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@gnat this is a fantastic read! shirky.com/writings/group_enemy.html thanks for that link
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@Chad No, the intensity isn't necessarily negative. In fact, some of your comments on answers come to mind as being pretty helpful and results-oriented. I've come across some flagged posts where the answerer improved the post, which is always the result we're looking for and generally only works if comments are helpful. So, thanks for the positive contributions in that area.
Most of the intensity is merely the result of a combination between graduation and the post notice experiment. The flag queue has been constantly full. Hoping to get some results on whether the notices actually makes an impact or not. :)
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@RhysW consider also that Shirky is one of Atwood's heroes (there was a mention of that in one of early SE podcasts) and Stack Overflow model was developed with many of Shirky's ideas in mind
@Chad "number of software developers worldwide is expected to grow from 16 million today to over 20 million in 2015, according to Evans Data’s recently released Global Developer Population and Demographic Survey..."
A: Gaslighting with working conditions

gnatCurrently, one hardly can operate Peopleware research to set the office space expectations. An additional research is needed to verify whether their analysis in Chapter 9: Saving Money on Space is up to date. Their conclusion is based on cost-benefit analysis: Savings have to be compared to t...

but... if substantial amount of programmers population is managed more or less decently, they would slip out off our audience. Good manager (I had 3-4 such mgrs during my career so far) makes it so that programmer doesn't think about workplace and focuses on what they love - coding, design... :)
A: Is a silent shared office environment cause for concern?

gnat it seems to me that something is missing... Is having an environment so quiet that you won't speak more than 5 sentences on average a day cause for concern, and should I try to change it? Being an introvert developer myself, I can safely confirm that environment like above is 200% comfo...

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Hello Guys
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Q: Standing up an unreasonable client

StarkersI'm a self-employed webdesigner/developer who these last few months has been working to create an extensive and bespoke system for a charity. The current system is advanced, and it's all done in house. The charity is run by committee, so they need to meet up once every week before they can make...

my god that's a huge wall of text
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@AlexM. Almost seems like a better question for Freelancing SE.... It's not about the workplace....
I'm not sure this is going to work on a Stack Exchange Q&A site though as it's way too broad and there's too many questions here. This most likely would lead to extended discussion. My suggestions are: (1) Edit this down to 3, 4, or 5 paragraphs with a specific question. OR (2) Leave this here on hold and use it as a topic of discussion in our The Workplace Chat. It's definitely an interesting problem; I just don't think it works in Q&A format as it's currently written. Hope this helps. — jmort253 ♦ 14 secs ago
We've had questions like this before, possibly on this site and definitely on Freelancing SE. The answer is basically to be careful of who you pick as a client....
Any client/freelancer relationship involves a great deal of trust from both parties. Trust that the freelancer will deliver and trust that the client will pay. Trust that the client and freelancer will both stick to the scope.
There's always a risk, but a lot of it can be mitigated by researching the client beforehand.
And never work for free.... non-profits can be very demanding.
Heh, I was an employee for one where someone actually got paid BONUSES! Something seemed a little wrong about that. I'm all for non-profit employees getting paid what they're worth in the marketplace (an expense is an expense whether it's an employee or the rent on the office space) but incentivizing someone to sell more for said non-profit just seemed a bit off...
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glad to see it's gone
it pained me
@AlexM. not gone.... just on hold
it's gone unless op edits it which is unlikely
so it's gone
There's definitely a real problem there to be solved, but it's just too much for Q&A...
We can always have hope, @AlexM. :)
I rambled on there a bit, but perhaps the best thing to do is write this off as a loss.
I mean the client....
that's a toxic situation
I wouldnt be surprised if, after the site goes live the client tries to nickel and dime more changes....
tbh, I wouldn't ever go back to freelancing exactly because of such situations
@AlexM. Apologies for the huge wall. If it's a common enough problem maybe I should edit it. Anyway, all ears for any advice in the meantime. I would be interested in the psychology aspect, thought I do think killing it now is probably the best idea...
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I am not one to give great advice
it's hard for me to take things seriously and I am ignorant of many things
soooo, @jmort253 is your guy
Cool. In retrospect it is almost a comedy. The 70+ database admin who hates computers.
@Starkers I did get a kick out of "this computer nonsense".
You're definitely not dealing with the next Larry Ellison.
If you scroll up a bit, I did comment on your situation a little bit.
@jmort253 Being careful of who you pick is excellent advise. I just didn't think a charity would be like it you know? This could definitely be a situation comedy. I'm imagining the crazy guy has 'chairman' written in crayon on a little cardboard stand on his desk.
Non-profits can be the worst for some reason.
I've volunteered for some that were really cool, and I've worked for some where the deeper you get into things the more you start asking "is this really non-profit?"
The only thing that really differentiates non profit and profit is that one is allowed to make a profit and the other must spend everything they earn.
Thus, one might postulate that non-profits should have an easier time spending money and paying salaries than a for profit business with shareholders looking to line their pockets.
Basically, you have a dilemma.
It sounds like if you quit that this person could go around bad-mouthing your business, but if you keep working for them they could drag this out longer and longer and not pay you.
If you do quit, I'd suggest being as polite and professional as possible about it. Poking the bear with a sharp stick will just make that bear angrier.... you just want to slowly and calmly back away.... at least that's what I'd do...
@Starkers - This is somewhat related:
Q: Firing a client due to difficult ongoing work relationship

AMCI have a Web & graphic design client that I've been working with since July of this year. Initially, the project was supposed to be completed, and launched, in full at the end of September. The client gave me several red flags that lack of experience (and need for money) at the time caused to m...

This one isn't about firing a client, but buried in the question is actually the unstated problem: Choose your clients well...
Q: How do you explain to the computer illiterate what a web developer does?

frustratedI run into many small business owners who have played with a website builder from their webhost. When I tell them I'm a web developer, they think that all i do is use one of these builders. They think I select a background colour from a dropdown menu, press a little button that says B for bold t...

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That's a huge wall of text. Are you positive everything in there is necessary for you to get an answer? — Alex M. 4 hours ago
@Chad Is 90% of the population working?
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my rep on the workplace exceeded that on stackoverflow
tears of joy
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If I were consulting with that charity, and could afford to do s, I would simply refund any money and terminate the project. Life is too short to be bullied.

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