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6:15 AM
Q: Hot chemistry question on main SE page doesn't show the new Chem.SE logo

Binary GeekI was just browsing the hot questions on the main SE page and I came across a chemistry question and the logo to the left of the question text showed the beta logo not the new logo assigned on graduation. I would think that the logo would have gotten updated everywhere in the SE network and s...

3 hours later…
9:15 AM
@LordStryker Good luck then!
Hi @user223679!
How are you today?
Hello @FavouriteMember
Great! How are you? @Martin-マーチン
@user223679 Haha, thanks.
I am very good today, and in addition to that, it is almost weekend
And I have great things planned for the weekend...
What do chemists do on Weekends?
They usually stop being chemists and start being real people ;)
I am going to an art festival in Tokyo on Saturday and to a football (soccer) game on Sunday...
9:21 AM
Football is the FIFA thing right?
What kind of sports - if any -do you like?
And soccer is the Rugby thing?
@Martin-マーチン Cricket!
I tried to understand Cricket, but I did not get far.
Soccer is the american word for football, since they say football to what is called american football in europe.
Rugby is just rugby I guess. I don't understand that either
@user223679 Do you like those crazy four-day test matches or the short ones better?
And yes, the shorter ones have a lot of entertainment value ;)
So you support a local/national football club? @Martin-マーチン
9:28 AM
I support quite a few teams :D
@santiago Where exactly South of the Equator are you living? South America?
My local one from the town I grew up in, well it's like the first love. And also Borussia Dortmund in Germany. And the national teams of Germany, England and Japan of course. But all in all I just like to watch the game.
@Martin-マーチン Not fair. Choose one :)
currently in Australia
Hi @santiago, nicw to see you
@santiago Oh that's far south...
9:31 AM
@santiago So you might be a cricket fan?
almost same time zone though
nah, not keen on cricket at all
@Martin-マーチン Germans are good in football... rather too good.
You could hang out with @Nicolau when he does his PhD in down under...
9:32 AM
@user223679 Yes currently it's going very well :D
I am super happy about that
I just answered what I realised is a pretty old question
I assume that you were jumping and yelling during the WorldCup finals. @Martin-マーチン
You assume correctly
although it was around five in the morning here ^^
And probably dozing off to sleep after the half-time in the semis ;)
@santiago I saw that, good answer though, you might get an excavator badge for it
I did not see the semis, it was too early in the morning on a working day night :(
That's the problem, when the tournament is on the other end of the world...
9:38 AM
@Martin-マーチン lol i saw it and thought - hey, I know that...
@Martin-マーチン It was at 2 in the morning over here. But can't miss it just for some college lectures ;)
If I were still a student I wouldn't have missed it, but when you are working, it's a different story.
That's life ;)
Can you take a sick-leave-sort-of-a-thing? @Martin-マーチン
9:47 AM
If I am sick I can. Rules are strict in Japan... holiday is very limited.
Although I have many freedoms, since I work in academia
Don't disclose it to everyone that you took a holiday for football on the pretext of being sick then. @Martin-マーチン
I am too honest for that. And I like my job.
@Martin-マーチン What kind of freedoms?
I took two sick days last year, and they were necessary.
Chatting during work hours, browsing the internet for leisure, answering questions on stackexchange
sleeping ;)
Ah! Watch the early morning match, go to work, and......
9:53 AM
i just added to my answer...hope its good
@santiago let me check...
I was absolutely sure I already upvoted that... but it was not logged for some reason
gtg. see ya!
@user223679 nice to talk to you, happy weekend!
lol, no worries!
@santiago At least I did it now ;)
How are you today?
Have you heard anything from @MARamezani? Did he say that he would leave?
10:04 AM
I am not too bad, considering
I have not heard from @MARamezani for a while either
@santiago Considering what? Have you been worse recently?
they have found why my leg is not healing properly
Oh, I am sorry to hear that.
Are there any treatments for that?
oh yes, they just need to remove it - blood tests show no cancer at all
and the healing will recommence
That sounds like good news then
10:18 AM
yup, realistically, it is a good thing - identifiation and fixing
I wish you all the best for your recovery
I'll be back to dancing in the streets and making traffic wardens nervous
Yes, there is nothing worse, than not knowing what is going on
haha... that comment was great
I could not help myself
Well at least you were not sleeping naked ;)
That might have been a more serious thing
10:19 AM
now, that would have disturbed the flow of traffic (and breakfast digestion)
Instant reversal of digestion, haha, well... I don't think so
the headlines would have read "Yeti dancing in the street"
Q: Main Chatroom Etiquette guidelines

Martin - マーチンWhen I was walking through some of the chatrooms on the network, I found that mathematics.se has some rules for their chat. I thought this might be a good idea for us as well, hence I propose these guidelines: Have fun! Our chatroom is intended for casual conversations. There is almost nothing ...

Hahaha.... You could have hung that framed over your bed @santiago
@Martin-マーチン oh yes! that's giving me ideas now...
10:25 AM
See I posted in meta... have you seen my add for meta yet?
now that is a nice ad - upvoted!
I replied to your chatroom etiquette post....lol
I agree with the protocols too
I saw that :D
Haha, I looked at the math post and thought, that's a little strict
Ironically for math
Let me tell you a math joke...
It requires chatJax...
room topic changed to The Periodic Table: Haikus are awesome / Chemistry is more so / pull up a chair (no tags)
Awww it does not work :(
room topic changed to The Periodic Table: Haikus are awesome / Chemistry is more so / pull up a chair (no tags)
chatjax operational!
@Martin-マーチン now that is going to have me thinking...lol
10:37 AM
Haikus are awesome/ Chemistry is more so/ Pull up a chair!
That's what I wanted to change the description to...
Yes... it's a faq in chat
It's a japanese poem
but they work in english too
in fact, the above is a Haiku
very cool indeed - chemical haiku!
Well, as close as it gets...
it's not bad at all!
10:44 AM
the rhythm should be 5-7-5, but here it's 5-6-4.
In first approximation, that's enough :D
Well, I have to leave you, I have a dinner reservation...
aaah nice! Dinner is always good
have a great time!
Well more like a drinking party reservation...
even better!
almost the same thing in japan
Have a great weekend and see you soon
you too, have a brilliant time and a grat weekend too!
10:46 AM
Thank you
2 hours later…
12:56 PM
@Martin-マーチン had dinner - you think he had hibachi? - japanese food rocks
1:09 PM
Q: Site design for Biology community

Stéphane MartinI'm Stéphane, a senior product designer at Stack Exchange. First, I wanted to announce that this site is now starting the process of moving out of beta to become a fully-graduated site! Congratulations! Graduation and Your Site Design Graduation comes with a few perks. I have already begun work...

Indeed, it seems as if their site design got a lot of negative feedback based on the amount of chemistry related pictures. — Geoff Hutchison 10 hours ago
Chemistry Graduation had a very strong effect on the design team ;)
1:47 PM
I think @Martin-マーチン enjoyed conbini ramen (or also kappu nuduru) in the confines of his 20 square meter apartment ;)
In other news, could anybody try out accessing the online version of the handbook for chemistry and physics and tell me whether it's free or not? Might be that something got messed up on my side while answering a question...
@tschoppi Where is the online version?
Says I need to log in
> You need to log in before accessing this page.
Damn. That means it set some cookie on my machine, because I can access it even though I'm not in the institution VPN...
2:02 PM
@tschoppi But you wanted to access it right? So whats the issue?
Well, I proposed it in an answer where the requirement set by the question was free access...
So that was one deleted answer (I think my first!)
Also a first; today I learned that the first scientific article bearing my name (among others) in the author line is published online! yay me :D
Congrats! Link please. @tschoppi
yes link please!
@LordStryker Aight, here ya go. bloop
2:11 PM
I humbly acknowledge your enthusiasm :)
looks impressive. I will read in more detail later when I get some time.
@LordStryker Oh you don't have to!
2:51 PM
Q: Feed item in chat doesn't show the Chem.SE logo

Binary GeekWhen a new feed item pops up in chat, the logo shown is the old beta on rather than the new logo Chem.SE got on graduation.

3:04 PM
@LordStryker and @tschoppi dinner was just beer tonight, which i was not expecting, but i enjoyed it nevertheless.
Congratulations on your publication, I'll make sure to look it up on Monday when i am back at united...
*uni .... stupid tablet's autocorrect
@tschoppi I was so excited when i read your answer, turns out I still need to use that massive book on my desk... sorry for the inconvenience, but yay you when you have access...
Good night then, I'll be back on monday :)
4:00 PM
Blegh. Sorry for stirring up old posts, but I felt like a "relativistic" tag was needed.
Hello @GeoffHutchison !
How are things up in Pitt?
Things are going well - need to finish up a bunch of papers and submit them.
And of course hoping to launch the web repository soon.
Right now only with PM7, but mainly because issues always crop up
We'll probably add wB97 next.
@DavePhD I think you should keep your answer. You provided very good references which are extremely useful, especially since they provide experimental values.
@GeoffHutchison Good to hear! Is the repository live yet?
No, it needs a web security scan before we can make it available externally.
This question chemistry.stackexchange.com/q/31448/5017 was actually really interesting.
5:07 PM
Q: How are electronic configurations determined experimentally?

GerardDespite the ubiquitous usefulness of electronic configurations (of elements) in explaining their behavious I have not been able to find out exactly how the configurations are determined. Is there any sure-fire technique to detect them (like x-ray diffraction for crystal structure) or is it base...

I know answer is spectroscopy but don't have much details
5:44 PM
@Martin It reminds me of something. Maybe it's double standards? When I adviced "jonsca" this,this, he rudely replied "we need not follow what Math.SE" or something like "this seems like we need to follow what math.sE does"and I wished to reply "If something is beneficial,
wherever it maybe, what's the harm in following it". Now you're doing the same, see discrimination [terms used loosely, not a native speaker (I'll probably use this from now :D)]
6:24 PM
@ADG "discrimination" is an inappropriate term to use here
you boom'ed?
Chem.SE did.
Anybody missed me?
@MARamezani yes, many were wailing, wailing in the streets
Haha, poor things.
Or thingies, respectively.
6:37 PM
There has been dancing in the streets here.... well, I was dancing in the streets until a traffic warden reminded me that a) I was still in my pyjamas and b) I was a traffic hazard. — santiago yesterday
Yeah I saw that.
I've missed all the great news.
very nervous traffic wardens
@MARamezani nah, the celebrations continue
At the very least @Ron missed me.
Martin and I were asking after you too
Thanks @Ron and @nicolau, but you missed the fact that I'm not just a high school kid. I'm also a cyclohexane.
@santiago Proof!
6:43 PM
9 hours ago, by Martin - マーチン
Have you heard anything from @MARamezani? Did he say that he would leave?
9 hours ago, by santiago
I have not heard from @MARamezani for a while either
Ahh, that was @Lord messing with me... He haz no idea who he's messing with...MWAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA!
BTW welcome back @Lord!
Had no idea that thing got you a ban. It shouldn't have.
Yes. Don't!
6:55 PM
...make me touch the buttons of this tablet. I hate it.
tablet nuisance...hehehehe
That's why I'm not babbling you see.
i see
so, @MARamezani, you like... stuff?
You're so clear I don't get what you mean.
6:59 PM
how are those buttons?
They're touchy.
Pun intended.
that was punishing
7:02 PM
1 hour later…
8:06 PM
Everyone I'm bye bye for 20 days.
Go on missing me.
@Ron @NicolauSakerNeto @Martin @Santiago
@santiago Poor keyboard...Too late.
Aw, that's a shame
my keyboard is sad too
Hope you come back ready to tackle questions left and right
8:08 PM
agrees with @NicolauSakerNeto!
Going on vacation or something?
Or tests, maybe?
8:50 PM
@MARamezani Glad to see you back around, sorry to read that you'll be gone for 20 days. Things just aren't quite the same without you.
3 hours later…
11:52 PM
Q: Formatting and lack of understanding

ringoI was editing this question the other day, and the user was working with both heat capacity ($C_p$) and temperature ($\mathrm{°C}$), but they had been using $C$ throughout the whole problem. Once I had gotten through editing the answer, they asked the question: In the first equation, what doe...


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