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1:00 PM
Planning on nominating?
Oh yes...Silly me.
I remembered your voting for Martin.
I would support @Martin in a heartbeat.
1 hour ago, by Nicolau Saker Neto
Problem is, there are limited positions, so just being a good mod isn't enough, I can't take the place of someone who could be an even better mod!
1 hour ago, by M.A.Ramezani
@NicolauSakerNeto Exactly.
1 hour ago, by M.A.Ramezani
That's why I'm not gonna nominate.
That's the gist of it. ^
We must all know our own limitations.
Woo! Cool sentence! Eyes open wide
1:02 PM
I see Manish is a nominee. Anyone else thinking of nominating?
I just rolled into the office so I missed a lot of the hoopla.
Well @Martin said he'll sleep on it.
@M.A.Ramezani you should at least nominate. then if people think others would do a better job they will vote for them. just because you think others might be better than you isn't a reason to not put your own name forward
@Lord actually there was someone else.
@bon Well, I know that others are better than me.
Just think about it! Martin, Manish, Jonsca, Klaus, Ron, Dave, Phillip, etc etc!
There are so many potentially awesome nominees. I'm hesitant to put my name on the long list.
@Lord might make a good mod too, but he gets irritated easily. :}
1:06 PM
@M.A.Ramezani Eh, it was one time.
Worth joking!
Seriously though, you be a mod, then who'll come to chat?
Oh, I forgot Ben on my list.
Mods cannot be in chat?
They can. But they're usually too busy for that.
@Martin promised me that he'll come though.
Well I don't plan on going anywhere.
Oh, I just dropped Geoff and Santiago from the list of good mods too.
In fact, just about any currently active user on chem.SE can be a good mod.
But they have to know the rules really well.
Anyways, as I was saying, there was another nominee @Lord.
1:12 PM
@M.A.Ramezani Who is it?
Or rather, who was it.
I dunno, they were some researcher.
But they didn't even have a single edit.
Or a single meta post.
So I commented, and they left.
They were a member for one year and seven month!
They had 300 rep.
And their nomination post or whatever was something philosophical about them being a mod, but in another sense.
ANyways, they left.
BTW @Lord I was just chatting with ADG the other day.
So I heard. How is ADG?
He's fine. Irritating as usual.
I was called an spammer by him. @santiago's interested.
He flagged my message as spam.
My internet was wobbly back then, so the message timed out and repeated itself.
And he flagged it as spam.
1:24 PM
*sigh I will never understand why some people only ever come here to start a ruckus.
@LordStryker Yeah...
Some things should just be gotten over. To hold a grudge for this long simply isn't healthy or productive.
Well, he does mean well.
He just 1) acts childish. 2)Doesn't accept others' opinions. and 3) Uses offensive words he doesn't know the meaning of.
May 16 at 14:39, by Martin - マーチン
For what it's worth, I am a very forgiving person and I often only do care about the past when someone pushes it into my face. I even forgot about anything that happened prior to your,@adg, first ban. You constantly do this, and there may come a time, when I do not want to endure that anymore.
Haha, @Martin knows how to threaten.
We've been dealing with ADG before he was ADG. ;)
I felt I was hit by a truck that night.
I wonder if @Nicolau has had a clash with him.
1:30 PM
ADG? I don't recall crossing paths with him
Well you aren't the only one.
Ron was also upset about his getting banned for the third time.
To be honest I don't know what you guys are talking about half the time
I must have missed most of it
And I'm not sure if he's even currently active somehow
Well, he got banned again about a month ago.
For a year.
He was posting a lot of rude stuff.
I thought he was banned for a year several months ago
Several months, yeah.
I don't keep track of the time.
Basically, he insulted me, @Martin, @santiago, and several others.
In chat, and on the main site.
1:36 PM
Basically he leaves a trail of toxicity in his path.
I saw some contention, but must have the worst of it
And many of us have been very patient and offered guidance. Unfortunately none of it ever stuck with him.
Well, he began with posting unhelpful short answers.
I reviewed them and commented, and I shouldn't have.
He still thinks short answers are better.
Well, they are, but as long as they fully answer the question.
What made me laugh was, he thought we're being unhelpful.
I remember some copypasted answers from Wikipedia and such
Well, that was the least of the problems.
1:40 PM
@M.A.Ramezani Many of his answers were okay (barring the blatant plagiarism) and his opinions are totally kosh. It was simply the attitude that was his biggest problem.
Well @Lord, this time he deleted like 15 answers because the community said they were VLQ.
Oh, I remembered, he was also offensive to Geoff.
@M.A.Ramezani Clearly many of his answers were not okay as well.
@LordStryker I blame his math.SE mindset.
Q: Are hints more appropriate for comments or answers?

LordStrykerA recent post has garnered the attention of a 'hint' which was inserted into the form of an answer. By definition, a hint is not a solution to a question though it may lead to one. I believe that hints such as these are more appropriate for a comment to an original post rather than be listed as ...

Yes yes.
Math.SE is so much a crappy place.
1:42 PM
Ever since I made this meta post, he became very sour towards me.
And he believed Martin and I were ganging up on him.
Visit their meta, and you'll either see mods resigning or people congratulating each other on petty events.
@LordStryker He gets hostile real fast.
@M.A.Ramezani link to example (math:se meta)?
Gimme a moment.
Q: I am resigning as moderator

Qiaochu YuanI don't want to give a big speech about this. In short, moderating is draining my emotional energy and I'm much less convinced of its value than I used to be. Edit: Thanks for the warm comments! Just to confirm, I will remain as an ordinary user. Also, the diamond will disappear around Friday, ...

Q: Announcement: I'm retiring

Willie WongI've been thinking about this for some months now, and recently I've made up my mind to retire from moderator duty. It has been an awesome four years, and I see a lot of positive in how the community has developed during that time. So I want to thank the early users who put their faith in me, and...

Q: I am also resigning as a moderator

Zev ChonolesAn election is a big process for the community (and for SE team to set up), and now that Qiaochu's resignation will set one in motion, I am going to take the opportunity to resign as well. To be clear: I don't have any specific complaint, I'm not making a principled stand for or against somethin...

Q: My letter of resignation

Akhil MathewI have just submitted my resignation as a moderator on this website to Jeff Atwood. I would like to use this thread to explain my reasons. When I make a significant time commitment to a given organization, I expect certain standards from that organization. I do not, of course, claim these to be ...

This is funny!
They all happened some while ago though.
Funny thing is, they had a cool guy named Brian Scott. They even sent love letters to him:
Aw, Qiaochu Yuan is a cool dude
Oh dear.
1:46 PM
Q: Congratulations, Brian M. Scott!

Isaac SolomonCongratulations on reaching 100k reputation! We all appreciate the quality (and quantity) of your posts on Math.SE.

Then this Brain just quit on them too.
And all of this, I've found out by taking a look at the most upvoted Qs in their meta, for half an hour.
Well don't think we're going to be immune to all sorts of drama as time goes on.
If you take a look at the newest questions on math.SE, you'll see that the fastest gun in the west problem is really awfully widespread there.
@LordStryker Yes, that's true.
2:05 PM
I suspect its a symptom of math.SE being so big. I'm not saying we'll ever get that big but I fear these sorts of things may get worse as we grow.
@bon We just need to retain really good people. We'll be fine if we do that.
Needless closing is what drags some cool guys away from big sites like ELU, math.SE, and such.
So don't go anywhere @M.A.Ramezani and @bon ;)
1 message moved to Trash
Interesting removal.
2:18 PM
The removal, or the message?
I didn't even begin to understand the message.
No probs. I thought it might be 'inappropriate for disrespectful blah blah blah'.
what is WC?
Water Closet. :}
Oh I see.
2:26 PM
You nominated!
I did. We'll see how it goes.
Whatever happens, you're still our @Lord!
I'm willing to step up
For blood and glory!
Geoff seems to really follow this election.
For better or for worse.
2:35 PM
I wonder why he doesn't nominate.
He is a very busy man.
dammit you beat me to it @M.A
Beat you to what?
avogadro 2
2:37 PM
i was typing a similar comment as you posted it
I don't hype A2 anymore but you guys certainly can!
Well, I've downloaded Avogadro 1 and still haven't installed it after, like, 6 months.
That means I'm totally hype.
2:38 PM
Come to me my friends!
That attitude is incredibly awesome
What can I say? I'm awesomevillian.
3 hours later…
5:15 PM
@M.A.Ramezani well, I should thank you for padding our download statistics.
I'm highly unsure about nominating for moderator.. I'm really unsure on the time commitment, esp. if there are only 3 moderators.
Hullo @Geoff!
I think there will be some excellent candidates. I don't think I have the time to do it, though.
@GeoffHutchison What do you mean by this, BTW?
Amazingly, Klaus and ron have scores of 35/40 and 34/40 respectively.
5:18 PM
@M.A.Ramezani You asked if I would self-nominate for moderator.
I'm close!
I think you'd be an excellent moderator.
@GeoffHutchison Nah, I mean the padding download part.
Oh, we track download stats for Avogadro to tell funding agencies.
We don't know if people are using it, only if they download Avogadro
5:20 PM
So you help us out even if you don't install. :-)
@GeoffHutchison I'll leave it for better people.
2 hours later…
7:23 PM
to nominate or not to nominate
That, is the question.
@Lord nominated!
yes, I saw - this is very good!
I am tempted to put nomination in - so you will
if I nominate, would you?
@bon you should nominate too
@santiago no i don't have enough time to moderate regularly
@bon You have to use three words for ping to work.
@sa doesn't work.
But @san works.
yeah i accidentally pressed enter before typing all of my message
7:33 PM
@San also works.
Or @SaN
huh nice
LOL @M.A.Ramezani you'll pay - the pinging scared the cat....lol
@san also i don't know enough detail about the rules to moderate properly
I reckon @M.A.Ramezani should nominate
I second that
7:35 PM
see @M.A.Ramezani you have a following!
@santiago Haha...I forgot to say ping sounds get louder in subsequent pings.
we should start a peer pressure chant
@santiago Go on reckoning...
you're lucky we can't nominate you
OK, I'll give you this: If no more than three candidates appear till the last day of nominations, I'll nominate, in the last day.
7:39 PM
we shall carve this in stone as a pledge ;)
That's only because I don't want the SE staff to look down on us and give a petty bonus time for candidates to appear.
okay, I am going to nominate... partly because there are only 2 and partly because 'why not'
dammit @san now @M.A won't nominate...just kidding. go for it
hmmm now I am nervous...lol
hmm, I can always withdraw if I get too nervous
what harm could it do?
okay, I am convinced
7:44 PM
you should at least put your name forward
even if you dont get elected
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and lol - two main parts of my language
btw how many mods get elected
@santiago Hmm was mine!
@Bon you choose 3, with preference.
7:50 PM
and @M.A.Ramezani is going to be conscripted
Like saying: I want Jason Statham to be mod, NOW! I'd like to see Robin Williams as a mod too. And Will Smith is a nice guy too. It wouldn't hurt if he becomes a mod.
So you prefer: 1. Jason Statham 2. Robin Williams 3. Will Smith.
Hah, so I won't nominate!
Or what? I'll get an upvote on my Qs? Are you threatening me? You can't upvote me!
8:02 PM
oh i will upvote you, you just wait and see!
my candidate score is 12???
now, there must be a 4th nominee... or the horror of horrors will happen
now @Martin-マーチン has to nominate!
Breaking news: I'm off to sleep. Goooood night!
good night good sir
If @Martin doesnt nominate, I'm packing up and going home. :P
8:22 PM
I think @GeoffHutchison should also nominate
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