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@CowperKettle I think IUPAC recommends 2+ as in two positive charges as opposed to +2 as in the overall charge is literally +2. The +x notation is common for partial charges though. So some parts of the world prefer it one way while others do it differently...
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3:30 AM
@Martin-マーチン Thank you!
Q: What is the difference between these two formulas for pH of weak acids?

JonasIn the German Wikipedia Article on pH, I found the following formula for calculating the pH of weak acids (which are there defined of having $4.5 < pK_a < 9.5$: $$c(H_3O^+)=c^0\cdot\sqrt{K_a\cdot c_0/c^0} \tag{1}$$ I am a bit confused about this as in school, I learned that the pH (or more precic...

3:47 AM
What is the difference between "two positive charges" and "the overall charge"?
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1:21 PM
@CowperKettle It's more or less the same, but different. We know that the charge of an ion comes from the disparity of protons an electrons; these are always increments of whole numbers. So a charge of 2+ basically tells you there are two more protons than electrons. For ions the overall charge is the same as the count of the elementary charges, so there is no difference. Also I'm not too sure whether this is correct.
This is just something how i explained these use cases to myself.
I guess overall charge can also be called average charge or partial charge. Like in iron(II,III)oxide it has different ions, but each can be assigned an average charge. Something like that...
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7:57 PM
Q: Maximum Local Value for the Electron Density

urquizaSo the electron density is the function $\rho(\vec x)$ that associates a value of electrons per angstrom, to each point $\vec x$ in the 3D space. This information tells us how likely it is to find electrons at specific regions of space within a system. Integrating $\rho$ over a particular volume ...

Q: Do strong acids actually dissociate completely?

The_CIADo strong acids actually dissociate completely (every single molecule dissociates), or are they just assumed to do so for the sake of simplicity? That seems odd, considering weak acids, many of which are very similar to strong acids, don't fully dissociate.


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