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10:06 AM
Q: Can NaH open the epoxide ring to form alcohol? If so, how?

Richie12138I was looking at the organic chemistry 8th Ed textbook by Paula Yurknais Brucie. On page 509, I found this: I think about it for a while and I am doubting that it is wrong. I believe the hydride ion itself cannot act as a nucleophile for SN2. (not really sure but I guess it is too small and too ...

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1:05 PM
Q: 2020 IChO Problem 6; ΔG isn't 0 for a reversible process?

budIn problem 6, part 6.5 of the 2020 IChO, a thermodynamic cycle is given for "one mole of monoatomic perfect gas": To my understanding, the answer should be $\pu{0 J}$ for both steps since $ΔG=0$ for any reversible process, which $A \rightarrow B$ and $D \rightarrow C$ are. But, the solution belo...

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5:03 PM
Note that sodium explodes even in inert atmosphere, as it is primarily a coulombic explosion. — Poutnik 6 hours ago
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10:37 PM
Ummm... okay apparently we like this now.... Looking for Gas or liquid for story research

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