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5:01 PM
neat, I can review stuff here now
on gd.se I did a review sprint and went from 0 to 1000+ reviews on new questions in a few months
I'll do the same here
hardcore @AlexM.
Q: How to evaluate employees as reliably and objectively as possible?

JoeI recently started managing a small team for the first time. One of the responsibilities I have is to evaluate the performance of each team member. I need to produce evaluations on several time scales (weekly, monthly etc.), and for several purposes (personal feedback, performance reviews etc.). ...

this seems waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too broad of a question, if you guys want to CV it before it starts picking up stuff that'd be good
or if @jmort253 wants to mod-snipe it?
another question needing CVs - I have no idea what the actual question is - workplace.stackexchange.com/q/20260/2322
Q: Is it unprofessional to have cartoon or animation characters as display picture in office IM?

Downey_HUffI work with different teams and use office IM frequently. I also have a cartoon picture as my display picture. One of my colleagues has said this is very childish. I am not sure how to evaluate whether or not I should change my picture as a result.

this one seems a bit... hard to know what the question is, I edited it some but I'm not sure what the OP is asking
@BVR this question is great
@enderland I sorta liked that question
I use my real self in pictures on stuff like the internal company groups, and sites where I've professional profiles such as careers.so or coderbits
however I link my SE accounts to them, where I don't use the same policy for avatars
yeah, I want to make it on topic, I've similar curiousity on that sort of thing (see my current avatar ha)
I guess you could say SE activity is a... side project or something that you do for fun
and you don't have to be dead serious when doing it :D
I'm off to go home, cya later
5:54 PM
@enderland Thanks your support :)
2 hours later…
7:31 PM
is this a known issue or should I make a meta post about it?
on Chrome
@AlexM. about the same on FF. Better make meta post. I mentioned this issue in chat when new layout was introduced, but it was lost. Meta is a more reliable way to track issues
Q: Issue with how the site displays on Chrome

Alex M.Attached screenshot of the review queue, under the Windows version of Chrome. I'm unable to see the bottom stuff in the panel. If I scroll down/up, I see more of it, but never the whole thing.

1 hour later…
8:57 PM
there should be some rule for authors to not be able to delete questions with answers
I proceed to edit one guy's question to make it less offtopic, I also answer it
and he just deletes it
9:10 PM
@AlexM. if it's a good question, link it here and people can vote to undelete (or just post on meta too)
it's not exactly stellar
I think the author didn't like the answer
his question was essentially "my team is stupid it doesn't do scrum i know good scrum is possible i have seen it how can i make my team see the light"
and my answer was essentially "prove your claims in front of them"
but it was still annoying considering I was in the middle of editing it
and poof, gone
gnat left a comment saying the question was too broad
and the guy was like
@Gnat, speak fo the devil, just signed on
1 hour later…
10:30 PM
Here's a link to the deleted question, 10kers: workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/20272/…
11:13 PM
@CMW Here are some of those comments, as requested:
Q: Community moderation comments template

jmort253AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for Workplace SE CMW asked for a list of the links that we oftentimes drop in comments. I started using the Pro-forma comments Stack Apps script to increase my efficiency. I find that I almost never use the defaults that come with the script and that I r...


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