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12:02 AM
Hello. I just had my question closed because opinion-based. I totally get that so this is no rant. I am considering if modifying the question or asking a new question or just continuing the discussion here in the chat. The question is somewhat personal but I think it might apply to other people who like me are faced with the hard choice of joining a start-up or a small business.
Q: Choosing between two companies: startup where I am an intern vs more stable company where I do not know my prospective colleagues

LastStarDustI am faced with a hard decision and I could really use the advice of a third independent party. I have received a job offer from two companies and I have to give an answer before 2021 August 2 (Monday) at 17:00 JST. I would like you to give your honest opinion about which one you would choose if ...

What do you suggest is the best course of action? 1) modify the question 2) ask a new question 3) continue the discussion here in the chat
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9:40 AM
Hey again all. I'm in the middle of a public health / economics job application only to be met with a 20 minute "test" that I need to complete. I've done it, but I have a feeling my answer is way off. Can anyone help me spot my mistake, or is it bad practice to ask in this context? If anyone is willing to look at the problem and my answer, they're here: rentry.co/pxka3 rentry.co/inhd9
10:36 AM
Got it. I took the DALY figure in the question as DALYs lost across the whole population per year, when it's actually DALYs lost for every single new case. Silly mistake, no wonder I'm off by orders of magnitude. Let's try this again...
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1:09 PM
My name is John and i'm 23 yo and I'm concluding my 2ºnd degree in Software Engineering. And I am seeking your advice.

The curriculum for the course I'm taking has us learning the ins and outs of the C language first year, assembly with MIPS, and processing for the end of 2nd semester (self-contained entry-level Java game-making IDE). Second year is Java and Third year is networking and AI.

My problem is, I want to follow a direction that eventually leads to AI, Nanotechnology and eventually applications in Biogerontology. And I don't see how Java can help me achieve that, as every recomm

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