut-washer-triples-washer-riser-bolt
3:06 PM
Yup, sure does
Have you pulled the whole front end off of it yet?
Not yet.
I'm going to the garage on sunday to begin doing that. I also need to measure the nuts bolts etc to see what tools I am missing.
Now, will the bike hold up on the steering head paddock stand if I remove the triple clamps is the real question.
@JoErNanO The only crescent wrench I will use.
@anonymous2 Nice...
@JoErNanO It doesn't ruin the heads of bolts, notice the vice-grip like feature.
@DucatiKiller Thanks to you...
Say, how do you put a link in a comment?
w/ markup
3:15 PM
So just <a href="...
@anonymous2 [texthere](linkhere)
@Myself Do those lock?
@JoErNanO What year is that Duc?
@JoErNanO Ah, thanks!
@DucatiKiller 2008 Hypermotard.
3:16 PM
cool, ty
This an an exceptional one, better than any flare nut wrench. Also good for "strange" sizes
@DucatiKiller "lock"?
@Myself Like a vice grip. I like that crescent I posted because it cinches down on the bolt and locks onto it.
@Myself I won't use crescent wrenches that won't lock because they tend to round off the corners of nuts and bolt heads.
I locks when turning, you just need to push it on the rear handle
Locking is important
Resolved some problematic cases with that one, also good for chromed fittings
And no, I am neither involved in the shop nor the manufacturer :)
3:33 PM
@JoErNanO, I'm sure you have a good reason for putting two posts on, but what exactly is the difference between your two questions?
Okay, never mind, I think I've got it now. Just took a bit of processing. Probably because I don't do much with motorbikes.
@anonymous2 The rationale was: these are two distinct parts: handlebars and fork+tripleclamps.
@JoErNanO Right, gotcha.
3:54 PM
@anonymous2 I might be wrong in doing so though.
@JoErNanO Nope, sounds like the right thing to do. At least to me. :)
It's better than posting several questions as one question and having to address several different issues in the same answer.
@DucatiKiller You might still be in time to edit the link in your comment here:
Hey @leeroy You put your question as an answer. You can go here and ask your actual question. mechanics.stackexchange.com/ques tions/ask Cheers! Welcome to the site. — DucatiKiller 4 mins ago
1 more minute
@JoErNanO If he doesn't make it, he can always delete and remake.
@JoErNanO ahhh...too late. Good lookin out though.
lol, someone decided to make a chatroom regarding the debate last night
4:03 PM
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Share the link. :-) Should be funny to watch the flailing.
I will when I see the 100th flag come across.
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Witholding is not attractive.
@DucatiKiller lol, it was suspended for an hour: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/42197/news-room
@anonymous2 Yes indeed. /cc @DucatiKiller
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ lmao. That's beautiful.
4:08 PM
ah yes, the joy of being a mod, so do know if in chat and someone flags something in another chat it is NETWORK wide flag
@JoErNanO See above
looks like you have an issue there, lol
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ I get flags in the bottom left of the chat in blue. I don't know if there are privileges tied to rep to get those flags though. @JoErNanO probably knows though.
@DucatiKiller ya those are after 20k or if you're set as RO for the chat, if recall
Yup something like that.
Most of the times I click on the blue icon and try to get to the post I always get an error though.
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Who made you a mod where? Are they crazy? This is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause. :)
4:14 PM
so you chaps excited about the site design coming soon!
I guess that is a no. . .
@JoErNanO I am a mod over on GD.SE, my power was set by the federation. . I was a good guy once, but the site turned me evil.
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Yeah yeah blame the site.
I am looking forward to seeing what the higher-ups concoct for the site design.
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ What's your QPD at GD?
@JoErNanO As am I.
4:36 PM
@DucatiKiller IDDQD?
@DucatiKiller Are you selling those? :)
@JoErNanO I am not, just got the Ohlins for the Aprilia.
@JoErNanO IDDQD is code for God Mode in DOOM>
@DucatiKiller QPD?
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Questions Per Day
@DucatiKiller havent asked a question in awhile. mostly spending my time editing Q&As
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ I was curious about how many Questions Per Day the site gets overall. I saw that you had 4 mods there.
4:43 PM
@DucatiKiller average 31 questions and 37 answers is the lowest it's been lately
That's pretty good. How's the mod workload?
highest this month seems to be 68 questions per day.
DANG! That's strong.
@DucatiKiller average.
Not sure what average means. How much time do you spend doing mod work a day?
4:51 PM
@DucatiKiller it rotates really, never do keep track, but its saved in my chrome tab, lol
@DucatiKiller Never been more proud of you. :D
@JoErNanO Well....God Mode....
ya, just think twice before doing something
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ +1
People bickering // and SE mods snickering // News room or "views" room?
5:03 PM
@Zaid oh man its bad
@Zaid I can't wait until it gets out of time out. They will teach us how not to be.
@DucatiKiller I didn't have to scroll up too far. No point trying to reason with tribalism
@Zaid Totally agree. It just devolves into the tribal colors. Waste of energy.
@Zaid hack the HNQ?
BMW vs Merc, Ford vs Chevy, Ferrari vs Lamborghini, Superman vs Batman, Messi vs Ronaldo, -ism vs -ism, all the same
@DucatiKiller I should be free in an hour or so
What's the plan?
Try and think of a good question that everyone can answer and see if we can get some good advertising out of the HNQ. You in?
5:13 PM
How can I keep cats in my cars? ;)
LMAO......Something tells me that question would soar.
How should I clean bird poop off my car?
What car would Hillary drive?
I see the theme your rolling with.
That would illicit ALL the vitriol
5:14 PM
@Zaid I think what car wouldn't Hillary drive would go further...
But I could be mistaken.
@anonymous2 I don't know man, it's 50/50
Just by my knowledge of human beings: when it comes to the political arena, people are more likely to be interested in something negative about the opposing party than something positive about their party.
We are one step closer to a room closure....
Honestly, @DucatiKiller, I didn't mean it as a slight against Hillary... :)
@anonymous2 <jk>
5:17 PM
It would be the same with Trump.
I'm going to be out for a couple hours, but I'll try to catch up on your HN question when I get back.
@anonymous2 See you then
@Zaid Hit me up when you are free. We can plot the takeover of the HNQ then.
Will do. Need to have dinner first
Calories are an important part of any diet!
@JasonC They don't delay close votes
5:23 PM
@DucatiKiller elicit*
@JasonC Thank you for making me better
@DucatiKiller You say that, but once all the SE employees are replaced by drones, you'll be telling a different story, lol.
Your welcome.
@JasonC I thought they had already been replaced........
Be careful what you say in public chat!
Isn't ALL chat public?
5:28 PM
Oh look I finally found a picture that appropriately describes how I feel every time I try to fix anything on my car:
For example, that time the other day when I looked under the car to check for exhaust pipe damage, found yet another puddle of coolant instead, added some more, and discovered much to my pleasant surprise that it was missing 5L of it.
Once again igniting the internal struggle: Do I really love this car enough to keep it any longer?
It doesn't help that I live literally next door to a Zipcar garage.
What kind of car?
2001 honda prelude sh, 196k miles
And showing its age
That doesn't sound fun. Did you find the source of the coolant leak?
Not yet. I'm gonna run some dye through today or tomorrow. It's coming out the side with the radiator <-> engine hoses, I suspect it won't actually be a hard fix. It's just that, I just fixed another coolant leak somewhere else a few months ago. And the misfires. And I still have to fix this oil leak, at least, I'm replacing all the seals on the timing belt side of the engine. But I've got oil slowly seeping out on the transmission side too.
And the suspension is shot.
Do you have a code reader?
5:36 PM
And I'm not even thinking about the body work yet.
shocks and hoses are cheap....keep that in mind.
Did you get any breadcrumbs with your code reader?
Yeah but I'm coasting on saving right now between jobs.
Misfire codes and no other troubles. That was this question. But I think I fixed it, I'm giving it a few days and not worrying about it.
Part of maintenance on older cars with points and a distributor cap included changing spark plugs and spark plug wires.
Cleaned and reseated the fuel injector connections.
glad to hear that
5:38 PM
Although I broke off one of the connector tabs.
Because lol.
Because....force it......
I have one a broke yesterday so.....
Eh it just sort of, fell off with no force. I almost wonder if it was part of the problem.
Loose connections sink ships
It's weird though.
I mean I haven't seen the problem since I cleaned the connections
But it was always cylinders 1 & 3, the chances of two connectors becoming loose at the same time seem... low. Although the car did take quite a hard hit.
But I got no other theories.
The likelihood may be low but if the evidence suggests it's better after you worked on it.......seems like you fixed it.
If you took the overall footprint of car issues I wouldn't be surprised if 50% of them were solved by actions similar to yours.
5:45 PM
So many easy small things though all at once is disheartening.
On the bright side this site has saved me thousands of dollars, literally.
That's nice to hear
And my next door neighbor does body work.
I've been trying to do everything myself. I think though I might have to take it to a shop to replace the control arm, I don't have the tools for that, and also to replace the transmission side oil seals.
That's good, cuz bodywork is painful IMO. I'm getting ready to paint a motorcycle right now. If it was a car, I wouldn't do it.
Yeah it's super convenient. He does all the work in his driveway. He'll give me a hefty discount if I help him out, plus I gain some experience from it. I just need to plan out a small salvage yard adventure.
Which I'm actually excited about, I love going to junkyards.
You need a good workspace for the seal. The control arm, you can rent the tool from AutoZone or O'Reilly's
5:49 PM
Oh that's true I always forget that renting tools is a thing.
I just need the ball joint separator thingy.
There's an awesome MC junkyard here in Phx. Sometimes a bunch of us just go there to get nuts and bolts.
The fork?
Oh cool.
Yeah, you can do the control arm. Your golden.
Not complicated
And alignments are like $100 that I can live with.
Yeah it's always fun getting parts for this car, I usually have to go into central PA or upstate NY, to proper junkyards.
I'm going to borrow a friend's Sprinter and make a day or two road trip out of it.
You might find that after you replace the control arm that the car just drives straight.
5:52 PM
Ha ha ha.
I won't hold my breath for that one.
Once I get the car in as-peak-as-possible condition again I think I'm going to try to track down a supercharger for it.
@JasonC If your trying to save money you would be failing. As well, you'll be very sad with a connecting rod sticking out of the side of your motor.
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