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7:20 AM
@ChrisE Feature requests
@Magisch Seriously? Wow ...
@avazula yeap. Apparently having too many resignations on the sidebar not that great for projecting the image of a growing company that is gaining momentum
@Magisch oh, ain't that surprising
5 hours later…
12:50 PM
Morning peeps
Getting a later than I would like start today
'sup BitterPants
I over slept. ;-}
thus I have this bit of anxiety to get a lot more done.
how about on your side of the pond?
@MisterPositive rainy.. also got a fair bit of work to get done today, still it's Friday (thank f##k)
@motosubatsu TGIF for sure
@MisterPositive yup, even if it does bring out the friday fantasists
1:00 PM
Yeah I almost cast the final vote on that myself....almost.
@MisterPositive there's one more to deletion
you know you want to :)
@Magisch LOL
For those of you considering running for moderator, taking action (voting) is the most difficult thing for me ( Close of Delete ). Unless its a 10 out of 10 in the "doesn't belong here", I leave it to the community to take out the trash.
As my votes are binding ( immediately effective )
Thats one point against running. If I actually made it I couldn't clean the CV queue anymore
cause everything I touch would be a binding vote
@Magisch yesterday's latest "f##k mods!" is another point against
oh yeah
one thing is for sure though
someone will run
the question is will it just be whoever because everyone who normally would just doesn't
1:07 PM
Yup. @motosubatsu
I for one am not convinced that the end is near yet. Cuts happened. Sometimes that is just the reality of the situation. I am going to give this a chance to revive, while keeping an eye on another project...
you truly are Mr. Positive
@motosubatsu if you can bring yourself to it, consider running anyways
if only to avoid someone who clearly isn't qualified to get it in case no other good candidates run
@Magisch I'll see how things are looking when/if elections happen
I might myself, depending on how it looks
but if you do, I don't have to :D
@Magisch LOL
1:58 PM
Not that this is a surprise, but:

If nominated, I will not run, if elected, I will not serve

(apologies to General William Tecumseh Sherman)
2:19 PM
This question makes me wanna head-desk, that it has a bounty even more so.
Q: What is the impact on health of travelling internationally for 50-70% of the time?

MonoandaleI was offered a job as worldwide head of business development for X. I was offered twice my current salary, plus a bonus. It's a very attractive offer, but I will have to travel 50-70% internationally (US, EMEA and APAC). I will not have a "machine behind me", as the company has very few people w...

@ChrisE a byproduct of being more "inclusive"
@RichardSaysReinstateMonica not really.. it's just a sh#t question
Nah, just a vague question that's more about travel and health than the workplace (regardless of the circumstance around it) and also unknowable
@ChrisE I know, but I couldn't resist an opportunity to snark. But, I do notice that the quality of questions has dropped since the new policies hit the ground
with a bit of prior research and some specificity it might be answerable on MedSci (if anyone has studied the health impacts on frequent travelers) but it's a pointless waste of bandwidth here
@RichardSaysReinstateMonica it was only an "opportunity to snark" in the same way that my previous comment was a drinks order
2:35 PM
@RichardSaysReinstateMonica want an "inclusive" based question, check out suggested edit. someone trying to change "transsexual" to "transgender" when the former is still a legitimate term and describes a certain trait. But PC so yeah.
it's not even PC now that I think about it.
It's just ignorance of terminology because one term has more favor over the other without regard to meanings and nuance.
@ChrisE Yeah. Given the circles that I travel in, I actually know more than one trans person personally. They hate the PC trends more than anyone. Their term for the PC folks is "trans-trenders".
My biggest beef with the pronoun police is that they have turned a very complex, and difficult issue into a gotcha game of word salad.
@motosubatsu you've been rather hostile towards me as of late. I don't understand why, as I've never said one bad thing to, or about you. If you wish to contact me privately, I'm sure we could clear the air.
And then people end up being railed on for "incorrectly" using terminology that they don't even know had changed. Maybe it's a function of young adults having more influence and think 20 years ago is a supremely long time so "old" terminology seems archaic.
@ChrisE I think that's what sticks in the craw of so many. People expecting others to be intimately acquainted with all the terminology and nuance of sectors of the population they have little to no contact with, then being called names for what amounts to nothing more than a lack of familiarity
@RichardSaysReinstateMonica or even worse, decried harshly because it's then assumed that the person is rejecting or opposing something for which they simply didn't get the latest memo of what to call things.
Intent doesn't matter anymore. For pretty much everything.
And stability is never even a consideration.
@ChrisE I've seen it in my own circles with regards to autism. First, it was fine to call people with Asperger syndome "Aspies", then that wasn't acceptable, because someone decided it was insulting, then you had to refer to people as "On the spectrum", then "Autistic" became a bad word, now "Autists" is trending.
I'm the same damn person regardless of what you call me.
Then again, I've always hated labels as they are so limiting.
2:51 PM
Autists? I have extensive experience with autism (as a parent) and that's a term I've never heard. My big problem with ASD terminology is that severe classic autism and asperger's syndrom are both called "autism" (not incorrectly, but ambiguous)
They need to take classic autism and give it it's own name and then put them under the autistic umbrella. Otherwise you have people comparing a high-functioning person with asperger's to a very low-functioning person with classic autism. It's frustrating.
I was diagnosed with ADD 25 years ago. 5 years ago or so I learned that according to DSM-V (and possible IV) I no longer have ADD, but ADHD even though I was diagnosed without a hyperactivity subtype.
3:05 PM
I think labels can be tricky, but it's getting better. Being "labelled" was one of the best things that every happened to me because of the support I received for it, but I still get people who say "Dyslexia is just being bad at spelling" or "You're really smart, it's not fair that you get extra time"
Or I did at uni
@ChrisE I am high-functioning, except under stress, and it is VERY different for me than it is for someone with full-blown "classic" autism. But, for rea$on$ that should be obviou$, several PDDs were rolled into what is now called "Autism Spectrum Disorder". It's all about the cash
@Bee I have Dysgraphia, so I can relate. I can think, read, type, talk, all at very advanced levels, but if I try to write anything down, I'm lost
4:09 PM
@Bee "Just try harder" or "pay attention more" or my personal favorite, "just memorize the letters". Well, Karen that's tough to do when a 6 looks like a night or an n looks like a u. That's what my step-son kept getting told. It's ridiculous
b and d are my worse
I still have to imagine the word bed when I write
And my name begins with a b...
He also has dysphonia which is "fun".
Must be tough
speech can really effect how people see you
4:24 PM
I've dated quite a few guys with speech impediments (cleft pallet, obliterative brocitus, lisps - I think I have a thing) and the way people change their attitude when they start speaking is appalling. People will reply like they are slow and I just want to scream that there is nothing wrong with their brain or hearing
@ChrisE Ah, nothing like being told to "pay attention" when you're hearing impaired. That was fun
@Bee I had a friend with a shrinking cerebellum. Because of the disease, he had slurred speech. Everyone thought he was mentally retarded, which was not the case, he just couldn't control his speech at that point
4:54 PM
It's aweful, people tend to group together everyone they don't understand
what's always pissed me off when someone uses a medical condition or learning disability as an insult. I had a guy earlier today on reddit tell me to "tone down my autism". It's f***ed up is what it is.
(and I'm not autistic even but somehow that's bad i guess)
@ChrisE I usually just turn the tables on people and say "Beware my weaponized autism"
@ChrisE But then again, I know that I'm a good scrapper
@ChrisE the amount of autism-hate you see in reddit is.. eye-opening
Redit is a sewer that I avoid
This is the exact reason people hate to be labeled though
the negitive stigma
It's attitudes which need changing
4:59 PM
@Bee That's why I have fun with it.
Nothing you can laugh at, can hurt you
I honestly have no problem with labels as long as they're accurate and not used like insults. You don't know what's in a can without a label. The problem is that once you're labelled, too many people see you as that label and nothing else.
@Chris my point is, the acurate lables/diagnosis isn't an issue, it's the power people put behind it
@ChrisE Yes, I HAVE Asperger syndrome. It is part of me, but it does not define me.
@Bee people only have the power you give them.
For me, yes
But not everyone has so much self confidence
"The mind is it's own place and can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n"
5:01 PM
So many people care what other people thing of them
@Bee It can be learned. I'm a black belt in not giving a f... about what others think, and am always ready to take on new students.
There is this great book called the subtle art of not giving a fuck
I have to say, it can be quite fun to watch the look on someone's face when they unless a storm of their best insults, and you give them a bored look with a quiet "Fell better"?
It unnerves them.
"I don't like you" ... "ok"
@bee My life's outlook is simple "Life is a miserable slog from one tragedy to the next, therefore every last minute of joy is well-earned, and more than deserved, so relish it for all it is worth"
5:05 PM
At first it sounds pessimistic, but it is not. It simply means that all of our happy endings are well deserved.
I'm sort of an anti-nihilist.
It's just "enjoy the good bits"
@Bee and all the bad bits visit everybody, so don't take them personally
It's ok to be upset, but don't let it take over
"If we affirm one single moment, we thus affirm not only ourselves but all existence. For nothing is self-sufficient, neither in us ourselves nor in things; and if our soul has trembled with happiness and sounded like a harp string just once, all eternity was needed to produce this one event—and in this single moment of affirmation all eternity was called good, redeemed, justified, and affirmed."
5:08 PM
it only has the power you give it
I like that, who is it?
@Bee Friedrich Nietzsche from "The Will to Power"
I will read up
Life boils down to standing in line to get sh!t dropped on your head. Everyone's got a place in the queue, you can't get out of it, and just when you start to congratulate yourself on surviving your dose of sh!t, you discover that the line is actually circular
@motosubatsu pretty much, yeah.
@Bee I remember one of Terry Goodkind's books where a group was facing impossible odds. Their leader stood up and said that since they were already dead, they had nothing to lose, and that now, they would fight to regain their lives.
I took on that philosophy when I was homeless and penniless. It seemed to have worked well

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