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12:00 AM
going well. watching engine destruction videos
how can you have a bad time doing that? You can't.
I really couldn't tell you.
just got my voats back
@DucatiKiller I see a notification from you earlier, "when did you get here?". What do you mean?
12:16 AM
I thought you were in the room
but you weren't, my eyes deceived me
ah gotcha
these explosions man
yeah, there allright for sure
12:56 AM
First one is pretty cool, but the R32 powered Jetta? How is that a "Mad Engine Swap"??
302 in a fiat spider? You mean you actually have a fiat that will continue to run? Nice swap there.
LT4 in an RX7 ... another nice swap
For you Canadians out there, lol!
How do you balance the internals of an engine like this? ;-)
I didn't see him pull out a torque wrench once ... something wrong there, buddy!!!
DARN!!! I found the end of the internet.
2:13 AM
Q: What is a replacement Fuel Injector for a 1985 Mustang SVO?

Lindsay MorsilloI am trying to buy a set of "Brown Top" fuel injectors, which are supposed to have come from a 1985 SVO 2.3 L Turbo. They (obviously) have a brown colored top section and a pintle. I can't see any part number on them. The replacements I've seen like the Python 649319, don't look exactly the same....

Year and a half later and the OP finally checked as the accepted answer ... surprising.
5 hours later…
7:19 AM
A: Loss of engine power between 2100 and 2500 RPM on humid days - 2011 Malibu

cloudnyn3You may want to check with the dealer, I have 2011 cruz and have had similar issues with it. I used my scan tool and oscilloscope to find that the ECM had my coils out of time. I suspected something else must be causing this. I eventually got tired of complaining to them. They called me up and sa...

4 hours later…
10:50 AM
Get voting folks! Especially on posts from new people...
11:06 AM
Q: How can we increase the number of eligible voters?

Jon EricsonOver on Meta Stack Exchange, we've announced a process we call design-independent graduation which allows us to confer all of the benefits (and drawbacks) of graduation without waiting for our designers to replace the beta theme first. So far the experiment has worked well. We've been watching th...

At last, we're being noticed. The sucky part is that we seem to be punching above our weight. Problem is, how do you convince experts that lurk on forums to take the red pill and adopt SE
2 hours later…
12:48 PM
Are we voting on random posts for a reason?
1:17 PM
@cloudnyn3 Not random posts, any good post you spot, but especially those from a new person, to get them keen to vote themselves. We don't vote enough in general, as pointed out in the meta question...
1:41 PM
Hmm. I can edit questions/answers now without review... I must wield this power carefully.
@JPhi1618 Welcome to the hallowed halls of power! ;)
1:58 PM
Q: What is valve float and how does it impact engines?

ZaidThe Wikipedia entry is hard to grok: Valve float is an adverse condition which can occur at high engine speeds when the poppet valves in an internal combustion engine valvetrain do not properly follow the closure phase of the cam lobe profile. This reduces engine efficiency and performance an...

3 hours later…
5:24 PM
Wield your power wisely young @JPhi1618
5:40 PM
"With great power comes great responsibility" - Spiderman's Grandpa.
How's your world? Day off or working?
I've been screwing off all month
I don't get vacation days on my current gig, so If I don't work, I don't get paid.
IT Contractor?
5:53 PM
Yea, W-2, but contractor.
Software engineer for a Wall Street firm ;)
Common in our industry. I'm a Cisco/VMware guy with a storage kicker
It turns headhunters into slave traders
6:59 PM
Q: Is the alarm fused?

Pete ObanI have a 58 reg. Renault Scenic. I think I need to replace the alarm fuse. Can you tell me where it is?

Next question from Pete: I think I need to get into my car, but the key isn't working. How can I do that?
We see what you're up to Pete...
Yup. You nailed it.
"Pete" sure is having a rough day
Did he have other questions?
Nope, you spotted him. I totally agree, your onto his game.
@DucatiKiller, "Some vehicles have evaporators and most don't."
Don't all cars with an AC have it?
How else are you getting cool air?
I'm working with limited info and didn't research car AC systems so feel free to edit or post a better answer
7:10 PM
Ok, will if I have time.
of course
I took it out and added an image of an AC system diagram.
Thanks for culling my data :)
Somebody has to keep things in line.
That's right, they do. With the power that they wield.
7:26 PM
Hey guys quick question. I added too much oil to my engine, and I drop about 1.5 - 2 miles and had huge amount of smoke coming from the exhaust, it smelled like burning oil. I left it cool down noticed there was oil in the pavement, I checked the oil level and its higher than it should be. If I remove the excess oil and have it at acceptable levels is it still drive-able or would my engine be shot since oil got past the piston rings?
It's fine
It probably got into your engine through the PVC
You might want to check your air filter and see if it's saturated with oil
oh shit its ducatikiller, you comment on my question about this.
Your airbox might be a mess. You can just wipe it down and replace the air filter if that's the case
Yeah, I misunderstood your question
saw later, you overfilled it.
I sent you a message via chat, but haven't heard back, figured I would get a "second question" also which question, this one or the other question?
oh nevermind
You should be ok
sorry didn't respond. I got lost in the fray
7:29 PM
what is pvc?
i mean in mechanics term.
crap...did it again....it's pcv
crankcase vent
it vents into your intake system
so you reconsume hydrocarbons....oil....oil mist....anything that's released from the oil, so it get's burned.
here's a link
A crankcase ventilation system is a one way passage for gases to escape in a controlled manner from the crankcase of an internal combustion engine. This is necessary because internal combustion inevitably involves a small but continual amount of blow-by, which occurs when some of the gases from the combustion leak past the piston rings (that is, blow by them) to end up inside the crankcase, causing pressure to build up in the crank case. For control of the pressure inside it, a PCV (positive crankshaft ventilation) is used to vent the crank case. == Early provisionsEdit == From the late 1...
so even if there is smell of burning oil in the exhaust it doesn't always mean oil got in the combustion chamber?
well, it's going through the combustion chamber but it doesn't always mean leaky rings or valve guides
the pvc attaches to your intake system, you overfill with oil, it gets sucked into the intake system and get's burned in the combustion chamber
Ok, im not as stressed out thinking my piston rings are shot.
don't be. I'm sure it's fine. Check your airbox/aircleaner though
you mind find it has a bunch of oil in it......if so...wipe it out...change filter....done
7:34 PM
Yes, I will. thanks for the help my stress went down so I stopped getting grey hair.
grey hair = bad
YW Happy New Years
Q: How can we increase the number of eligible voters?

Jon EricsonOver on Meta Stack Exchange, we've announced a process we call design-independent graduation which allows us to confer all of the benefits (and drawbacks) of graduation without waiting for our designers to replace the beta theme first. So far the experiment has worked well. We've been watching th...

just to keep this fresh
@JPhi1618 Can you star the post above so it lingers on the feed?
Sho nuf.
Ahoy there, @DucatiKiller.
7:47 PM
@DucatiKiller I pinned it for you. ;-)
your fast
I get the pings on my phone. ;-)
Nice...I thought you might exist in a meta chat
as a normal participation location
Wanted to thank you regarding your statements surrounding voting
I use this room, but if we're talking about MVM&R stuff, we might as well talk here.
sure, thanks for the link
7:49 PM
Have you seen:
Jeff Atwood on October 19, 2010
Have you ever wondered why the vote buttons and score are so prominent on every Stack Exchange question?
i have not but I have been doingthat
Another interesting read:
Q: Vote Early, Vote Often

RichardI cannot state this strongly enough. Voting is absolutely critical to the formation of a healthy SE site. And this is never more true than in Private and early Public beta. Vote on Questions Voting allows the community to determine what topics are allowed and what are not. Voting shows wha...

I was interested in what other sites have done to get voting ticked up a notch from the user base
the reward system only works if users reward
which you already knw
So, thank you for the posts and input
Sure thing. We've been very impressed with the progress this site has already made. There's a ton of potential here.
Indeed, do you have any knowledge regarding what other sites have done to tick up the voting among the user base?
or any guidance whatsoever?
7:56 PM
@DucatiKiller From some of the other sites I mod, we have seen things like weekly challenges, post sharing on relevant forums/twitter feeds, encouraging fols to aim for Suffrage, Enthusiast and Fanatic badges, among others
@DucatiKiller I'm thinking about self-answering my meta question. I don't have any silver bullet, however.
They work, but most of all, upvoting and celebrating milestones
Interesting. Certainly the mods would enact those types of activities.
eg - one of our guys on Security just hit 300k this week, so we congratulated him; and another hit 10k today so we also congratulated him
A bit of social encouragement
@RoryAlsop yes, saw that. Quite a community over there. Very healthy, very strong...it seems
7:59 PM
@JonEricson thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it
upvoting is a huge challenge here and once the culture is in place I imagine it would not return as a cultural issue
...the culture of voting being in place....
@DucatiKiller back in the day we went to a lot of events to try and push the site - I do a lot of lectures and talks on security, so I always added the URL to my slide deck, and others did similar things. That gets numbers in, but the upvoting culture is one the core of the community needs to steer
@RoryAlsop Totally agree. I've been a wheel about it but that's innefective
@RoryAlsop I don't think being a squeaky wheel creates a positive culture....
Thank you again for responding so quickly to my chat request @JonEricson !!
@DucatiKiller don't get me wrong, numbers are critical, but in remembering early beta Sec.SE days, I think we were just all quite upvote happy - possibly more than we should have been, but that's probably okay at the beginning (please let me know if I'm wrong there @JonEricson)
@RoryAlsop It sounds reasonable, especially under the circumstances you put forth.
8:05 PM
@JonEricson here are a couple of my musings on the relative lack of voting
@RoryAlsop Thanks for your input. Valuable. I know you contributed here quite a bit before my arrival. I see your name all the time. Hope to see you around more!!!
thanks all. Onto conference calls. need to leave. Happy New Year!
@RoryAlsop Not sure about Sec.SE specifically, but that's a common pattern. Excessive upvoting isn't really a huge problem, in my opinion. '
1. Unlike most SE sites, it can be quite a while before any suggestions in answers can be tried out and implemented. With the gradual passage of time, even if a suggestion deserves an upvote the OP may never get back within a reasonable amount of time (if ever)
2. As an average mech.SE user, in order to be comfortable upvoting an answer on, say, a Triumph motorcycle repair question I would like to have some experience with the vehicle. If the average user doesn't have that experience, I imagine they'd find it hard to upvote or downvote simply because they don't know what's right and what's not
@Zaid Huh. That's a really great point. On the other hand, a good answer should be upvoted even if it doesn't happen to solve the OP's specific problem. (Made up example: "you might need to replace your battery" when it's actually an alternator problem. The answer is wrong in this case, but might be right for someone finding the answer via Google.)
@JonEricson I try to do that where I can. One of my answers from today is like that
I did say average user (20k out of our 30k visitors per day are new to the site)
(not that they'd be voting at all, mind)
8:16 PM
Well, you only need a handful of people to vote in any case. 30k votes on a post is a bit much. ;-)
Fair enough
3. To my knowledge, Bob Cross was the first to say this: "In some cases, there is only one right answer". This is applicable to all SE sites, but it especially applies here.
Don't get me wrong, we do get questions that permit freedom of thought all the time. But when some poor chap is facing issues with their vehicle and they describe very specific symptoms, we can't tolerate answers based on Internet telepathy and, "oh, my grandmother had the same vehicle and the fix in her case was XYZ"
Just to be clear: I'm talking about both up and down when I'm talking about voting more.
You're ahead of me :)
4. We try to be nice around here because we don't want to drive people away through downvotes. A lot of them come from the PHP BB-style forums and they carry that paradigm of thinking with them.
The number of times I've hit a crappy forum when searching for solutions to my car problems makes me really excited about the potential of this site, by the way. It's a bit sad I haven't had any tricky car problems lately. ;-)
Tell me about it
8:24 PM
I think being a little more free with upvotes could take some of the sting out of more frequent downvotes.
I'm sure most of the core users do upvote where we feel it is warranted. The key is in getting the less dedicated ones to follow suit
@JonEricson a couple of requests that you might be able to help us with
Yeah. That's a hurdle. It's one of the reasons I featured my meta post this morning.
1. We have several questions and answers that could benefit from having embedded YouTube videos. Could something be done about that?
2. (This one is less critical) Could the site become MathJax-enabled?
There are some questions and answers where MathJax would be really handy. These are rare however, not super super critical
I just thought of 3.
3. SE Data Explorer is extremely useful for several things but I don't have the time to craft a query that will get me the information I want. We need access to better examples and documentation
8:46 PM
For #1 and #2: could you write up a meta post (or two) that point to posts that could use those features? (Something like this one.)
See also:
Q: Would it be useful to be able to put videos in questions and answers?

kim holderI was going to do this the other day with two videos of the Antares explosion this week. The question regarded analysis of the video so it would have been relevant. It occurs to me that animations of trajectories and orbits could be useful in some answers. Cases dealing with airflow, dynamic lo...

@Zaid I can help with writing queries. I'd like to work on documentation too. But I'm kinda waiting for this feature to be rolled out.

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