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Q: Stereochemistry

Emmanuel A NwaforHow many molecules of Sulphuric acid is needed to neutralise 5ml of Sodium Carbonate and 5 volumes of Tetraoxosulphate (VI) acid when Calcium is heated at a temperature of 200°C using Nickel as a catalyst?

This is a homework question. We have a policy which states that ‎you should show your thoughts and/or efforts into solving the problem. It'll make us certain that ‎we aren't doing your homework for you. Otherwise, this question may get closed.‎ Please edit in your full reasoning or thoughts on this. — airhuff 40 mins ago
This isn't a homework question, this is a troll.
12:58 AM
hello is anyone around?
i have a question. i'm in physical science (9th grade) and the teacher's been talking about predicting products - the stuff we've done is stuff with two reactants and predict the products (think double displacement, single displacement, synthesis, decomposition, combustion, and a little bit of acid-base reactions). i'm a little ahead and the other day the teacher let me experiment with some of the lab materials out. I mixed sodium bicarbonate, calcium chloride, and water.
Beforehand, I wanted to predict the products. I know how to handle equations with two reactants, but this has three. How would I approach this?
that is, how do i predict the products of $\ce{NaHCO3 + H2O + CaCl2}$?
sorry: how do i predict the products of $\mathrm{NaHCO_3+H_2O+CaCl_2}$?
1 hour later…
2:25 AM
@heather water is almost always a reactant in ionic reactions, since they take place in water only, so really there are still two main reactants ;)
2:51 AM
@GaurangTandon you mean never right because if it's always a reactant then there are still three.
3:08 AM
@heather as for the products I guess a hissing sound due to slaking of lime, heat evolution, but that bicarbonate ion is problematic; might release CO2 or might impart milkiness to Ca(OH)2. I am entirely not sure
@AvatarShiny i meant two main reactants
I'm not really good with inorganic but I think water will also act as a main reactant in this , wouldn't it?
3 hours later…
6:00 AM
Q: Tag for electrophilic aromatic substitution?

Gaurang TandonThere are 14 questions mentioning EAS, 82 questions mentioning "electrophilic substitution", and 48 questions mentioning "electrophilic aromatic substitution". Currently, many of these are tagged "o-chem+reaction mech" or "o-chem+aromatic compounds". I think both of these are rather broad catego...

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9:03 AM
@heather MathJax doesn't work in chat unless you make it work
@heather uh, you just memorize stuff like that, I think
That's what's so shitty about "predicting" reaction outcomes at your grade
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10:16 AM
anyone looking for this text editing wizardry? ;)
fyi the list of mathjax/latex insertions and their associated keybindings is 100% editable by the user
11:24 AM
@pH13-YetanotherPhilipp o/
@GaurangTandon I used to, but let's just say I don't have a stable system for SE right now
Q: Allow me to always tag a mod even if they're not in the room

WELZScenario: I'm in a site's main chatroom and I want to address a mod about something (not related to a specific post - so I won't flag a post), however, that particular mod hasn't been in the room in over 7 days (or is it 14?) so I can't tag them @[username] I think that a mod of a site should b...

@Mart hey @Mart, I always unnecessarily tag you, right?
This is already implemented for Chem.
@M.A.R. Yes, @M.A.R., yes.
@Martin-マーチン it is highly crucial that a mod be pingable at all times in chat
What if an earthquake happens in the review queues?
@M.A.R. it is highly crucifixable to ping a mod at any times.
@M.A.R. Then they all fall of the shelves and we have to sort them again.
11:40 AM
@Martin-マーチン well, then we'd need janitors to clean up the mess
@Martin-マーチン provided the pinger is a mortal
@M.A.R. oh noh, we need to elect more janitors
I'd just fly to the skies
@Martin-マーチン wat
@M.A.R. gets a broom, and @Mithoron geta a broom, and @pentavalentcarbon gets a broom, and @ph13 gets a broom, everybody gets a broom
I mean, is an election underway?
Like, for real?
@Martin-マーチン no I don't
mass ping, yeah!
11:43 AM
ONLY witches get brooms
Now I'm not here to judge, but I'm not a witch
@Martin-マーチン feels fun doesn't it
I am not aware of any elections on C.SE
You're way under using it though
@M.A.R. Do you think we need more mods? Is there too much delay, or not enough presence?
If I were you, I'd just superping Nicolau or ron and thank them about an edit they made 11 months ago
@Martin-マーチン ugh, you're too questionnairy right now
@M.A.R. you'd be the first to shout mod abuse
11:47 AM
@Martin-マーチン MOD ABUSE! Hold on, you haven't done it yet
Do it already
We need new ones right now!
11:59 AM
@Gaurang since you love to be pinged, I just improved your edit and we prefer the main question exist in the body too
Not just the title
@M.A.R. oh, that's new :P will keep that in mind. thanks!
@Avatar don't forget about the redundant noise like "thank you", "hi" etc.
And don't forget about Mathjax
And keep up the good work, guys.
You might get me my next steward
I love the [Math processing error] in the dupes in the close vote review. They're so lush.
Q: Isomerism identification

Sakshi Agrawal Its about identification of enatiomer or identical or sterioisomer compounds I actually dont know how to answer this type of question plz help.

The edit will miraculously save the question.
My hair is a bird.
12:17 PM
@M.A.R. handing out compliments , looks like someone really wants to be a mod
@AvatarShiny Ugh, @Avatar your inconsistent spacing around the parenthesis is edit reasons is annoying
Just type "killed the buzzword" or "better title"
You don't need to write a lecture
There. You like the mean me now?
Seriously though, your edits aren't reviewed by aliens. You don't need a really long edit reason
Too late imma frame the compliment and engrave it on my grave.
@AvatarShiny Chem is too quiet. The next election will take place in 2030
@AvatarShiny RIP
You were a good editor
" You were a good editor ..... Almost" - M.A.R that's going to be the epitaph
You should get off the internet and play a "The Dark Avatar Rises" movie
12:27 PM
I should get off the internet and study
@M.A.R. It should be noted, that there should be some meat on the bone, so writing edited body would not be helpful @AvatarShiny
@Martin-マーチン ugh
You're right. Slightly
@M.A.R. ಠ_ಠ
@M.A.R. \(* *)/
@Martin-マーチン I was going to continue writing , Killing buzzwords chapter:___________ anyway
@AvatarShiny killing buzzwords is fine, doesn't need to be super explicit, just when it shows up in the timeline, it should be easily recognisable ... not like in this example: chemistry.stackexchange.com/posts/89321/timeline
added 8 characters, etc...
12:39 PM
@Martin-マーチン holy crap, that guy loves editing
We should recruit them
argh, no thank you. We need people, who edit once and do most of the work; not people who need three edits to address one problem...
@Martin-マーチン wha, you don't need me then
Fine, jerk.
whut? didn't say that
"This site mods suck" Writes on Reddit
don't forget to tsuitter it...
12:44 PM
Keeps writing on FB, Twitter, Tinder, Tender, Slashdot, Slack, and every other place with a text box
tell it to all your friends on icq
Haha, see, everyone agrees with me
And FYI, I have friends on FBI, CIA, NSA, KGB, Mousad, FSB and everywhere else
I'll ask them to hunt you down
Taken 4 movie
I have friends on OMG, they'll hunt you down fasterz
Q: How did English retain its non-Christian names of the week?

NobilisIt amazes me that despite centuries of religion dominating almost every aspect of life in Britain or at the very least exerting a great deal of influence on the public and private sphere, the English language has managed to retain its non-Christian names of the week (with Tuesday through Friday d...

Wow. Nice.
Much better than Mart's answers.
1:04 PM
@Martin-マーチン Aye, aye captain.
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2:40 PM
@Martin-マーチン wat
3:01 PM
@Martin-マーチン Do you still want to see my dissertation?
sure, Lemmy Havalug is interested
had to read that out loud
mmm how should I send it to you
gotta build it first...
going to find out what make clean; time make all gives
well, use that machine with the google on it, and find the profile that i'm using, write me a mail, wait for my answer, write me a mail
duh...ok, in a few minutes
3:34 PM
Q: Nuclear Chemistry Questions

KarinaI have a couple of questions that I wanted to clarify: 1. Do radioisotopes appear in nature? Where do they come from? 2. I know that carbon dating lets us see the amount of Carbon 14 in it, but where did the Carbon 14 come from. 3. How do we predict what type of decay a random isotope will go thr...

it won't let me
Ha, Loong was so annoyed he closed it himselves
@pentavalentcarbon of course, because you're banned
From whatever you're trying to do
@pentavalentcarbon 😆
3:37 PM
I am new to this site. I would appreciate If you edit and narrow it down to a set of questions. — vandana singh 2 mins ago
Dude, I'm neither Hercules nor a compressor
I'm surprised that Unicode character appears on my Linux machine
Hey @Mith
Both Mithes
wow, you're being particularly naughty today
@pentavalentcarbon I think it feels like when our government forgets to block an image in these chats
@pentavalentcarbon Mith, or Mart?
3:39 PM
thunk thunk thunk
I thank you said your speakers are off
I am on a different computer because I have too many computers
Show off
and didn't realize this one played sound properly
@pentavalentcarbon you're vulnerable to direct ping attacks now.
3:41 PM
no, I just turned it off
I'll hold your speakers hostage . . . Darnit
it's especially irritating when listening to classical or something quiet and then you hear the gong
@Loong I think that's Beethoven's work
3:46 PM
I hope it didn't convey the wrong message
@pentavalentcarbon :-(
now some other noise is being made, the default Firefox one
everything is trying to trick me today
I thought you loved the classics
that's not Beethoven!
A Trap -- Music composed by Beethoven
3:51 PM
Symphony No. 5 – fate pinging at the door
how does one put a fermata over a thunk? that is the real question
@pentavalentcarbon no, that's "To be or not to be?"
no, it's Muß es sein?
response is
4:00 PM
2 hours later…
5:31 PM
Hey @Loong
Guys can you help me with a question on balancing of Redox reactions ?
I tried balancing it but I'm getting the answer as 5:1 , which isn't even any option
First i balanced Fe by writing its half reaction , then i balanced Mn by writing its half reaction , now i multiplied the first reaction by 5 so as to neutralise the extra electrons
and that gave me the ratio asked as 5:1 . What am i doing wrong ?
I'd love to help, but imgur is blocked here. Sorry man
@M.A.R. What you mean here , bro ?
@Tanuj Iran
Does this work for you ?
It does
5:40 PM
Lemme solve it
@Tanuj 4.
5 to 9
Indeed , yes !
Can you please explain the general method of balancing ?
@Tanuj don't get yourself confused with the half reactions
5:46 PM
I'm getting confused yeah
So many annoying reactions
with these particular type of reactions where more than 2 species are undergoing redox reactions
Just form a couple of equations for the overall reaction
can you maybe show your working ?
it would be a lot less confusing.
Let FeS's coefficient be a, MnO4-'s be b, and H+'s be c
5:47 PM
Try to form equations with them.
See, there's one species with Fe on the reactant side and one on the product's
So a is both for FeS and Fe3+
oh , so you're actually going to equate the atoms on both sides ?
Sorry to interrupt , please continue
@Tanuj yep. According to each atom, and the overall charge in redox reactions
Same argument, and you get b is both magnesium permanganate, and Mn2+
5:50 PM
Now, first we get c/2 + 4a = 4b for oxygen
Because H+ reacts and forms H2O
let me see it .
So where do i add H2O in the main reaction ? The products side ?
And, if we form an equation so charges would balance, we'd get -b + c = 3a -2a + 3b
@Tanuj yep.
Reactants + cH+ gives products + c/2 H2O
got you
So after this it's easy math: Find c according to a and b in the charges equation, and place it in the oxygen one
5:55 PM
one question , you assumed H2O to be forming because H+ was given.
right ?
What if it wasn't ? There was OH-
@Tanuj yep
@Tanuj but the catalyst is H+, not OH-
Or not even that , what if there was nothing given ?
Note that a lot of catalysts catalyze by reacting, and being produced as part of the product
@M.A.R. Its okay , but what if in some other reaction , I'm given OH-
@Tanuj that won't be fair. And ridiculous
5:57 PM
Uhm , okay where do i add water in that case then ? Suppose a reaction taking place in basic medium
@Tanuj depending on what reacts with OH-, you could get water
Or H+
example ?
Knowledge depletion error
Just Google it
haha sure no problems
@Tanuj huh, scratch the H+ thing, that might not happen
6:06 PM
And even if it's produced, it'd react with the other hydroxide ions
I think there was something like that happening though, shrug
@M.A.R. Is this the best you know to solve the above problem ?
@Tanuj is . . . What? Equations can solve every balancing, and they're good because you know solving the hardest one or two equations will get the result
And you can get fast with it too
Goddamnit autocorrect
@M.A.R. All good , calm down haha
6:09 PM
You need to chill dude ! :)
Now, where were we?
where ?
So, I don't know if I made sense there, but you could always ask a question on the main site
What we need more of is more homework questions where the OP cared to think
6:13 PM
you surely meant +2b at the last , right ?
@Tanuj right
That says you're getting it
I should try to get it too.
good , i was worried for a bit. Thanks for the invaluable help man !
Nah, too lazy
@Tanuj sure thing
How old are you ?
@Tanuj 19
6:16 PM
ayee ! Same :) I' m from India
20 close vote reviews done. EAT THAT, TODD
@Tanuj I'm from Iran
Interestingly, our leaders signed a couple of papers today.
Awesome @M.A.R.
Coincidence? I think not.
6:34 PM
@M.A.R. You there ?
Got this question i have no idea about . I mean it does involve dividing the total mass by the n factor or the valence factor , but i have no idea in this question how to do that
6:49 PM
Any1 there
I need help
@Pranav What is it ?
Do you know the function of cucl
After addition of hcl
To an organic compound
More specifically this :
Ch2 = ch-c (triple bond)ch + HCl (reagent used cu2cl2)
What's the use of cu2cl2 here
Q: Gattermann-Koch reaction - Role of CuCl

JM97Iam unable to figure out what is the role of $\ce{CuCl}$ in Gatterman-Koch reaction. Does it provides $\ce{Cl-}$ by dissociating into $\ce{CuCl2}$ and $\ce{2Cl-}$, but that can also be achieved by using more $\ce{HCl}$? So why do we add $\ce{CuCl}$ in the reaction?

Just a rate increaser then it seems
6:59 PM
So it seems the question was Very simple lol
@Tanuj thanks
@Pranav Anytime :)
@Rick Hey
26 mins ago, by Tanuj
Got this question i have no idea about . I mean it does involve dividing the total mass by the n factor or the valence factor , but i have no idea in this question how to do that
@Tanuj well, I hate any question that involves calculating something
But I could help with the chemistry part
@M.A.R. guess we all do
7:08 PM
What about it is confusing?
yea @Rick
@Rick I think that's a BMW
If it's not, it's gonna be
Doubt: Which specie's n factor do i consider and why ? And how do i go about calculating it ?
The hell is n factor? Just ignore the cations, form a reaction, don't forget about the H+, then put the cations back for the annoying calculations
That should work
7:10 PM
@Rick can you explain ?
But a pizza gets prepared faster than the time it gets to solve this
Oh, so that's what you call the n factor
I never solve stuff with that. Or maybe I do. Labels are confusing
Acidic KMnO4 converts oxalic acid to CO2
7:18 PM
Or in one (C2O4)^2- unit, ON of C is +5, in CO2 it's +4, so çhange in ON for 1 C is 1, but we have 2 C's in it, so 2, like this we have 4 such (C2O4)2- units, so total change in ON is 4x2 = 8, the ON of everything else doesn't change
How do you know that oxidation of others dont change ?
okay understandable
This means this fact that Acidic KMnO4 converts C2O4 to CO2 has to be remembered right ?
@Rick Thanks man !
Well I knew it since I had it in my Chemistry practical, but yeah
@Rick you actually remember things from last year ? !
7:35 PM
Actually, I should have said +3 in (C2O4)2-, but the difference is the same..
yea i figured that out
i want to study the equivalents and POAC , what must be the best source ?
I remember this cleared a lot of things for me
Thanks man.
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